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talltree6 54M
1 posts
2/3/2022 3:48 pm

The sun was just short of reaching its zenith and the smell of the ocean wafted about on the sea breeze. The wind was warm as it blew across her lightly tanned skin. She gazed across the crystal white sand and the waves lapping gently against the shore. She had been waiting for this for what seemed like an eternity. Now here she was. This surely is Paradise, she thought. Wouldn't it be nice wake this everyday? She said the empty Beach. The sounds were the waves lapping the shore and the wind blowing through the Palms. As she was taking in The View, she thought about her comment no one in particular. Perhaps wouldn't be better live here everyday. Eventually, this beauty would be taken for granted. Perhaps that's why we consider Paradise. 's an Escape From the everyday and something that should always be appreciated and embraced. Her thought was interrupted by the of a Denizen of the air as flew gracefully across the water. She gazed across the Horizon and marveled at the expanse. The sea looked like a sheet of rippled blue green glass. She became lost in the vision before her and did not hear him come up from behind. The touch of his lips on her neck startled her. Where you been? A bit more gruff than she intended as she turned face him. Just taking a around, he said with a crooked smile. He was tall and well built. She liked that crooked smile of his, although it usually meant he was up something. She returned his smile. This is absolute Paradise, isn't ? She said as she reached out embrace him...He pulled her and tight his chest. They folded their arms around one another. He drew in the strong scent of coconut from the lotion she was wearing. They held tight each other as the sun warmed their skin. He released her, grabbed her by the hand and began leading her towards the water. The water was absolutely perfect. He urged her into waist-deep water and with a quick tug, he pulled her into him and they tumbled over. They quickly resurfaced and she gave him a playful slap. They laughed as they wiped the water from their eyes. They stared at each other, appreciating the moment. Suddenly he ducked beneath the waves. She could see him clearly through the water as he fished around as if looking for something. It wasn't long before he broke the surface, holding something in his hand. The starfish glowed bright orange-red and was larger than the palm of his hand. They had never seen anything like this back home. He held it out to her and she gingerly took it from him. She stared at it in wonder. As she examined the starfish, he examined her. He felt fortunate to be here with her and being able to share such a unique experience. She gently lowered the starfish to the surface of the water and released it. They continued to swim for a while longer, playfully splashing each other and giggling like teenagers. After a Time, they wrapped an arm around each other and exited the surf. They Walked a short distance before he raised his arm and pointed towards a stand of palm trees. she saw swaying in the light Breeze, a hammock. A hammock large enough for two....

This time she took him by the hand and broke into a run. They reached the stand of trees and she dropped his hand,turned to face him and gently lowered herself into the hammock. She was careful not to set herself down too hard since she didn't want to flip out as fast as she got in. As she leaned back she pressed her feet into the sand and gave hammock a gentle Rock. As she moved to and fro, she remembered that she had mentioned something to him about a hammock once. She noticed him watching her. She raised a finger, pointed at him and curled in the come here motion. He gladly obeyed her gesture. He stopped directly in front of her and the hammock came to a stop when bumped into his legs. She looked him from head to toe I noticed that his swim trunks were no longer flush with his body. She leaned forward and placed her hands on his hips. With a Deft movement he pulled his shorts from his hips and dropped them to his ankles. His rigid cock was now staring her in the face. She moved in close and kissed the of his head. She opened her mouth, placed one hand on his chest and one on his ass. She pulled him in deep. He right her mouth felt like Silk on his skin. She began suck moving him in and out. Her tongue caressing the base of the shaft. She would occasionally stop and suck just on the head. The combination of her mouth on his cock in the breeze on his back made his skin prickle. His shaft was slippery with her saliva as she stroked its base. As she continued she slid her hand down to his balls and begin to them lightly. Her touch sent A tingle from his balls through to the head of his cock. He felt a bit of his love potion seep from the . She continued suck, occasionally taking him as deep as possible. He reached down run his fingers through her hair. Her motion was fluid, effortless. He soon felt the familiar rumbling as she caressed him with her tongue. He soon began to feel like a shaken champagne bottle ready for the cork to be popped. He moaned deep has the cum shot from his cock. Her mouth enveloped him. She sucked on him as if she were drawing the last drop from a glass through a straw. His orgasm seemed to last forever as he stared up into the cloudless sky. She withdrew from him and smacked him gently on the ass. She stood, stared him in the eyes, put her hands to his cheeks and pulled him to her glistening lips. Their kiss was deep and passionate, but filled with an animalistic hunger....As their tongues were tied in their hungry dance, he turned the both of them slowly until his back was to the hammock. He gently released his hold on her and backed slowly to the hammock. He squatted until he felt the hammock make contact and allowed himself to fall into its confines. He grinned wryly and told her in a playful tone to lose her suit. She gave him a teasing smile. Instead of just losing her suit, she stripped out of it inch by inch, tossing that teasing smile at him all the while. After a few moments, her suit was gone and she stood naked before him. The sun that snuck through the fronds reflected off her smooth, oiled skin. He now gave her the come hither motion with his finger. She moved to close to the hammock, her legs straddling his. He held out both hands to her. He carefully guided her into the hammock, while keeping it steady by burying his feet in the sand. It rocked slightly, but he urged her on. She was expecting to rest on his waist and eagerly anticipated his still hard, wet cock to slide effortlessly into her awaiting pussy, but he urged her to gingerly keep moving. He let go of her hands, cupped a palm around each ample ass cheek and inched her forward until she straddled his head and his tongue flicked out to tickle her swollen lips...

She sighed deeply as his tongue stroked her engorged clit. The sensation rippled up through her<b> stomach </font></b>and she felt her skin tingle. His tongue then easily parted her wet lips. He began to move it effortlessly, sliding it back and forth from her opening across the length of her lips to her clit where he would pause momentarily to draw it in between his teeth and bite gently as he massaged it with the of his tongue. The fine hairs of her skin stood on end, as if she was caught in a storm of static electricity. He shifted her hips so her legs opened wider. Her pussy also opened and he plunged his tongue in as deep as his effort would allow. She felt his wetness against hers. It fanned her fire and she began to his face with a hungry energy. Her hips moved rhythmically, making him cover every millimeter of her crystal. He took hold of her hips to keep her from thrusting too emphatically, as he continued to lap and tongue attentively. She started to quiver as the water in her kettle began boil. He sensed what was happening and halted her movement as her puffy clit came rest at his
Awaiting tongue. He struggled against him, wanting control. He held her fast as his tongue turned up the heat. She was shaking now. The pressure building to critical mass. Her cries echoed through the palms as she released her honey. It filled his mouth and ran down his neck. He tasted her sweet nectar and her orgasmic convolution rocked her. She rode the wave as it passed and slowly slid herself until they were face to face...

Her breathing was still heavy as she kissed him gently . The taste of her honey was heavy on his lips. He ran his fingers through her hair. She shivered at his touch. She pulled back and locked eyes with him. His gaze made her feel as though she was enchanted, almost as if he was looking into her soul. He held her gaze for a moment longer and moved in to kiss her deeply again. Although her breathing had returned to a normal Cadence, she began to feel her heart beat harder in her chest . He slowly shifted his weight so her body would be cradled in the confines of the hammock and he moved atop her.

Vvrooom 64F

2/18/2022 9:39 am

Excellent job! A couple of little errors; but the content is wonderful. I enjoyed it very much. Very detailed. Thank you.

~ V 💋

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