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Once upon a meet
My after meeting experience
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Moved to New Blog
Posted:Aug 19, 2022 2:21 am
Last Updated:May 22, 2024 6:28 am

I have moved to the following new blog for a while:
I won't update the original one.
You are my VIP
Posted:Apr 29, 2022 12:19 am
Last Updated:May 22, 2024 6:28 am
I went to gym and asked club house manager to open it to me as usual.
I chose the last yoga wear that I posted in my blog however, it is a bit hot with pads on my boobs. So I decided to remove the two pads from my sport bra.

Manager: You have 6 days to enjoy private gym service before the end of covid restriction
Winsie: Yes I may go to gym every day, don’t worry.

I started to prepare yoga equipment as I believed that I have ended our conversation.

Manager: Oh, do you like out new washroom?
Winsie: Oh yes, it is great.

I discovered that he kept standing behind me.

Manager: Oh, do you like the photos that I took last time?
Winsie: Yes, sure.

He still kept himself behind me. OK, I need to be pro active this time.

Winsie: Anything new I need to use before re-open the gym?

I found that he smiled at me with funny eyes.

Manager: Yes, we add more lighting at the staircase. Oh, I know a tricks that can make you look like taller in photo, want to try?

Winsie: Taller! Why not!

He guide me to a secret place, it is a fire exit exactly with lots of echo. He helped me to pose and took photos.

Manager: do you mind?
Winsie: sure
Manager: put you hands here and legs here, ok, 1,2,3,… done.
Manager: put you legs here and hands here, oh why don’t spread you hands? it can show how slim you are.

Oh no, he may see my nipples if I don’t keep my arm cross each other.
(as shown in the photo)
He came closer to me and sit beside me.

Manager: do you mind?
Winsie: ah.. yes…
Manager: do you .. mind?
Winsie: hey, social dis… tan… cing… ah.. no.. no ..
Manager: your tits popping out here right…
Winsie: I feel cold here
Manager: let me give you warm…
Winsie: how.. oh.. I mean no….thx…

He held my hands and put them between his legs.

Manager: ok ok.. don’t worry.
Although I closed my arms but I found that he still looking at my boobs.

Manager: Warmer right?
Winsie: yes
Manager: Shall we?
Winsie what? Oh yes take photos…
Manager: sure

He really made my face into red although I kept myself posing continuously.

Manager: Done. here’s your photos, take a look..
Winsie: They all nice, thx.
Manager: Don’t mention it. I love that.

I think I really thinking too much on him.

Manager: Ok, lets back to gym, do you feel cold?
Winsie: No thx
He hold my hands suddenly.

Manager: let me guide you to gym
Winsie: Ok, thx. Oh … what…

Manager: is it much warmer if I doing this to you?

He started to caress me from my waist.

Winsie: Do you afraid to lose your job?
Manager: oh Sure. Sorry.
I hold his hands and put his hands on my hips
Winsie: is it better?
Manager: I love your smell. I always dream about meeting you like this.

I returned a kiss with him and said thank you to him.

Winsie: May I go?
Manager: Yes sure.

He pretended to open the door to me and turn to me with kissing.

Winsie: What…. Ah… hey.. I … have to… hey… ah….. ok… ah… no.. . Ah.. ok…

I forgot everything happening after that. I just remember his last conversation to me.

Manager: You will be my VIP.
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Physical Exercise
Posted:Apr 24, 2022 2:38 am
Last Updated:Apr 29, 2022 12:16 am
My club house manager always nice to me to open gym to me to practice Yoga and weight lifting privately even under Covid restriction. He always open the door to me secretly with curtain behind the door. But I also found that he looked at me behind the curtain. It seems that he is boring and I am providing some kind of entertainment or excitement to him.

The manager starts to ask me questions and chat with me recently in gym. Just like friendly talk until today.

He invited me to take photo during doing yoga. I love that too. So I started to poses to him. We took several photos only but kept on changing poses. I can tell, it was double my yoga normal workout strength in order to take a nice photo of me.

Here is a photo with my gym wear. Enjoy.
What's wrong of your washing machine
Posted:Apr 6, 2022 1:15 am
Last Updated:Apr 24, 2022 3:35 am
As what I said in the previous story. Here's the reason why I put a sexy pant in my bag as my spare pant in my red days.

