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Nightmare situation or it it!!!!!!!   8/19/2006

I meet a woman out clubbing and we hit it off, we had a one nightstand,
3 weeks later we had a meeting at work saying that a new girl would be starting and when describing her i became really excited about meeting her, even my manager said she was just my type,
then on her first day i realised it was the same girl from the nightclub, i could have died there and then i ...

0 Comments, 560 Views, 11 Votes ,5.41 Score
MrLucky55 70 M
1  Article
Ladies - Need your help   8/17/2006

Early last Spring I developed a great relationship with a wonderful woman. Over the ensuing weeks we teased each other incessantly (sexually) and had a couple of incredible dates. Both of these times we brought each other to the brink of having sex but never ended up there. Finally, we planned a private evening alone in her apartment for wine, pizza, movie and cuddling where we would ...

3 Comments, 202 Views, 4 Votes ,3.63 Score
scoobie1065 58 M
1  Article
ass fisting   8/17/2006

Ihave a friend that likes anal alot and ive recently found out that she would like to have my hand shoved up her ass. so my question is what is the easiest way to get past the nuckle area of the hand? ive tryed lots of lubricant and i dont want to force it cause i dont want to hurt her. your suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

1 Comments, 606 Views, 5 Votes ,3.14 Score
bi curious   8/15/2006

are there any women out there who would like to know how i taste? i have never eaten a woman out before but the thought of it just makes me wet with excitment.

2 Comments, 401 Views, 11 Votes ,5.60 Score
I Love ANAL sex. Can anyone help me?   8/14/2006

I've tried butt sex several times, and now i love it. Currently looking 4 a partner male, female, or both- who would help me with it. I enjoy it sooooo much, - what about you? do u like it? share some stories, be happy to read them.

1 Comments, 276 Views, 6 Votes ,3.08 Score
rm_sexybling69 50 C
2  Articles
Threesomes   8/13/2006

This article will explore the world of threesomes: what kinds of people participate and why, some of the different types of threesomes, and its advantages and disadvantages.
Who Wants to be Part of a Threesome? People pursue threesomes for various reasons. First, the most common, are men who are looking to fulfill the fantasy of being with two women at the same time, ...

4 Comments, 1077 Views, 35 Votes ,8.08 Score
ThickDrkChoclat 47 C
4  Articles
Good Oral   8/13/2006

Is it me or are there still woman out there that still don't know how to give good oral?

0 Comments, 252 Views, 4 Votes ,3.25 Score
longnthk8 43 M
5  Articles
MAKE HER SQUIRT 2 re-type   8/11/2006

i am going to tell you the most incredible trick ever, how to make a female squirt. now if you really want to do this remember do it for fun not for expeirmenting or stuff like that, first be sure she really turned on, lots of fourplay, you can even engage in sexuall intercourse but to make her squirt is the key of orgasm, place your middle two fingers( ring and middle) about 2 to 3 inches ...

3 Comments, 1455 Views, 22 Votes ,4.21 Score
longnthk8 43 M
5  Articles
anal licking   8/11/2006

this is whole new kind of game here i mean really anal sex is great but licking i dont know about this one i mean i think the term is arse play but still how much could you enjoy it!! but maybe im wrong just might have try it with a lady some day

2 Comments, 508 Views, 14 Votes ,3.78 Score
doggy style   8/11/2006

Do you think the doggy style is the hardest position to not cum quickly. I know for me its one of the hardest to hold back from anyone else have this.

2 Comments, 559 Views, 7 Votes ,3.04 Score
Secret of the ooze.   8/10/2006

I have come to find out that some women love tasting cum. In finding this I have been told that my cum has different flavors some times. With some experimentation I have found that citrus fruits drastically change the flavor of semen. Does anyone know what other edibles/drinkables change semen flavor?

2 Comments, 465 Views, 10 Votes ,4.18 Score
What older women know that younger women dont   8/10/2006

I do realize with age comes experience and maturation of one's emotions. But besides that what possible edge does an older woman have over a younger woman? Any women with opinions needing to be expressed?

0 Comments, 595 Views, 8 Votes ,1.86 Score
Sacred Sexuality   8/8/2006

Sacred Sexuality is the natural integration of sexuality and spirituality. Unfortunately this natural integration has been broken by the processes of acculturation and socialization. Most of us grow up hearing negative messages about our body and our sexuality. No wonder we often feel confused and fragmented sexually. For all of us this rupture has created not only a sexual but also a ...

2 Comments, 205 Views, 13 Votes ,2.81 Score
rodger_tam1965 58 C
4  Articles
never tell   8/7/2006

one day in i was walking though a feld the girls jumped up at me put me to the ground riped my clothes off starting to suck my cock hard the other two started to put a dildo up my ass one thing about i like it a lot so i never told any one about it i loved it so much i asked the ladys can we do this again tomarrow about 6 pm

1 Comments, 808 Views, 28 Votes ,2.21 Score
openandready4 66 M
1  Article
Anal Orgasam   8/7/2006

How do you get an anal orgasam? I'm been told it's the best and I have always wanted to experiance it as a male, and I want my girl to have an anal orgasam as well. Can anyone help......

8 Comments, 1202 Views, 9 Votes ,4.49 Score
Teasing Her Like Never Before   8/6/2006

When my wife and i first started dating, back when we were in our mid 20's, we both loved oral very much, pluss i really loved to tease her and drive her wild.
One Saturday afternoon we were fooling around at my place, and i had a plan already set up, and was wanting to try it with her.Before she got to my house, i had put some straps to each corner of my bed, with the intention ...

4 Comments, 915 Views, 27 Votes ,7.13 Score
Do not tell a lady that you will lick her ass.   8/6/2006

When you are having sex, just suck her pussy and begin to lick her ass catch her by surprise!

3 Comments, 782 Views, 12 Votes ,4.57 Score
hersexualpleasur 36 M
6  Articles
keeping sex alive   8/5/2006

sex is good for everyones health.

0 Comments, 179 Views, 7 Votes ,2.53 Score
hersexualpleasur 36 M
6  Articles
Are Big Dick Good For You?   8/5/2006

Are Big Dicks Good For You Females And Why?

4 Comments, 892 Views, 7 Votes ,3.80 Score
rm_miss_rojas 34 F
2  Articles
i am very courios   8/5/2006

i am very courios to find out how another female really taste like. how to give them oral and stuff. if there is any female in the dallas, tx area let me know.

0 Comments, 181 Views, 6 Votes ,1.37 Score
rm_miss_rojas 34 F
2  Articles
i am very courios   8/5/2006

i am very courios to find out how another female really taste like. how to give them oral and stuff. if there is any female in the dallas, tx area let me know.

1 Comments, 78 Views, 3 Votes ,4.41 Score
rm_Nitrowom 38 M
12  Articles
Anal licking   8/5/2006

i guess anal licking is somehow disgusting... i prefer penetrating it that right ???

7 Comments, 428 Views, 8 Votes ,1.39 Score
2  Articles
New Explorer   8/4/2006

I am finding that there are needs that I have that not all women will meet. I want to explore so many more things. I love to have the woman on top taking control and controling the thrust. I love being under her when her legs are spread open for me to explore her most sensual area. I would love to have a woman on her hands and knees, so that I could enter her vagina from the rear ...

1 Comments, 189 Views, 7 Votes ,2.79 Score
rm_confidante7 74 C
3  Articles
The Disappearing Gentry   8/3/2006

The Disappearing Gentry:
What’s love got to do with it? ‒ The point of Gentry is at the end of the article and can’t be understood if you don’t read the entire article.
Today’s climate of sex can spin your head and leave you disillusioned, lost and lonely. The massive pornography industry is pulling out of the woodwork every dark creature and saying that ...

1 Comments, 310 Views, 7 Votes ,5.33 Score
coastalfun31520 56 M
1  Article
Does The "G" Spot Really Exist? Where is it?   8/3/2006

I really want to know if it's there, where it is, and what to do if I find it? I alway's give my woman intense orgasms when I go down on her. But I want to give her a SUPER ORGASM! Can anyone help? Thanks!

4 Comments, 609 Views, 8 Votes ,0.93 Score
oakleaf87 37 F
1  Article
forest sex   8/2/2006

I have to say, out of all the places I've had sex, the forests win. YES, you need a blanket to avoid pine needle/root burn, but it's amasing, surrounded by nature, seeing the stars, all the while fucking my brains out with someone. Everyonce and a while a cool breeze will come along and my nipples just love it!

6 Comments, 558 Views, 28 Votes ,5.60 Score
GreatMuffDriver 35 M
7  Articles
Has anyone ever used ice cubes for sex?   8/1/2006

dont mean running an ice cube around a nipple, "all though fellas that does seem too get the ladies going"! I mean putting ice cubes in a vagina and then getting it on!

The way it's done is:
You don't just take square sharp ice cubes and jam them into her...
You take them in your mouth long enough to smoooooooooooth out the edges and round them off... ...

3 Comments, 422 Views, 10 Votes ,3.19 Score
rm_confidante7 74 C
3  Articles
Talk is Cheap   8/1/2006

Talk is Cheap
If you visit my profile you will see that I say that sex is 90% mental and 10% physical. The amazing thing is that if you talk about the human anatomy in medical terms it is sterile and benign, almost deflating and one would say “gage me with a spoon.”
The terms penis and vagina or breasts and rectum almost make me want to get the rectal ...

1 Comments, 215 Views, 16 Votes ,4.74 Score
What is your taboo?   7/31/2006

What have you thought you never would do. And have done it or seriously thinking about doing it?

7 Comments, 1009 Views, 14 Votes ,2.98 Score
rm_confidante7 74 C
3  Articles
Does Size Matter?   7/31/2006

Does Size Matter? Penis Enhancement: by confidante7
1. Does size matter? 3. If size matters, to whom does it matter? 2. Can you make it longer? 4. What women need to know.
I’m encouraging all reading my articles to contact me for personal advice. I am a PC (personal consultant) and I do have the time to talk. I think the single greatest problem in our ...

2 Comments, 616 Views, 26 Votes ,4.86 Score
rm_bluebyrde 45 M
2  Articles
What would be considered too much sex?   7/31/2006

Sex is good i would definitely agree but when does it become too much. Majority of the guys would probably say you can never have enough(i would agree) but from a woman's point of view. What would be considered too much sex to you? Since the ladies have the opportunity to have sex whenever and where ever they please...and my hat off to you lovely ladies because I'm not mad at you, you ...

1 Comments, 162 Views, 5 Votes ,5.10 Score
rm_bigdave5085 54 T
1  Article
Crossdressing   7/30/2006

I am a man who loves to wear ladies stockings, panties and shoes.I do not dressfully as afemale as I am quite muscular and could not carry it off.Are there any females that find this a turn on?

1 Comments, 447 Views, 11 Votes ,5.04 Score
Help! I need advice on how to get a good spanking....   7/29/2006

Somebody help me please!!!!!!
I'm VERY excited about having my ass, and maybe boobs and ass spanked......
How do I find someone who will make it lots of fun (which probably means totally fucking me and shooting off in my mouth)?
My boy freind are too close and loving for him to role play or bind and spank me. I don't want to be hurt, just really excited... ...

4 Comments, 563 Views, 11 Votes ,4.85 Score
rm_steren1984 40 M
2  Articles
Pubic Hair   7/29/2006

some say it adds raw grit, others say it gets in the way. to be honest i don't know what to do with mine. can someone tell me whether i shoud trim, shave or grow-i'm not knowing what the lads and gals prefer

11 Comments, 633 Views, 11 Votes ,0.55 Score
peachez_w_cream2 46 C
19  Articles
secrets from partners   7/28/2006

do you think is ok to keep secrets from your partner if there being fathful to you and your not being faithful to them

4 Comments, 401 Views, 3 Votes ,3.43 Score
rm_twistedfckr 49 M
1  Article
Ice breakers   7/28/2006

I've tried this once and the girl I did it to said it was extremely intense. It's nothing new, just a play on the old halls trick. Put a few Icebreakers breath mints in your mouth and go down on your partner. give it a shot.

3 Comments, 449 Views, 7 Votes ,3.04 Score
rm_confidante7 74 C
3  Articles
Penis Tying Techniques   7/27/2006

Tying Techniques
There are many ancient techniques of tying the penis that are used to obtain many effects and results. Most of this is a lost art that should be again learned for the benefit of both male and female.
For the woman this benefits her in both the length and girth of her man, not to mention the obvious erotic visual excitation, but the stimulation of the G ...

1 Comments, 683 Views, 13 Votes ,3.98 Score
rm_smuggledhand 41 M
2  Articles
Fact or fiction?   7/25/2006

I once was told that if you have a wank shortly before having sex then you last alot longer! Not sure myself, once tried it, and never again. While getting busy with the lady, for some reason my left ball decided to play hide and seek like it never had before. We all know one desends, and one "cups" up when reaching climax, but this time "cups" turned into "missing"! All ended fine, but ...

3 Comments, 787 Views, 16 Votes ,2.83 Score
rm_Druid19492 77 M
6  Articles
Blue Wolf Women   7/24/2006


Moon light filters through the trees as she walks by.
A gentle breeze stirs the leaves, small rustling sounds are heard.
Her hair aglow with an internal fire, the moons halo shimmers.
Her laugh of surprise as her lover meets her is smothered by his kiss.
They embrace and become one with each other, smiles of ...

