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d_star8 39 M
10  Articles
Condoms?   7/13/2009

Who should bring along the condoms? the guy or the girl?

4 Comments, 93 Views, 7 Votes ,1.51 Score
d_star8 39 M
10  Articles
Testicles   7/13/2009

Do you think guys like their balls to be squeeze>?

2 Comments, 115 Views, 4 Votes ,2.86 Score
hornyMinktown 24 M
10  Articles
lasting longer   7/12/2009

as your makeing love and about to blow your load squeeze the top of your dick it may hurt for a sec but it will delay your orgasam so you can keep pleasing your honey.

0 Comments, 100 Views, 0 Votes
Cuckoldboyfriend 38 M
2  Articles
The comprehensive answer to: What is a Cuckold? (Please leave a comment or vote Thanks)   7/10/2009

The word itself does not offer an obvious answer, so what is a Cuckold?

There is A LOT involved in answering that question. It isn't just a small one line idea, but it is usually boiled down to that anyway.

A Cuckold is: Usually a man. A man with a girlfriend or a wife. He, is 110% faithful. She, is completely unfaithful and he knows ALL about it.

A Cuckold ...

8 Comments, 597 Views, 19 Votes ,7.08 Score
rm_litmike75 50 C
47  Articles


The Lesbian Mistress, is the Goddess's whip hand She is the fierce Feminist weapon, who punishes man Her love for Her Sisters, is all that She craves For man Her inferior, he's fit only to be Her slave

A slave for Her pleasure, to ruin and to rule To tame for Her plaything, to use as ...

1 Comments, 524 Views, 13 Votes ,5.16 Score
group sex at the toilets 8 gangbanged   7/6/2009

I did, nt like the bottle being inside me, it did, nt hurt but the thought of it breaking scared me, I did, nt know how to get them to take it out. Then Gerry said to Mark "Stick your cock in his mouth I, ll take some photos" Mark pressed his knob against my lips I opened them and closed them round his knob as he pushed it in. "Pull that scarf off his face" Gerry ordered, he pulled the scarf off ...

3 Comments, 668 Views, 24 Votes ,6.20 Score
group sex at the toilets 7 gangbanged   7/5/2009

I could feel Johns cum warm inside me and when I squeezed my cheeks and arsehole again he moaned with pleasure gripping my hips tightly as he pumped more spunk deep inside me. Then I felt someones cock pressed to my lips, I opened them letting him push it in and began sucking as Johns grip relaxed and felt him slowly take his cock out. A few minutes later he was saying goodbye to the others and ...

1 Comments, 333 Views, 11 Votes ,5.22 Score
group sex at the toilets 6 gangbanged   7/3/2009

I never imagined how hard it would be to put into words the feelings and emotions I had when I was younger.

John slid his cock out of my arse I could feel his cum running out of me as he got up. I just lay there, I could hear them walking away, closing the door behind them. I felt tired and happy and oddly a bit sad that it was over. Gerry came over to me and said "You can take that ...

1 Comments, 333 Views, 16 Votes ,6.07 Score
rm_litmike75 50 C
47  Articles
Will She Come?   7/2/2009

Will She Come?

all evening I waited anxiously eyeing the clock retracing my steps over and over counting the minutes until her arrival

kneeling before a crackling fire adding another log I rose to check again My preparations for tonight

the thick sheepskin rug lay lovingly spread before the flames waiting for her ...

2 Comments, 246 Views, 7 Votes ,2.79 Score
group sex at the toilets 5   7/1/2009

I lay there with the mans thick cock still in my mouth I could still taste his spunk even though he had finished cumming. I was still being wanked slowly although I had cum as well. Lying there feeling at least 2 pairs of hands on me and a cock in my mouth I felt I was the centre of attraction and did, nt want them to stop I was eager for more. I could hear them talking but with the scarf round ...

0 Comments, 328 Views, 12 Votes ,5.63 Score
group sex at the toilets 4   6/30/2009

As I watched my spunk dripping from Gerald, s asshole he straightened up and knelt there, I stood up still naked. He asked me if I was at work yet I said yes and that the place I work at had put me on an apprenticeship and the wages were crap. He reached out and ran a finger along my limp cock and said "you could work here if you want" feeling him touching my cock was turning me on again but I ...

0 Comments, 375 Views, 12 Votes ,5.98 Score
rm_litmike75 50 C
47  Articles
When I was a 100% Lesbian!   6/30/2009

When I was a 100% Lesbian!

After I broke up with my former husband (annulled because we don't have a divorce here in the Philippines) I got the hang towards women.

Ok so I was free, free to live my lesbian life. I moved in with a straight friend of mine, Lisa. It was nice to be out of the hetero marriage ...

1 Comments, 461 Views, 10 Votes ,4.78 Score
group sex at the toilets 3   6/29/2009

I, d been using the toilets for a few months when I saw Gerald who worked at a gents clothes shop in town. It excited me because it was the first man I, d seen who I definitely knew and even better I don, t think he knew me. The next day I went to his shop I had, nt got any idea what I was going to do but I was really randy just thinking about it. I walked in and was disappointed when I saw ...

0 Comments, 395 Views, 17 Votes ,6.94 Score
girlzeena 65 F
39  Articles
The Escort   6/27/2009

I was away on business and alone in my hotel room and wished I had company.

It then crossed my mind to check out the local Yellow Pages for "Services".

I had heard that sometimes men use them, , surely women did too.

I responded to about three ads, all these services had only women. I was about to call it a night, when I came to the ad for Asian ....what a delight! ...

3 Comments, 652 Views, 21 Votes ,4.12 Score
rm_litmike75 50 C
47  Articles
Bondage and the strapon   6/27/2009

Bondage and the strapon

I didn’t realize that I was alone till I heard the knocking on the door and her semi muffled call of “Housekeeping.”

Oh god I was so screwed. There I lay on the bed, naked, face down with pillows under my stomach so my ass was permanently in the air. I had a ball gag in my ...

0 Comments, 712 Views, 22 Votes ,6.73 Score
Truly_Behaved 51 F
3  Articles
I love giving head   6/20/2009

I like giving a guy a blow job, I havent had any complaints about the basic things that I do(sucking on the head, licking it, running my tongue along the shaft), but I dont know how to deep throat. Are there any technigues that I can do to help me relax my throat and not gag everytime I try?

17 Comments, 766 Views, 30 Votes ,5.98 Score

The difficulty in knowing how to touch the clitoris comes from the contrast between the stimulation of the penis, which usually needs to be strong, ample and done with force as compared to the delicate, modulated touch needed when caressing the clitoris; this kind of touch refers to a sensitivity which is not specific to all men. Another difficulty arises due to the variety of zones that produce ...

4 Comments, 269 Views, 11 Votes ,5.41 Score
rm_litmike75 50 C
47  Articles
F2F   6/17/2009


Well, a few weeks back I mentioned that my brother in law was out of town for a few days......, unfortunately nothing happened that weekend due to things just not lining up.

This past weekend though, I was in for a pleasant surprise......

My sister called up and asked if I could her with her new ...

3 Comments, 1048 Views, 25 Votes ,5.68 Score
Players_Paradise 48 G
80  Articles
Secret Sex Fantasies !!!   6/11/2009

Women and Men both are allowed to answer this ...

What is your biggest fetish/fantasy ? Examples below .....

Would you like to see your mate being fucked by a movie star ?

Would you like to see your mate being straddled by a Thick Strap On ?

Would you like to see your man kiss another man ?

Would you enjoy taking someone's Virginty ?

13 Comments, 770 Views, 22 Votes ,3.73 Score
shouldeye2008 76 M
3  Articles
As Much For Me As You   6/11/2009

A Quiet Rendevous

I want her to feel the specialness, the intensity I am experiencing. And I want the emotion that makes the scene intimate and intense and brings reality, pleasure, sensuousness, eroticism and love into focus.

I have prepared the bath. The water is hot, it has to be but not so hot as to be uncomfortable for her. I fill the tub with Japanese bath ...

0 Comments, 70 Views, 5 Votes ,3.80 Score
gibberish00000 49 M
2  Articles
Oral tips for women   6/8/2009

There are a lot ways that you can use oral sex to get your man to cum in your mouth or on your lips that you might be surprised, but where are some of the most erotic places that you can use oral sex to your advantage to turn a man or woman on so that they will want to fuck you hard? When on the Ferris wheel at the amusement part and you are stuck up in the air, lean over and open his jeans ...

3 Comments, 434 Views, 24 Votes ,4.83 Score
group sex at the toilets 2   6/8/2009

The man closed the cubicle door behind him, I was still kneeling on the floor facing the cock I had just sucked off. The man was really broad he seemed massive to me, but I was really young back then ( I learned later his name was Jim ) I would say he was in his fifties at a guess. He undid the button on his trousers and put his hands by his sides, I reached up and pulled his zip down then ...

0 Comments, 671 Views, 26 Votes ,7.23 Score
Taboo Fun   6/7/2009

I wopuld like to tell yall about real life taboo fun, but not sure if its allowed on this site..if your curious and would like to hear about true May/December romance, where we "keep it in the family", email me for more details

22 Comments, 1892 Views, 20 Votes ,5.81 Score
group sex at the toilets   6/5/2009

After I had sucked the man off while two others watched me my confidence grew and I visited the toilets more and more. I quickly learned the best days to go there if you wanted men to get in the cubicle with you, and there were plenty of men who wanted me to suck their cocks. Market days were full of shoppers who were in the toilets genuinely, but when it was shut all the men in there were after ...

0 Comments, 742 Views, 17 Votes ,6.24 Score
Learning at the toilets 2   6/3/2009

After my last visit to the toilets at the Market I could, nt wait to go back even though I had only just started work on the Monday morning I told my foreman that I felt ill and went to the Market and into the toilets. The market was, nt open but the toilets were I walked in it was empty except for one closed cubicle door, I went in shutting the door behind me and hoped it would be as good as ...

0 Comments, 547 Views, 20 Votes ,6.57 Score
Learning at the toilets   6/3/2009

I learned about what went on in the toilets at Bilston Market by accident and was that excited I could, nt keep away. In the toilets there were 8 cubicles against one wall and 8 more opposite these, with the urinals past them. I had been coming here every Saturday for a few weeks there were no locks on the doors but if the door was shut it usually meant they were in use, I would always try to go ...

0 Comments, 509 Views, 19 Votes ,6.03 Score
tightassboy15 34 M
6  Articles
When having gay sex..   6/1/2009

i love to feel penetrated by a huge cock, it makes me shake.

2 Comments, 679 Views, 11 Votes ,5.22 Score
sexualmask2 31 M
1  Article
knowing how to make a girl squirt   5/26/2009

I know how to make a girl squirt do you?

9 Comments, 665 Views, 8 Votes ,3.25 Score
Goodness I'm holding a Cock   5/26/2009

I was in my mid thirties when this occurred. Ed and I had been friends for years. We hit the bars together when we were single and continued after we were married. I had always had desires for m/m sex but never the nerve to make a move.

We are at lunch one day and drinking a couple martinis when this really hot chick hits on me. I introduce her to Ed and ask her to join us. After a ...

2 Comments, 1208 Views, 32 Votes ,6.62 Score
rm_yamasoko 43 C
2  Articles
Do men prefere boobs or arse   5/20/2009

I just wanna know what mens like the most to women boobs or arse?

22 Comments, 412 Views, 18 Votes ,5.17 Score
ra504 42 M
1  Article
condom are no condom   5/18/2009

what do you want

4 Comments, 197 Views, 6 Votes ,2.51 Score
houstoncple4fun 42 C
2  Articles
for the guys   5/13/2009

I am planning on giving my husband "cards" that say a single sex act such as blowjob, he picks the when how and where... I can't say no. The rules of this are... if I like the way he uses the "cards" I can give the card back to him to use it again, he can give them to someone else but can only be redeemed by me, he can use more than one card at a time and of course I can't say no. The question I ...

17 Comments, 616 Views, 26 Votes ,5.83 Score
girlzeena 65 F
39  Articles
4" verses 12" Male Endowment   5/12/2009

The female anatomy is hard not to showcase, everyone notices a woman's breasts. They are too small, too big, perky or pendulant.

The male anatomy, the penis, is difficult to gauge. That must be why so many men on AdultFriendFinder post photos of their erect penises. They take photos of their penis next to a coke can to show thickness. The hold a ruler against their penis to display lenght.


4 Comments, 845 Views, 20 Votes ,6.06 Score
rm_ddgunn 34 M
1  Article
The Hook   5/9/2009

The best thing I found to find the "g-spot" is the "hook" method. Put a finger inside and hook it toward you in a "come here" motion, while simultaniously performing oral on works every time.

3 Comments, 162 Views, 8 Votes ,3.25 Score
goldenrays 23 M
3  Articles
Best Sex Position For Convicing The Baby ..   5/9/2009

There is Very Hue and Cry .. About Sex Position and Its Benifits .. Well According the Research the All Position Based On Men On Top Has More Success Rate than Women On Top ! So In this case Misnory position is best ! By using mistionary postion you can increase the chance of convinching the baby ! That's easy eh ? There are more way too .. In mistionary position slightly rase the lower portion ...

0 Comments, 344 Views, 21 Votes ,3.37 Score
wood_justgetwet 47 M
1  Article
Desensitized clitoris, now what?   5/9/2009

Hard to believe but my wifes clitoris has been vibed so much that she now struggles to achieve orgasm using her favorite toy. She has always struggled to orgasm by any other means. I've tried everything to get her to orgasm with no success. Any ideas or advice on what she can do to get her body more sexually responsive?

0 Comments, 153 Views, 4 Votes ,2.86 Score
maniacwawa21 42 M
2  Articles
what she like   5/7/2009


1 Comments, 135 Views, 4 Votes ,1.69 Score
Better tasting cum   5/6/2009

OK the secret is CUCUMBERS!!!! Eat one the night before you play and a few hours before you play.NO ALCOHOL!!!! YUM!!

7 Comments, 495 Views, 16 Votes ,3.57 Score
Eating Creamy Pies   5/5/2009

How many husbands enjoy eating creamypies?