We had some fun in his house with the sexy white pant. It must mixed up with his cum and mind since we had sexy at laundry room. So I put it in washing machine immediately and continue our fun actions.

Next day, I received a phone call from my sugar daddy. He told me that his washing machine have something wrong and keep saying sorry to me:

Sugar daddy: oh no, I coloured your white pant.
Winsie: What is the colour right now?
Sugar daddy: Blue, a bit only but still beautiful
Winsie: Oh no... I love it very much. How come you mixed the pant with your dyed clothes.
Sugar daddy: oh No.. Do you know how to remove it?
Winsie: Need to do it quick. I come over and see how it goes.

I come to my sugar daddy's house and rushed laundry room. I found my lovely pant was being dyed into blue.

Sugar daddy: Sorry Winsie
Winsie: Don't worry, let me bleaching it.

(You may see me from the photo that I were searching for bleaching powder)

Winsie: Why you took photo without helping me
Sugar daddy: because I know you like this....
Winsie: Like what, um.. ah.. .. no... stop running your hands on my boobs. I have bleaching powder on my hands.. haha .. no.. um..
Sugar daddy: try this on, I bought another pant for you.
Winsie: ok, um.. ah.. thx... so what should I do now... ah...
Sugar daddy: I want you. You look sexy and naughty without wearing your pant and only stockings. It seems you ready for something.
Winsie: yes, take it and I am yours.

I think that I don't need to describe more that your imagination.

So that's why a sexy pant in my bad because my sugar daddy put it in my bag finally.
What's wrong with my dress (Part 0)
Posted:Apr 4, 2022 1:46 am
Last Updated:Apr 4, 2022 1:53 am
I discussed this terrible experience with my AdultFriendFinder fans before and they reminded me something I haven't told before. It is what happened to my dress underneath.

As previous said in my story, I had visit gym before meeting my . I love gym very much and do it over sometimes and forget the time. So I have to change my clothes quick. However, I found that my period is coming out and made my pant dirty. I need to replace my pant with another one. I searched for my bag and found it in my bag (see picture below).. So I put it on with napkin immediately and left gym as soon as possible without checking a mirror from behind.

I do think that my long dress is too transparent especially under light at the hotel lobby and made it visible.

You may think that why I put this sexy pant in my bag?
Um... it is a part of next story.
What's wrong with my dress (Part 2)
Posted:Nov 4, 2021 3:51 am
Last Updated:Feb 16, 2022 5:54 am

My boss asked me to pick up a signed document from a who lived in a hotel. I was in a red days on that day so I dress a long dress as I posted before. It is a bit transparent under light especially from behind. However, I am quite confident that it should be blocked by the skirt inside the long dress.

I went to toilet before meeting my . My texted me while I were still in the washroom. As a girl, there are so many things should be done before going out from washroom. However, I was being distracted by the message and forgot to check my dress. I just checked my dress in front of a mirror without checking my back.

I walked to the hotel and tried to texted my . Before I press the send button, I felt that there were a man stood behind me who carrying a lunch box. I tried to see him from the reflection of a mirror. It seems that he was my . So I returned to him.

Winsie: ah.... are you Mr. XXXXXXX
The Man: ah.... yes yes yes
Winsie: It is good to meet you, I am the representative of XXXXX company to pick up your contract.
The Man: ah. ok come to my office hahaha (his hotel room).
Winsie: oh hahha....

In the lift, he kept silent and seems that he was thinking something.

The Man: come in.
Winsie: thx. oh you put down your lunch box and wash your hands, I can wait.
The Man closed the door
The Man: OK thx. No chair here, you may sit on my bed.

I don't think it is good idea to sit on his bed.

Winsie: I don't want to make your bed dirty it is good to keep it clean.

The Man stood at my left and said: I am not XXXXX
Winsie: What? you mean ... you are not Mr. XXXXX

The man put his hand on my butt suddenly and said: Yes, I told you I am not Mr. XXXXX in the lift. But you still come in to my room.