0 Comments, 190 Views, 8 Votes ,5.33 Score
bighandsnfeet13 50 M
5  Articles
Aftershocks   7/22/2006

Just a tip for all of the adventurous guys out there that get true joy from satisfying their mates.
Start in missionary to achieve penetration, then slowly, being careful not to slip out, one at a time, position your legs on the outside of her legs. Have her close her legs and wrap your legs around hers. If you achieve this correctly, you will have direct clitoral stimulation, ...

2 Comments, 689 Views, 26 Votes ,4.64 Score
first head   7/22/2006

i still remember the first time i got my first blowjob of another male, i was walking along a path near the beach when i heard a soft moaning noise in the bush, as i dont mind the odd bit of watching i thought i sneak in for a look. To my suprise i saw a couple naked and the girl was sucking this guys huge cock, i felt my cock begin to stir in my pants, so i thought id have good wank while ...

2 Comments, 1485 Views, 70 Votes ,7.12 Score
Porn Sex   7/20/2006

This is a little tip for the woman out there. Many of you may already know this but I know some of you don't. Men like porn sex. We want the screamong and the whining. That stuff helps the quality of our orgasm. Now if your not used to performing in this way, you need to work into it. Don't just go out there screaming OH YES OH GOD YES. If you haven't tried it before it will sound fake and ...

2 Comments, 444 Views, 6 Votes ,2.23 Score
Ixnay206 43 M
9  Articles
Get off Having Sex With Married   7/19/2006

Just curios as to how many people get off either having sex with someone who is married, or how many people are turned on by cheating on their partner.

2 Comments, 410 Views, 13 Votes ,2.98 Score
1  Article
The Ideal Sexual Partner Test   7/19/2006

Networking | Your Account | Test Results | Help | Sign Out

The Ideal Sexual Partner Test Finding the Perfect Person to Please You in Bed When it comes to good relationships experts agree: love is not enough. If you want a happy, healthy, and lasting relationship, you have be compatible with your sex partner. Want to figure out who that is before it's too late? Take ...

1 Comments, 302 Views, 11 Votes ,2.42 Score
BUMHOLE TOO   7/18/2006

To continue my story from "MY BUMHOLE WAS SOOOO STRETCHED", you will recall I was in the Jacuzzi looking at this guys cock through his wet underpants. It was noticeably thick and knobbly has the wet pants stuck to it as it became semi-hard when he noticed my viewing. My hubby was chatting to some people in the pool and "The Prude" was elsewhere, probably arranging flowers or sticking her ...

3 Comments, 1280 Views, 20 Votes ,2.36 Score
KidreDream 33 M
1  Article
My Penis vs My Heart   7/16/2006

I've always said that my heart has nothing to do with my penis. Is there anything wrong with that? I don't believe their is a single person on the face of this earth that has never ever cheated. If you know someone who says they have never ever cheated since they day they were born, they are low down lying bastards!
But I don't call what I do cheating, I'm simply releasing matter ...

2 Comments, 166 Views, 7 Votes ,1.26 Score
To buttfuck or not to buttfuck...   7/15/2006

Ladies, how many of you are into anal sex or actually prefer it over other forms of sex? Also how many of you act like it disgusts you when really you love it? I would like to hear stories of your anal exploits/first time.

3 Comments, 992 Views, 10 Votes ,4.98 Score
iamhere121682 32 M
2  Articles
have you have sex w/married guys...   7/14/2006

Hello!! I'm just wondering if it's bad to have sex w/married guys i'm bi too and some of my friends are bi and some gays... well my gi friends are married just like me and we have sex all the time but our spouses don't know and we want to keep it in secret... we'll never get caught... i hope so... ules we get caught in the ship... but i like to have sex w/married guys because they know ...

2 Comments, 494 Views, 6 Votes ,2.51 Score
Attention Ladies: How to enjoy a wonderful gang bang   7/12/2006

My boy friend had been working abroad for a few months and I was getting so horny that I began fantasizing about have super sex with three guys to make up for my orgasm deficiency.
But how to get that amount of pussy licking, breast sucking, deep fucking, cum drinking, etc. safely is a BIG problem.
I mentioned my secret fantasy to one of my girl friends and she had a ...

3 Comments, 1879 Views, 53 Votes ,6.35 Score
MrCofWI 67 M
6  Articles
3 Secrets to Success Here: Part 1 - The Profile   7/11/2006

Straight Men, this is for you. After spending much time within the magazine, particularly months of reading what women recommended to men in the Advice Line, I'm going to share with you three key ingredients to having success on this site.
The first thing to do is fill out your profile as completely as possible. Answer all those little nuisance questions. You might ...

0 Comments, 487 Views, 20 Votes ,5.81 Score
rm_kshyloh69 45 F
2  Articles
being broken in   7/10/2006

well now how i lost my virginity i tell everyone it was to a boyfriend who then went out to his mates and said ther u go boys shes broken in well it was when i was drinking with mt brother and his friends my brother decided i should go home cause mum would not be happy if she found out i got drunk with him so his friend i had a crush on decided to walk me home about 2 mins into the ...

3 Comments, 1322 Views, 45 Votes ,5.42 Score
rm_hezdog 40 M
1  Article
The Neck always works   7/10/2006

Always kiss a womans neck they go crzy over it

3 Comments, 216 Views, 8 Votes ,6.03 Score
how to please   7/9/2006

just fuck thats how 2 please

1 Comments, 83 Views, 3 Votes
rm_DirectAPorn 45 C
2  Articles
Oral Sex Secret Tactics   7/7/2006

After getting your partener real hot during oral sex casually ad a listerine strip to your tongue and continue to slow lick her or him all over. They will scream with joy and have the most intense orgasm ever, guaranteed.

8 Comments, 1238 Views, 42 Votes ,6.16 Score

As a 53 year old English women, of ample proportions (particularly my labia lips), my local women's group members would never guess that I really love having a big cock deep inside my arse. The funny thing is, that the Hubby of one of the most prudish of women in the group has used my anus to deposit his load into on two occasions recently. My hubby has an average sized cock but when I ...

9 Comments, 1770 Views, 35 Votes ,4.65 Score
Food fun for a "well-balanced diet"...................   7/5/2006

My boyfriend has a VERY talented, hot tongue and, for that matter, so do I. I especially enjoy it when he 69's me with his hard cock fucking my mouth, his arms holding my legs wide apart and his tongue totally licking my clit and togue-fucking it to get out my juice..including the juice that drips down to my tight red ass hole.
But, in order to expand our horizons (haha), we've ...

0 Comments, 501 Views, 19 Votes ,2.60 Score
Attention Bi-Ladies: Get your boy friend to participate..   7/3/2006

I'm a very horny bi-girl lucky to have both a wonderful straight boy friend (with a talented tongue and a super cock) and, on the side, a very hot girl friend (whose tongue and other talents are great too).
I kept my hot relationship with my gf secret from my bf because I knew he would not let me have bi-fun, but one afternoon he caught us 69ing (I was on the bottom)......My gf ...

2 Comments, 696 Views, 28 Votes ,6.12 Score
johninsomewhere 43 M
8  Articles
squirting..   7/1/2006

All women have the capability to squirt. Noticing the "feeling" and relaxation may be what is actually keeping you from doing so. It has been said that women do not ejaculate, that the fluid she passes is urine. It has been proven that although female ejaculate is produced in the urethra, it does not contain any trace of urine. It is colorless, ordorless and does not stain. Being a ...

0 Comments, 588 Views, 13 Votes ,3.31 Score
How to Give Fellatio   7/1/2006

What is Fellatio and how is it done?
Performing oral sex on a man should be pleasurable for both partners, providing they are comfortable and most importantly aroused by each other. In the female prospective pleasure is attained by the eroticism of the event, environment as well as her lovers warm soft skin, brushing her face against his abdomen and feeling her hot breath on his ...

3 Comments, 703 Views, 39 Votes ,7.71 Score
schtibbe 37 M
4  Articles
sex   6/28/2006


2 Comments, 147 Views, 7 Votes
annadeepthroat 30 F
1  Article
Deep Throat   6/28/2006

Well hi all AdultFriendFinder friends!
Now my contribution how you should give a good deep throat.
Well the man I talk about in my first experience was a black man and he was quite hung, about 9 inches.
It took me about 6 month to learn to fully deep throat him. My advice: 1. be relaxed - Don't push yourself be kind to yourself and don't push his cock to far in, ...

12 Comments, 1283 Views, 45 Votes ,6.59 Score
eating pussy   6/27/2006

The slower the strokes in the begining of going down, with increased speed the harder they cum.

1 Comments, 202 Views, 6 Votes ,1.94 Score
Women Who Squirt   6/27/2006

How many of you ladies out there squirt?
Is it a case of those who don't aren't willing to let go, or is it that not all women orgasm that way?
On a presonal note I love it when I make a girl squirt, very erotic

3 Comments, 716 Views, 19 Votes ,3.39 Score
size??   6/27/2006

to all the women out there does size really matter??

3 Comments, 567 Views, 9 Votes ,1.93 Score
Anal we can ALL enjoy..............   6/26/2006

Some times my pussy is not tight enough for my boy friend so he wants to fuck my ass hole.
Here's how we do it so that both of us enjoy it VERY much.
First, he makes me cum a few times with his nice hard cock and talented tongue...........
Then I lie on my side and he straddle my extended leg on his knees so he can hold my other leg up and press his hard dick ...

9 Comments, 1745 Views, 58 Votes ,7.53 Score
Chrysaetos007 64 M
3  Articles

We can regard the orgasm as the combined essences of all the body's vital organs and as the basis for healing love. Each organ and gland participates in the orgasmic process as follows:
1. The five senses create an environment for an orgasm as we become aroused through particular sights, sounds, feelings, scents, and tastes. These external senses arouse our internal ...

0 Comments, 174 Views, 12 Votes ,4.04 Score
VERY SERIOUS   6/23/2006

I'm single and need the most beautiful, intelligent and clever, very loving and caring, hardworking and responsible lady to be my wife. And, I hope you are the one and my choice. I hope U will not disappoint me to make me sad. Please now! I'm NENE NUTEY OPATA. ...

1 Comments, 132 Views, 3 Votes ,0.49 Score
Gentlemen - Improve the flavor of your cream.....   6/23/2006

I'm a very horny lady and I enjoy keeping my boy friend happy so that he will routinely fuck my brains out...So, I give him blow jobs so good that he is committed to keeping me and my pussy happy.
And, he know that to keep me swallowing every drop of the cream from his big balls, he needs to keep giving me new taste treats.
We've found that what works best is an ...

3 Comments, 1381 Views, 57 Votes ,7.95 Score
The_grim_pinguin 35 M
3  Articles
I need tips   6/22/2006

Whenever my girlfriend gives me oral sex, I don't feel much...what can I do to tell her how to...and what should I ask her for specially?

2 Comments, 319 Views, 10 Votes ,2.99 Score
tightass2fuck689 32 T
2  Articles
One night stand...   6/22/2006

www.hotladyboysundee.rare-playmate.comtyungp81Having a one night stand with someone, sometimes can ruined life. I had done such things like that, and I madly fall in love with the guy. I do let him know bout it even if could upset or embarrased me nor to him. but what happens in return doesnt make any sense to it. It ruined everything, Im ...

4 Comments, 1003 Views, 30 Votes ,3.14 Score
mrlonghandle2 27 C
1  Article
Pregnant women are a big turn on!   6/21/2006

I know it may sound weird to some people, but pregnant women are the hugest turn on to most men. Think about it....
To get a woman pregnant you must have sex with her, and cum, a lot! Any man walking by a pregnant women instantly think about having her in bed and impregnanting her. What a huge turn on!
Even women with small can be turn ons, because hat was the ...

0 Comments, 237 Views, 10 Votes ,1.19 Score
I am finding out that.......   6/21/2006

I am Bi. I had my first experiance with a couple, where the guy was Bi. I actually enjoyed sucking on his cock. I wouldn't take it in the ass thought. I found myself feeling more excited, being with a guy and a girl at the same time, than I have ever had with just a girl. How erotic it was, I can't even begin to explain. Looking forward to another experiance like that.

2 Comments, 670 Views, 20 Votes ,4.91 Score
is everyone a little bi   6/20/2006

I could be wrong, but i think everyone has a little bi in them although many will not admit it. I think everyone has at least thought of it a few times. Am I way off base, or is there some truth to this? I welcome any feedback.

3 Comments, 407 Views, 13 Votes ,4.32 Score
How many times can a female squirter in an sexual encounter?   6/18/2006

How many times can a female squirter in an sexual encounter? My gf has one only while oral sex, not in intercourse. Any techneques that can help???????

0 Comments, 166 Views, 4 Votes ,2.08 Score
lucky6914_ 38 M
14  Articles
Squirting   6/16/2006

So i've been trying me hardest to get this girl to squirt for some time. i've done everything, i've even read on how to do it and she still hasnt squirted. is it possible that she just doesnt. help.

2 Comments, 258 Views, 8 Votes ,2.78 Score
Wanted: "Deep Throat Training"   6/15/2006

I'm not Miss America, not into rocket science, nither rich or poor. I'm cute at best so I'll never be a porn star either. But I have excellent sensual and sexual skills and I know it. It's just built into me. Always has been. But the one thing I can't master is deep throating. It is so sexy to see, feels great when I can do it but I can't do it all the time. Is there a way to train ...