Wives do you enjoy your man cleaning his mess up?

19 Comments, 1047 Views, 27 Votes ,5.24 Score
rm_mustangluck 28 M
3  Articles


0 Comments, 62 Views, 0 Votes
rm_Red_Faced 25 M
1  Article
Meet for sex in leicester   4/30/2009

im a standard member so im finding it hard to use this site lol so im using this to see if anyone in leicester wants to meet for sex?

1 Comments, 117 Views, 3 Votes ,3.92 Score
macca95 63 M
3  Articles
Peeing   4/30/2009

Love to see girls peeing especially close up, anyone else interested please feel free to contact me especially females. It all started when i was about 15 i was out walking with my girl friend she said she wanted to pee so i asked if i could watch, to my delight she said yes, she stood with her back against a tree took her pants off pulled up her skirt and just let go, wow that was so horny, ...

7 Comments, 521 Views, 17 Votes ,4.96 Score
goldenrays 23 M
3  Articles
Virgin and Defloration   4/25/2009

Who is a virgin ! Well According to religion anyone who is as pure as was in the womb is a virgin .. in otherword one who have not experinced any type of sex... According to medical terms a virgin a person who has not done or gone through any pentration ! Problem here is that it's almost impossible to detect the man's virginity !! Cuase there is no such proof of in his body but when a Girl Get ...

0 Comments, 233 Views, 6 Votes ,1.94 Score
goldenrays 23 M
3  Articles
G-Spot   4/25/2009

The G-Spot or The Gräfenberg spot is a zone on a simulation can lead to very high sexual simulation and also very heavy orgasm .. How to find G-Spot in female.. Place Your Two Fingers in the opening of vagina upto 1-3 inch deep ; this depends on the the vaina and women .. You can feel a rough surface that's G-Spot .. Try Simulating that with gental message and strokes .. See the reaction of your ...

0 Comments, 431 Views, 19 Votes ,4.57 Score
Anal Sex   4/25/2009

I guess that what I am looking for are ways to talk my wife into anal sex. What are the secrets?

16 Comments, 702 Views, 19 Votes ,3.78 Score
_JKH_ 69 M
858  Articles
Not this time !   4/24/2009

A middle-aged couple had two beautiful daughters but always talked about having a .

They decided to try one last time for the they always wanted. The wife got pregnant and delivered a healthy baby boy.

The joyful father rushed to the nursery to see his new . He was horrified at the ugliest he had ever seen.

He told his wife: "There's no way I can be the father of ...

7 Comments, 535 Views, 42 Votes
rm_loveyourpa 29 F
1  Article
A Bit of Wisdom About Silicone Lube   4/18/2009

So, silicone lube might be the best thing since sliced bread. It's slippery, it doesn't get sticky as it dries like water-based, it doesn't taste funny, it's fabulous for anal sex...


Don't use it with your silicone-based toys, friends. Turns out it can dissolve them.

Ask me how I know... (

It dissolved my favorite dildo!!! It turned into a deformed, ...

3 Comments, 657 Views, 21 Votes ,4.86 Score
_JKH_ 69 M
858  Articles
Sex quotes !   4/15/2009

What do I know about sex? I'm a married man." - Tom Clancy

"I believe that sex is one of the most beautiful, natural, wholesomethings that money can buy." - Steve Martin

"You know that look women get when they want sex? Me neither." - Drew Carey

"Sex without love is a meaningless experience, but as meaningless experiences go its pretty damned good." - Woody Allen ...

4 Comments, 163 Views, 47 Votes
_JKH_ 69 M
858  Articles
Erotic sex & kinky sex ! ?   4/15/2009

What is the difference between erotic sex and freaky sex?

During erotic sex you use a feather, during freaky sex you use the whole damn chicken.

9 Comments, 218 Views, 52 Votes
rm_we_need_fun2 47 C
1  Article
The G Spot - I found it !   4/11/2009

You will never guess - I had to buy a how to DVD. I work in a Doctor's office, Gynecology to be exact. I never thought in a million years I could find that damn spot. I just figured it is a myth. WRONG! It is so much simpler when - from a medical standpoint - someone can actually point it out to you.

A woman holding a mirror examining her vulva ( hoohoo, vajay jay, ect) Spreading the ...

11 Comments, 601 Views, 20 Votes ,5.04 Score
coolrahulkapoor 35 M
2  Articles
tits fucking   4/11/2009

tit fucking is an art my gf loves it whenever i tit fuck her wonder how many men have tried it and how many women like it pls post your thoughts

i wonder how would u tit fuck a girl with very small boobs hehehe

4 Comments, 280 Views, 13 Votes ,5.16 Score
coolrahulkapoor 35 M
2  Articles
do woman like giving handjobs   4/11/2009

these days u see so many women giving handjobs to their men do they like giving handjobs or they just do it cuz thier men want them to what do u think?

5 Comments, 297 Views, 8 Votes ,3.48 Score
ImmortalGlitch 29 M
3  Articles
eyes are bigger than your body   4/8/2009

Something that has irritated me in the past comes to mind and I wanted to check it against all the ladies out there.

When you say things like, "I like a thick long cock!" you really just mean thick and average length don't you?

I'm above average in length and girth and I've always had to be incredibly careful during sex so as not to bruise my partners internal organs. This ...

6 Comments, 315 Views, 12 Votes ,5.27 Score
milfvalleymama 54 F
0  Articles
The Key to Confidence and Self Esteem   4/1/2009

Remember Teri Hatcher doing those impossible splits right on the studio floor on Oprah? Or Carmen Electra positively gushing about what exotic dance has done for her body and bedroom tactics? A large number of celebrities have recently taken to a sexy alternative to working out. From pole vaulting they have leapt straight to pole dancing at the S Factor. And they aren’t stopping at ...

14 Comments, 472 Views, 28 Votes ,7.66 Score
hawababy1 53 F
23  Articles
come   3/31/2009

Come, Relax with me my love, Rest your body next to mine. All problems we shall rise above, Just leave your woes all behind.

Come, relax yourself next to me, Let me hold you for awhile. For I shall make you feel at peace, Upon your face I'll place a smile.

I shall hold you with such loving care, I will show you the meaning of beauty. This wonderful peace with you I shall share, ...

9 Comments, 223 Views, 17 Votes ,5.39 Score
2BIG2BETRU2009 30 G
2  Articles
Tips For a Great Swinging Couples Party   3/31/2009

* Your own home is your best bet for your party as a new host. You might be tempted to hold a party outside in warm weather- lots of space, beautiful scenery and easy cleanup. But this isn't wise unless you live VERY far away from your neighbors. * You may think a high fence or tall trees provide privacy, but even if your neighbors can't see you, they can still ...

1 Comments, 163 Views, 4 Votes ,1.69 Score
hawababy1 53 F
23  Articles
i need you now in bed   3/31/2009

Come To walk hand in hand with me to our bedroom, alone at list away from all things except the love and desire for each other and what we have to offer, standing me against the wall as you gaze into my eyes and let your fingers drift over my face, then leaning forward to kiss my eyes, nose, cheeks, my lips as your hands slowly take my top and my bra off, freeing my beautiful breasts as your ...

3 Comments, 159 Views, 16 Votes ,4.16 Score
rm_male1978gr 43 M
7  Articles
strange sex places   3/31/2009

which is the most strange place u had sex?

16 Comments, 382 Views, 10 Votes ,2.79 Score
rm_male1978gr 43 M
7  Articles
ass or pussy?   3/30/2009

what u like the fuck better?ass or pussy?gilrs witch makes u hotter?

16 Comments, 668 Views, 18 Votes ,4.63 Score
rm_bigstick0741 35 M
3  Articles
best sex   3/26/2009

cum fuck me and find out how much u will love this dick lol

1 Comments, 221 Views, 7 Votes ,2.53 Score
rm_allyouneedMI 39 M
2  Articles
Make her cum   3/24/2009

this isn't exactly a sex secret, but it's a great move that I never hear talked about. I can't claim to have created it, but I really have never heard of it. All I can say is that it has a VERY high success rate... Basically, you start out doggy style, have her put her face down, grab both her arms by the wrist, and stretch them behind her back as you work her... has anyone tried this? it does ...

9 Comments, 870 Views, 25 Votes ,4.13 Score
how quick is the end?   3/20/2009

As my nick already tells, i really love lickin, i just love watching her loosing control while i taste her, but its always the same, whenever i lick her more and more, she gets to that point where she cant go anymore. I dont know, maybe i havent got enough experience, but, is that point normal? How quick is the end? i know, that it aint the same from women to women, i just wonder. (Sorry if my ...

3 Comments, 245 Views, 9 Votes ,3.85 Score
rm_thugnthern 39 M
6  Articles
whay do some women like?   3/15/2009

i was allways wondering whay or what kinda pleasure do some women get from being fucked in the ass i allways wonderd this can some one answer me this i need 2 know

3 Comments, 380 Views, 10 Votes ,3.98 Score
rm_bguy55 55 M
3  Articles
My wifes friend   3/10/2009

Well it happened when I went to a party in NYC with my wife's best friend. It was a costume party and we had a great time. Well before we went I went in the bathroom to take a piss and my wife's best friend walked in on me peeing. I had no problem so i kept peeing. Well she just watched laughing saying she never saw a guy piss before. Well later at the party we were drinking and she kept ...

5 Comments, 2291 Views, 44 Votes ,4.27 Score
rm_bguy55 55 M
3  Articles
My Best Friend   3/10/2009

One night I was out with my one of my wife's best friends just having a few drinks. I guess she started getting drunk because she was starting to talk dirty and acting different. I just played along having fun. The night went well and when we left and got in the car she started to kiss me. Now I was a little nervous and kept thinking what should I do this is my friend and my wife's best ...

0 Comments, 838 Views, 16 Votes ,3.27 Score
rm_bguy55 55 M
3  Articles
My Friend   3/10/2009

I have fucked and been sucked by my a friend I know and she is the best. She loves sucking a hard cock. So I want to sit back and watch her sucking a big cock or eating a hot wet pussy. As she is slurping on someones cum I will be stroking my cock waiting until she is in a sex frenzy and will fuck the shit out of her. I am just waiting for the right person to ask. I need to be discreet....

0 Comments, 526 Views, 7 Votes ,4.06 Score
sg_chubby_wife 43 C
3  Articles
Is it true?? Guys?....   3/9/2009

According to the data collected from the focus groups, here are the top 10 reasons why men are slow to commit:

* They can get sex without marriage more easily than in times past * They can enjoy the benefits of having a wife by cohabiting rather than marrying * They want to avoid divorce and its financial risks * They want to wait until they are older to have * They ...

8 Comments, 289 Views, 18 Votes ,3.26 Score
sg_chubby_wife 43 C
3  Articles
Is it true?? Guys?....   3/9/2009

According to the data collected from the focus groups, here are the top 10 reasons why men are slow to commit:

* They can get sex without marriage more easily than in times past * They can enjoy the benefits of having a wife by cohabiting rather than marrying * They want to avoid divorce and its financial risks * They want to wait until they are older to have * They ...

0 Comments, 50 Views, 4 Votes ,3.63 Score
Anal Sex Positions   3/8/2009

Anal sex positions involve anal penetration. Most anal sex positions are adaptations of regular vaginal penetrative positions:

1. Doggy style penetration maximizes the depth of penetration, but can pose the risk of pushing against the sigmoid colon. If the receiving partner is male, this increases the chances of stimulating the prostate. The penetrating partner controls the thrusting ...

0 Comments, 331 Views, 13 Votes ,5.66 Score
Sitting and Kneeling   3/8/2009

This position can be used for either vaginal or anal penetration.

The penetrating partner sits on an area surface, legs outstretched. The receiving partner sits on top and wraps their legs around the penetrating partner. Called pounding on the spot in the Burton translation of The Perfumed Garden.[4] If the penetrator crosses their legs instead, it is called the lotus position.[7] This ...

0 Comments, 95 Views, 5 Votes ,5.43 Score
6 Steps to the Venus Butterfly Technique   3/8/2009

According to Dr Ava Cadell, one of the most renowned sexpert and Loveologist, these are the 6 steps to the Venus Butterfly technique:

1. Pull back the clitoral hood. 2. Stimulate the clitoris with short and long strokes. 3. Move your stimulation away from the clitoris and stimulate the entire vagina in roundabout motions. 4. Now go back to stimulating the clitoris as before, using short ...

1 Comments, 424 Views, 13 Votes ,5.16 Score
rm_plimfire741 39 M
1  Article
Penis Enlargment   3/7/2009

As I am Male , Height 6'4'' weight 92 Kg and Length of my Lovely Cock is 6.5'' but Still I think it is very thick and there are 100% chances to increase Length up to 2-3 inches but I don't know how to proceed as I am trying hard?, I will appreciate if Any can body help me or Guide me or to take an appropriate Medicine, which can really increase this length up to 9 Inches.

4 Comments, 495 Views, 5 Votes ,0.53 Score
girlzeena 65 F
39  Articles
Have you ever had a black cock??   3/1/2009

Recently, I have had several men of color inquire of me if I ever had black cock?

Honestly, the answer is no but I am hoping.

I explain that there is an African American man that I have my eyes on.

He is charismatic, talks a good talk, has a lovely exotic name and just started a really good job.

The only problem is that every time I call Barack, his wife ...

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girlzeena 65 F
39  Articles
Breaking my 8yr celibacy with Mark   3/1/2009

In a neighboring town near Wanaque, NJ, there is a small pub that resembles the pub on "Cheers".

There are steps leading down to the pub's entrance and for some reason was really attractive to me.

I finally stopped in for a beer one Tuesday at 3pm. I was the only patron.

By the time I finished my first beer, it was now 4pm and the place was packed.

A young ...

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rm_zonn1983 40 M
1  Article
world of sex   2/28/2009

Want to get her in the mood? Save your money. If she says she has a headache, she means it. Keep working out. 63% of women don't like it when their man is too fat or too skinny She loves getting undressed in front of you. She wants to play. 93% of women are willing to get freaky with food and toys in the bedroom. Know your stuff. 26% of women say their partner's knowledge of female sexuality is ...

