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A Maiden in The Mountains Chapter 4  

silverforgold 68M
0 posts
2/24/2022 11:42 am
A Maiden in The Mountains Chapter 4

A Maiden In the Mountains
Chapter 4

It always seems as though there is a randomness to our memories.
They come and go like clouds drifting through our minds, taking shape and then either evaporating or reassembling themselves into another shape, or another time.
They may be triggered by events or emotions which somehow attach themselves to those images, calling them from the darkness where they lay, hidden from our consciousness until they are once again exposed. Much like old photographs inside folders where we placed them, we hold them in our hands or let linger as we turn the pages.

I tied the dampened scarf around her neck and we both stood to continue our climb.
She retied her pony tail and put on her Yankees baseball cap.
I asked her how much further would it be until we reached the waterfall.
She said we were about half way there.
We had been hiking for about forty minutes. The air had begun to change and it became heavier, very still and more humid.
That indicated a front may be coming through and that could also mean thunderstorms.
Thunderstorms are spectacular in the mountains. You are almost in the clouds as it is.
The lightening is more brilliant and the voice of the thunder so much louder and rolls through them repeating over and over again, echoing off of distant faces like the mountains are talking to each other, becoming softer as it trails off as yet another roar just begins.
There are things other than a compass, matches and poncho which are always in my pac
I keep a collapsable bow saw, large hunting knife and a sheet of plastic folded into a very compact size. I also have essential first aid material. as well as a hand held fishing line rigged in such a way as to not need a pole to use it.
My thoughts were about preparation for the unexpected need that may present itself at any time.
We continued climbing the rocks assisting each other as we went.
After a time I began to hear the faint sound of water moving over rocks to my right, which told me the trail getting closer to the stream bed.
We did not converse much as we hiked as it is important to attention to what you are doing.
A sprained ankle or even a fracture can mean a great deal more in this environment.
I also prefer silence when I am hiking. There is enough noise in the world, filling our heads with a cacophony of nonsense from a myriad of sources and all the chatter created by the machinery of daily existence, keeping us from finding any inner peace or serenity.
All at once the rocks became a soft woodland trail passing through a dense forest of tall pine and hemlock trees. Their smell is an intoxication for the senses.
She walked in front of me and I was engrossed by the grace of her movements the sensuousness of how a woman so unconsciously draws a man to her through them.
Another way nature moves us toward each other with desire to touch and share our bodies for pleasure and also to reproduce which is natures most important goal.
She took off her cap and put it on my head then she set her hair free from the confining pony tail and shook her head rubbing her hands through it in assistance.
The sound of rushing water became much louder as the trail opened out next to the stream, where a larger pool created over time by the waterfall now bathed in light a short distance away.
The softness of water had carved its way through solid rock proving ultimately, that true power in our lives comes from patience, finding your place in the stream and purpose.
The light so dim in the woods had now become full and bright, being at this higher elevation meant there would be a couple more hours of daylight as well.
We were both sweating from the climb in the hot humid air.
I had not forgotten about the possibility of approaching storms.
She found a nearby rock and sat down and hastily removed her boots and socks. She looked at me smiling brightly and then she walked out into the shallow water at the streams edge.
She turned to look at me again and so I removed my boots as well and went to her.
We both stood just looking at all the beauty around us and without looking at me her hand found mine.
We held each others hand feeling that energy that passed between them and then as if at once we both turned to each other and embraced.
I felt her breast against my body.I think she must have felt my erection as well because as I drew her closer she pressed herself harder against it.
We kissed each other over and over again.
I did not think I could get any hotter but I was wrong.
We stopped kissing and looked into each others eyes and there a deep connection between us.
She looked at my chest and reached out and began touching my shirt tugging at it playfully saying Do you want to go swimming? as she looked up into my eyes with desire.
I said we will get our clothes all wet.
She said in a playful shyness, Well wee dont have to.
I looked at her and said I am up for that if you are.
She did not hesitate and removed he shorts.
She was wearing very delicate almost completely see through lace underwear.
She looked up again perhaps unsure of how I might react.
I<b> touched </font></b>her shoulders and let my hands move down her arms until stopping on her hips.
You are so beautiful., all I could manage to say.
She laughed playfully and walked out and dove into the deeper water of the pond.
I removed my shirt but not my shorts and followed her.
The mountain stream intensely cold in comparison to the air.
She swam toward the water fall and I followed her.
When she got close enough she climbed out and up to the base of the waterfall leaning against the rock ledge behind it, she let the water cascade over her body.
Her top again soaking wet clinging to her breasts, her nipples so hard and erect from the cold water.
I climbed out when I reached where she was as well. I found my footing and leaned against her kissing her while my hands began exploring her body as the water rushed over us both.
The roaring sound filed our ears but somehow I still heard a voice calling out from somewhere within it saying, Yes, live your lives, feel each others bodies, hold each other as close as you can. This is your time and this is your moment.

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