6 Comments, 752 Views, 25 Votes ,6.12 Score
wetnwild69fine 50 F
2  Articles
sex on a trampoline   6/14/2006

My boyfriend and I are always trying to come up with new and exciting places to have sex, one of wich was out in the middle of the yard on the trampoline.It was a wonderful experiance to say the least, we waited till it was dark so the nieghbors wouldn't see (cars kept driving by however )we got so into it that nothing else in the world mattered at a certain point.when we were done and I ...

4 Comments, 824 Views, 24 Votes ,6.20 Score
threesome   6/14/2006

For the past 2 years, my spouse and i have been having this fantasy about having a threesome with another women. Will, we almost got another women on our bed this winter, but we had a small problem, the girl that we where going to share ended up getting a new boyfriend the night before the party at my home, and up to now, we still have not being able to share a women. Can someone please ...

1 Comments, 465 Views, 8 Votes ,3.01 Score
boynsilk2touch 41 M
2  Articles
ts/tv and the men/boys who luv them.   6/14/2006

well this seems to be a larger than life issue for some. I luv to be feminized, I also luv a good looking active tv/ts to share indulgences with. I am bisexual and have posted a article asking the question about females who can honestly say they enjoy sharing that fantasy with males but now, perhaps a bigger question is how do ts/tv feel about sissy boys who wish to be treated as such or do ...

3 Comments, 270 Views, 8 Votes ,3.94 Score
rm_OralFirst4us 56 M
2  Articles
Gagging   6/12/2006

I receive some sort of extra pleasure whenever I have the chance to receive oral sex and unforcefully push her to gag on my cock. It has happened to me more than once, and usually the comment afterwards is that the sex was great... and it is kind of apparent for both of us. Of course gagging was not all of it, and it comes as a part of a whole "naughty" sexual experience. The only doubt I ...

0 Comments, 80 Views, 2 Votes ,3.81 Score
fun with a dog   6/12/2006

i guess my sex secret is having a lady and a mate. there are many people that do it or try it but I have never tried this yet. I had watched a video about a lady giving oral pleasure to a and then letting it cum in her mouth and i must say it was kind of a turn on. I guess this is something I would be interested in trying someday. I guess different strokes for different fokes

1 Comments, 738 Views, 11 Votes ,3.17 Score
2  Articles
What kind of sex secrets do you have.   6/9/2006

I would like to know what kind of sex secrets people have.

3 Comments, 543 Views, 3 Votes ,1.47 Score
Bi Couples   6/5/2006

Just wondering why it is so difficult to find/meet couples looking for bi m's. Just wondering...

1 Comments, 139 Views, 2 Votes ,1.04 Score
rm_coxy362 54 F
4  Articles
Doing it on Cam!   6/4/2006

I recently found that I get extremely aroused while masturbating or getting a friend to join me on cam, I like to watch as many lovely ladies as I can but find there are a few that are still reluctant to go cam to cam with me.
Until I tried it I never knew how much pleasure it could give me my senses were heightened and my orgasm stronger. We all know that most men do not have a ...

1 Comments, 200 Views, 10 Votes ,5.38 Score
rm_coxy362 54 F
4  Articles
Would you take it!   6/4/2006

While on the prowl for some new and exciting toys I came across some pills that actually change the taste of a woman's juices, yes I know hard to believe but it's true, pop one of these every day and there you have it you have changed your juice, So how many of you ladies out there would do that for your partner and gentlemen would you ask your partner to do it for you?

2 Comments, 292 Views, 10 Votes ,3.58 Score
StrokingDeeper 58 M
5  Articles
Bi for a Bi   6/4/2006 want to have a 3some.....and she does not want to eat a pussy? You say "what is up with that?"....but really, would your first choise be to suck down a cock in front of her? If so, then you are justified...a little, for being upset. If not...shut the &&&& up! LOL

2 Comments, 518 Views, 10 Votes ,4.18 Score
my first anal experience MAY 24 2006...   5/27/2006

everything started from my car breaking down on the highway. Too bad i didnt have no AAA. i tried to call someone to pick me up, but noone would pick up the damn phone. after like an hour of calling someone and trying to figure out what is wrong with my car, someone pulled up behind me. The young guy and the girl came out of the car. the guy looked around 25-28, and the girl around 20-23. I ...

7 Comments, 2823 Views, 92 Votes ,7.49 Score
rm_hank887799 42 M
1  Article
boring!!!   5/27/2006

any1 want to meet me?just for fun, i good locking.i want meet men 45 to 65, strong and big body.

0 Comments, 38 Views, 0 Votes
rm_new_shaft 45 M
2  Articles
cheating/ discreet relationships   5/24/2006

Greetings all,
well this is simple, how many of you (including myself) use this website to cheat on your partner?
does success increase when you tell the other person your cheating or do you just pretend to be single?
And do you have any tips on ways to evade detection?
happy hunting!

1 Comments, 138 Views, 3 Votes ,3.92 Score
rm_2U4U2 60 F
6  Articles
Slutt on the loose - AGAIN!   5/23/2006

O well; guess what? I fucked again. I went to San Jose to visit my ; the one and only I have who will be 28 this year.
On my way back, I was being followed by some GMC truck which had three guys in it. I passed them; they passed me; I passed them; they passed me and so on and so on. I had taken my bra off about an hour or so into this passing thing we both were having and for no ...

1 Comments, 1136 Views, 30 Votes ,6.28 Score
A little secret how to make your man scream   5/22/2006

I know of a way you can get your guy to do anything that u want, It was actually passed on to me by a former co worker and I took her advice and tried it. Damn my man loved it soo much that he would do anything as long as i promised to do it again. I warn you this only for you ladies who enjoy sucking your man till he cums all over the place.I guarantee that if your not married and you ...

2 Comments, 1267 Views, 24 Votes ,5.63 Score
Anal cumsumption?   5/21/2006

My wife and I have a question for the ladies of AdultFriendFinder- we watched a porn tonite that had women having anal sex and letting the men cum in their asses. But then, the men held a glass and the women shot the cum from their ass into it and drank it. Now the question, my wife says that the only way anyone would do that is if they got paid big time. I think that there are probably some normal ...

2 Comments, 824 Views, 12 Votes ,1.03 Score
Know your Alphabet   5/21/2006

I've found that the best way to give a woman an orgasm during oral is by using the Alphabet. 'Now what the hell does that mean' your asking's easy. While you're licking the hood and clit, move your toungue and start shaping the letters of the alphabet. Some women are more responsive to certain letters so you'll just have to pay attention. I've been doing it so long, I ...

4 Comments, 446 Views, 13 Votes ,5.66 Score
kateB1234 32 F
2  Articles
Is a bit of fun at work that bad ?   5/18/2006

Several weeks ago i had a little encounter with a collegue at work. My GF's thought it was terrible and not cool and i wanna know what everyone else thinks.
Basically it was pretty straight forward, this guy (he works in another department) has always been keen for me and has always flirted. Ive never been keen b4 but i was on a break and he came up to where i was eating in my ...

20 Comments, 2662 Views, 96 Votes ,7.41 Score
rm_newcurious48 76 M
4  Articles
I can't believe it was her   5/17/2006

This is a true story about something that happened a couple weeks ago. I logged on to AdultFriendFinder after work to see what was new. I saw that I had a wink and clicked to see what it was about. To my surprise it was from a young women who was 26 years old. I normally do not go for younger women but I noticed she was from my area so I decided to use some points and contact her. She responded back ...

17 Comments, 5462 Views, 142 Votes ,8.03 Score
Eskimo   5/17/2006

Two eskimos, a big one and a little one, go to their local Alaskan convent with a question. The big one nudges the little one and says, "Go ahead, knock on the door, knock on the door."
The Mother Superior answers the door. Again, the big eskimo nudges the little one and says, "Go ahead, ask her the question, ask her the question."
The little eskimo timidly says, "May we ...

0 Comments, 151 Views, 7 Votes ,4.82 Score
Anal sex hate it or love it women?   5/17/2006

Do you guys love or hate anal sex? I read articles on here where women say they will never try it or it hurts too much that means your guys are goin to damn fast for you. I also keep hearin guys say that their dick is too big for anal. LOL! Dont flatter yourselves guys no dick is too big for anal when u can see a fist go into an ass. No need to buy all that expensive lube when u can use ...

0 Comments, 169 Views, 5 Votes ,4.12 Score
rm_wildtango2 64 C
6  Articles
enjoying self gradification,,,,,,,,,   5/17/2006


4 Comments, 940 Views, 21 Votes ,5.60 Score
KandyCoated4U 46 F
8  Articles
How do you say it?   5/14/2006

Ok so here is something to think about. They say even bad sex is good sex. I don't think so. So here is the thing.....
You bring a guy or gal home, you fuck, maybe even an all nighter. Now here it is morning, you want that person gone before coffee. But they linger. How do you say in a nice way...." Hey ok we fucked and sucked now go home" Next part...what if he/she likes ya and ...

2 Comments, 263 Views, 8 Votes ,3.01 Score
rm_tanda921 61 C
1  Article
Our special friend   5/11/2006

Joan is the one that introduced us. Somehow she just knew that Mark and I would hit it off. Joan and I had had a rocky friendship and for awhile had not spoken to each other. I was jealous of her friendship with Mark and she was jealous of our marriage.
Mark and I began to experiment with our sex lives. Sex was great but we knew from our past histories that we both liked sex just ...

1 Comments, 452 Views, 16 Votes ,5.48 Score
nascarbaby2 55 F
16  Articles
Tell me your sex secrets   5/11/2006

I always wanted to know how others turn a woman on and their key to an explosive orgasm

2 Comments, 262 Views, 6 Votes ,1.37 Score
PlatinumsTongue2 38 C
5  Articles
Fucking Your Best Friend...yes or hell no!   5/10/2006

I'm a young married female and my best friend in the whole world is a tall, black and very sexy married man. He and his wife have a troubled relationship, and thats putting it VERY mildly! They've cheated on eachother several times in the past, and although he has made a committment to stop doing so over a year ago, she continues to screw other people and denies him sex for weeks or even ...

2 Comments, 1099 Views, 27 Votes ,3.03 Score
chutneylovers 50 C
1  Article
Anal Sex - Pain or Pleasure   5/10/2006

My partner and I have tried anal sex a couple of times and I find I enjoy it for a couple of minutes and thn feel that I have to go!! Is this natural and if so should I try and get past this feeling.
Can anyone describe an anal orgasm to me Help and advice appreciated

10 Comments, 3046 Views, 65 Votes ,3.68 Score
rm_panru 47 C
2  Articles
ahhhh!!!!!   5/10/2006

, , , , , , , , , , , KKKKKKK

3 Comments, 1326 Views, 32 Votes ,0.80 Score
blond2metres69 38 M
2  Articles
My freind, his Mom and I; what to do?   5/10/2006

After reading a few articles here i realised that this is a rather openminded and helpfull community, so here is my story that ends in a question.
A few days the most amazing thing even happened to me; like in those cheesy porn videos, my freind's mom called me up saying that something happened to my freind's computer and asked if i would kindly come down to see if i could fix it ...

5 Comments, 2306 Views, 29 Votes ,5.55 Score
NeedPussyN2006 33 F
2  Articles
This is what I would do.......(this is 4 the ladies)   5/5/2006

I've always wanted to have an encounter with a woman so this would be my typical first meeting......I would have you meet me at a hotel, once you get there I would have the room lit with candles and I would be dressed in a rob with nothing under it. When I hear you knock at the door I would greet you with a glass of champagne with a strawberry in it. Once you take a drink I ...

1 Comments, 172 Views, 14 Votes ,5.38 Score
Squirting   5/4/2006

How many women have never been treated to a "squirting" orgasm? For the ones who had had the pleasure was the first time planned or discovered by accident?

2 Comments, 381 Views, 6 Votes ,3.93 Score
rm_geordie79 44 M
1  Article
Anal Sex   5/2/2006

How many of the girls out there enjoy anal sex?? Normally its not mentioned as they are shy about it.

7 Comments, 1335 Views, 25 Votes ,5.23 Score
NeedPussyN2006 33 F
2  Articles
Secret female/female action!   5/2/2006

It's a secret that I want to have sex with other females. I find myself day dreaming about a nice phat, wet pussy sitting on top of my face. I have a husband at home that satisfies me when it comes to the dick but I want some pussy too. I wish I could tell him that I would like a woman to join us but then again I rather keep it to myself. I want all the juicies for myself. How selfish can I ...

4 Comments, 510 Views, 14 Votes ,4.58 Score
shrek1000s 44 M
1  Article

could someone give me some pointers on lasting longer. one good thing is that after i cum as long as we're into it i'm ready to go almost instantly afterwards

1 Comments, 383 Views, 5 Votes ,2.82 Score
rm_willie2005 54 M
2  Articles
How many partners and age?   5/1/2006

How many partners have you had and what is the range of their ages?
I have been with women from 18 to 43 years old. The older women seem to know what they want and are wilder in the sack.

2 Comments, 429 Views, 7 Votes ,4.57 Score
thickandtasty619 39 F
7  Articles
THIS SITE............   4/30/2006


21 Comments, 3487 Views, 90 Votes ,3.43 Score
rm_sonny49444 79 M
13  Articles
looking   4/29/2006

Isn"t there a small petite Dominate lady out there that does not have hang ups? All my life I have been looking for that someone special that is not afraid to be incharge. One that would force me to watch her have sex with another man or watch her masturbate in front of others. Then force me to clean them up and be her sissy slave.