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masoyama5 49 M
7  Articles
happy marriage   2/27/2009

Some couples just have to seem to have that extra something that makes their marriage great. But exactly what are those secrets of happily married couples; what they do that others don’t Read on for 10 activities that happy couples do.

1. Go to bed together. Going to bed at the same time shows that you want to experience the closeness that can only be found in bed. I ...

2 Comments, 297 Views, 13 Votes ,4.82 Score
masoyama5 49 M
7  Articles
squirting   2/20/2009

need help finding the g spot

8 Comments, 357 Views, 4 Votes ,2.47 Score
Bigger is better   2/19/2009

Being a big man seems to turn a lot of women on. The feel of being enveloped in a hug, or lifted off their feet gets many ladies going. For the few that like it, a big guy can dish out a certain level of rough play that trips some ladies. Being able to pin someone to a wall to give the m a kiss and grope them is very nice. Once had a petite lady tell me she loved having to stand on her tip toes ...

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rm_jcarr232323 61 M
1  Article
Foreplay   2/18/2009

I always start my love making with foreplay! Most women love a nice massage to relax them. The some nice kisses all over there body. Then oral is a must including breasts. many times the lady climax's before I ever get started with my tool. These steps are sure to work and do!

2 Comments, 99 Views, 3 Votes ,3.43 Score
hairy1000 51 M
1  Article
Long distant sex   2/18/2009

I have been travelling up and down the motorways of the Uk and Europe for some years now and I wanted to share my experince with others. This happened on the M1 heading back north to Manchester. As I was running out of traveling time i decided to pull over to a well known truck stop and get some shut eye. Pulling the curtains closed or as I thought I stripped down to my boxers, As I was well ...

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Luv2eatPuss305 40 M
4  Articles
HOW TO SUCK COCK   2/16/2009

Sucking a man's cock is one of the pure pleasures in life. It's sad to think that many women don't appreciate just how much fun it can be. The reason for this is they don't know how to do it correctly and so it doesn't end up being much fun. Because if you mess up, you don't get your reward. The cock doesn't get hard, the man doesn't have a good time and the woman feels like a failure.


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master_foreplay 47 M
5  Articles
police   2/16/2009

One of the hot news these days in Egypt is that the police in Cairo caught a swingers married couple, and he was watching them through the internet. The couple was trapped in a public meeting with fake couples that worked for a police. Any Egyptian should be now following this article in the newspapers and throug Arabic news websites. The questions are: 1. What Charges should these couple be ...

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4  Articles
Female Oral Sex Techniques   2/12/2009

Here are some oral sex techniques for that special woman in your life.

A woman is more sensitive so begin with less pressure than you would like. Kiss and lick the inside of her thighs to create sexual anticipation. Suck on her labia (vaginal lips) gently. Long lapping motions with your tongue from her vaginal opening to her clitoris. Write numbers on her ...

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rm_kilo360z 29 M
12  Articles
For the ladies   2/9/2009

i wanna know the rawest shit you ever did..

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rm_fservice10 54 M
1  Article
question for ladies   2/9/2009

hello ladies! I have read mixed responses about this question that has bothered me always. I am a lady pleaser by nature and get off on pleasing women with my hands, lips and tongue. I have always fantasized about licking and kissing a woman's ass. Given a chance I would love to gently caress, kiss and lick a lady's asshole to my heart's desire. But I am not sure if women get any pleasure out of ...

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rm_wayne19525 71 M
1  Article
Anal stimulation   2/6/2009

I love it when a woman tongue fucks my ass and I do the same to her. Especially if she has never had this done to her before. She starts squirming and cumming with excitement. So do I. It makes for increased excitement for both.

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pussypool 40 F
3  Articles
dream orgasm   2/1/2009

A while ago i had a dream and actually had an orgasm, the details were blurry and i didnt know exactly why i had the orgasm, all i remember was long blond hair on my thighs and a beautiful caucasian woman doing something to me, i tried to relive my dream but couldn't however much i tried, this happened early last year and didnt happen again until last week, this time i remember the details ...

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MikeMalPD 46 M
3  Articles
Older women...why are they so hot 40-60   1/30/2009

I find older mature women to be the best lovers ever.I'm not bothered by their size, marks and all, when they are in bed, they know what to do and that is priceless

6 Comments, 511 Views, 8 Votes ,6.26 Score
MikeMalPD 46 M
3  Articles
Would you swallow female ejaculation?   1/29/2009

Hi guys...and gals...I was just wondering with the squirting phenomenon going around these days, would you men and ladies eagerly swallow femcum....

In my opinion it is such a wonderful thing and in many ways it sort of evens out us males ejaculating on our partners. After all in this day of age its all about equality dont you think?

16 Comments, 417 Views, 19 Votes ,4.31 Score
rm_NastyEric30 46 M
1  Article
Cum eating   1/25/2009

How many girls here love to swallow a big load?

10 Comments, 535 Views, 10 Votes ,4.58 Score
imluckytim2 58 M
4  Articles
Another threesome   1/22/2009

A little background from my 1st two stories, a late night hanging out at my best friends house led to me receiving one of the most incredible blowjobs of my life from my friends hot wife in her bathroom while her slept upstairs, and then a few weeks later my best friend, his wife and I got together at a hotel and fulfilled a fantasy we all had of a wild threesome. Tim, Carrie and I all agreed ...

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whisper it in my ear   1/14/2009

share your thoughts with me, tell me about your liasons with others other than the one you should have been with

1 Comments, 56 Views, 1 Votes ,2.40 Score


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Scorpio102459 64 M
1  Article
What's the best position for Double Vaginal?   1/13/2009

A good buddy of mine and I have had the pleasure of sharing several ladies over the last 10 years. One really liked us to do double vaginal which we all came to really enjoy.
 At that time, I thought there had to be some articles that described which positions worked best. I really didn’t find anything except a lot of obviously fictional stories (Wikis hadn’t been thought of yet and are ...

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RythyRoo 50 F
1  Article
Sex Academy Workshop   1/13/2009

I have read each and every article and I was curious, if anyone else has taken the Workshop, has it made their relationships better, worse or neutral? Everyone knows that partners vary and so do their needs, wants, desires, etc.

I'm open to try new things, so I was just curious if the Workshop is indeed 'helpful'. Send me your feedback.


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rm_thugnthern 39 M
6  Articles
sex better outdoors or indoors   1/11/2009

i was just wondering i've been having sex outdoors n it has seem to be better than when i have had sex indoors n i was just wondering if anyone else has experienced this n was wondering why you people think this may be n since i've started having sex outdoors n now i dont wanna do it indoors n i love having sex in the rain n this all came about cause one of my good friends wanted to do it outside ...

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01717222560 35 M
10  Articles
sex safely   1/10/2009

sex safely

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milf_4yngstuds 49 F
2  Articles
105 Year Old Virgin Claims Key to Longevity is Keepin’ Your Legs Closed.   1/6/2009

First and foremost- this woman is asexual (and, no, I don’t mean like cnidarians and sponges. There is no way an individual with normal human sexual impulses can go 105 years without doing the horizontal tango. I don’t believe it’s possible. And, if it is- this woman must have a constitution wrought from steel. Good for her.

But, the question I’m ...

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jt16051 63 C
1  Article
Premature ejaculation   1/6/2009

I did some major research and found a drug called Clopress that is prescribed for hypertension to work incredible I used to cum in 10 seconds but when I take just 5mg of this I can last as long as I want

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CuriousKitty675 41 F
1  Article
Eating Pussy 101   1/5/2009

This was one of my blog posts originally but after the encouragement of others I have decided to add it to the magazine. Hopefully I can entertain as well as educate. Enjoy!

So many times you find a guy that simply loves to go downtown for a little meal. Sometimes you find one that simply loves to be able to get a woman off and have her writhe as his face is planted between her legs, ...

16 Comments, 724 Views, 49 Votes ,9.29 Score
Natural Selection @ Work   1/4/2009

Recent research indictes that women are picking partners with larger cocks than in the past. Given the ability of these women to procreate, women will start to see larger and larger cocks in young men.

In turn a womans vagina will begin to stretch to accomodate the larger and larger cocks. This will allow women to fornicate with two partners at the same time more easily more easily. ...

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insertherenow 52 M
2  Articles
first time being fucked by a guy   1/3/2009

Always be a curiuos to what it would be like to be with a guy. I went on line and posted my desire and then took the next step and met up with a older man. At the time I was 26 and just out of the military. I never would have thought I would be at this hotel waiting on this guy who was 42. The knock came and I opened the door. Never have I been so nervous in my life. On line it is easy to be bold ...

6 Comments, 1742 Views, 54 Votes ,7.31 Score
insertherenow 52 M
2  Articles
First time bareback   1/3/2009

After a long desire to feel a mans raw cock in my ass it happend. It took some time to find someone and get to know them. So scared to catch anything. I found someone who was willing, safe, and clean. He was an older guy, and cool with my fantasy of feeling what its like to have a guy cum in me. He was 42, 5'9" and hung with a 8" cock, when he said this I was a bit scared at this idea of trying ...

0 Comments, 951 Views, 29 Votes ,7.55 Score
imluckytim2 58 M
4  Articles
Our first threesome   1/3/2009

You may have read my first story “My Best Friends Wife Blows Me”. After that first encounter the three of us had many exciting conversations about that adventure and what future encounters we could create. The reality of a threesome was on all of our minds and our conversations made it very obvious that we all wanted to make it happen. We made a decision that to make the most of ...

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hornknee5223 62 F
2  Articles
Licking   12/29/2008

I wrote about what happened to me but it was rejected because of subject matter damn guess I have to find a story site that allows animals!!

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rm_exques 38 M
1  Article
Mind Freedom   12/29/2008

Mind Freedom

The Discipline of Conscious Attention

What the hell is going on....

Loose your imagination to create a vision of the kind of relationship you ...

0 Comments, 65 Views, 2 Votes ,0.34 Score
yea or no??   12/28/2008

hey there some fine ass girlz on this site but are they forreal???

0 Comments, 46 Views, 3 Votes
rm_thugnthern 39 M
6  Articles
hairy,neatly trimmed or shaved   12/28/2008

well know as a guy love my women shaved or neatly trimmed but i dont think its talked about enough if women like a guy hairy neatly trimmed or shaved i know i like to keep my self completely shaved t keeps it cooler down there and know that when i go down on a women i dont like to floss my teeth with pubic hairs n im sure its goes both ways so comment me back on what u think about this

6 Comments, 223 Views, 9 Votes ,4.28 Score
imluckytim2 58 M
4  Articles
My wife blows by best friend   12/26/2008

This is one of those stories that is never supposed to happen, and most people wouldn’t believe, but is very true. A little background to start, my life was and still is very complicated, but only now has many perks. I’m stuck in a dead end marriage and at the time I was very miserable and desperately looking for someone to talk to. My best friend for years, Tim, has a wonderful wife by the ...

6 Comments, 1702 Views, 39 Votes ,7.31 Score
imluckytim2 58 M
4  Articles
My best friends wife blows me   12/26/2008

This is one of those stories that is never supposed to happen, and most people wouldn’t believe, but is very true. A little background to start, my life was and still is very complicated, but only now has many perks. I’m stuck in a dead end marriage and at the time I was very miserable and desperately looking for someone to talk to. My best friend for years, Tim, has a wonderful wife by the ...

5 Comments, 1127 Views, 32 Votes ,7.65 Score
The Maid   12/23/2008

Lately I caught my new maid wearing tight tops and short shorts when I'm alone! When she was bathing, she purposely left the bathroom door ajar. There was one night I was pretending to sleep, she came into my room. She was looking and checking me out. When I ask her what was she doing, she was shocked and told me she was looking for her hairpin. I told her I wasn't happy her being in my room at ...

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Make it last!   12/23/2008

I just realize some women don't like men to just get on top of them, hump away and get it over with and walk away with a limp. You need to make them special, let them take charge, let them be naughty and adventurous! A real intercourse should last 30mins with 20mins dedicated to foreplay. That's my opinion. What do you think?

5 Comments, 205 Views, 7 Votes ,3.80 Score
Awaken the dark urges   12/23/2008

I liked to disturb my gal from her sleep and when she's awaken and horny, we get the best sex ever. Do women like to wake up to a wet situation or do they hate to be rudely interrupted from their beauty sleep? I mean how can a man resist a sleeping beauty wearing a skimpy nightie and in an inviting sleeping position.

5 Comments, 176 Views, 9 Votes ,4.71 Score
UltimateRapid 34 M
2  Articles
Where is the G-spot and what is it?   12/23/2008

The G-spot is a controversial term as some sex researchers dispute its existence. However most believe it is an area located behind the front wall of the vagina, between the back of the pubic bone and the cervix. When stimulated, it can produce intensely pleasurable feelings for the woman, and may cause her to have an orgasm.

1 Comments, 173 Views, 9 Votes ,1.50 Score
UltimateRapid 34 M
2  Articles
What is safer sex?   12/23/2008

Safer sex is protecting yourself and your partner from any sexually transmitted diseases including HIV. It is wrong to assume this only applies to young people as STDs and HIV can affect anyone at any age. Having sex safely isn’t just about stopping the conception of a and safer sex doesn’t even have to be sexual intercourse.

To have safer sex it is important to either use ...

0 Comments, 23 Views, 2 Votes ,5.20 Score
Gondolin2008 41 M
5  Articles
Sex in the shower!   12/23/2008

Other than doing on bed or the back of your own car, the next best place would be in the shower! Just imagine you and your partner showering and soaping each other. The ecstasy of the touch is mind blowing. Haha anyway, after the deed you can straight away go for a wash up. Best if you have a bath tub! Any comments people?