Oh no. I felt unsafe at that moment so I turn around and walked to the door. However, the man caught my hand and used his body to stop me against the door.

The man: No No No, it is your fault, you come to my place and find a wrong guy. You know,
Winsie: Yes so may I go.... ah... wha t.... you want... don't ... do that...

The man used his strong arm around my waist and grabbed my butt.
The Man: Oh you have great smell from your boob. You are not supposed to be here you know.
Winsie: Stop it.
It seems that he is an expert to this. I felt something happened...
Winsie: I am in red days, don't do that, It will come out from my pant.
The Man: I know that at the lobby. I looked at you from behind and find that you have sexy pant on you.
Winsie: What! oh no.....
I felt that the man have a very huge dick. However, I was not ready for that.

Winsie: No ah... No ah .... No sorry, I need to go...
The Man: You need to compensate me...
Winsie: what?????
The Man put his dick out ... oh no.. huge and hot between my legs.
The Man: my dick felt you dress sexy. you see, there are liquid coming out...

Winsie: oh no... I need to go...
The Man: Sh.... moment, I give you money for this.... ok?

I am angry about that and said: Leave me alone and let me go!

The Man: see my dick is huge and ready for you....
Winsie: Leave me alone.

The man gave me a way to open the door finally.
The Man: You will love it come back Chinese doll....

I hate this guy very much ... and I hate myself without confirming his identity.

I back to hotel lobby again and pressed the send button on my phone. The asked me to go to his room. I hate my job........
What's wrong with my Dress (Part 1)
Posted:Oct 23, 2021 12:08 pm
Last Updated:Feb 16, 2022 5:54 am
Hi my dear readers,

My new real story is started from my dress as below.
My boss asked me to reach my to collect a signed contract. I was in the red days so I dressed like this. Could anyone tell me what was wrong with my dress?
I will post my story after collecting your comment of my dress.
Birthday Gift in my Body
Posted:Oct 2, 2021 4:09 am
Last Updated:Mar 17, 2022 3:12 am

Sorry reader,

It have been long ti without updating my blog since I have very busy life recently.

However, I have lot of naughty friends around so naughty sry always in my mind.

This is happened in my birthday party. We have booked a party room in a hotel with wonderful harbour view. During the party, I received so gifts from my friends, but I found that one of my friends haven't given any gift. She ld that she forgot bring it and would give later.

Happy ti must go on, we drank a lot and I didn't know when I passed out.

After several hours, one of my friend woke up and checked out the room. I rey could walk without supporting of my friends shoulder. I still rembered that I asked a question loudy:
"I found that I have moisted, I love this glass of alcohol... can you tell the na of it.. haha"

Winsie: Yes, I felt my pussy had moisted by sothing but didn't know it ca from my body or by other chemical....

They helped a taxi and ld the taxi driver about my destination. After 3 mins., I received a ssage from one of my friend. She ld that:
"I put your birthday gift in you pussy, I will start it remotely in a second. We know that you love ys, Hope you love our arrangent, hahahaha"

Winsie: What... gift in my .... oh ah.... what... um... damn it....

I tried my best pretend nothing happening in a dark back seat. I through the strength of vibration is ok that I can stand throughout the whole way ho. Suddenly...

Winsie: what is happening... it cos with electric shock.. Oh no... it seems that it squeeze my juice from my pussy....

I don't think that my friends have used this kind of y before I don't like it and it rey hurts...

I tried ask my friend sp it but no one response .

Winsie: ok ok .. I can sp it by putting it out and switch it off right, let try...

I tried find it from my pant but nothing but my pant.

Winsie: oh no... it is wireless y without a wire and it deep in my pussy... damn it... what can I do... um... oh... may wet the car... um...

Driver: Lady...You are keeping hit my chair, are you ok?

Winsie: ok ok, um... I think ok, drink alot only hahaha.....

Driver: ok ok

I tried my best use my handbag cover my pussy and search for the y again.

Winsie: um.. ahhhhh... no... way...ahhh...

Driver, Lady you hit my chair again... what can I help you?

Winsie: um.. sorry, .... ah...