0 Comments, 147 Views, 3 Votes ,3.43 Score
rm_house7575 44 M
1  Article
Anal   4/28/2006

Im a little BI-curious and im wondering if theres any good way too have butt sex? Any good secrets or stories ill take them all.

2 Comments, 680 Views, 6 Votes ,3.65 Score
curiousgrl_502 38 F
1  Article
How I suck cock   4/27/2006

You lean back in the armchair and I push my way between your knees. I place my lips on the end of your cock and kiss it. On my knees before you I lift your cock to reveal your balls. (Hopefully thry are shaved, but that's another thing.) I lick your sack and balls within, then begin to lick all the way up to the very tip of your cock. Many times in quick succession, like licking an ice ...

21 Comments, 2795 Views, 133 Votes ,8.66 Score
BillyCharles999 55 GC
1  Article
Hidden Lies,Hidden Bi,s   4/27/2006

I have been gay all my life but yet I got married had a . One day while I was still married we went on a trip with two of our friends to Atlanta, we stayed later then what we ment to and decided to and decided to stay so we got a room and went out to party, got drunk and went back to the hotel. Geting ready for bed john asked what i thought about swaping partners for the night, I dident ...

4 Comments, 1151 Views, 31 Votes ,5.64 Score
sweetmochaclit 48 F
3  Articles

The only thing that turns me on more than a big dick man, is one who will let me lick and play with his ASS! I think that shows how open and secure the man is with his sexuality. I love to first kiss the head of his dick. Then lick up and down his shaft, and then suck his dick like it's my first time. but to have him lift up so I can lick back to his ass is such a turn on. And to be able to ...

13 Comments, 1937 Views, 74 Votes ,7.90 Score
rm_phm717 59 M
1  Article
Rimming a woman   4/26/2006

I was wondering how many woman like to have their asses licked and will do the same for their man. I really enjoy licking my girls ass, and she really gets into it. She really likes when i pussh my tongue all the way in. I also enjoy when she licks mine and strokes me at the same time. Anyone else out there like this?

11 Comments, 2783 Views, 60 Votes ,6.19 Score
ExtreamPleas1000 53 M
115  Articles
Cumming in a woman and eating it out of her.   4/26/2006

I have on occasions during sex have cum in a woman and then went back down on her and eaten out of her then shared it durring kissing. I am secure in my manhood and I have found it was a real turn on for her. Wondering what you ladies think on the subject.

21 Comments, 4162 Views, 95 Votes ,6.65 Score
How I like to eat pussy!   4/25/2006

Ok first I like it to be shaven slick a little hair above is ok. Then clean washed very well (no parfume)please! She will be sweet enought once wet! Here is the other part I like to injoy avery part of her from her feet to her head then down the other side to take if slow injoying her whole body Avery inch, ok some call this for play once to the labea from loven her over I have found the ...

1 Comments, 268 Views, 9 Votes ,3.43 Score
Is AdultFriendFinder and Hotmatch the same?   4/25/2006

Ok I think so avery set up is just alike so are thy the same with 2 ways to to find the same place just defrent headers i wonder lol

1 Comments, 175 Views, 3 Votes ,2.94 Score
lonly2day 64 M
10  Articles
My First Time   4/23/2006

The first time I had a same sex encounter. I was at my friends house just talking out by the pool and he ask me if I wanted to take a swim? I said sure but I'd have to go home and get my trunks. He said we could skinny dip if I didn't mind. Since his wife was not home I said I didn't care. I have always like to be nude outside. Well we were swiming and he started asking me questions about ...

1 Comments, 1461 Views, 28 Votes ,6.53 Score
rm_lucy_hk 49 F
1  Article
3some   4/23/2006

I think my partner wants to try 3some, I'm not too sure about the whole idea. What should I do?

4 Comments, 1049 Views, 20 Votes ,3.12 Score
Cut or uncut? Which do you like ladies?   4/22/2006

I would like to know what your opinion on Cock style ladies prefer the most. Cut oe uncut and why?

0 Comments, 273 Views, 4 Votes ,2.47 Score
rm_cincysteve77 46 M
1  Article
Bi Men   4/18/2006

Hey Ladies. I am a bi guy. I am just wondering how many ladies find that hot. Most of the women I have had sex with, actually all now that I think about it, have either expressed a great interest in it once I told them or didn't care at all. Surprisingly none had any problem with it. I would love to hear from more of you about what you think. DO women LIKE bi men?

8 Comments, 1143 Views, 27 Votes ,5.45 Score
rm_misfit300 51 M
1  Article
the best way to find the g-spot   4/17/2006

i found that its hit and miss with most women .i've found it a few times but is there a sure fired way of hitting all the time any comments

1 Comments, 586 Views, 3 Votes
bone_shaker69 41 M
10  Articles
All in the family   4/17/2006

First off has any one out there had sex with your partners sister, or brother or mother or father, ect? Well here is My little tale. I was dating a beautiful red head for 5 years. She wanted to wait till she got married to have vaginal sex., we slept in the same bed. so 5 years was a LONG wait... but she did let me eat her and on occasion let me have anal sex, no commplaints there, and ...

2 Comments, 1287 Views, 22 Votes ,4.69 Score
recipeX 39 M
3  Articles
What's wrong with my profile?   4/16/2006

I just can't figure out why my profile doesn't attract messages, winks, invites, hotlists, and even views! I've looked at lots of other guy's profiles, and mine isn't especially awkward or weird compared to theirs. I've also included things that are unique to me, such as my unique type of woman. I don't think my profile is just like everyone elses, and I don't think it's too different. ...

4 Comments, 656 Views, 11 Votes ,2.23 Score
rm_mbnvc 59 M
2  Articles
Harley vibes   4/14/2006

Who here thinks that the ride on the old hog sets sex UP

6 Comments, 579 Views, 12 Votes ,2.98 Score
Brownwethorny 50 C
1  Article


0 Comments, 538 Views, 18 Votes ,4.22 Score
silkythighs350 31 F
10  Articles
Help me out   4/12/2006

Anyone know the secret to multiple orgasma? Or is it a secret at all maybe your born with it?

4 Comments, 1180 Views, 17 Votes ,2.56 Score
rm_kumarvp2 39 M
4  Articles
Sex on phone!!!!!!!!   4/11/2006

I am enjoying phone sex withmany ofmy girl friends, its really a pleasure and you will enjoy the same.

1 Comments, 820 Views, 9 Votes ,3.85 Score
Magic Fingers   4/9/2006

Once your woman or women open their love tunnel for exploration it is time to put to work the Magic Finger technique. Take your index and middle finger, lubricate and enter them gently into the vagina. Have her in the missionary position and gently rub both fingers on the upper surface of the vagina. The "g spot" is there. At the same time take you thumb, lubricate and use a swirling ...

1 Comments, 687 Views, 20 Votes ,6.70 Score
Boof_n_Gidgey 57 C
1  Article
Hands up whose done this !   4/6/2006

This article is primarily aimed at the ladies *( sorry gents ). My Fella, has a bit of a knack that I want to see if ANYONE else has ever had the utter pleasure of experiencing. You see he, like a lot of us has been online for a long time, and like most of us, has gone through the whole cyber sex / phone boning routine BUT he differs from any guy that I have ever had phone sex with in ...

6 Comments, 1381 Views, 12 Votes ,0.86 Score
rm_sinister138 31 M
2  Articles
anal   4/3/2006

a few things that i have learned to help make a woman enjoy anal a little more is to first let them get 4 or 5 orgasms in then i say go for a little oral seboth holes) and do that until you get one more then put her on top and let her ride it has never failed me.

0 Comments, 671 Views, 7 Votes ,2.53 Score
rm_tazydevl 46 C
1  Article
Cum Swallowing Tips   4/3/2006

Cum Swallowing Tips
Suck on an Altoid, Tic Tac, or mentholated cough drop immediately before giving head. Many guys enjoy getting a tingle from mint or menthol products on their willies. The mint will add a little zing to the blow job, and kill the taste of the semen when he cums. You can also use a dab of toothpaste in a pinch. We don't recommend mouthwash or breath sprays; ...

3 Comments, 1715 Views, 42 Votes ,7.55 Score
rm_Hardbodydark 41 M
4  Articles
First time anal   4/2/2006

What do you do when your preparing for anal sex?

5 Comments, 3029 Views, 21 Votes ,1.27 Score
thickandtasty619 39 F
7  Articles
my first time   4/2/2006

i would love to go down on a girl for the first time are there any takers that are local too my area and are serious about meeting up

3 Comments, 1757 Views, 18 Votes ,4.08 Score
looking for secrets   3/31/2006

i love licking a pussy for a good long time. love shoveing my tounge in as deep as i can. any tips on how to make the woman go longer than 30minutes withou begging to stop would be great

5 Comments, 900 Views, 12 Votes ,1.21 Score
!!!!¿what is love¿!!!!   3/30/2006

love is when you have heart for a person. some time you fight but deep in side you will not stop loving that person. some time you may need a break but that don't mean that it's over. some people need to understand that. please understand boo. ...

1 Comments, 428 Views, 10 Votes ,3.19 Score
rm_cristalerox3 37 M
1  Article
how can i get it   3/29/2006

ok so ive been into this one older girl for a long time since i was like 16 ne way i just dont know how to tell her that i need her pussy i mean i cant do it heres a little info shes merried around 28 years old and i want that pussy bad can any boby help

1 Comments, 588 Views, 10 Votes ,1.00 Score
I just coulnt do it   3/28/2006

I know that many people do like to swap partners, but I must admin, I am a bit of a dinosaur, I love watching topless woman in public, but I dont like my woman going topless, I would shag another woman but I would not like my woman to be shagged by another bloke, jealous or hypicritical?

2 Comments, 275 Views, 4 Votes ,2.86 Score
sponge_bobby 44 M
2  Articles
Holding the explosion until your ready   3/26/2006

Guys if your ready to explode, and want her to enjoy the pleasure a bit longer, try thinking about something neutral like a waterfall. You may be getting too much into it and if thats your downfall to too early a release, then you can change gears to make her fun a bit longer prolonged.

1 Comments, 333 Views, 15 Votes ,2.21 Score
the night nana bath me   3/25/2006

when i broke my arm nana bathed me at her place i was 17 and she filled the bath and said i help you get in she slowely undressed me she had a shower and had her nightie on she helped me in and started to wash my back she come around the front did my chest belly and then she did my legs by the time she finihed them she run her hand up my pussy thenshe started to finger me i got all horny i ...

2 Comments, 2295 Views, 57 Votes ,0.88 Score
SIUtvguy 32 M
2  Articles
cockrings   3/25/2006

Cockrings can be useful if a guy wants to last a little longer. They make your penis harder and slighly bigger. You'll be able to last longer and even continue and climax. I recommend them to everyone.

6 Comments, 1666 Views, 44 Votes ,3.60 Score
toungeyoublind 56 M
6  Articles
Prostate induced MULTIPLE MALE Orgasms   3/24/2006

I have tried a product that absolutly blew my mind ! I actually began to whimper and cry I was cumming so long and so hard. I have never had an orgasm like this ! The secret is the aneros. I greased my ass up good with some KY. I mean I made sure that my rectum was greased well. I felt like I needed to shit. I kept control though and laid on my side on the floor. I pulled my legs to my ...

5 Comments, 1134 Views, 26 Votes ,5.72 Score
rm_jamesm19101 40 M
10  Articles
The instant orgasm   3/24/2006

The instant orgasm. There is such a thing as an instant orgasm, where the moment you slide yourself into her and she immediately explodes on you. Now every girl is different, so it may not work on everyone, but if you get them warmed up enough they might be able to instantly get off. You just have to find out what really turns your partner on. I’ll give you an example with one of my ...

1 Comments, 532 Views, 14 Votes ,3.62 Score
rm_shinji_666 38 M
1  Article
Ice   3/22/2006

Has anybody here tryd rubbing an ice cube on a girls nipples & pussy then putting it into her pussy and then place your cock inside her as the ice cube melting on your cock inside her pussy...?? im told this is realy good but is it true...??

12 Comments, 1813 Views, 30 Votes ,4.61 Score
dirtzilla 44 M
1  Article
back problems   3/20/2006

For those men out there how have bad backs and still try to fuck doggy style if you don't know this here is some advice. Try have the woman lay on her side that why you have the bed to support your back and you still get the same pleasure as doing doggy style. In theory it should work for gay men as well.

0 Comments, 315 Views, 2 Votes ,1.04 Score
rm_afrojewel2 45 M
5  Articles
Do women removed uterus still enjoy sex?   3/20/2006

Hi, i know of quite a number of ladies who have lost their uterus due to fibroids(hystrectomy) However, i am wondering if at all they continue enjoying sex after that operation most especially if the operation is carried out in their 40's....uhhm!!!...

5 Comments, 735 Views, 5 Votes ,1.84 Score
rm_afrojewel2 45 M
5  Articles
Where is G-spot?   3/20/2006

Hi, this one is really making me have sleepless nights.....where is the G-spot of a woman found?...

2 Comments, 607 Views, 1 Votes
Looking for Hermaphrodite..........   3/20/2006

Eversince I have watched a movie about hermaphrodite (forgot the title) years ago, I have always have a fixation and would like to experience having sex with. Would like to chat w/ a real hermaphrodite. So, if anyone out there is a hermaphrodite, please tell me......