1 Comments, 118 Views, 2 Votes ,4.50 Score
DesperatePlzr 74 M
3  Articles
Dissappointed   12/19/2008

It has been a big dissappointment reading the so called secrets on here. Most are advise or how to's. I thought this section was to tell sex secrets of your lives. There are a few good ones but not many.And it seems that there are some that just write numerious articles just to get points. So come on people. Most of us who read these waht to hear about REAL SECRETS!!!. And in case some of you are ...

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Cleaning up your mess   12/15/2008

My wife loves for me to clean up after myself. Are their any other wives or girlfriends who enjoy their man go down and clean up their mess?

7 Comments, 675 Views, 17 Votes ,5.81 Score
haskins69me 42 M
8  Articles
style   12/13/2008

I like to do the reverse style 69 scissor position. It gets them every time. I highly recommend trying this style. You will be glad you did!

1 Comments, 149 Views, 4 Votes ,0.53 Score
wantingfunsex 26 M
4  Articles
Sex Positions   12/11/2008

The partners that I have had never wanted to try new positions. So I have been limited to mostly guy on top, girl on top, and doggie. Does anybody have any good ideas for easy yet fun new position? I just had reconstructive knee surgery, so nothing to crazy.

8 Comments, 213 Views, 9 Votes ,2.78 Score
rm_sirlove2002 74 M
6  Articles
My wife got even be a swingers club   12/10/2008

The last time we were at a swingers club in Tampa I had my wife dressed in a little see-through dress she's a half her ass hanging out after her parading around the club I left her alone a number of guys and couples were hitting on her. I walked up invited them all back she had served a number of people to go with us back to the group room and she served all of them in every hole she had. On ...

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mikehocks007 38 M
8  Articles
Talking About Sex Can Improve It   12/9/2008

in marriage is important, in every area of life. Sometimes certain subjects can be difficult to bring up, even to the person closest to you. How do you begin a conversation about sex, with the person you share sexual experience with? Here are some tips that might make it easier to bring up the subject, and be honest when talking about your sex life with your spouse.

Use humor. If you ...

0 Comments, 108 Views, 5 Votes ,2.16 Score
masteranaldocto 51 M
99  Articles
Enema Info   12/9/2008

You asked for info on liquids and mixes. The mix depends sometimes on the purpose, but in general if you use a soapy enema mix it is good to follow it with either clear water or water with about 1 tablespoon for about a quart and a half. They should be held for about 10 min. and you can use a butt plug, dildo or double (commercial name) for retention. Here are some liquids and mixes with what ...

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VERY GOOD FACTS   12/7/2008

Awesome list of repeated things you come across in sex stories. Please feel free to add your thoughts, suggestions and observations in the comments. Thanks.

1. Your best friend is so often impotent that his wife is always looking for someone to quench her thirst.

2. The husband of your next door neighbour is so busy minting money that he has forgotten he has a wife and God sends ...

2 Comments, 178 Views, 5 Votes ,2.49 Score
rm_sirlove2002 74 M
6  Articles
swingersclub   12/7/2008

A couple of weeks ago we went to a swingers club in Tampa we got there around midnight and the club was pretty full there was a women dressed in somewhat revealing clothes. My wife looks like a little Barbie doll so we thought we would have some fun with went to the dressing room and had bought her a little see-through and matching matching Gstrings my high stockings and 6 inch heels I sent her ...

3 Comments, 509 Views, 10 Votes ,4.38 Score
mustangcpl2 52 C
3  Articles
TAOIST SEX   12/6/2008

Taoist Sex - Experience life as a harmonious flow By: Swarag

Before we begin with the hot Taoist sex tips, let us understand what is Taoist sex all about. The Taoist believe that there is no right or wrong way to do sex. However there is a purposeful way that brings wealth, prosperity, healing and a life well lived. They approach the subject of human sexuality with a ...

2 Comments, 341 Views, 16 Votes ,5.33 Score
_JKH_ 69 M
858  Articles
Sex secret no. 37   12/2/2008

I haven't had any pussy or had my dick sucked in a long time. (Thats by women only also.)

I guess the jig is now up or maybe over for good now for me.

And what about you?

39 Comments, 461 Views, 54 Votes
rm_spirt98 57 M
1  Article
Keeping it in the family:Sex after devorce   11/27/2008

Hey family: Back in the 80's my cousin and a girl I went to high school got married. Everyone in the family know I would not work out and it didn't, between the drinking drugs and lies, fighting from both of them. Number of years later after college I ran a cross her and she went from a ugly duckling to a swan O.M.G. she was hot but she was still out there doing all the same thing she was ...

0 Comments, 853 Views, 17 Votes ,1.29 Score
Erotic Hypnosis Secret #2 Anyone Can Be Hypnotized   11/26/2008

So often people psych themselves out about hypnosis play ... fears that they can not be hypnotized. EVERYONE can be hypnotized ... just some are sonombalistic meaning they go right into trance instantly when directed (1 out of 5) ... and some are difficult cases 1 in 5 also about. But all can be successfully hypnotized as long as 2 criteria are met ... 1. You must be of at least average ...

1 Comments, 208 Views, 9 Votes
rm_spirt98 57 M
1  Article
Three a couple.   11/26/2008

Family: I have something for u as a yong man in college like most men i found myself having a girlfriend, she was smart fun to be with and we did and tried all kinds of things.She had a roommate like most girl she was an o.k. roommate for my girl we all along o.k., never complaint when i slept over. all was good, but she was a virgin and my girl was not going to live with a virgin so thy came up ...

0 Comments, 402 Views, 10 Votes ,1.19 Score
rm_madhurblog 41 M
13  Articles
science of sex   11/26/2008

This is a gross [misrepresentation, a wrong interpretation of facts. They have not denounced sex - I do not think any of them have done so. Yes, [Buddha and Mahavira did but they had a reason for it; those who did not also had a reason for it. There is nothing which the seers say that is unreasonable; every master has his own individual approach to the subject. Sometimes it is the inability of ...

0 Comments, 53 Views, 3 Votes ,3.43 Score
rm_madhurblog 41 M
13  Articles
overcome fear of sex   11/26/2008

Get to know the person you're thinking of having sexual relations with. And know their intentions. Make it clear whether you will be emotionaly involved or if it is just a fling. If your feelings do change, tell your partner. Discuss with them about your fear of having sexual relations. Try to have the person understand your feelings and your fear. Find a comfortable setting. Overcoming your fear ...

0 Comments, 21 Views, 3 Votes ,2.45 Score
rm_thugnthern 39 M
6  Articles
tell me about youre fantasy   11/24/2008

whats youre fantasy does youre partner know and have you ever acted it out with them

so i ran into a few women here and in other places and ive come across this a few time people saying there sex life has become boaring and routine..... so they ended up wanting cybersex with me and a few of them had husbands or boyfriends so i was wondering if thats because they havent told there ...

0 Comments, 109 Views, 3 Votes ,2.94 Score
Players_Paradise 48 G
80  Articles
If You Could Would You ???   11/23/2008

If given tha chance

Who would you like to fuck (it can be a porn star, rock star, celebrity, politician, movie star, next door neighbor, distance relative you get the picture lol)

Where would you fuck them, and in what position(s)?...

9 Comments, 420 Views, 24 Votes ,3.36 Score
Players_Paradise 48 G
80  Articles
What's Your Fantasy ???   11/23/2008

What's your ultimate sexual fantasy? What are your chances of full filling it within the near future?...

9 Comments, 308 Views, 16 Votes ,2.98 Score
rm_lamsid 34 M
6  Articles
regrets?   11/20/2008

whats your best regret story? lol

5 Comments, 259 Views, 6 Votes ,3.08 Score
rm_thugnthern 39 M
6  Articles
bigger or smaller women   11/20/2008

me and my brother n some friends were talking and had some women around well we started talking about sex and the subject came up if u like bigger women or skinnier women and most of them said skinnier women and i said well it dot really matter to me i like both sometimes i like being with bigger women and sometimes i like skinnier women n a few of them chuckled so i dare u guys and women to ask ...

11 Comments, 622 Views, 20 Votes ,3.25 Score
rm_lamsid 34 M
6  Articles
dirty secrets   11/20/2008

got any?

3 Comments, 326 Views, 5 Votes ,1.84 Score
abbeydavid2001 93 M
2  Articles
One after the other   11/17/2008

Do those men who've never had a threesome appreciate just how delicious it is to go in after another guy has cum there?

4 Comments, 553 Views, 21 Votes ,5.60 Score
Female ejaculation   11/16/2008

I was reading on line and found an article that stated some women do not realize they have the ability to squirt when they come. The reason is they hold back because they feel like they are going to pee, when in fact they can not, just like men when they are aroused can not pee. Once they let go and push they have a more intense orgasm.

5 Comments, 390 Views, 24 Votes ,5.97 Score
naughtylilminx69 34 F
1  Article
sex   11/15/2008

sex with randomers is amazing

4 Comments, 667 Views, 36 Votes ,3.41 Score
Orgasm ... or lack of ... may prevent breast cancer in males   11/13/2008

A study in Greece found evidence that the frequency of adult orgasms may have an impact on the incidence of breast cancer in men. In fact, it was also revealed that males with breast cancer had experienced fewer orgasms on average than men without the disease.

0 Comments, 77 Views, 1 Votes ,5.00 Score
Death during sex has a prototype   11/13/2008

While examining the incidence of death during sex, a 1975 study discovered a unique pattern in males: the "deceased is usually married; he is not with a spouse and in unfamiliar surroundings, " and death usually occurs after "a big meal with alcohol." Another study in 1989 found further evidence supporting the extramarital sex bit. Fourteen of the 20 cases of "la mort d''amour, " or coital death, ...

0 Comments, 71 Views, 0 Votes
High testosterone = Less sex   11/13/2008

While higher testosterone levels is typically considered a good thing for men when it comes to their sex drive, still researchers continually found that males with higher testosterone levels marry less often, are more abusive in their marriages and divorce more regularly. In fact, married men see more action than single men.

0 Comments, 109 Views, 2 Votes ,1.73 Score
Oxytocin affects males too   11/13/2008

It is believed that oxytocin affects females during sex (and breast-feeding). But this cuddle hormone, released by both sexes during intimacy, is also found to influence males. Research from Switzerland found that oxytocin is associated with increased feelings of trust in males.

0 Comments, 38 Views, 0 Votes
Trapped Sperm   11/13/2008

Not all sperm go racing for the egg at once. Once sperm has been deposited into the vaginal canal, some of them are temporarily trapped in a semen coagulate or clot. Eventually, they are decoagulated by enzymes, which set them free to swim about a female''s reproductive system. This clotting, according to scientists, is meant to pace the release of sperm into the uterus, increasing the chance ...

0 Comments, 61 Views, 1 Votes
_JKH_ 69 M
858  Articles
The little boy and girl !   11/11/2008

A little boy and a little girl were playing. The little boy exposes himself, and pointing says, "My daddy says I have one of these and you don't!"

The little girl very upset by this runs crying into the house. A while later, very much settled and content, she comes out. She exposes herself and pointing says, "I have one of these, and my mommy says when I get older if I am good, I can ...

12 Comments, 633 Views, 53 Votes ,2.90 Score
rm_swalesboyo 32 M
1  Article
do women prefer longer sex if its just as good?   11/11/2008

what do u think?

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brit2433 47 M
7  Articles
My secret   11/10/2008

I long to eat a womans cumfilled pussy after her man filled her up with his man juice. While I am cleaning her up he is pounding my ass with all he has to offer.Since has just done his wife he does not last long and must take a break to let her us a strap-on me . Just then my wfe walks in and joins the party. Okay this a fantasy of mine A guy can dream can't he. Even if only the first have cums ...

4 Comments, 685 Views, 16 Votes ,4.60 Score
delight_maadi 48 M
10  Articles
bdsm secrets   11/9/2008

I always believe that inside each woman there is a submissive thing but i always wonder why they don't show it to the right person . BDSM is really a wonderful world full of fun . i wish everybody gr8 luck here and in life

0 Comments, 103 Views, 2 Votes ,5.20 Score
delight_maadi 48 M
10  Articles
bdsm   11/9/2008

Here i would like to give the members here a hint about how swinging life goes here in egypt through my experiance when i was married before or through experiances i had during playing here or from ...

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4 Comments, 406 Views, 11 Votes ,5.41 Score
activebdsm1 50 M
10  Articles
bdsm?   11/3/2008

i always believe that inside each woman there is a submissive thing but i always wonder why they don't show it to the right person . BDSM is really a wonderful world full of fun . i wish everybody gr8 luck here and in life

3 Comments, 144 Views, 7 Votes ,2.79 Score
alice758 74 T
2  Articles
priests   10/31/2008

My wish is to confess my orientation to a priest and let him seduce me into being "good"

5 Comments, 382 Views, 8 Votes ,3.71 Score
Beyourplaything 36 M
3  Articles
Let's get seduced but first let's get sedated.   10/28/2008

I was wondering how many of you out there prefer sex intoxicated compared to having sex when completely sober.

Which one is more fun?

11 Comments, 329 Views, 18 Votes ,2.03 Score
rm_pinklady1969 54 F
4  Articles
General options   10/27/2008

I am surprised not many give out options for lady vs. lady sex. Don't you realize ass-fingering is great...also fucked in the ass...

Also, a missionary position is boring. You can get excited by being kinky a bit or soft S & M. Not needed to be a hard core S & M.

Sexy is when you get fucked and enjoy the pleasure. Not say "no" I am afraid.. "I can't" I dont like it.. etc. Try to ...

4 Comments, 268 Views, 11 Votes ,2.98 Score
str8guy4tgirls 53 M
1  Article
We ALL have secrets!   10/25/2008

You know you do! What are your secrets? Do you live a secret life? I do......

I am a busy executive with a family. No one knows my secrets... My desires.... In my postion I am always in control. Making decisions which effect the company and ultimately effect the lives of employees as well...

I have a secret! I want to meet a transexual.... give in to her....let her take ...

2 Comments, 576 Views, 12 Votes ,2.98 Score
furryocelot 56 C
3  Articles
The MOST important place to touch a woman   10/20/2008

We're a couple in Hawaii, and have been browsing around on the "secrets" page. Saw pretty quickly what was missing. This is a sex site, and everybody here wants great sex. So what is it a woman really wants? Where does she want to be touched?

