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oldie but a goodie  

travellerabc123 54M
914 posts
1/23/2022 6:22 am
oldie but a goodie

She was big, strong, plain, and brilliant - and utterly insecure in the role of woman. For a defense, she played at being one of the boys. Occasionally, though, when her defenses were down, she revealed her discomfort with herself and was direct in her appeal for affection. At first, he had been very careful about her, being uncertain of how hungrily she might grasp at any sign of affection, or what commitment she might read into the least intimacy between them. She had seemed to want to be a buddy, which he had accepted and encouraged.

Maybe it had been inevitable, though, that the occasion should arise when circumstances would dictate something very different...

It had happened in her apartment two weeks earlier. They had been sharing a bottle of wine and some cheese; she had reached past him for the knife. She accidentally touched him with her breasts, blushed deeply, and had been conspicuously aroused. She offered herself to him...directly...bluntly....volunteering the assurance that she was realistic and would remain so. ("Hey, just recreation, okay? Just for fun.") He had guessed she would be deeply humiliated if he refused, so he had gone to bed with her. After a little while, in the dark, they returned to the bottle of wine.


The following weekend, he had two more encounters with her. The second was very much like the first. She initiated their lovemaking but seemed to be quickly satisfied and afterwards abashed and shy. It was as if she had exposed something she wanted to keep hidden. They had not yet spent a whole night together. In fact, she had made the reservations at the resort, and he was not certain they would even share the same room...


They drove to the resort outside Stroudsburg. She had, in fact, reserved just one room. She had also reserved horses for them to ride. After two hours on the trails near the hotel, she swam laps while he sat at poolside with a drink and watched her. It was only when she had to dress for dinner and accompany him to the candlelit dining room that she turned self conscious and even timid. She wore flats so as not to be taller than he. Her white cocktail dress, though she had bought it for this evening and hoped for the best, somehow emphasized just what she did not want to emphasize...her big bones and solid musculature, her forceful stride and gawky gestures.

"Fuck!" she exclaimed nervously when the returned to their room after dinner. "What are we going to do? Do you really want to sleep with me?"

"Sure," he said. "Why not?"

She sat down on the edge of the bed, letting her shoulders go slack. "Why not?" she asked. "That's what I came here for." She paused and sighed. "But you could have any woman in the world...".

He frowned and shook his head. She fluttered her hand and continued..."Yes, you could, just about. With me...well....what you see is what you get."

"I like what I see," he said. He reached for her hands and took them in his as he stood before her. "I like you...I enjoy being with you. You and I are not in love with each other, but I admire you. You're a very special person. All you seem to lack is self-confidence."

"I've been robbed of it by experts," she whispered. "A succession of them."

"Well, let's see if we can't restore some of it. Come on...let's you and I take a shower together..."


She undressed hesitantly, blushing as she pulled off her undergarments. He had not seen her naked before, except in the shadows of her bedroom, with almost no light. Ths skin of her torso was white. Her one-piece swimsuits had limited her summer tan to her arms, legs, and face. Her large round breasts were solid. She was not fat. She was just a big woman, damaged in her self esteem by a world obsessed with another style.

In the shower, he lathered her whole body, running his hands over her skin made slippery by warm water and soap. She closed her eyes and twisted sensually, drawing deep breaths. He pressed his middle finger between her legs, through her vaginal lips, and found her clitoris. He massaged it until she stiffened and writhed in the ecstasy of climax...

From then on, she was guided by instincts which both of them were surprised she had. When they stepped out of the shower stall, she dropped to her knees and began to lick the water off him. First from his hips and belly, then his penis and scrotum, and finally his buttocks. She felt him stiffen and gasp, and stayed there, exploring with her tongue as far as it would reach, exciting him with sensations he had never known before. Reaching around his hips, she took his shaft in her hands and manipulated it while she continued to lick...until he gasped and succumbed to a raging orgasm, spurting on the bathroom floor.

"All I've ever had before were quickies," she whispered to him as they lay in each other's arms in bed. "I just...accommodated guys. Most of them never even bothered to make me come. That was what I was going to do for you two weeks ago, our first time...just make you feel good, because I like you so much. But you...I CAME with you. You took the trouble. Damn, I..."

"Shhhhh. How's THAT feel?"

"Oh, God!"

Lying awake beside him for hours, she offered her breasts to be kissed, took him inside her as often as he could rise to it, and kissed and caressed every part of him to restore him. It was difficult to believe...but he did believe...she had known nothing like this before but offered just what instinct suggested. She gave him as much as any woman ever had.

When finally, just before dawn, she seemed about to go to sleep, he ran his hand across her forehead to brush her hair away from her eyes. "There's nobody better than you", he said. "Absolutely nobody."

She sighed. "Thanks..." she whispered.


They ate breakfast at poolside the next morning, sitting at a wrought iron table under some trees. It was an easy Sunday morning. They were easy with each other. She touched his hand on the table...

Embrace the suck

starlight8741y 54F  
1 post
2/15/2022 6:08 pm


travellerabc123 replies on 2/15/2022 8:06 pm:
if you would like your copy signed by the author, let me know.

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