1 Comments, 630 Views, 7 Votes ,2.79 Score
Size matters!!   3/19/2006

I love to see a full fugured lady that has nice round tits. However, I had the chance to make love to a lady that has huge tits, and I was extremely disapointed. I don't know what the reason was. Maybe they were in the way too much, or just begged for attention. I think a medium size (34" to 36") bust is better. Any thoughts ladies?

0 Comments, 586 Views, 15 Votes ,2.37 Score
rm_md1977pa 46 M
1  Article
Let Her Ride   3/17/2006

I found that all girls like riding on top, but what really gets them going is while she is riding you, stick you finger in her asshole and rub arund. really gets them going.

1 Comments, 740 Views, 12 Votes ,2.98 Score
rm_ballguy3 44 M
15  Articles
Going for it!   3/15/2006

I once heard a comment voiced about the topic of asking someone out. For guys to get over some nervousness, think about it this way: By asking someone out, it will probably be the biggest compliment they get that day.

1 Comments, 991 Views, 7 Votes ,1.77 Score
rm_im6foot8 38 M
1  Article
pillow under the ass trick   3/14/2006

for a more pleasurable experience try placing a pillow under the girls ass during sex this puts the clit in an angle that it gets hit harder and longer. this works best if the man stands near the edge of the bed and his partner is on her back in the bed.

0 Comments, 809 Views, 12 Votes ,4.21 Score
Females jerking off   3/14/2006

I would like to know if there are any tricks to make a woman jerk off and spank her juice on me. Thanks.

1 Comments, 601 Views, 5 Votes ,1.51 Score
rm_martinwent 46 M
8  Articles
How many at once?   3/12/2006

What has been the largest number of people (of the opposite sex) that you have been in sexual contact with simultaneously?

1 Comments, 331 Views, 4 Votes ,1.69 Score
When I cam   3/12/2006

When my day is goning down hill with my man and I feel so along in side. I go to one of my room where I know the people will always say hello how are you today sexy. I turn on my cam and I know what they want the same as me! The feeling I get when I take my hand and rub my tits and to show a little bit of my sweet pussy to them. I love when they say sweet things like, you have very nice ...

4 Comments, 555 Views, 17 Votes ,4.96 Score
rm_new_shaft 45 M
2  Articles
crying during or after orgasm   3/10/2006

my gfriend and myself have been dating for 18 months annd we have a really good sex life. infact i think shes a nymph.
we shag atleast once a day during the week and aliot more on weekends, trying all manner of positions and techniques. luckily for me or maybe i am just good......but she cums easily, often moaning, beating, biting swearing etc. which i love.
anyways last ...

3 Comments, 346 Views, 8 Votes ,3.25 Score
__________vix 49 F
9  Articles
I am in so much trouble now!   3/8/2006

My sex secret? Well, it's not so much a secret as a fantasy I haven't shared yet.
I was given a DVD a few years ago with various short porn flicks on it, and, although most of them were your common guy-girl-badly staged stuff, there was one film on it that has been my masturbating fantasy ever since.
It portrayed a woman getting down and dirty with a female alien, with ...

2 Comments, 1344 Views, 10 Votes ,3.98 Score
shougen 48 M
7  Articles
How to last longer during SEX   3/8/2006

Personally I tried to squeeze my balls when I about to cum, this will help to last longer during SEX.

0 Comments, 383 Views, 3 Votes ,1.47 Score
rm_2U4U2 60 F
6  Articles
Sexual History = Sex Secret!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   3/7/2006

there are some many things I have done as you will read in my profile and so many more things I want to do but the one thing I wont do again is tell my other half anything about my sexual past.
In my last relationship, I answered every question he ever asked regarding my sexual past but then we met at a GB and we all know that only slutts do things like that. I am very proud of ...

2 Comments, 1253 Views, 30 Votes ,5.69 Score
Burried in her butt!   3/6/2006

Hey guys, I just wanted to know what do guys get out of burring their face in the mate hole and licking for hours..Please tell me what's the thrill? Is he thinking about how tight it is or the next step as to anal..what could he be thinking while his face and tongue is burried in my big, phat, Donkey butt!

1 Comments, 676 Views, 12 Votes ,2.62 Score
What Man and Woman think about BIG Tits?   3/3/2006

Some people say woman with big tit have bird brain. Some man thinks that is sexy and arousing. Some man pretending to hate them. Some man a damn sucker for that. Some woman want to have them. Some woman think is too big and shy to show them. What you say?

7 Comments, 465 Views, 19 Votes ,5.76 Score
ass licking?   3/2/2006

I love a womans ass. I have been told by theese women that they like this very much. I have many talents i just kept this simple in hope for feedback. Ladies?

3 Comments, 643 Views, 10 Votes ,2.59 Score
SECERETS OF SEX   3/1/2006

BEAUTY IS ONLY SKIN DEEP <br> Poets describe in their fanciful, passionate moods that honey flows from the lips of a young, beautiful lady. Is this really true? What do you actually see? The stinking pus from the sockets of the teeth that are affected with dreadful pyorrhea, the nasty and abdominal sputum from the throat, and foul saliva dribbling on the lips at night–do ...

2 Comments, 216 Views, 9 Votes ,2.57 Score
1sexyyoungguy4u 38 M
8  Articles
Just dont fuck up!   2/27/2006

Dont fuck up on the first time you get laid with a girl!

1 Comments, 615 Views, 9 Votes
Girls favorites   2/27/2006

I was just wondering what some of the women in here favorite positions are.

6 Comments, 940 Views, 18 Votes ,2.03 Score
SallyStewart3033 55 C
1  Article
8 little secrets that make it great   2/25/2006

Our sex secrets are so secret we cannot even begin to tell you about them... 1.The secret to our great sex is having it all the time. When we wake up in the morning, before we sleep at night. 2.Car sex on occasion. 3.Drunk sex is always fun at the time, although a bit painful the next day, headache. 4.Camera sex is great, you can always replay it over and ...

0 Comments, 912 Views, 31 Votes ,2.95 Score
sWEeT_dreamers 38 M
3  Articles
Recipes to make cum taste good...   2/25/2006

Cum can change in taste due to diet. This is a fact which I myself have proven many times over personally. Jada and I have found many different foods to make a good tasting ejaculation. But the best of these is natural fruit- Pinneapple being the best (we believe due to its abundance of natural sugar), with oranges and pears coming in decent.

8 Comments, 1577 Views, 44 Votes ,5.83 Score
sWEeT_dreamers 38 M
3  Articles
Heres a question for you women...   2/25/2006

what are your true feelings about a guy pulling out during sex in order to slow the encounter down and to prolong the orgasmic feeling? Would you rather him keep it up and finish whether you have gotten yours or not? Keep in mind however, I am not talking about premature ejaculation, rather during a normal intercourse time frame and after a decent amount of time. Or do you not mind at ...

2 Comments, 816 Views, 12 Votes ,3.51 Score
youngswapcouple 34 C
6  Articles
just try cunilingus   2/23/2006

just make your women sit in doggy. then just lick her pussy lips. then go up and lick her ass hole. she will go wild.

7 Comments, 844 Views, 28 Votes ,5.50 Score
youngswapcouple 34 C
6  Articles
double penetration   2/23/2006

when you women is riding you just try fingering her ass. she will go wild. then take the finger and suck it. she will have a wild orgasm.

1 Comments, 486 Views, 7 Votes ,3.55 Score
youngswapcouple 34 C
6  Articles
does licking women's ass and then anal truns u on?   2/23/2006

i just love to first part a woman's ass lips and go licking. make her tight hole wet and then have anal. it turns me on. what abt u?

0 Comments, 265 Views, 3 Votes ,2.94 Score
surferchick_2k4 36 F
11  Articles
Sexy Secrets!   2/18/2006

i want to hear everyones dirty lil secrets n stories (made up or not).. like if they cheated on a partner in sum weird but wonderfull way.

6 Comments, 962 Views, 18 Votes ,4.35 Score
rm_bigNDN57 67 M
1  Article
Getting her to try anal sex   2/14/2006

Hey guys I'll let you in on a little trick I found that warms a woman up to anal sex. When your in the shower with your lady start off by massageing her shoulders and back while under a nice hot shower. Then take the soap and reaching around her (her back is to you) start soaping her breasts. Work on this for a while and then move on to her shoulders and back. next move your way down her ...

1 Comments, 875 Views, 31 Votes ,5.83 Score
Secrets to a great hand job.   2/14/2006

I cannot go any further without saying this. Lubrication is the most important part of a good handjob. With that said, I can start... Creativity is key in keeping things alive in the bedroom. Mixing it up will help to excite your partner, if your partner doesn't know what to expect, they will want to find out more often. A good way to mix up your sex life is just to ...

10 Comments, 1225 Views, 42 Votes ,8.09 Score
Secrets to a wonderful BJ   2/13/2006

This is an old article but worth a look for you newcomers <br> I am a self professed blowjob expert. Not purely on experience but also because of studying what makes for a good bj. <br> First tip: Figure out if the man is a tip or shaft man...Ask! Don't be shy. Some guys like a mix of both but others find that the tip is too sensitive. Add a hand in with the sucking ...

5 Comments, 1271 Views, 54 Votes ,7.12 Score
Who is more likely to have an extramarital affair, a Democratic politician or Republican one?   2/13/2006

If you took a public survey on who was most likely to have had an extramarital affair, [a] A Democrat, A Republican, or [c] Both, [a] would be the overwhelming choice. The correct answer would be [c], but you might not know that because the media overcovers stories like former California Democratic Rep. Gary Condit's affair with an intern to the point of nausea, while ignoring the ...

1 Comments, 250 Views, 5 Votes ,2.49 Score
gbcock4u69 49 M
12  Articles
getting her off   2/13/2006

my gf has a hard time having an orgasm....I take my time with her, study her movements and really try to please her....there are times when she gushes and other times she cant cum at all....sometimes she likes it when i play with her asshole, but most of the time she slaps my hand away....why r women so confusing?

4 Comments, 647 Views, 12 Votes ,1.21 Score
CuteChicka 31 F
4  Articles
How to relax   2/13/2006

So you've got your good-body-image days and your bad-body-image days. On a good day, the shower feels nice and hot when you hop in, and you enjoy the way it looks when the water runs over your body. Stepping out onto the mat, you wrap a cozy towel around you and relax on the couch with a bottle of your favorite body moisturizer... more of this article

2 Comments, 287 Views, 12 Votes ,2.98 Score
emersunbigguns 57 M
9  Articles
Shaving Rant....   2/13/2006

How do you shave your balls without cutting yourself? Or do you have someone of the opposite sex do it for you? Someone that is careful?

8 Comments, 546 Views, 8 Votes ,2.55 Score
ORAL SEX   2/13/2006

One of the ways I love to give oral sex to women is being slow!!! Slowly take her clothes off, kiss her all over while I'm slowly working my way down. Kiss and lick all around it, and lick it, then go around again. Seems to make em go crazy and wild.

2 Comments, 283 Views, 12 Votes ,1.92 Score
cofneathotmale 55 M
0  Articles
Pleasure of Mother but the Heaven of .   2/13/2006

For about 2 months I have been going to Yuko's (15yrs) house to to tutor & teaching her English for her senior high school entrance exam.I have notice that she likes me cause she always stands near me and leans close to me and many times touching me with her shoulder or arm as i explained something to her plus wearing clothes that show of her beautiful skin.I teach her for about 2 hours ...

1 Comments, 2379 Views, 50 Votes ,6.58 Score
CuteChicka 31 F
4  Articles
How to swallow your mans cum.   2/13/2006

I saw this on the internet & tryed it out one time.If you have your guy eat something sweet such as a Pineapple when he cums into your mouth it s suppoed to or i have noticed his siemen tastes much sweeter making it swallow.

5 Comments, 1289 Views, 26 Votes ,4.86 Score
A question for the ladies. Do women correlate size with performance?   2/11/2006

What I mean is: Do women directly relate the size of a man's johnson with how they think he will perform in bed? In other words. If a man has big dick, does that automatically make him a great performer in a woman's mind? And if so, why? Because I've noticed that a lot of women on this site seem to want a man that is very large. Does that mean that if a man is just average, or below average ...

3 Comments, 307 Views, 2 Votes ,0.34 Score
VeryCurious1960 63 F
5  Articles
Oral sex on a woman....not!   2/11/2006

Ok I have to be honest, I don't really enjoy having a man going down on me. I have never cum that way. When I tell men that I don't cum that way they say I have never had it done properly. They always say they can make me cum, but it doesn't happen. Beleive me I have had it done to me in many different ways and still nothing. It does feel good but I would rather have his fingers, ...

5 Comments, 569 Views, 14 Votes ,3.46 Score
lovers   2/10/2006

Do all married woman want to try a lover at some point, and do they like an older or younger one?

1 Comments, 488 Views, 9 Votes ,2.78 Score
Anal sex   2/10/2006

Whayt is the trick to getting a woman to give into anal sex?

3 Comments, 485 Views, 7 Votes ,1.51 Score
2  Articles
is it ok to have an affair?   2/9/2006

ive been married for three years first two great sex. then a baby 6 months later hardly sex at all. i think sex is hugh in a relationship. i told my wife if i cant get it at home that i would go find it. she said "as long as i dont find out." i want to know what i should do.