Her heart.

Sure, not true for everyone. But in general, sincerity and desire (for the woman, not her genitals, boys) is the key to warming ...

4 Comments, 608 Views, 20 Votes ,3.51 Score
78luv69 45 F
4  Articles
Fantasizing   10/18/2008

I never think about my partner while I have sex. I always fantasize about other people or other sexual activities. I also never fantasize about my partner when I masturbate. Please tell me I'm not the only one.

3 Comments, 288 Views, 20 Votes ,3.64 Score
furryocelot 56 C
3  Articles
Experience with cock sleeves?   10/15/2008

Taking a survey, I suppose. I'm an average to above average endowed guy, and get a good firm hardon, but my wife and I have often talked about whether bigger cocks felt better for her. She has slowly let on that she gets hotter when she's with a well endowed guy, so I got her a rather big, lifelike dildo. Sure enough, she would cum pretty hard when I went down on her while using the dildo. ...

3 Comments, 560 Views, 23 Votes ,4.41 Score
hotbngcock 44 M
6  Articles
Pussy and Ass   10/11/2008

Have you ever tried fingering ass hole while your tongue goes deep into cunt? I am sure some of you have done it few times while others may tried but may not like it. Let me tell you I have tried few times with my sex partner and it work awsome. You could feel her ecstasy and enjoyment through each and evry vein of her body. While you enjoy yourself eating a cunt, you can surely give equal if not ...

1 Comments, 291 Views, 17 Votes ,4.82 Score
nice4U2hot4mine 58 F
1  Article
pure pleasure   10/9/2008

lying naked next to him on my bed, he is staring at my body with admiration and desire, he loves my small breasts with their over-sized nipples...I feel arousal under his scrutiny, thinking about how hot he gets me when he sucks my nipples hard and nips at them, causing exquisite pain and gets me so hot feeling his tongue and hot breath on my flesh. his hands travel the length of my ...

2 Comments, 295 Views, 21 Votes ,4.73 Score
rm_WetBlkSista 30 F
1  Article
IM BI   10/6/2008

i have been bi for as long as i can remeber but i dont kno how to come out... when my friends say there bi im always shock and anda little repauled..i really dont want to come out..i just want asafe sex discreet relationshi with a women thats all... is that hard to ask

13 Comments, 508 Views, 26 Votes ,3.67 Score
I let him screw my wife... 2nd time   10/6/2008

True story ... no names....

About 10 years ago(?) I read a story about a guy who fantasized about watching his wife with someone else and devised a plan to do it himself. After I read it (and since I actually secretly watched my wife before) I was really turned on and decided to try it myself. I feel like a heel for doing this, and it really was not a good thing to do, I thought she ...

1 Comments, 1937 Views, 38 Votes ,3.90 Score
hot4uinga 41 F
5  Articles
It's cool to become friends with the 3rd Party   10/5/2008

we have been having another man in bed with us and it was so weird at first, didn't know what to say around each other.. but have actually become friends with him we all know where our place is, and it is so crazy THAT WE HAVE RESPECT FOR EACH OTHER, It is still some hot, wild sex, but can sit around afterwards and laugh and hang out... we have really enjoyed our experiences with him!!! Is there ...

8 Comments, 770 Views, 19 Votes ,5.23 Score
egypt_delight1 49 M
13  Articles
Swinging Problems in Arab Country   10/5/2008

Here i would like to give the members here a hint about how swinging life goes here in egypt through my experiance when i was married before or through experiances i had during playing here or from friends.

Usually the problem is on the mutual trust and feeling jelioues . i would tell u her one example . once i was ALONE with a married cpl , the lady was enjoying everything i m ...

0 Comments, 284 Views, 7 Votes ,3.04 Score
egypt_delight1 49 M
13  Articles
bdsm secrets   10/5/2008

always believe that inside each woman there is a submissive thing but i always wonder why they don't show it to the right person . BDSM is really a wonderful world full of fun . i wish everybody gr8 luck here and in life

0 Comments, 97 Views, 3 Votes ,2.45 Score
rm_dewjack1 54 M
1  Article
Do this and she will come back for more   10/3/2008

Very simple, just get down between her legs, spread them out enough so she isn't uncomfortable and start licking the fuck out of that clit. Do this for at least 30 minutes. Make her cum a few times. Then when she is begging you to fuck her, slide a finger inside her slit (middle finger works best) and rub the fuck out of her G spot while still licking her clit. She will go fucking nuts and ...

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11inblkmann 45 M
1  Article
GangBang   10/3/2008

My wife, Sandy, and I have been married for almost seventeen years. Throughout our relationship, we have led a fairly conservative lifestyle: Two , suburban house, mainly conservative friends, minivan, etc. We've remained faithful to one another during this time, probably both out of love and respect for one another and the simple fact that our normal lives keep us too busy to even think about ...

6 Comments, 2681 Views, 79 Votes ,8.93 Score
rm_Luizee 24 M
3  Articles
Do Mature Woman Have "Better" Sex ??   10/3/2008

I have heard this off of a few people now and would be interested to know if its true !

I dont understand how it is possible, but is it due to the fact that they have got more experience and know the "Kamasutra" ??

I would be interested to hear from you, especially mature woman to prove this fact and also to learn this kamasutra from them !

8 Comments, 307 Views, 7 Votes ,2.53 Score
Aunty n me   10/3/2008

Hi.I am an engr by profession n work with a reputed firm in lahore.I m 6' tall, fair complexion n a lil healthy.If u need to contact me, This is story about me n my mami.She is 17 years older than me.This started when i was 20 years old.My mami is 5'5", very fair, big brown eyes n a beautiful figure of 34-26-34.My mamu never liked her as he wanted to get married to sumbody else.

They had ...

3 Comments, 1021 Views, 21 Votes ,3.62 Score
I watched him screw my wife!   10/2/2008

During my marriage I watched my wife getting screwed by someone else. This is the story of one of those times....

This is a true story.. the names have been changed...

Years ago (before the internet) A friend called me up to say hello and that he was going to be in the area and would my wife and I like to get together for dinner. This freind (we'll call him 'J') was and old ...

6 Comments, 2082 Views, 50 Votes ,7.11 Score
rm_Luizee 24 M
3  Articles
What is your Favourite Kind of Four-Play   10/2/2008

What is your favourite types of Four-Play ??

Please leave us your Favourites and also tips on performing it well.

2 Comments, 129 Views, 6 Votes ,1.94 Score
69angeleyes3 64 C
2  Articles
my biggest Fantasy   9/27/2008

my biggest fantasy is to be with another woman while my husband watches. All I want him to do is watch. Is that selfish? Maybe but it's what I want. I love for my husband to watch me masturbate and would love to take it to the next level. I want him to watch another woman make me moan and cum. It's not that he doesn't satisfy me because he does. I just love women and miss some of the ...

4 Comments, 304 Views, 15 Votes ,3.44 Score
kaywantssum 74 C
8  Articles
FUCKING MY STEP    9/25/2008

Iwent to a swinging party with my fuck buddy mandy at the week end we soon got into things and after joining several other babes and guys we had both fucked several times together and swapped, mandy went off on her own and i sat at the bar chatting to others when mandy walked over and asked me to join her and a friend in one of the rooms, as we went in i could just about see the outline of some ...

10 Comments, 4045 Views, 112 Votes ,7.06 Score
69angeleyes3 64 C
2  Articles
I tell all   9/25/2008

recently i decided to tell my husband of all my past sexual encounters. i didn't realize how big a turn on it would be for both of us. I have been extremely horny for the last three days and chasing him like a in heat. My previous encounters with other females seem to be what excites him the most. Who would have guessed? It has been a long time since i myslef have thought of the sex games I ...

0 Comments, 666 Views, 22 Votes ,6.13 Score
cansir717 43 M
6  Articles
curiosity   9/23/2008

ppl keep talking dat sex education is necesary n we must teach ppl wat its all about, n dat also in schol.wel i knw ppl wil say im crazy if i oppose it but the truth is dat anything dat is taught becomes boring, n if d same happens with sex i thnk wat lil interesst ppl develop in sex due 2 curiosity , will kill d fun, wat u say!

1 Comments, 46 Views, 4 Votes ,1.30 Score
catnip4urkitty 40 M
2  Articles
Drive her wild!   9/22/2008

Only try this if you and your partner practice unprotected sex and she can't get pregnant. During intercourse when you start to feel you're about to explode pull out and let a little of your cum drip on her clit. play with her clit with your cum still on it and watch how turned on she becomes. after you regain your composure you can get back to business and repeat it again when you feel your ...

1 Comments, 356 Views, 10 Votes ,4.58 Score
dhani_true 37 M
4  Articles
Reverse Cowgirl Sex Positions   9/22/2008

Great sex positions are ones that are comfortable, let you do what you want (by yourself or with partners), and don't take away from your experience of sexual pleasure. Test your sex positions knowledge with our sex positions quiz or read on to learn more about reverse cowgirl sex positions. Basic Reverse Cowgirl Sex Position:

This position seems to be most popular in porn, and was ...

0 Comments, 206 Views, 10 Votes ,2.99 Score
dhani_true 37 M
4  Articles
Right Angle Sex Positions   9/22/2008

Great sex positions are ones that are comfortable, let you do what you want (by yourself or with partners), and don't take away from your experience of sexual pleasure. Test your sex positions knowledge with our sex positions quiz or read on to learn more about right angle sex positions. Basic Right Angle Sex Position:

This position is a variation of both missionary sex positions and ...

0 Comments, 85 Views, 6 Votes ,3.08 Score
dhani_true 37 M
4  Articles
My partners penis is too big   9/22/2008

“I’ve just started having sex with this really great guy but I’m having a major problem with the size of his dick. Basically it’s gigantic. I haven’t measured it but it’s longer and wider than anything I’ve seen. I was totally shocked because he’s kind of short and he’s not that buff or anything, he’s actually pretty skinny. ...

6 Comments, 873 Views, 17 Votes ,6.38 Score
tallerman55 50 M
2  Articles
How do you last longer   9/22/2008

By focusing your mind on other things

4 Comments, 201 Views, 12 Votes ,1.92 Score
whitewhife4black 71 F
6  Articles
Swallowing Cum   9/21/2008

Interesting things are happening around our home of late. Carol has for many years been very put off with the idea of a man cumming in her mouth or on her face. And, this includes her willingness with her own husband.

She has historically been so negative about it that it truly interfeared with her ability to even give good head at all. But, despite her reluctance, she hasn't gotten ...

5 Comments, 1046 Views, 23 Votes ,5.11 Score
prettygirl987 40 F
7  Articles
oral   9/21/2008

all those pussy lickers and/or cocks suckers will soon be GODS

4 Comments, 539 Views, 21 Votes ,3.74 Score
curious4bothNC 68 C
2  Articles
Saved Confession from Bi Gone Days   9/21/2008

Was this a dream???? OR???

Late one night, he was peacefully sleeping in his bed having dreams of warm breezes and soft water lapping at legs…when he heard a noise and slowly woke up to a teasing caress on his neck. He felt a warm tongue licking his neck and ear and as he tried to turn into it, he felt the restraints on his hands and legs. He was powerless to move and as the ...

4 Comments, 745 Views, 17 Votes ,6.66 Score
no body want s to play   9/20/2008

What is it with people .Ive had my ad in here looking for bi couple to play with and I had a few answers but when it comes to doing some thing they chicken out /or dont show .Im a very open guy what ever the mood takes.I have experience with couples.Not even a single female wants to team up with me so we can bi swing.Does any one else have the same problem? Any one in aussie land want to play.

0 Comments, 26 Views, 1 Votes ,2.40 Score
josmith5 61 M
1466  Articles
....turn her over first !   9/19/2008

Two men were talking to each other about how pussy taste. The first guy said"I think it taste like cherry pie".The other guy said "I think it taste like shit".Then the first guy said "you are supposed to turn her over".

1 Comments, 144 Views, 9 Votes ,3.00 Score
Players_Paradise 48 G
80  Articles
Interesting Indeed !!!   9/16/2008

Check out these facts....some are crazy!!!

1.Male and female rats may have sex twenty times a day. (I wish i was a rat)

2.A man's beard grows fastest when he anticipates sex.

3."Formicophilia" is the fetish for having small insects crawl on your genitals. Gross!!

4."Ithyphallophobia" is a morbid fear of seeing, thinking about or having an erect ...

4 Comments, 540 Views, 31 Votes ,4.97 Score
rm_litmike75 50 C
47  Articles
Lesbian Cunnilingus   9/14/2008

Lesbian Cunnilingus

Women tend to experience a special bond during cunnilingus that is unlike anything they feel with a man. Knowing the effect of each stroke may have something to do with it. The taboo nature of the act is also intoxicating to some. Women also tend to use a lighter, softer touch than men do. They can ...

3 Comments, 325 Views, 19 Votes ,5.50 Score
rm_litmike75 50 C
47  Articles
Eat Pussy Like a Pro   9/14/2008

Eat Pussy Like a Pro

While no two women are exactly alike, there are many things that are universally enjoyed by women. No matter whether it's your first time going down on your girl or whether you're just looking to give your wife a little extra pleasure, the following step by step guide will have her raving about your skills. ...

17 Comments, 756 Views, 66 Votes ,7.51 Score
josmith5 61 M
1466  Articles
a brunette a blonde and a red head....   9/13/2008

Different sex outcomes

Brunette after sex: "Oh that was great! Love you... wanna marry?" Blonde after sex: "Next!" Redhead after sex: "Better start chewing some VITAMINS, ."

1 Comments, 82 Views, 4 Votes ,3.25 Score
josmith5 61 M
1466  Articles
keeping the bush maintained   9/13/2008

It was laying limp in my hand. It was very long, kind of thin. I slid it between my fingers until I got to the end of it. I was turning it on. It became firm in my hands, and the end was wet. Then it got very hard and began gushing out of the tip.