I think if it continue work on , I will wet the car in a minute. I need spread my legs this ti....
However, I found that it move a bit deeper when I spread my legs. Maybe the electric shock controlled my pussy muscle contraction.
How about spread my legs and use my finger make a hole let it co out by itself....?
The answer is not work because my juice may wet the car imdiately.
How about put a tissue on the seat and spread my legs and let it co out?
The answer is not work because I run out of tissue in the hotel.

Winsie: um.. excuse ... have you got tissue?

Driver: Sure sure... here is...

Great... I put tissue on my seat and lets start ....

Driver: Arrived, $150 dollar please.

The driver switch on the head light and said:

Driver: What are you doing.....

Yes, I forgot put my handbag cover my pussy with my pant off my legs....

Winsie: sorry a y is in my pussy... my friend......

Driver: What!!! Do you want go hospital?

Winsie: No.. let pay for the fee first... I can do it at ho.

I closed my legs and paid for him. But the y suck up and down suddenly....

Winsie: ah ah.... $150.... dollars ah... thx...

Driver: ok bye

I tried stand up but it seems the y take over my feets and can't walk...

Winsie: I can't walk....

Driver: What can I help you?

I think the only way is put the y out from y pussy.

Winsie: I need your help can you sit beside ?

Driver: ok so what's next?

I moved my right leg across his leg and keep my legs a bit open. I can't feel it move down a little bit ....

Driver: is it ok? how co your friend play that with you....crazy...

Winsie: yes... ah... crazy... ah... um... can I hold you arm... I need a bit push.... is it ok for you?

Driver: ok ok

I tried push it away from my pussy but the shock is strong.

Driver: I know what you want...

Winsie: ah... you know....

The driver ran his hands from my feet my tits.

Driver: is it ok now...

Winsie: ah... um... ok... ah

The driver kept on squeeze my tits and kissed .....

Winsie: ah... sorry, can you put the light off.... and let help you put this on....

Driver: ok let help you take it out...

Finy, the driver helped take it out and put another thing in my pussy...

What a wonderful gift.
A business trip with my sugar daddy (Day 1)
Posted:Feb 13, 2020 4:26 pm
Last Updated:Oct 2, 2021 2:57 am
Before I preparing my luggage, I need to plan my trip first. I have two identities in this trip so i need to prepare several things:
Identity 1 Secretary:
Different kind of suit, laptop, not too strong perfume, black skirts with white shirts, high heels( not too high),...... You may not interested in this part.

identity 2 Lover:
Condons, lingeries, different kinds of pants and stockings, toys..... you may know what i would prepare......

It turned that my luggage is about 20kg.

I dressed for him with a lossy one piece dress with bra and pant. He picked me up and drove me to the airport.

We sat next to each other on the plane. It was a overnight flight so nothing but sleep before mid-night.....

Around 2 am all light are off for an hour, it was time to action. I went away and found a nice and clean washroom. Then I undress my bra and pant before back to my seat. I pass a paper (Words on it: I need help please come after 5 mins, knock the door 4 times) to my SD when I back to my seat. Then I went to washroom again, undress myself, unlock the door and spread my legs, sitting and wait for him. When he open the door,

SD: oh... I know that...but...
Winsie: You love that?
SD: yes....
Winsie: You surprising right?
SD: yes...
Winsie: No no... the door...
SD: oh yes.... closing now....

We started to the game with a limited area.

SD: May I
Winsie: I am yours

After 2 mins. I discovered that I forgot to give him condom but he was ... good...ah.. but...

Winsie: ah.... ah.... wait... I ...ah... condom...
SD: oh... yes.. ah... one more time ... before use it....
Winsie: ah...ah i mean I forgot to bring it for you....
SD: oh.. yes.. ah..ah...

It seems too exciting for him and I pushed him away from my puzzy and cum on the wall suddenly. It was a danger situation with zero preparation. He asked me to go first and he needed to clean up the washroom....

That's the end of starter of the trip.

I know that I haven't been updated for a while. Hope that you would love my real story too. Comment is a kind of encourage, so please feel free to make one for me.