3 Comments, 375 Views, 12 Votes ,2.98 Score
rm_nwfref 60 M
0  Articles
"NEW" Birth Control method-Fake or real?   2/8/2006

Many years ago, maybe 20 or 25, I believe I read in Playboy magazine an interesting article that states that if a woman skips a day or 2 of taking her birth control pills, and then has sex, she can prevent getting pregnant by immediately inserting & emptying an 8 ounce (or more) bottle of coke into her vagina, letting it sit there for about 15 minutes, then flushing it out by douche or ...

1 Comments, 299 Views, 2 Votes ,2.42 Score
aussie004 53 M
1  Article
The fantasy of a lonely horny guy   2/8/2006

I am sitting in my hotel room alone again and I know what is going to happen. I will search the web for a woman to respond to my desperate desires and in the end I will quietly pleasure myself with my great imagination. I sit naked except for a towel that is loosely wrapped around my waist. I know that I will end up playing with my cock before long as my mind is running rampant fantasizing ...

0 Comments, 416 Views, 9 Votes ,2.78 Score
Do ladies enjoy seeing their man orally pleasure other men??   2/5/2006

My 1st time sucking another guys cock was with my x-wife, <br> , ended up she liked seeing me and encouraged me to swallow, , , I now get into giving guys oral and hoping to find another woman with same desire, , at 51yrs ISO same age lady, , do you gals think I'll find another friend like my X???

3 Comments, 1350 Views, 26 Votes ,5.51 Score
rm_dominatemiss 50 F
3  Articles
How I knew I was bisexual   2/5/2006

It started this one night at my homegirls house we were getting ready for the club and she said you are early I still have to take a shower, I said go ahead I will watch tv till you are done. She took her shower and when she got out her clothes and stuff was in the room where I was so she came in and said can you help me tie my shirt (IT TIED AROUND THE NECK) I said sure. now let me tell ...

1 Comments, 1435 Views, 46 Votes ,6.67 Score
Tell all?   2/4/2006

Any body have any Sex Secrets that they care to share?

6 Comments, 1264 Views, 22 Votes ,2.53 Score
Anal play   2/3/2006

Do woman like playing anally with men and is it a turn on for women to penetrate a man during for play?

3 Comments, 693 Views, 13 Votes ,2.64 Score
Oral sex for her   2/3/2006

This is for the ladies.What exactly is the best way for men to give you oral sex? What do you like for us to do to make your time awsome for you?

3 Comments, 714 Views, 8 Votes ,5.10 Score
etheric_rapture 41 C
3  Articles
Step-by-Step Rope Play the Arm-Bend   2/3/2006

Rope: Three medium length pieces Description: 1 The subject's arms are bent at a right angle at the elbows such that her forearms are horizontal. 2 One of the ropes is then laid through the crooks of her elbows and behind her back. 3 She then folds her right arm upwards so that her fingers reach her right shoulder. 4 The arm is ...

2 Comments, 483 Views, 15 Votes ,4.36 Score
Looking to have first experience   1/31/2006

For some time now I have had thoughts of being with a woman. My friend that knows says that it is because I was in a bad relationship and I am now confusing the two. I fantasize a lot about the feel of a woman and the things she could do to me. Is this so wrong?

2 Comments, 291 Views, 10 Votes ,3.58 Score
naughtybifem 47 F
6  Articles
Squirting   1/30/2006

The one thing that i seem to do is squirt especially if you do it right. this is what i found to make me soak the bed or wherever we decide to do it. The secret is to slowly tease me and make me want so you bad that when in fact you do enter me that it is something i need so bagly after that i will make the bed so wet you cannot imagine. Get me to the point of no return . It is paradise ...

2 Comments, 750 Views, 16 Votes ,4.01 Score
BBWs and Men   1/29/2006

I have a question for all you who are, say, ample; We've (me and my guy)been going out for a while, and since I'm ample, (by the way, losing the weight in the meantime and he is too)and he's got a tummy, we have a hard time with positions.Is there anybody else out there who has that problem?We do do a lot of foreplay and oral, but it's starting to become routine, still fun though. Anybody ...

3 Comments, 671 Views, 10 Votes ,2.99 Score
hotlipps30286 49 M
1  Article

As you see by my profile I am a male but love the female lifestyle and nothing is more EXCITING than being dressed as a female and having men treat you like a woman and the sex is so intense. I wonder if its this way for all women.....(hmmm)I do think its a turn-on for me to think that males just wanna have their way with females , but the naughty things that run through my head when I ...

2 Comments, 406 Views, 9 Votes ,2.78 Score
my first   1/28/2006

T first time I had real sex was the day I found out that I was gay. I was home alone and my cousin came over with her friend, we kidding around a while and then we played agame of dear, my cousin friend dard me to take of my top at first I said no but my cousin you have to so I did.I had very big breast and they looked at me so wided eye because I had no bra cousin said damn girl. the ...

3 Comments, 1238 Views, 30 Votes ,3.53 Score
it happen to me   1/27/2006

I was home one night and my friend came over. we talk and listen to music; then after about an hour my riend said to me , I have something I have all wonted to ask you. I said ask me my friend ask can I feel your breast just one time? I look and said why? my friend said you have the prettiest tits ever and it has been driveung me crazy I just need to feel them. I gave in and said yes. It ...

2 Comments, 1146 Views, 22 Votes ,3.37 Score
corey1217 43 M
10  Articles
Squirting   1/27/2006

I had one woman in my sexual expierences squirt and dont know how i did it , , lol id like to learn on how to make all women i meet squirt, , j/k but is there a technique on making a woman squirt or ist it just luck of the draw!!!!!!!

5 Comments, 712 Views, 5 Votes ,2.82 Score
He built me up to his swallowing his load......   1/27/2006

As I feel in love he let me..He was so attractive rich and fucked me all the demanding to what he wanted me to do I just did it wanting to please my man..anything..then telling me his secrets about what he loved and had had and wanted and his first and only love sucked his cock for hours as he lay enjoying this and she relaxed into a state of lovemaking ...

1 Comments, 976 Views, 23 Votes ,3.95 Score
cofneathotmale 55 M
0  Articles
A sister's & brother's love.   1/26/2006

Hi everyone.I and new to the site.And here is my secret sex story , well not secret now. Like many my little sister & I used to play touching and kissing games when we were young.But the thing i will never ever forget and so wish I could do again forever is the time we did have sex.Even now the memory is so clear like it only happened a few minutes ago. I was almost 14 and my little ...

3 Comments, 3280 Views, 56 Votes ,3.83 Score
PleasureMan1100 42 C
1  Article
What do like to write about !   1/26/2006

Getting naked outdoors is A real turn on. You can feel the wind and sun on your body. How many women agree? Do you like to be watched by others outside while having sex. Would you get completely naked and do it in public?

0 Comments, 194 Views, 3 Votes ,1.96 Score
the importance of talking   1/25/2006

Much as we understand that sometimes it is nice to be spontaneous about sex - and you can take ALL the fun out of it by turning it into a military operation - some things do require a little planning. <br> We believe you can have the most satisfying sex only by opening up to your partner and talking freely about what you want. If it happens without talking, it was probably a ...

1 Comments, 230 Views, 1 Votes ,3.70 Score
naughty little rings :O   1/25/2006

Just like marmite... <br> Some people love em, others can't bear the way they look or feel. We find our naughty little rings visually and physically stimulating on each other, and they also symbolise the bond between us. (Have a look at our profile pics and albums) <br> We don't mind whether a prospective playmate is 'customised' (pierced and/or inked) or not. It's a ...

0 Comments, 264 Views, 2 Votes ,1.04 Score
rm_Wesucku69 55 C
2  Articles
Bi-Curious Male's   1/24/2006

I would like to know from other women if they have the same fantasy as my wife, to watch their husband suck on another mens cock and take it in the ass while they watch. Now that the seed has been planted I can't waut to suck on another mens cock and have mt wife watch and maybe join in. The question is, are there many other women with the same fantasy?

4 Comments, 1024 Views, 12 Votes ,5.80 Score
what color of your eyes mean   1/24/2006

Blue eyes - people with blue eyes are very attractive, adorable, loves to make new friends. will do anything for that special person. kind, and polite. can make anyone laugh or cheer them up. loves to please the one they care or love for, repost this if you have blue eyes, and you will find the one that you are ment to be with within the next 7 days. <br> <br> ...

0 Comments, 375 Views, 10 Votes ,1.79 Score
Woman playing a Man on a Man   1/22/2006

I don't have a strap-on but I love to sit on my husband's ass (while he's lying on his stomach) and just hump him like a guy. It's a real turn-on and I can even come this way like a wild woman. It's a position of power, too. Those are the times I wish I had a dick.

3 Comments, 605 Views, 9 Votes ,4.71 Score
rm_rocky5093 41 M
1  Article
women and cum   1/21/2006

i dont know if its just the type of women i've slept with but i've found that alot of them dont actually like cum (facials/cream pies) as much as you would think.

3 Comments, 697 Views, 7 Votes ,2.53 Score
Share your tips on how to make sex better!   1/20/2006

Anything special you do to make your lover have an amazing climax? Post here

1 Comments, 469 Views, 5 Votes ,1.19 Score
rm_Jabba1981 42 M
1  Article
Anal Pleasure   1/19/2006

As a single male I naturally enjoy watching and reading porn (this isn't to say it can't be enoyed as a couple), so naturally I masturbate quite regurlarly. However recently I've found it has lost some of the enjoyment and looked for ways to improve this and decided to try playing with and subsequently fingering my anus. I will say at this point I have never had sex with a member of the ...

3 Comments, 1130 Views, 30 Votes ,4.51 Score
Know Your Enemas   1/18/2006

I've always had a thing for enemas, and I've discovered that many women really dig them, too. My partners and I have experimented with different positions, and I've made the experience more pleasurable by inserting my fingers into their vaginas and rubbing their clitorises until they had an orgasm. It seemed to drive them wild. How do you feel about enemas?

1 Comments, 628 Views, 9 Votes ,4.07 Score
honeygingermilk 39 F
2  Articles
Jilliane's night in pain   1/18/2006

Last night , I was writing the torrid details of our last encounter when she came in the back door... I was so suprised to look up and see a naked big breasted and plump apple bottom waiting on me to take advantage of her. <br> Immediately, my pussy got wet. She went and ran a hot tub of water for me...I insisted that she join me. We were in a 69 when Stefano her husband ...

1 Comments, 855 Views, 22 Votes ,5.17 Score
rm_rugzx924 43 M
9  Articles
eating pussy   1/17/2006

I don't see why some dudes make a big deal out of eating pussy. Unless something is smelling foul down there so what. Think of it in a cost/benefit ratio. Imagine just how much more effort she'll spend on u if u are making a good effort to please her orally. The best thing to do is to suck and lick her clit while fingering her at the same time.

2 Comments, 716 Views, 12 Votes ,2.80 Score
rm_oceanplay56 40 M
2  Articles
how to cum   1/17/2006

Now I seem to almost have a problem here ladies I have cock I know how to use it. but it takes an hour and a half of fucking to make me cum almost all ladies have cum 20times to my one. Is there some sort of trick/tool to help the ladies make me cum easier.

0 Comments, 497 Views, 7 Votes ,0.24 Score
Need it!!! And got it!!!   1/17/2006

I have always had a strong fetish for stockings, garters, sheer panties, heels and other sexy lingerie. I had moved to an apt and over 2 or 3 months I met the black man above me.One time at the gym we talking about sex and one thing lead to another.. I told him I like to cd and always wanted a black mans cock! He said next Saterday morning he would cum down , so be ready! That morning I put ...

0 Comments, 1059 Views, 23 Votes ,4.88 Score
InkednPierced8 44 M
9  Articles
Philofecies   1/15/2006

I lick girls' rumps. I like to lick girls' rumps. Girls like to have their rumps licked. Most girls won't admit they've had their rump licked, let alone enjoyed having their rump licked. But believe you me, if you lick a girl's rump, she'll love you for life. In fact, that was my high school yearbook quote. <br> My conviction to 'slurping the brown pucker' doesn't stem from ...

4 Comments, 1055 Views, 15 Votes ,5.43 Score
shyouteri79 58 M
2  Articles
late nite fun   1/15/2006

most every nite i get on the net look n 4 fun. i like to look at pix of girlz, and play with myself as i look or read the post on mant sites. my girlfriend is in bed early like every nite so i get to have my fun time late at nite.

1 Comments, 552 Views, 11 Votes ,0.55 Score
Fun4Muffs 45 M
1  Article
The   1/15/2006

I've heard that there's a spot perhaps an inch or more inside the vagina that can make a woman reach orgasm and possibly even at the same time. I tried this with my g/f and there's a place which feels like a thumb, I guess located on the front side of the vagina. By front, I mean the pubic hair side. Has anyone heard of this before? We've tried a few times to reach orgasm ...

2 Comments, 944 Views, 17 Votes ,2.70 Score
rm_imyourwhore2 37 F
2  Articles
guys cumming   1/13/2006

what is everyones secret to getting a guy to cum??

8 Comments, 2362 Views, 26 Votes ,0.01 Score
rm_love88j 46 M
3  Articles
WOMEN AND MEN THEIR JUST MAKING A ..........   1/13/2006

Some people a like to make secrety on their what their doing one yes! and anything can happen to them becase they not making sex in wide or open area just do it dont hide yourself make your pussy wise I love it i want one day to do so let me one on this frienfinder allow me and i can do so.!!!!!!!!!!!