Then I took the garden hose and watered the bushes.

2 Comments, 79 Views, 3 Votes ,1.96 Score
rm_Silkhands65 58 M
3  Articles
Dam good sex without hangups   9/12/2008

So, ladies, why play so many games? why so selfish. Would you rather have absolutly breathtakeing incredible sex, or a guy that wears nice clothes, and drives a new car? You post all these naughty things you like sexually in a profile, yet the guy is still doing all the work, like a energizer bunny on viagra. We want the wild incredible hot girl in bed that you profess to be. I have no problem ...

1 Comments, 60 Views, 8 Votes ,1.16 Score
rm_Silkhands65 58 M
3  Articles

Learned erotic ans when was stationed in europe in the army. Wow, they sure know alot about pleasure. Met a lady over there that taught me alot about massage and sex. Lets just say, to be able to give a lady a oragsm so incredible, she almost passes out, then as she is slowly coming down from it, take her to even a higher level of ecstacy. Each time, the orgasms are more incredible, longer, ...

0 Comments, 76 Views, 2 Votes ,1.73 Score
DiscreetRIguy 60 M
1  Article
Bi-curiosity and what to do   9/12/2008

I have been on this site looking for a couple to meet. I have had these thoughts of being with a couple and the idea of male to male contact has crept into my mind. The idea of sucking a cock has my curiosity and I have fantasied about it on many occasions. I never had any homosexual feelings in the past and when I try to think about doing anything with just another guy I am turned off. But I ...

4 Comments, 576 Views, 11 Votes ,5.97 Score
girlzeena 65 F
39  Articles
Russian President Putin   9/11/2008

I was on line at the supermarket checkout the other day when I picked up one of those magazines featuring celebrities.

I came across a photo of Russian President Putin..he was bare chested and fishing.

I turned to my sister and showed her Putin's photo.

"You know" I began, "I would DO HIM!"

and I continued "of course, only for the sake of Russian and US ...

0 Comments, 178 Views, 4 Votes ,4.02 Score
1246093 58 F
0  Articles
From church girl to slut.   9/11/2008

After one of my 's passed away I started to going to church. After a few months I joined the church. I attend and was active there for a little over three years. One day I was online and a guy contacted me. We talked online for a few months. Then we talked on the phone for a few weeks. I will call him M. M wanted to meet in person. I did not think any thing wrong with it, because it was in the ...

14 Comments, 1296 Views, 31 Votes ,6.21 Score
rm_Fox_Three 49 M
1  Article
That little blue   9/10/2008

This is going to be a fun article to write - but even more interesting to read the responses!

Last night I tried viagra on a date. A friend of mine had given me a box of four ages ago and they had been sitting in my drawer gathering dust. I'd thought little about them, after all I'm an early to mid 30's male with no form of erectile dysfunction whatever.

But then I mentioned ...

4 Comments, 475 Views, 9 Votes ,4.28 Score
rm_Silkhands65 58 M
3  Articles
Foreplay to bliss.   9/8/2008

Foreplay is the art of seduction, heart races, blood burns with passion, with a kiss, hands wonder, caressing her figure slowly. Removeing each piece of clothing ever so slowly, kissing her soft skin, feeling the heat of her skin on your lips as her desire builds. Your hands trace the shape of every curve of her body, as your lipps follow their path. To drive her wild with just one kiss on her ...

1 Comments, 28 Views, 4 Votes ,2.47 Score
Oral sex fantasy   9/8/2008

The opening at the top of my cock is wide and looks like a pair of small lips. I'm turned on by the fantasy of a female licking those lips, spreading them with the tip of her tongue, and playing around.

0 Comments, 67 Views, 2 Votes ,1.73 Score
Players_Paradise 48 G
80  Articles
How Would You Respond To This ???   9/7/2008

If you had to help someone out in this situation what would you do ......

I've been keeping a secret from my man and I need you advice.

I joined a local swingers club a little over two years ago and my sexual appetite desires being with more than just one man.

I've been with my boyfriend now for 6 months. I really want to tell him about my other life but I don't ...

9 Comments, 607 Views, 17 Votes ,5.53 Score
Getting your woman to Squirt   9/5/2008

Women can have multitudes of orgasms but only a minor portion of these women actually squirt when they orgasm. Here are a few tips for guys who want their women to squirt....mind you this is just from my experience so i cannot guarantee how well you might got this done successfully.

You would need to know how your woman reacts when she is close to orgasm as well.

Simply start by ...

6 Comments, 719 Views, 32 Votes ,5.49 Score
rm_4446hot 58 F
9  Articles


5 Comments, 444 Views, 13 Votes ,3.14 Score
roxy54sexy 58 F
27  Articles
The First Time I Seen Porn   9/3/2008

The first time I seen porn is when my sister ordered playgirl that is the first time I seen that type of nakedness. I also rummaged through my Dad's bedroom and found playboy and penthouse magazine in the drawars. So I found those and thought it was interesting. I first saw some on videos just recently and that was a eye opener.

I have never thought of masturbating to them but I like I ...

6 Comments, 910 Views, 19 Votes ,3.12 Score
True_Expressions 46 F
5  Articles
Performing Oral Sex on a Female   9/3/2008

Performing Oral Sex on a Female


The key to performing good oral sex on a female is to talk to your partner, check it out with her, what feels good, what she likes and does not enjoy, listen to her breathing patterns and body responses.

Be aware that many females really believe that their genitals are ugly, that they are dirty and that they don't smell very ...

3 Comments, 295 Views, 22 Votes ,4.93 Score
True_Expressions 46 F
5  Articles
Female Orgasm   9/3/2008

Female Orgasm

We get so many questions about orgasm, I will try to provide some information about the BIG O.

An orgasm is described as a level of sexual arousal that reaches a peak then subsides leaving the participant feeling elated, relaxed and sexually satisfied. It is difficult to describe an orgasm because it is different for every female. Women generally describe it as a ...

3 Comments, 199 Views, 15 Votes ,4.66 Score
traditional girl   9/3/2008

My gf is used to traditional sex. I mean just missionary position and i like to do other things to spice up our sex life. What are some things i could do to get her to be more open minded when it comes to sex.

1 Comments, 120 Views, 4 Votes ,2.47 Score
True_Expressions 46 F
5  Articles
Kegel Exercises   9/2/2008

If you want to give a bit of spice in your love life ladies try starting your exercises.

Kegel Exercises

Kegel exercises (pronounced "kaygel") are a series of simple exercises you can do anywhere, any time. Stuck in traffic? TV too boring? Just start Kegel-ing! You will not regret it, especially if you are pregnant, just had a baby, if you have had lower abdominal surgery, if ...

2 Comments, 142 Views, 11 Votes ,3.35 Score
shanesabbot 40 M
3  Articles
Work then working it   9/2/2008

I was leaving work one nite when i found a letter from a girl i work with on my windshield. She waited till i read it then asked what it was i told her it was a note from her and she giggled. She said its true for the last month ive wanted you. I smiled snd walked over to her kissed her and it was on. I bent her over into her car and fucked her right then and there. We finished and said our ...

1 Comments, 261 Views, 5 Votes ,2.16 Score
eltigre8084 48 M
6  Articles
exploring sex secrets   8/31/2008

Why do some people don't marry and found out that they are satisfactory satisfied with there orgy? this questions has found an answer when i found them. check it out!

2 Comments, 150 Views, 5 Votes ,0.21 Score
girlzeena 65 F
39  Articles
My First Time   8/31/2008

It was 1975 and I was 16yrs old.

Boys and Girls dressed alike:

we all had long hair; we all wore Tee-Shirts; we all wore jeans and we all wore sneakers.

It was particularly hard on me because I was mistaken for a boy more than my share!

This was because I had long hair, was skinny as hell and was flat as a board!

It did not help that I was considered a ...

2 Comments, 758 Views, 22 Votes ,1.32 Score
RunHardnGeorgia 66 M
13  Articles
Best sex ...... handjob ?   8/31/2008

You know - I love every part of a woman......face, lips, breasts, nipples, pussy, ass, legs...especially legs! And during sex having my cock in a hot, wet pussy is very erotic and very pleasurable. But you know...sometimes if you let a woman who is very skilled in using her hands, manipulating your cock and balls, slowly, caressing, stroking -and all you have to do is lay back and enjoy ...

3 Comments, 137 Views, 5 Votes ,1.84 Score
bigcock4blkass 53 M
2  Articles
What happens here?   8/26/2008

The secret to a better sex life is exercise, exercise, exercise.......Stacey walks over to you. Her breasts gently swaying with each step, her hairy pussy lips rubbing together lightlychest, dragging her nails lightly across your tummy. She slips her tongue from her mouth and lightly flicks your nipple, sucking gently, rolling your nipple between her lips not leaving it until it's hard. She then ...

2 Comments, 117 Views, 6 Votes ,1.94 Score
Do We Need To Tell Our Secrets to the Opposite Sex?   8/24/2008

This article is to generate discussion on the topic.

I find that I express myself rather openly to the opposite sex about sexual fantasies rather easily. I have also found that my opposite sex friends seem to confide details about their sexual experiences with me as well. Sometimes we give each other tips and advice as to what is happening in the relationship. Is that wrong? or right? ...

3 Comments, 97 Views, 6 Votes ,5.64 Score
rm_hornydub1984 39 M
3  Articles
How do i get my girlfriend to be more adventerous during sex??any hints, idea's gladly recieved lol   8/24/2008

I'm not talking about even doing anything really kinky or sick!!My girlfriend has always had low sex drive whereas i have a high sex drive and if we fuck twice a week half hour each time it does her and its always same boring routine how do i get her even to dress up ie schoolgirl, nurse etc or even try different positions??its doing my head in and seriously considering getting hot sex ...

5 Comments, 141 Views, 2 Votes ,4.50 Score
KinkyBiCouple4u2 65 C
1  Article
Anal sex for guys...   8/20/2008

If you thought this would be about guys fucking an ass you might want to move on This is about guys taking it in the ass. To start with you don't need to be gay or bi to enjoy anal sex. But as a bi guy I think it's great fun to take a hard cock up my ass!

Butt (pun intended) really, the anal area is full of nerves and if you relax can be a great source of pleasure! And ...

10 Comments, 1789 Views, 56 Votes ,7.79 Score
Revenge Part I: The Unconscious Betrayal   8/18/2008

Warning this part of the tale is long and sets the scene for the following parts to come which should come with a XXX rating Jason would never have believed it. The one thing he could count on for sure was that his wife would never betray him. He hadn't counted on the effect alcohol would have on Maria and how they would interact with her ...

0 Comments, 568 Views, 13 Votes ,4.65 Score
Sevenshots 43 M
1  Article
Some Ideas For Foreplay   8/16/2008

My girlfriend and myself are going to be spending the day together for my birthday and basically going to be having alot of sex.

I want to find some interesting new things to do. Ideas of foreplay to arrouse and tease each other. Or manuvers to try during sex.

nothing too crazy. Shes not into bondage or pain. I can barely get her to talk dirty to me. SO absolutely loves fucking ...

4 Comments, 133 Views, 5 Votes ,3.14 Score
LICKING   8/16/2008

every tried biting softly to a women cunt, and sucking it, it really turns them on and if you continue this for a while, you will get the full taste of the juice,

5 Comments, 239 Views, 13 Votes ,2.98 Score
wildwiccan2007 44 F
3  Articles
Looking for tips n tricks   8/15/2008

Hey all, looking for tips and tricks to help get my man to last a little longer. He's a bit older than me but a marathon night for him is 12 pumps before he dumps.

He's gone to the doc and even tried viagra (completely embarrased him too) but even that hasn't helped with the stamina issue. It's to the point that he hasn't been able to bring me to orgasm in months.

Any ...

20 Comments, 525 Views, 21 Votes ,2.63 Score
imso305 40 F
3  Articles


4 Comments, 254 Views, 15 Votes ,4.51 Score
rm_fadwa7474 46 F
1  Article
FADWA SAY HI   8/13/2008


3 Comments, 226 Views, 14 Votes ,1.22 Score
girlzeena 65 F
39  Articles
Is that a vibrator in your pocket or are you just glad to see me??   8/12/2008

I was visiting my sister the other day when she asked me for something that was in my purse. "Please go into by bag" I said. She went to find what she was after and pulled out my 6" pink vibrator from my bag.

At first she was shocked, then grossed out, but finally she asked me why I had such an item in my purse.

I explained that sometimes I go to Macy's and the sales are just so ...

9 Comments, 758 Views, 18 Votes ,3.94 Score
Fukcdoll 39 F
3  Articles
Felatio Fallies   8/12/2008

this article was to be written along side my cunnilingus article but I got bussy and put it off- Well I can see now that it could be badly needed by some as the penis questions keep "popping up" (shall we say) in the question area. So that being said, this ahll be MY answers to some of those questions, in MY OWN oppion and experiences....

Weather it's a woman or a man going to suck you ...

8 Comments, 577 Views, 28 Votes ,5.91 Score
Wess573 63 M
9  Articles
female masturbation techniques   8/9/2008

Masturbation Techniques (female masturbation techniques)

Ok ladies, let’s have a look at some different techniques that will work to get you off. A great many of women can only attain orgasm through manual stimulation. There are a few who can achieve orgasm through intercourse alone. Anyway, here are some techniques that might add a little variety to your masturbation play


1 Comments, 245 Views, 11 Votes ,3.92 Score
Wess573 63 M
9  Articles
The Art Of Eating Pussy   8/9/2008

Cunnilingus, "Oral, " "Eating Pussy, "

Cunnilingus is one of the most difficult sexual acts to perform successfully.

Going down isn’t easy. It takes refined skill and energy for the long haul.

Cunnilingus, "Oral, " "Eating Pussy, " or whatever you want to call it is one of the greatest activities to grace this planet.

It can also be one of the ...

0 Comments, 206 Views, 12 Votes ,5.27 Score
tallNhot24 40 M
9  Articles
were to lick?   8/6/2008

I have found that just about any part of the anatomy can produce pleasure when licked just right. I am curious as to how many people are willing to lick anything to give pleasure and how many of you have limits to were you are willing to go?