Day 2 is coming soon.
1 comment
A business trip with my sugar daddy (Day 0)
Posted:Feb 13, 2020 4:40 am
Last Updated:Feb 22, 2020 4:19 pm
My sugar daddy invites me to have a bsiness trip with him since his secretary was on leave.
Winsie: I don't think I am a good secretary u know. Can u find someone else?
SD: you are the someone else.
Winsie: i hate long hours flight
SD: i know but I can over you business class seat.
Winsie: ok but what should i do in the trip?
SD: to be my secretary during meeting. Most of meetings are in afternoon.
Winsie: how about at night?
SD: free time after meetings
Winsie: a double bed room right?
SD: sure
Winsie: how about dress code?
SD: you should know itmis a business trip with dinner meeting
Winsie: ok I need you promise me something before i accept your offer. First, I will be your profession secretary. So play treat me as your staff. Secondly, I can do what i want to do after meeting. Third, i will make your eyes on me all the time and may make you very busy.
SD: oh sounds funny... i promise.
Winsie: ok I will go with you. Where is it?
SD: portgual

With his promise, i started to plan what i need to put in my luggage. I decided to seduce his mind and test his limit of cum. The trip was about 7 days. Therefore, i bought 30 condoms..... and.... hehe too much fantacy ... tell you in my next blog
Zipped Bag and Pants is Down (Part 2)
Posted:Jun 29, 2019 10:57 pm
Last Updated:Oct 8, 2021 12:28 am

There are several things I need to do before work today:
1. Pretending nothing being discovered;
2. Don't let him find any excuse to go to my room again;
3. Prepare more napkins;

Colleague: Nice meeting, lets have a short briefing at night again. Where we meet this time?

Winsie: same place at lobby at 8:00pm, ok?

Colleague: good see you later.

Good to let me decide the place to meet.
We meet at hotel lobby just like as usual at 8;00pm

Colleague: the terms in previous document should be same as the new one. Have you check that?

Winsie: Agree, I will check it later.

Colleague: but some new terms are based on the previous one. so I think you need to cross check now....

Winsie; Ok, let me go to my room and pick it down now...

Colleague: Good, um... I think you have a bit tired today, how about shorten the briefing session by meeting at you room?

Winsie: Ah good idea...
oh no... what! What!.... I said Good idea!! oh no....

Winsie: Oh how about ...

Colleague: Here a timer, have 5 mins meeting ok...

Winsie; um.... ok...

So we go to my room ...

Something wrong, so I need to start plan B, Keep everything focus on the briefing only.

Colleague: let see the document... um..this part is........

Winsie: yes...

After 5 min. the timer stop.

Colleague: Good, thx Winsie, time to back to private life, I forget to told you I bought one more napkin in wardrobe, don't you know it?

Oh no.. Private life.... why he asking such question?

Winsie: oh thx.

Colleague: and I think it is good to zip you bag, I know you are doing anything with hygiene come first....

Winsie; Oh thx.

Colleague: I also got the toy with my ex-girl fan.

Winsie: Oh thx... no.... oh ic....

Colleague: Do you think it is noisy?

Winsie: what!... oh a bit.

Colleague: but I find that can be improved.

Winsie; I can do it thx.

Colleague: Let me show it to you.

He walk to my wardrobe and pick up my toy.

Winsie; um... hey,...

Colleague: Let me show you something....

He pick up glass of lubricant with a silicon tube. He apply lubricant on my toy and put my toy inside the silicon tube. And then apply lubricant on the silicon tube.

Colleague: the silicon tube is new so you may try it tonight.

Winsie; ok... no... should be thx.

I turn my face in red... and really don't know what can I say at that moment.

Colleague: See the noisy is much better but the vibration is not change, check it...

Winsie: yes... um... ah...

Colleague: No by hands, should be here right....

Winsie; No...ah... time to leave, I mean you... ah...

Colleague: I will not in this company next month you know....

Winsie: Ah.. great.. to know...

Colleague: Can we...

Winsie: No... ah... don't ... ah... push ... it ... .... ah.. how ..come....ah...

Colleague: can you listen the noisy is much smaller....

Winsie: Yes.... ah... no...

He start to kiss with his hand moving on my boobs...

Colleague: so you may enjoy you private life, time to go bye...

Winsie: ah... um...