3 Comments, 317 Views, 11 Votes
screaminthumper 55 C
1  Article
Me and Him   1/12/2006

There is one thing in the life of a married couple that shouldn't happen. Sex secrets shouldn't happen. If you truely love the one you're with you wouldn't have them. For instance, say you're into bondage, and you have been together for 5 years. You've never said anything because you're affraid of what he'll say. Let me tell you the worst he could do is leave. But that isn't so bad. If you ...

1 Comments, 1020 Views, 26 Votes ,3.78 Score
Advanced Sex Tricks-How to give a good bj part 2   1/12/2006

If you have read my other article you will understand what I'm talking about but for the rest of you I'll summarize. My last article was about giving a good bj. That article was aimed towards the beginners out there...If you have those tricks down already listen up... <br> Some additions to blowjob techniques that I must mention: <br> <br> ...

1 Comments, 1039 Views, 33 Votes ,4.80 Score
sex excersice   1/12/2006

DON'T READ THIS IF YOU'RE GONNA GET OFFENDED: but it's funny! <br> A hug leads to a kiss...a kiss leads 2 a finger...a finger leads to a a hand...a hand leads to a lick...a lick leads to a suck...a suck leads 2 a fuck. So tell me how many people are you gonna hug after you heard this cuz sex is like math...u add the bed...subtract the clothes...divide the legs...leave your ...

0 Comments, 808 Views, 18 Votes ,4.08 Score
oral   1/12/2006

keep nude the woman and lick her pussy slowly slowly and in and out the tongue just like cock.

1 Comments, 388 Views, 11 Votes ,0.92 Score
Secrets to a great blowjob   1/11/2006

I am a self professed blowjob expert. Not purely on experience but also because of studying what makes for a good bj. <br> First tip: Figure out if the man is a tip or shaft man...Ask! Don't be shy. Some guys like a mix of both but others find that the tip is too sensitive. Add a hand in with the sucking and it can simulate being able to take more cock into your mouth. No ...

7 Comments, 1300 Views, 63 Votes ,7.87 Score
guy1234563 40 M
11  Articles
Licking   1/10/2006

I've noticed that most women like to be licked.

2 Comments, 595 Views, 5 Votes ,3.47 Score
guy1234563 40 M
11  Articles
Sex in a Car   1/10/2006

Once I was driving down the road and my girlfriend switch seats and came and sat in my lap. We then had sex. ...

3 Comments, 590 Views, 10 Votes
Whipping that thang!   1/9/2006

This is a question for the fellas. I have a male friend..and i want to put it on him reall good! I want to give him the best fuck he's ever had or will ever get..Please I need suggestions?

5 Comments, 1407 Views, 19 Votes ,5.76 Score
rm_hotbtweenlgs 69 C
24  Articles
The wife & the other lover....   1/8/2006

this is a great way to keep a lasting on going or even a new relationship ALIVE!! Once a month or whenever the need, if ya need to... set a date, make the; dinner, movie, quiet evening -- arrange the date, but don't be who you really are. See, I have played this part as "CHERRY" my man's lover. Dressed to kill, with a new look to thrill, he picks me up, (after driving around the ...

1 Comments, 1613 Views, 45 Votes ,4.98 Score
Sex......   1/7/2006

Sex on the beach!!!! Drink or reality! Sure lets go down to the beach & get it on! Lets Srew or Lets Fuck!! Whatever words you choose. If a girl says to you if you ask her what she's drinking and she say's Sex on the beach.......Well she'll take the drink but sure as hell she want's to get nailed too!!! She want's to get Fucked & Fucked Hard!!!! I know it happened to me!!! Keep this in ...

2 Comments, 295 Views, 15 Votes ,2.52 Score
How to Eat Pussy   1/6/2006

How to Eat Pussy Hey, I have a lot of respect for everyone who likes to eat pussy because there are too few of you out there. And some of you who are giving it the old college try aren't really doing too well...or as well as you could be, so maybe this little lesson will help you out. When a woman finds someone who gives good head, she's found a treasure she's not ...

0 Comments, 1306 Views, 52 Votes ,8.87 Score
squirting, hell yes its real   1/5/2006

i'm 33 and for the first time i am experiencing the orgasmic experience of squirting, my husband and I have been together two years now, and not till a couple of months ago had i ever given any thought to "squirting", he was giving me the oral pleasure and all the sudden i felt this huge pressure and all the sudden this gush came out of me and i could not stop it, i really didnt know what ...

8 Comments, 2274 Views, 81 Votes ,7.49 Score
''Taking it Deep''   1/4/2006

Some women are masters of the perfect blowjob, while inexperienced others may think a blowjob is actually blowing on the dick. Since many women will hopefully read this site, I figured I'd pass on some great advice. Since I figure I may even have a few gay or bisexual men as well, this guide is also for you. And last but not least, if your girlfriend/wife/boyfriend is having problems in the ...

6 Comments, 1063 Views, 36 Votes ,8.42 Score
goodstuff1954 65 C
6  Articles
they are not secrets any more   1/4/2006

this is sex secrets wrong if they are put where all can read they are not a secret any more. so why are they called sex secrets? guess we had to place them some where and this was the best place at the time. have nevere had the time to read all of the items here but just wonder haow many of you are tell the true sex secrets ffore all the world to see and read. lets guess not a one are may ...

0 Comments, 762 Views, 18 Votes ,1.21 Score
misuseme 32 M
2  Articles
orgasm   1/2/2006

Ok i have heard about this male orgasm without cumming. now how in ht ehell is that supposed to work? I mean I can go for about 45min on average, but that is without any orgasm in between. now if I could orgasm and not cum that would be the holy grail

2 Comments, 480 Views, 4 Votes ,1.30 Score
rm_imready694u2 62 M
2  Articles
female masturbation   1/1/2006

do many women out there masturbate by laying on their side and rubbing their inner thighs together? my ex did and she loved it I just hadnt come across that before.

2 Comments, 686 Views, 7 Votes ,2.28 Score
every lady loves this   1/1/2006

after getting her nice and wet suck her clit into your mouth and hum

2 Comments, 874 Views, 14 Votes ,3.14 Score
For the curious ladies   12/30/2005

I just wanted to let the ladies out there know, that if you have not been with another woman, you really don't know what you're missing. Just the feel of another woman's body rubbing against yours is just soooooooo damn arousing! and also ladies, married or single you alone should have the experience of having sex with another couple(man and woman). So, i'm here to say, ladies take a ...

2 Comments, 554 Views, 17 Votes ,4.54 Score
Not to deep.   12/29/2005

I am curious how many guys have had a girl carress or lick their ass (and liked it). It is an amazing feeling. What are your thoughts ladies?

1 Comments, 726 Views, 8 Votes ,3.48 Score
komgraag_2 57 M
2  Articles
Bi Courious #2   12/29/2005

Chapter #2 So there I am, undressing in the middle of the room. Trying to get my button shirt of in one peace.., My pants of, I lightly folded them over the back of the couch. And as I was taking my underwear off, her man came in... (I had almost forgotten about him..) And he smiles at me and says's "Good, I see you got off to a good start then" and I reply " eh' ...

2 Comments, 1007 Views, 22 Votes ,7.69 Score
rm_iowatazdevil 60 M
4  Articles
Do men prefer hairy pussys or shaved pussys on a gal?   12/28/2005

Dear AdultFriendFinder members: I would like to know if AdultFriendFinder men prefer hairy pussy or shaved pussy on a female? And why do men prefer one type or the other? I have noticed male friends of mine in their 20's and 30's that prefer shaved pussys, whereas friends of mine in their 40's or 50's prefer a hairy pussy. If any men respond to this article, please state your age, what country u are from, and ...

26 Comments, 1297 Views, 25 Votes ,4.13 Score
rm_sexycoco1977 46 M
13  Articles
whats sexy   12/25/2005

there many sexy parts on a women body tell me whats your best part

5 Comments, 532 Views, 11 Votes ,2.42 Score
rm_sexycoco1977 46 M
13  Articles
anal sex   12/25/2005

i know alot of women dont like anal but for a fact i know you would love it if it was done right i have been a prove fact so what oyu think

3 Comments, 900 Views, 13 Votes ,4.32 Score
Can a Woman have SEX like a Man ?   12/25/2005

Maybe can, maybe cannot. I ask abt this question to some of my girlfriend, some of them says cannot and some other say not sure. In 1 of Sex & The City episode, Carrie have sex w/ a man she tought he is her boyfriend or at least have a crush on her. But then the man only call her when he need to fuck, n not show up when he doesnt need to get laid. And then finally, the man shows ...

4 Comments, 711 Views, 20 Votes ,3.38 Score
Shaving for a rainy day   12/25/2005

I know there has always been some animosity in the questionas to should a guy trim or not. Well it may be different for every guy out there so i will speak from my own experiance. When I would get together with a woman it always would end up the same. We'd be in the heat of the moment. She would be giving tender kisses down my stomach, and begin giving me oral. Then as she went to caress ...

1 Comments, 468 Views, 16 Votes ,6.80 Score
Dirty Talk 101   12/24/2005

You are laying beside your partner, feeling their naked skin caress yours. Their chest rises with every whisper of a breath. You can feel their warm lips against your neck, and all of sudden, the sexually enticing words rush through your body like a jolt of energy. Have you wanted to unleash that wild side of yours through dirty talking, but haven’t found the courage, or don’t ...

4 Comments, 890 Views, 22 Votes ,4.09 Score
ArcadianBlue 54 M
2  Articles
Strapon fun   12/24/2005

How many ladies out there enjoy using a strapon on their guys? What is it that excites you about this? Tell me how it makes you feel. How does one go about approaching women about this topic? Please enlighten me.

4 Comments, 1125 Views, 10 Votes ,5.77 Score
Sex Your Way to a Better You   12/23/2005

So just what health benefits does sex bring ? <br> Improved sense of smell: Prolactin (a hormone produced after sex) stimulates the olfactory nerve, the center for smell, increasing smell perception. <br> Reduced risk of heart disease: For men! Having sex 3 ‒ 4 times a week will cut your risk of heart attack or stroke in half! Women also benefit in this ...

1 Comments, 327 Views, 15 Votes ,6.19 Score
realitalianone4u 54 F
1  Article
Control   12/23/2005

Why is it that some women enjoy controlling their man during intercourse while others like to be controlled? Then there are those, like myself, who like to mix it up. I found that myself it gives the sexual side of a relationship a unique spin. But...why the control factor? Is it critical to anyone else? Thanks in advance for the response.

6 Comments, 569 Views, 12 Votes ,2.62 Score
moonlightphoenix 52 F
1  Article
Freeing or Feeding the Dragon??   12/22/2005

Does spending time on adult sites make you feel more like you're expressing your true self and being who you really are without fear of judgement, or do you feel more like it's feeding an addiction or an unhealthy habit?

6 Comments, 475 Views, 11 Votes ,5.22 Score
10 tips for women   12/21/2005

1) MAKE DISTANCE. If you live together, get very busy. Absence makes the heart grow fonder, and if you see each other too much, sex and love will get boring and tedious. If you don’t live together, only meet two or limit sex to two times a week, so at the most three times a week and try to will be wild hungry sex. Even if he begs for it, only give it to him twice a it week. Like they ...

1 Comments, 571 Views, 7 Votes ,4.31 Score
rm_coeurdamor 63 M
1  Article
Good Couples Porn Video?   12/21/2005

Hello Members: I am looking for a list of good couples porn videos. Something to spice up the evening for both the man and the woman. Does anyone have suggestions?

0 Comments, 539 Views, 2 Votes ,2.42 Score
Women Orgasm   12/21/2005

As times change and more research shows that woman have typically been unjustly treated in sexual affairs it is only fair that they begin to get a great deal of compensation now. Men need to be good lovers if they ever hope to hold on to a woman, but this does not mean that women should not be helpful and mindful of their bodies. The greatest reason most women have trouble reaching orgasm ...

4 Comments, 736 Views, 39 Votes ,4.62 Score
Foreplay   12/20/2005

Foreplay is a fundamental part of the whole lovemaking experience. Most men and women experienced in sex will agree that the best sexual encounters should include long and sensual foreplay. A more attentive form of foreplay will bring increased pleasure to both partners, and make any sexual experience more satisfying. <br> Both partners need a little extra spice to get fully ...

4 Comments, 530 Views, 32 Votes ,6.24 Score
rm_IllCook4u 54 M
9  Articles
Survey for the ladies   12/20/2005

Measurements (Incl. Cup size): Ht: Wt: <br> Do you have any tattoos? (If yes) How many? Where? <br> Do you like to wear men’s shirts (tanks, pajama tops, etc.) when relaxing at home? <br> Which do you wear most often? Grannies Panties Thongs T-backs No underwear <br> Are your pubes: ...

2 Comments, 301 Views, 1 Votes ,5.00 Score
heytherebuddy3 39 M
2  Articles
women and 3somes   12/20/2005

i have always had a fanatsy of having a 3some with two girls. i see plenty of girls making out and grabbing and feeling eachother so it should be easy to find another girl willing to do it right? well i cant, anyone got any ideas? do girls do that just to get guys attention or do they really like doing it and im jus going about it the wrong way

0 Comments, 315 Views, 4 Votes ,2.08 Score
video7up 76 C
1  Article
males for her   12/18/2005

Being a couple I notice so many couples only want couples or females to meet and party with. This shows a lot of insecurity on the husbands part. As a couple we accept single males as part of our swing lifestyle. Lets face it as a male we can satisfy one or two women in a night. Women can satisfy a multitude of males and have fun ding it. I found that by having my wife enjoy as many ...