2 Comments, 129 Views, 8 Votes ,3.71 Score
rm_lions473 38 M
5  Articles
Jaking off   8/6/2008

I jack off twice a day, even when I still get some. Is that weird?

5 Comments, 218 Views, 10 Votes ,1.79 Score
Masturbation in public   8/3/2008

How often have you had an urge in public place to take off your clothes and masturbate?

3 Comments, 267 Views, 8 Votes ,3.25 Score
WILL45882 55 M
1  Article
cock or pussy   7/25/2008

Hi Let me start by saying its all my ex fault. One day she told me that she wanted to fulfill one of her fantasies for her but that I had to promise to do it first before she would tell me what it was. So being up for most anything I said yes. What the hell maybe she wanted to swing that would had been great but no to my surprise she said she want to fuck me with a strap-on! I told her ...

4 Comments, 1088 Views, 23 Votes ,4.65 Score
rm_extreme4us 41 C
2  Articles
Swing   7/23/2008

My wife and i are interested in purchasing a sex swing or a wedge. We have looked on the internet and checked a few of the local Adult Book Stores and honestly everything that we have come across seems over priced. Not that we really need a swing but from the research that we have done it seems that it would be money well spent. As far as the wedge we have resorted to using pillows and couch ...

8 Comments, 378 Views, 12 Votes ,4.21 Score
rm_studdedsonu 52 M
12  Articles
10 Types of Easily Tempted or Influenced Females - Type 10   7/23/2008

10. Females Without Their Own Judgments and Views

Females with no views and opinions are very easy to be tempted for committing crimes. Under the influence of money, they are willing to risk themselves to carry out some immoral affairs. Their most concerns are how much money they can earn and they do not care the sources of money. They have been longed for a ...

0 Comments, 217 Views, 6 Votes ,1.37 Score
rm_studdedsonu 52 M
12  Articles
10 Types of Easily Tempted or Influenced Females - Type 8   7/23/2008

8. Extremely Emotional Females Wow, these females are really hard to control. Sometimes they talk nicely, but sometimes their mood burst out like a volcano. Be Careful of them. They can be a "sunny day" in several minutes, and then suddenly turn into "stormy days". If their husbands did something wrong to them, they are most probably to fight with their husbands. When they ...

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rm_studdedsonu 52 M
12  Articles
10 Types of Easily Tempted or Influenced Females - Type 7   7/23/2008

7. Career-Minded Females

A successful career woman is always because of the strongest support of their husbands. Without a good education or family background, it is very hard to get promoted in the workplace. But due to some sexual relationships or other underlying reasons, females can be promoted easily. They have to rely on the male's power to bring them to a ...

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rm_studdedsonu 52 M
12  Articles
10 Types of Easily Tempted or Influenced Females - Type 6   7/23/2008

6. Females With Strong Vanity and Pride

There are many females with strong vanity and pride that you may encounter in your life. These females aim for materialistic life. They look down upon guys with only few pennies in their pockets. They go everything for branded, start from their heads till legs. They cannot bear looking people wearing more branded ...

0 Comments, 74 Views, 4 Votes ,1.30 Score
rm_studdedsonu 52 M
12  Articles
10 Types of Easily Tempted or Influenced Females - Type 5   7/23/2008

5. Females Who Are Easily Influenced by Their Peers or Friends

Chinese saying says, “Good things need three years to learn, but bad things only needs three minutes to learn.” The environment plays a vital role in determining the personality of the individual. Females who are surrounded by bad friends will get influenced easily. They will ...

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rm_studdedsonu 52 M
12  Articles
10 Types of Easily Tempted or Influenced Females - Type 4   7/23/2008

4. Lonely Type Females

These types of women cannot bear on loneliness. As their husbands have to work oversea, they have to live separately with their husbands for certain periods. Living alone in a house is not an easy job for them to manage. When time passes by, they start feeling their life is dull and meaningless. To cure this long-term loneliness, they start ...

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rm_studdedsonu 52 M
12  Articles
10 Types of Easily Tempted or Influenced Females - Type 3   7/23/2008

3. Females Who Have Strong Sexual Retaliation Towards Guys

Females with strong sexual retaliation property cannot bear on their husbands sexual faults. If their husbands haven't fulfilled their sexual needs, they will first feel very irritated, upset and in serious case they may end up marriage life. If by accidentally they found their husbands have a ...

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rm_studdedsonu 52 M
12  Articles
10 Types of Easily Tempted or Influenced Females - Type 2   7/23/2008

2. Easily Hurt and Irritated Females

Some females hate guys who caused them to suffer a lot in life. Females who had awful moments during their love affairs or those being by guys usually have a great deal of hatred against the guys who had discriminated them terribly. Therefore, females regarded themselves as "breaking jars" by having sexual intercourse ...

0 Comments, 64 Views, 1 Votes
rm_studdedsonu 52 M
12  Articles
10 Types of Easily Tempted or Influenced Females - Type 1   7/23/2008

1. Extremely Poor Females

Our society is growing richer and richer and thus rich people are everywhere. Everybody aims for a luxurious and comfortable life. Rich has become a powerful weapon that leads people either work or slave for it. Everybody is scare of being poor, so do the females. This is because poverty makes them feel ashamed and embarrassed. The ancient ...

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rm_umzy2000 39 M
1  Article
for having pleasurable anal sex without pain.   7/23/2008

u need to apply oil or some gel, first finger the ass hole till it gives entry for two fingers, then apply the jel to the dick and the area around the ass hole which will be involved in friction while penetration, then just stick the dick at the anal entry it will find its way through. this way it wount pain.

1 Comments, 292 Views, 6 Votes ,3.65 Score
Flintboy86 36 M
4  Articles
Are they bad for a relationship?   7/20/2008

Hello everybody, my ex girlfriend never told me what she secretly likes me to do, so do you think it愀 possible that our whole relationship went worth, because our sex wasn愒 that exciting?

4 Comments, 117 Views, 1 Votes
rm_passion4lyfe 34 M
1  Article
"Step up"   7/20/2008

I myself being new to the wonderful world that is sex am always looking for new things to try out. One of the most effective things ive found while browsing tips, tricks and so on is giving your partner or partners a foot massage even before foreplay. I was kind of amazed at how much it heightened both my own and my partners senses afterwards. So for 5 mins Massage your partners feet and you will ...

0 Comments, 103 Views, 4 Votes ,3.63 Score
rm_SaintJ76 45 M
1  Article
What keeps your open marriage working?   7/14/2008

For me and my wife it's total honesty, and unwavering commitment to each other (and really nasty sex)!

1 Comments, 168 Views, 6 Votes ,2.80 Score
rm_longtouge49 63 M
1  Article
how to lick the pussy   7/14/2008

hi all some dont no how to lick a puss well here you go i am a selfproclam puss-allujust like cooking, you have to get it hot, so you suck the tits , yes thats right it comes then you lol, yes puss can be a great thing to eat if done right , after you done that move slow down to the plate.lick it all over then take your toung move the tip in the clit.more later.

9 Comments, 416 Views, 19 Votes
OriginalGetARoom 44 C
16  Articles

We did a little research and then engaged in some practical experiments to come to an unscientific finding on it . . . feel free to read about it on our blog: Adventure 41 MAKE CUM TASTE BETTER A Practical Experiment Synopsis: Intermixed in some of the things we did this weekend, we decided to do an experiment on what makes cum taste better . . . looks like some of the things we found online actually work

4 Comments, 636 Views, 15 Votes ,1.91 Score
rm_eligah50 64 M
5  Articles
Can Men Find That ELLUSIVE "G" Spot!!!!   7/6/2008

Men want to make women squeal with anticipation and scream with ecstasy. They want to be king of the “O.” Women go to great lengths searching out methods for achieving orgasm, aching to unleash their inner sex goddess. This conquest has led people in many directions, but the most sought-after is the infamous G-spot, said to be the deepest, most intense ...

4 Comments, 201 Views, 10 Votes ,4.78 Score
dondinero20066 44 C
156  Articles

I am not sure if it was because I grew up in a household with brothers or whether I would have had the same feelings and inclinations had I been an only but I do know that from the time of my earliest memories I have been fascinated with penises.

Let's talk about the "basic penis." I regard oral sex as the highest form of expression of love that can be exchanged between two people. ...

6 Comments, 1413 Views, 45 Votes ,6.66 Score
rm_Whattup1010 31 M
10  Articles
Anal Tricks Please   7/6/2008

I need some tips on how to slide into my gf's ass more easily. She has a really tight ass and is hard to get into even with alot of lube... So any tricks to work it or somethig?

7 Comments, 419 Views, 20 Votes ,6.06 Score
MountainMan90209 70 M
2  Articles
The Best Secret is Listening   7/5/2008

Men think we know how to please a woman, but as we all know, men and women think differently. While we can spend lots of time experimenting on the right approach, the right touch, and trying to find those sometimes elusive erogenous zones, I prefer to listen. I ask questions in a comfortable conversation and try to learn as many of those "secrets" as I can. I'll even come right out and ask ...

1 Comments, 18 Views, 2 Votes ,4.50 Score
dondinero20066 44 C
156  Articles
eat her pussy right...   7/2/2008

* Pull her labia, the lips of her pussy, apart by tugging her pubic hairs. Hold her lips open and keep her inner cunt exposed this way for several seconds. Take the time to admire those normally hidden treasures. Blow air on them unpredictably. The suspense will kill her, and the relatively cool air over her warm pussy will tickle and tease the raw nerve endings that are there in abundance. * ...

9 Comments, 619 Views, 54 Votes ,6.05 Score
Watching a man Masturbate   7/1/2008

I'm just curious as to what most of you ladies think of watching a man masturbate in front of you while the guy looks into your eyes as he reaches orgasm. Is it something of a turn on to most women? I enjoy doing this and it's a great turn on for myself.. could you sit in a group of other women while 1 man stroked himself to climax? That is an ultimate fantasy.. curious if you girls enjoy ...

9 Comments, 655 Views, 16 Votes ,4.01 Score
What would you ladies prefer in the profiles you read?   6/28/2008

I am curious as to what you ladies would prefer in the profiles you read. Which ones pique your curiosity? I know most ladies do not like to see genitalia shots as the default pictures. I am curious if you prefer someone being straightforward and honest and open about themselves or their situations? Or would you prefer the more flashy profiles. For example.. 1. Honest and straightforward.. "I am ...

6 Comments, 180 Views, 9 Votes ,4.71 Score
rm_Cutstud 35 M
1  Article
Does dirty talk make better sex?   6/27/2008

I have recently had a experience where the woman has asked me to dirty talk during our session,

does it really work for you ladies?

and wat kind of talk gets you going? lol

9 Comments, 326 Views, 12 Votes ,5.63 Score
Squirting   6/26/2008

How many ladies have squirted? Is it like an orgasm?

2 Comments, 261 Views, 2 Votes ,2.42 Score
rm_gIllicit 61 M
6  Articles
Living on the edge.   6/22/2008

One wonders sometimes how we get ourselves into situations we never dreamt we would be in. What starts off as an innocent quest to find the 'missing ingredient' in your life ends up finding not only that 'missing ingredient' but finds that for 40 years you have not had an inkling of what life is all about. Personally, I did not know what sex was all about, I did not know my body had the ...

2 Comments, 249 Views, 13 Votes ,3.14 Score
jordanmadinina97 35 M
3  Articles
Women   6/22/2008

Hello first of all i have a main question that most guys ask theirselves. Why are women so complicated? I ask that question because a femal never seems to be satisfied, example i had sex with a girl 1 nght stand both agreed it we had sex for 8 hours straight she had MULTIPLE orgasms, at the end she couldn t stand to get to the bathroom but when i went to cook her breakfast, she told me i want ...

0 Comments, 144 Views, 8 Votes ,1.39 Score
jackbauermkd 41 M
7  Articles
Da Sicret   6/21/2008

I am about to reveal the big secret about sex. It's da LOVE!!!! L O V E

0 Comments, 79 Views, 6 Votes ,0.23 Score
rm_gIllicit 61 M
6  Articles
Is it possible?   6/20/2008

It is a very bleak Saturday morning. It is raining outside and it so cold. What I would do right now to be in bed with the man that makes my life worthwhile. What I would do to be able to have woken up in his arms this morning and just forget about all the shit happening in one's life. But, it is not possible today is it?

One can always dream, is that what keeps us going from day to day? ...

2 Comments, 158 Views, 13 Votes ,2.98 Score
girlzeena 65 F
39  Articles
How NOT to buy a WHIP!   6/20/2008

A girlfriend of mine, she's in her 50's, is getting married, again.

Honestly, I don't recall if this is marraige #3 or marriage #4.

So, I decided to get her something to keep her new husband in line, I went to buy her a WHIP!

Where does one buy a whip? Hmmmm. I didn't know. I wasn't sure if Bloomingdale's carried them or what section they would be in. Intimate apparel? ...

4 Comments, 260 Views, 13 Votes ,3.14 Score
All that she needs   6/20/2008

if you have a lady on your bed, she is all yours take control of her and dont be friendly ladies like that

1 Comments, 132 Views, 9 Votes ,1.29 Score
girlzeena 65 F
39  Articles
49 and 1/2 and never had an orgasm!   6/19/2008

Hi, I'm Linda Marie and I am 49 and 1/2 and I never had an orgasm. Never had an orgasm, no lie! I was talking to my sister the other day, she's a divorced widow....never heard of a divorced widow? Ok, I'll tell you, it's not funny but it's true. A divorced widow is where your husband receives his final decree of divorce, screams "I'm free of her! I'm free of her! I'm free of her!" and ...

7 Comments, 821 Views, 20 Votes ,2.87 Score
rm_johnjohnnow 53 M
1  Article
First Anal   6/13/2008

Ok- I need some advice. I have found someone on this site I am interested in having anal sex with. It would be my first time receiving, and I am a bit nervous. (Although very excited) Anyone have some advice from a first timer to make the passage that much better?