I stopped him to go with kiss... and stopped him to go for whole night.
Zipped Bag and Pants is Down (Part 1)
Posted:Jun 28, 2019 8:09 am
Last Updated:Jun 29, 2019 9:21 pm

I am in my day 3 of 5 days business trip in Korea now. I come with a colleague. We decided to have a mini briefing tonight at hotel lobby.

Colleague: Um.. ok lets start..... A and B.... um... Winsie... hope you don't mind, I found that your skirt have situation...

I feel something running out from my pussy I kept checking on my pants for a whole day... Oh no... M days is coming....

Winsie: I need to back to my room... sorry...
When I stand up, it ran out from pussy and make my skirt more dirty.

Colleague: No.. you haven't got any clothes to cover it. How about I walk behind you and cover you?

Winsie: Good idea, lets go...

When I back to my room, I find that I forget to bring any tampon. The only way I can do is to ask him to buy me tampon.

Colleague: What is the brand name of tampon?

Winsie: Any one is ok.

After 5 mins. He bought my napkin.

Colleague: I don't know what is tampon um... how about napkin?

Winsie: No problem... thx. sorry about that... oh give me mins. and restart our briefing at my room ok?

Colleague: ah... ok...

I have no choice because i need time to clean and want to finish briefing as soon as possible.

Winsie: Wait... I forget to close my wardrobe and unzip my bag... I hope that he didn't discover my toy and my used underwear....

I found that he sat down on a chair and than walked around quietly. I tried my best to disturb him by flushing he toilet but he still walked to the wardrobe.

I came out from washroom after 5 mins. and used 30 mins. to finish our briefing. I go to check my wardrobe after briefing immediately. I found that another napkin pack had been placed inside the wardrobe. Oh... he bought me two. But why he didn't tell me?

Wait... oh no.. my bag is zipped and my pants is down from hanger... oh no... being discovered?

My blog reader, what do you think? Please let me know and what should I do during the rest of the trip.
A Quiet Taxi
Posted:Jun 11, 2019 1:36 am
Last Updated:Nov 30, 2019 4:19 am

I fixed my very old vibrator recently with a powerful motor inside. I tried to use it at home and found it great. However, it is a bit noisy but I can minimise it if I keep my legs close.

I brought it to office and put it under my pants before I back home. The best way to test a toy is inside a taxi.

The taxi drive kept the radio on, it can cover the noisy sound from my vibrator. It allowed me to keep my vibrator moving on my way home and allowed me to keep my eyes closed for enjoying the vibrating pattern that I love.

Winise: Is it no more sound from the radio? Oh, when he switched off it?

I found that the taxi driver kept watching me from the mirror.

Winsie: oh no... I was being discovered? Oh no, maybe I forgot to keep my legs close and made the noisy sound come out...

I tried my best to keep my legs close but the vibrating sound still came out from my legs. Every time I tried to put my hand under my pant to fix the vibrator, the driver looked at me again and again. I think I need to switch it off with the remote control.

Winsie: Oh ... no battery of the remote... oh no..... it can't be controlled by the remote. I have to switch it off directly by put it out from my pant.

Driver: Lady, do you feel cold?

Winsie: Damn it.... I am in a busy, no time to talk with you...

The driver switched off the air-con. and make the whole car became very quiet except the sound from the vibrator. The driver watched me directly and I found that he was watching me what I would do next.

I kept my legs close and put my hands between my legs to minimise the sounds but also put it more close to my pussy.

The drive kept watching me every time in front of a traffic light and kept the car moved very slow....

Winsie: What can I do.... ah.. may cum if I kept put it in and he kept watching me.

Driver: What is your destination?
Driver: Turn left/right?
Driver: Go straight?

Winsie: No... Don't asking me... I may cum if I lost my mind control....

Finally, the last traffic light and I can't help to moan a bit....

Driver: $180 thx...

I gave him $200 but he kept me wait for changes. He was out from his car suddenly. He opened the door for me and helped me to out from his car.

Driver: Oh oh oh... Mind your head, let me help you....

He hold my left arm and pushed me toward his crest.

Oh man, don't do that ... oh.... no... my toy came out from my pussy and I cum over my pant.....

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