6 Comments, 599 Views, 18 Votes ,6.54 Score
Top 5 Rimming Tip's   12/17/2005

Top Five Tips for Eating Ass <br> 1. Clean up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <br> Cleanliness is even more of a issue with analingus than with traditional oral sex. Taking a sexy bath or shower together is a relaxing form of foreplay and will allow your partner to get squeaky clean. You or your partner should soap their butt and asshole, inserting a finger into the rectum, and ...

1 Comments, 495 Views, 11 Votes ,5.60 Score
On_the_Hunt69 44 M
5  Articles
Squirting   12/15/2005

It has been said that all women can squirt. I guess the trick is finding out how to get her to do it. I have had great success with my wife for the last 13 years. It didn't happen right away, but after it did I was challenaged to find out how to get her to do it all the time. Weather it was oral or penetration That was the hottest thing I had ever seen a woman do. In my case stimulating the ...

0 Comments, 720 Views, 15 Votes ,3.90 Score

1) NOT KISSING FIRST. Avoiding her lips and diving straight for the erogenous zones makes her feel like you're paying by the hour and trying to get your money's worth by cutting out nonessentials. A proper passionate kiss is the ultimate form of foreplay. 2) BLOWING TOO HARD IN HER EAR. Admit it, some at school told you girls love this. Well, there's a difference between ...

2 Comments, 1043 Views, 37 Votes ,7.55 Score
rockymtnlover 52 M
16  Articles
more then 1 G spot   12/14/2005

There is a technique to get your woman to squirt. I found this little secret shortly after "probing" with my fingers deep inside my girl's pussy. Little did I know at the time what I was about to receive. I always start by fucking her first, then I put 2 fingers inside her pussy and turn my hand palm side up, so my fingers can "pet" the inside of her pussy wall. Just put your ...

0 Comments, 1011 Views, 18 Votes ,6.54 Score
rockymtnlover 52 M
16  Articles
anal intercourse   12/14/2005

Gentleman, I have been trying to get my lover to allow me to enter her anally. Most women aren't to acceptive to the idea. I thought and figure out a way to prepare her for more sexual pleasure. Don't try to just shove it in, You may hurt her and probobly wont get the chance again. First start by stimulating. While performing cunnalingus, let your tongue slide down a little further and ...

2 Comments, 587 Views, 10 Votes ,2.99 Score
rockymtnlover 52 M
16  Articles
swingers guild   12/14/2005

Swingers are alive and well in colorado springs CO. Many couples are looking for partners and or other partners. colorado springs is a small place but it is big when it comes to hot steamy group sex.

0 Comments, 134 Views, 0 Votes
miragee2002 48 M
13  Articles
Xx Marys ORGASM xX   12/14/2005

"Arrhhhhhh...I'm cumming" With a final thrust, John drove his penis deep into his wife's vagina and climaxed hard. For several seconds they both lay together, locked in their usual missionary' position, while John finished convulsing. It was their normal Saturday night'. John had licked Mary and then fucked her hard and fast until he came himself. Now sated, he rolled off her and was ...

3 Comments, 1011 Views, 35 Votes ,5.88 Score
swankyfrank69 68 M
6  Articles
My Girlfriends imagination... Is this a hint?   12/13/2005

My girlfriend sends me these notes just before she comes to visit..... What do you think? <br> She wanted to try something wild, something different, something so out of character for her. But how would she approach it..could she? She loved spontaneity, passion, being uninhibited...but there was a fine line she never crossed. Even during these moods, she would cross that ...

0 Comments, 443 Views, 6 Votes ,4.79 Score
Don't Forget To Play With My Balls!   12/12/2005

I know that when a woman has a tower of man meat pointing towards her moist mouth, she's got nothing on her mind other than attempting to swallow the cock whole. I know that once the skin flute is tickling her throat, she can only think of what to do with the cum once her pulsating pal erupts. I know that she's working on a method of swallowing as much dick as she can without gagging. I ...

2 Comments, 276 Views, 11 Votes ,4.10 Score
happycouple973 49 C
95  Articles
Spend A Passionate Evening Finding Each Other's G-Spots   12/12/2005

The G-spot may not be a surprise to some women who have already discovered the ultimate orgasm using this quarter-sized button of spongy tissue of the front vaginal wall. These women may have gone looking for it themselves or perhaps discovered it accidentally during intercourse. If you don't experiment with positions, you may never find it, or, if you do, the penis may glide right over ...

2 Comments, 816 Views, 27 Votes ,7.24 Score
rm_MamCsDawne 48 F
11  Articles
Fantasys of a Working Mom!   12/10/2005

This is fantasy only... just for those who have been reading my posts.. Usually I write about Real Stuff.. tonight I am taking a break from the real world for a few moments... YAY. <br> To start my story: I quickly take a hot warm shower and get all prettied up for work. Look over at the clock and realize it is time for me to go. I get in my car and drive to the beauty salon. ...

2 Comments, 917 Views, 11 Votes ,2.98 Score
rm_mibabygrrl18 59 C
1  Article
Nibbleing is for more than just the ear.   12/10/2005

Woman Love ut when a man nibbles on a girls ear...but they also love it when they take a nibble on the clit too. dont just start off nibbleing the clit, you need to work up to it. start by licking softly up and down the vaginal lips, and get her all wet and hot. then move your toung to her clit and start nibbling can eventually bit harder as she gets more worked up....i love it ...

1 Comments, 333 Views, 8 Votes ,3.48 Score
sierrars5000 40 C
6  Articles
Service with a smile!   12/9/2005

One winter evening last christmas, i was meeting craig at work to help him lock up (he owns a garage)when i arrived the snow was falling really heavy and it was starting to get dark, After seeing all the workers out so i could lock the front shutters i returned back into the building to find him bent over his ford sierra cosworth tuning it to perfection (as usual)! and i couldnt believe how ...

2 Comments, 907 Views, 17 Votes ,3.97 Score
rm_OJINGO200 49 M
1  Article
Why men close their eyes when they reach orgasm?   12/9/2005

I often wonder why we men close our eyes when reaching orgasms.

3 Comments, 517 Views, 9 Votes ,1.93 Score
Squirting   12/6/2005

How many ladies have experienced "squirting" while having sex? I have gotten my wife to do it and she absolutely loves it. Have I found the right technique to make her do it and now know how to make most women able to squirt? I love making her spray her juices across the bed.

6 Comments, 1238 Views, 15 Votes ,3.90 Score
Niceman2enjoy 60 M
1  Article
Asti Spumanti Treatment   12/4/2005

My sexy lover was over for dinner recently. I fixed my lovely lady a glorious meal and afterwards drew her a bath. I added scented oils(her favorites of course)strategicaly placed candles around the bathroom and then helped her slowly out of her clothes and into the tub. I washed my love by hand, taking my time, which was not easy! I brought in a bottle of chilled Asti Spumanti and poured ...

1 Comments, 254 Views, 7 Votes ,2.28 Score
Fucking the boss   12/2/2005

Is fucking the boss to get ahead at work wrong? Is there any girls out there who have done it as well? I have been letting my boss fuck me in the ass for about 2 years now. Before it happened just about everyday he would walk up behind me and find away to rub his crotch against my ass. He was always hard everytime he did it. Sometimes he would put his arm around my waist ...

8 Comments, 2818 Views, 62 Votes ,5.60 Score
rm_stiffsource 46 M
8  Articles
outdoor erotica   12/2/2005

I've noticed that many of my sexual encounters outdoors have had the female wild with exctasy more so than in the bedroom. Do you ladies thinks this is true or just my partners fetish?

2 Comments, 296 Views, 1 Votes
Deepthroat or Stroking?   12/1/2005

Is it possible for a guy to not love a deepthroat blowjob? Sadly, the answer to the question is "yes". There are two groups of guys: One group loves to have their hard cocks sucked until they cum like a waterfall into the back of her/his throat. The second group loves to have their cocks stroked and grasped while she/he is sucking their throbbing dick. We'll call the first group "The ...

3 Comments, 618 Views, 10 Votes ,2.19 Score
do any guys fantasize about strap on domination?   11/27/2005

i used to chat to a girl online who was obsessed with strapon domination on guys. id love to hear others views an opinions on this.cant wait!

10 Comments, 952 Views, 10 Votes ,4.18 Score
2  Articles
if u want to meet the friend in same interst   11/26/2005

some how is very difficult to meet the people who match your interst especiall in africa countries ASK me why 1.there so many people feels shy to explain her/his self or the filling to others .examp is one woman is bisexual she can tell a husband of friends becouse it be come distablance to her/him 2.the counrty laws a very strict in the sex ...

1 Comments, 402 Views, 8 Votes ,1.62 Score
sexysquaw75 46 C
3  Articles
So happy to bite you, my dear!   11/26/2005

I never thought in a million years that biting, not nibbling mind you, could bring a man closer to climax. I have given oral sex before, but I have never done that or ever been asked to. When I got together with my now husband, the sex we had was great and there was no biting involved. After we had been together for a long while, we became comfortable with experimenting, and getting ...

1 Comments, 667 Views, 18 Votes ,6.54 Score
Bi   11/26/2005

I have been attracted to guys since I was 12 I always like to stroke and suck this past week, I finally got into bed with a man and we kissed sucked rimmed til we were cumming man it was great, I am going to try and get my wife into a 3some with him he is at least 8 8.5 and thick, but wont let her knowwe were together, He is also married but she dont play. Then while she screws him he can ...

2 Comments, 1196 Views, 19 Votes ,5.50 Score
rm_sexycoco1977 46 M
13  Articles
how do u like yours suck wet or hard   11/26/2005

some people say some wet head is better then any is that true

1 Comments, 1018 Views, 18 Votes ,3.12 Score
rm_indydirtydog 46 M
1  Article
Oral Sex that will get her shaken   11/25/2005

Oral Sex that will get her shaken <br> There are times when you need to totally focus on your mate. It best to put aside your own agenda and just focus on her. ALWAYS start slow and do not go straight to the target. Take your time and work slowly to your destination <br> First step is your preparation..... A. Be clean - Body odor will kill the mood faster than anything. ...

6 Comments, 1152 Views, 31 Votes ,5.54 Score
rm_Mz_thick2 47 F
33  Articles
Some hot secrets   11/24/2005

Y is that everyone thinks they some hot new sex secret when they only got the one they r thnking of from someone else?

0 Comments, 634 Views, 9 Votes ,1.72 Score
rm_SilkyPeach 37 F
1  Article
Ladies: want to learn how to squirt? Men: want to learn how to make her squirt? Read on..   11/24/2005

Any woman really can squirt, it's just a matter of them fully relaxing and the perfect amount of pressure and speed being applied. I myself squirt and have tried many tewchniques, but here are my "tried and true" methods. LADIES: In order to quirt on your own, try the following: (it's my personal technique that I got from someone actually doing a scientific study on how to make ANY woman ...

4 Comments, 2180 Views, 77 Votes ,8.44 Score
Facials   11/23/2005

I just can not get enough cum shot on my face from a man. Is there any one out there who is like me and love facials? How many women or men love the have there man shoot their hot cum all over their face like me. I remember my first time and everytime I think about it I get so wet and horny that I will fingerfuck myself no matter where I am. My boyfriend was ...

9 Comments, 1644 Views, 48 Votes ,5.45 Score
Sex Secrets   11/22/2005

Does anyone have any that could help me get started? Especially for guys?

1 Comments, 508 Views, 3 Votes ,2.45 Score
giving or recieving   11/22/2005

what's better giving or recieving as i personal feel giving is better

6 Comments, 434 Views, 10 Votes ,2.99 Score
Black on white   11/21/2005

Are there any other people out there that gets aroused thinking of the contrast between white and black people having sex? I am a white male and love the sight of my white cock being sucked by a black lady's luscious and full lips. I also like to see my white cock penetrating a black lady's dark pussy from behind as I watch her beautiful black ass ripple while filling her with white ...

4 Comments, 667 Views, 14 Votes ,3.14 Score
alzobr_almoftary 50 M
7  Articles
alzobr_almoftary attt hooott   11/21/2005

hi sexy ladies from egypt

3 Comments, 281 Views, 2 Votes ,3.81 Score
happycouple973 49 C
95  Articles
what it would be like to have a larger cock.   11/21/2005

I have, I suppose, like all men, wondered what it would be like to have a larger cock. I have, once again, like a lot of people seen the 'freaks' in porno movies who have like dicks and thought to myself ‒ 'That can't be normal, most people aren't like that surely.' But in the back of your mind, you always wonder. Now let me say from the outset that I have nothing in my ...

3 Comments, 2094 Views, 24 Votes ,5.97 Score
on top?????2   11/20/2005

Most of the replies tells me to try a older man for the experience. Well my husband now is older than myself I am 34 he is 42.......Im going crazy here we have only been married a short time but he is always workin and we have no sex life, ive tried the surprise wake ups on him to get him in the mood but nothing i do works. Anyone have any ideas of things to try to get him to make time for ...

6 Comments, 1523 Views, 19 Votes ,2.46 Score
G spot   11/20/2005

Can the G spot be touched with a tongue ? I been trying very hard , am i just not doing it right?

4 Comments, 679 Views, 6 Votes ,1.09 Score
The right spot?   11/20/2005

To all you ladiesout there which spot gives the most pleasure the g-spot or the clitoris?

3 Comments, 598 Views, 5 Votes ,3.14 Score