1 Comments, 586 Views, 13 Votes ,6.00 Score
Married and having fun   6/7/2008

Is it possible to be married and have a threesome? Yes, I know so. Many couples struggle with jealousy, and insecurities surrounding this alternate lifestyle. They dont plan ahead or communicate with each other. This fantasy for men and women alike, must be respected, and precautions must be taken for this to work. My wife approached me with this fantasy about a 2 years ago. The initial ...

4 Comments, 573 Views, 37 Votes ,6.79 Score
rm_yurPhantaC1 52 F
5  Articles
Sexual Addiction   6/6/2008

Have you ever wondered why so many people are addicted to sex? Well here is the "scientific" reason why.

Endorphins and encephelins relieve pain and promote a feeling of well being. Endorphins belong to the category of chemicals known as opiates and serve to deaden pain receptors. They are chemically related to morphine and are released after 20 minutes of vigorous ...

7 Comments, 309 Views, 28 Votes ,6.42 Score
rm_gowildsafely 42 F
1  Article
I do it like a man...   6/5/2008

We’ve all heard it; “Women can’t separate Sex and Love!” Well sex gods and goddesses…I’ll confidently disagree! You know why? Because as the title says, I do it like a man! Now, I hate to categorize people, so I will state that not all men are the same, just as this article is here to explain that not all women are the same! With that disclosure out of ...

5 Comments, 382 Views, 21 Votes ,5.35 Score
josmith5 61 M
1466  Articles

Each player shall furnish his own equipment for play, normally one club and two balls.

2. Play on a course must be approved by the owner of the hole.

3. Unlike outdoor golf, the object is to get the club in the hole and keep the balls out of the hole.

4. For most effective play, the club should be a firm shaft. Course owners are permitted to ...

2 Comments, 100 Views, 6 Votes ,4.50 Score
just4fun17642 48 M
1  Article
Sister's friend   5/29/2008

1996 - I had recently came back from an overseas assignment. Then I had split up with my wife on Christmas eve. I had no where else to go but to my parents house to spend the rest of my rest and relaxation vacation, before heading to my next duty station. Everything just seem to be falling apart.

When I got to my parent's house, my sister had brought over her friend (we'll call Lilly) ...

1 Comments, 1066 Views, 18 Votes ,4.76 Score
davey14048 32 M
5  Articles
How too do anal sex   5/28/2008


About 2 weeks ago I was fucking a women made her cum all that good shit, she had asked me Have you ever done anal I said No, She asked if i wanted too try, Im like Sure how do i do it, she said stick it in, I lubed it up and everything made sure she was calm and went in SLOWLY.... the head of my dick wasnt even in and I Sliped... so therefor my ...

11 Comments, 642 Views, 24 Votes
rm_funinfl4all 104 C
32  Articles
cum shower's   5/27/2008

For a long time, one of my wife and my favorite porno DVD has been a compilation of cum showers, which is girls being drenched in cum from a number of men. My wife has got off on watching this for so long and we talked many times about making it a reality, but never took the next step. Our anniversary was cumming up, so I decided to push the issue and we set things up. We organized a stay in the ...

5 Comments, 1346 Views, 36 Votes ,6.78 Score
macca95 63 M
3  Articles
Nice surprise   5/27/2008

Always had a fantasy about girls peeing but never told my wife, one night after a few drinks my wife said i'm going for a wee be back soon, i said to her as a joke can i come with you, to my surprise she said yes. What followed was fantastic she put some towels on the floor pulled her pants down and peed over my cock, had great sex after that, anyone else like the idea of girls peeing please ...

8 Comments, 654 Views, 14 Votes ,4.10 Score
krishna69hawaii 48 M
1  Article
Marijuana and Sexual Pleasure   5/25/2008

In the Beginning . . .

"Drugs are entities in themselves. The spirit of marijuana for example is female. She is alluring, very seductive. In her presence time passes almost without one noticing. Her sweet fragrance intoxicates the senses and uplifts the mind. She is delighted by heroic men and sensual women. When a couple share marijuana, they are allowing her participation in their ...

3 Comments, 182 Views, 8 Votes ,5.80 Score
male orgasm   5/21/2008

is it true that men's orgasms can be increased by having a woman fush her finger up his ass?

9 Comments, 397 Views, 11 Votes ,2.61 Score
50+ Years of Ass Fucking   5/18/2008

Over the years I've introduced many females to "the Joys of Anal Sex". My first penetration was not a pussy but a female's ass at 10 years old. I was lucky back then because I didn't know what I was doing. In the beginning, I thought females let guys fuck their ass just to please the male and maybe a little curiosity about anal because they may have gotten some arousal from having their asses ...

1 Comments, 813 Views, 18 Votes ,2.72 Score
4hergspotfinder 56 M
20  Articles
Where is your Nibble spot ?   5/16/2008

Ok some like to be nibbled Some dont? I wonder where most weman like to be nibble the most ears, neck, shoulders, sides, breast, thies, labea and butt checks or just avery where ? What part dose she like nibled te most ?

3 Comments, 97 Views, 3 Votes ,5.39 Score
4hergspotfinder 56 M
20  Articles
What kinda rump do you like to hump   5/16/2008

Ok Men like a nice shape but the are many types of butts. There are flat butts, there hump butts, there big butts, There large butts, Small little butt's! I like the one that fits her shape best ok I like them all. But I have always been a breast, thie and butt man . So what butt do you like best ?

0 Comments, 68 Views, 2 Votes ,3.81 Score
mcallenbigdick4u 46 M
2  Articles
how to fuck all night long...   5/13/2008

you can really do this.. just take your time and use a lot of lubricant...

u will see.. try it!

3 Comments, 737 Views, 22 Votes
lesboaffair 45 F
1  Article
Signs That Your Woman Is Sexually Satisfied   5/13/2008

Men are sometimes confused because it is not easy to tell whether their women are sexually satisfied. Finding her G-spot and stimulating it was not easy and making her orgasm really makes you sweat but you do not know the signs to check for to decide on when to stop after you are sure that she is sexually satisfied. To know for certain that your woman is thoroughly pleased without asking "honey, ...

17 Comments, 898 Views, 62 Votes ,6.71 Score
pinmsa2 51 C
98  Articles
How To Get Her To Jump On You - Turning Your Woman On In Simple Steps   5/13/2008

Some men are left in a cold sweat as to how to turn your woman on and make her want more. It could be the case that you find it sexy to just ask her if she wants to 'do it' but women are sensual beings, and being subtle sometimes has huge benefits. If you have confidence in your skill then this will translate to far better sex. I'm going to focus, in this article, on what you should say to turn ...

7 Comments, 419 Views, 20 Votes ,5.55 Score
pinmsa2 51 C
98  Articles
Instantly Arouse Women - 3 Tips That Will Have Her Begging For More   5/13/2008

As a woman I know the difference between AMAZING sex and just.. sex. And trust me, it's massive. And it's not to do with how long your dick is, or how long it lasts. There a few killer techniques that all great lovers possess and without which sex is simply not amazing. Would you like to know how to turn on a woman in seconds? These simple tricks will work every time and with every one.


8 Comments, 858 Views, 41 Votes ,7.31 Score
pinmsa2 51 C
98  Articles
How to Blow Her Mind in Bed   5/13/2008

Women deserve to be treated in the best way possible, just like men. It's no surprise that these days she's willing to quickly show you the door if you don't fulfill your relationship obligations. The best way to ensure that she'll never leave you is by becoming a brilliant sexual partner. If you can achieve this then she won't be able to stop thinking about you and the next time she'll be lucky ...

3 Comments, 372 Views, 16 Votes ,4.60 Score
pinmsa2 51 C
98  Articles
Why Diabetes is Bad For Sex   5/13/2008

Diabetes is bad for sex because when it is poorly controlled it does not only bring severe complication to the normal functioning of the body, but it can have devastating effects on your sex life. The sex implications are dire if the situation is not arrested early. Vaginal dryness can be as a result of other factors but diabetes can immensely contribute to vaginal dryness. This brings a lot of ...

1 Comments, 118 Views, 4 Votes ,2.86 Score
pinmsa2 51 C
98  Articles
Top 10 Ways to Satisfy Her   5/13/2008

1. Make it Sexy

Satisfy her psychologically by boosting her confidence and making her feel sexy. Keep your relationship fresh by flirting. She likes to feel sexy. She wants to be desired and chased. Give a sly smile and wink. Show her that she still does it for you. Whisper in her ear the ways she turns you on. Build her sexiness confidence, then suggest some actions that you find ...

1 Comments, 198 Views, 7 Votes ,4.06 Score
pinmsa2 51 C
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Sexual Problems After Stroke   5/13/2008

A stroke attack can have devastating effects on a victim. It affects both partners in a relationship in most of the incidences. The effects of stroke are made worse by secondary illness that run concurrently. Stroke itself can sup any remaining sexual desire in a person. More energy and attention is directed towards a quick recovery without giving due consideration that the victim has a life ...

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Best Cunnilingus Positions - Make Her Go Wild & Crazy With Cunnilingus   5/13/2008

Cunnilingus is basically the same but there are some techniques that can help you have a better climax. The art of Cunnilingus is when you use your tongue to lick the clitoral area and the purpose is to make your partner climax with an explosive orgasm. It is always good to change it up so that you get a new adventure because this will allow you to stimulate your partner in new ways.

The ...

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Tips To Seduce A Woman Into Bed With You Tonight - Guaranteed   5/13/2008

If you want to seduce a woman into bed with you tonight, than you need to make sure you know how to turn her on. The art of seduction requires that you make her feel both physically and mentally relaxed. Sexual arousal begins with getting her mentally in the mood and physically stimulated. So, let's begin with the 5 most effective tips to seduce a woman into bed.

1. Seduce a woman into ...

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Make Your Women Climax - Top Tips To Make A Woman Have a Powerful Orgasm   5/13/2008

The ultimate goal for a man is to have his partner have a climax and reach an orgasm but it is always not as easy as it seems. There are many times when men think that they are doing the right things to help her climax but in fact they are falling short. It is always good to learn some great tips so that you have the best experience with your partner as possible.

One of the greatest ...

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How To Please A Woman In 5 Minutes Or Less   5/13/2008

How do you know if your spouse is pleased? I mean "really pleased?" Chances are you don't and that is because it is proven that most women lie to their lover when confronted with the issue. Well, the good news is that you never have to worry about this again. That is because you can know with absolute certainty that you have pleased your lover .. in ONLY 5 Minutes or less! Here is how:


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What Causes Sexual Arousal In A Women So That She Can Chase You Down Like Crazy   5/13/2008

There are very few men who have to learn sex secrets about women. The few ones are being sought after like crazy. That is why if you are a woman and you go about telling other women about your man's sexual prowess, you are simply declaring competition. Women are frustrated and disappointed by men who go around bragging to their friends but has nothing to offer to ...

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Mothers Night Out   5/11/2008

If you can't find your mother and she says that she was at a party, it could be that she was at a sex toy party. Yep, sex toys. A recent article from a North Carolina newspaper talks about the increasing popularity of so called house parties.

More and more women are talking sex at a very unique kind of house party. The women who attend these parties are from all walks of life. It's kind ...

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To 69 or Not to 69 That Is The Question ????   5/9/2008

Has 69 become unpopular?

Why is it that women don't like to do it anymore?

Your thoughts and comments ....

Do you like it , enjoy it or what?

Our answers are : We both enjoy a good 69 session ... but we're seeing that this wonderful site is disappearing from the SWING CLUBS ; perhaps because it's viewed as more intimate .

We do enjoy it like ...

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Aiming High   5/7/2008

We all have goals in life. And apparently so does porn celebrity Claudia Downs. “My fantasy is to have a bunch of guys surround me and cum in my mouth. I want to beat the person for the biggest gang bang. I want to beat their record. That’s my goal. I know I can do it.”

The current record, 919, was set by Lisa Sparxxx in 2004. “Before I started porn, I could ...

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Licked Lollipop   5/4/2008

So what is a great oral sex technique to get his blood boiling? This one is often used in porn films, because it allows him to see exactly what's going on. It's best done on your knees, and depending on your heights he might need to stand on something (you need direct access to his testicles).

Start by lifting his penis to expose his testicles, then find the line that runs up between ...

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No Couch Potatoes When You Do Sofa Spread Eagle   5/3/2008

The female stands on the edge of a couch, bed, or two chairs, with her legs spread wide. The man stands on the floor facing her. Adjust the width of your stance (bending your knees slightly if necessary) so he can easily slide between them and get your pelvises to meet – then rock your bodies together to feel the bliss.

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Prostate Massage   5/1/2008

What is the prostate, and why can it enhance sex?

At first before any misunderstanding, the prostate is a organ that males have only. The Prostate Gland is located in the region between the anus and the scrotum. Is is responsible for both manufacturing a fluid that helps produce semen, and closing the urine duct to allow for the safe passage of sperm. Because of its intimate ...

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Seduction Science   5/1/2008

Learn the best ways to activate attraction in each type of lady you meet.

Different ladies like different things.

If you can learn the best ways to trigger attraction in each type of woman, you're going to be a very busy man.

Focusing In

We've been going over a number of things that will work with ANY girl, but there's no doubt, ladies come in many flavors. ...

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yngstud4lady 31 M
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advice   4/30/2008

I think a lot of young men like myself love older women because of experience. I was wondering if any of the sexy ladies out there had any adivice toshare, or maybe an offer to show me some new tricks

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bulletbullet26 48 M
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say yeah to sex   4/30/2008

read my blog and see why do you say yeah to sex

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Got Kegels?   4/29/2008

Kegel exercises were developed by Dr Arnold Kegel to help women, especially after childbirth, regain bladder control by strengthening their pelvic muscles. Dr Kegel later discovered that his exercises also increased orgasm intensity. There are many variations, but the exercises are similar.

Kegel exercises for men and women:

Locate your pelvic muscles by stopping the flow of ...

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hornydubliner25 36 M
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ass to mouth   4/28/2008

Do women actually do this or is it confined to adult movies

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