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A Maiden In the Mountains Chapter 7  

silverforgold 68M
0 posts
2/24/2022 11:48 am
A Maiden In the Mountains Chapter 7

A Maiden In the Mountains
Chapter 7

Everything about the natural world is a reflection of what we are made from.
When we understand that, it becomes an endless supply of knowledge which will enlighten us and assist us as we transform throughout our entire lives.
There are countless lessons to be leaned. Gifts to be given or earned, shared and also, at some point they will all be taken away.
We ultimately must and will surrender everything we are made from, to it.
When we separate ourselves from it, we sacrifice more than we know for the temporal and insignificant illusions that our minds create about why we are here.
We awaken to each new dawn and never really know what the will present to us but if we allow ourselves to greet it with an open mind and heart, anything is possible.

The storm continued to move away and the air began to change.
It told the front had passed through.
It completed its mission here where we were and was moving on to its next task.
The rain ended and I could see the opened up to reveal billions of stars.
The air was also cooler and we were soaking wet.
She was still shaking a bit, but more as a result of the cooling air than any fear from the passing storm.
The absence of clouds also revealed a beautiful full moon and her light became a gift of sight.
I touched her and she turned to into my eyes. I said, Well that was fun.
She smiled sweetly back at and didn’t say anything, her eyes told everything I needed to know.
We kissed and the passing storm had left us with another gift as it deepened our bond of affection for each other.
I said, Stay here for a few minutes I want to go back and find the flashlight and whatever else we left behind. I will be right back.
She said, Okay. and I kissed her again and walked back up the trail.
It was still wet but not slippery.
The ground does not hold on to water the same way in the mountains, it is mostly shallow and made up from decades of the decaying leaves, pine needles, branches and fallen trees that created it.
Not far beneath it, lay all the bones of the mountain itself.
I came back to where we had been earlier.
The moon illuminated everything and I quickly found my flashlight, which was surprisingly close but had been so illusive nestled in a crevice between the rocks.
I saw the remaining pack of<b> beer </font></b>so I grabbed that as well.
My T shirt was soaking wet. I picked it and the cardboard box of Old Golds and the joints were still in the pocket.
I opened it and the contents were surprisingly still dry as the box prevented the water from penetrating and reaching them.
I smiled to myself and said thank you to the gods for yet another small favor.
I walked back to where she was and turned on the flashlight but we really didn’t need it at that point.
I handed it to her. and said, Follow me, be careful but I think the trail won’t be very slippery now.
We arrived back at the lean to and I took the flashlight from her to inspect it.
It was completely intact.
Another gift from the mountain gods, and I didn’t neglect thanking them for it with a voice somewhere deep inside of me.
I inspected the floor the canopy. It was still mostly dry. More good news.
I found my pack and it was a damp on the bottom but not wet enough to penetrate it,
I opened it and found my long sleeve shirt. I turned to her and said, You need to get of your wet clothes. Here put this on.
She didn’t hesitate, she removed her topped put it on.
I began the process of making a fire.
Once again the strike anywhere matches proved their value. Fire is life.
I was able to get it started quickly using the materials she had collected. It began to talk to us sputtering and crackling with its merry voice.
The rock wall helped reflect the heat and so intensified it as well.
I looked around and gathered all the wet clothing. My shorts, her top and underwear, my T shirt and found places to hang them or place them near the fire.
Our boots were also wet so I said, You probably should put your boots over here near the fire as well.
My jeans were also still pretty wet.
I retrieved my jeans jacket from my pack and put it on.
Without making a big deal out of it I removed my jeans.
I turned to look at her and she smiled and removed her wet shorts as well.
The pine duff under the canopy was very soft. We sat down together close to the fire. Our legs touching each other.
I opened my cigarette box and took out a joint and lit it. I took a and offered it to her. She looked shyly and said, Maybe later.
I found the pack and pulled another<b> beer </font></b>from it. We shared it together, as we sat quietly letting the warmth and stillness of the night do its magic.
I felt perfectly at ease with her and a I was wondering if she felt the same.
It was as if she were reading my mind and she held my hand and without looking at me she said with a slight hesitation, I want you to to make love to me.
She turned to look into my eyes. Her expression was to become a portrait that will forever be in my mind.
The significance of that moment and what it represented to both of us is impossible to capture in words.
I didn’t say anything right away. I needed to think about the position I was in at that moment.
There is one opportunity for a woman to experience the loss of her virginity and all that it would mean.
Of course my whole body and mind had been wanting to make love to her from the first moment I saw her.
Yet there was something in her voice and the way she said it that made me feel a certain way about it.
It sounded somehow different in that moment. It was a woman's voice. It had a confidence and understanding that was within her alone.
I looked into her eyes. They were filled with passion and a fire that came from some where deep inside her.
My eyes were asking are you sure you want this?
The answer was Yes.
I took off my Jeans jacket and made a make shift pillow out of it.
I touched her shoulders with both of my hands and she turned her body toward me.
I took her hands in mine and we stood together, all the while looking into each others eyes.
I put my hands on the shirt she was wearing and slowly removed as I looked at her soft skin and her chest which began to fill more deeply with air as her body reacted to her anticipation.
I already now had a full erection and it measured the distance between us.
I touched her and mouth with my hands and kissed her.
She kissed back harder and made a sound that I can not explain other than to say it felt like an expression of submission and letting go. It reached somewhere very primal inside of me and I felt myself become filled with the energy of my manhood because of it.
The nature of a man now taking shape in his role as force of nature taking a woman in the act of mating.
Not very different and yet somehow entirely different than how any other species on this Earth expresses that power.
Ultimately this act can create new life and it simply can not get more intense than that.
Her body was trembling a as I slowly touched her and caressed her as she stood with her hands her sides.
Her eyes now were closed as she withdrew to allow herself to experience every moment in whatever way that would be, for her alone.
My hand slipped in between her legs and a felt her heat and I gently caressed her lips there.
The soft pedals of that flower seeking to be opened and reveal its own power.
She reached and touched my penis now hard a a rock. That act of touching felt as if it were unsure of itself so I reached down and put my hand on hers, guiding it in a slow motion up and down over it as I kissed her again and again on the lips.
I then began to kiss her neck and then her chest, then her stomach as I knelt down in front of her.
She place a hand on my head and her body quivered as I let my tong find her and then I kissed her there and I took her hands and gently pulled on them and she knelt down as well.
We were both on our knees holding hands and looking into each others eyes.
There was something ageless in that moment beyond time and space.
I knew her and I have always known her. Even before the dawn of time itself.
She moved to lay down and I continued to caress her sweet softness as she parted her legs.
I positioned myself on top of her.
I took my erection in my hand and brought it to her vagina.
I carefully and slowly pressed it into her.
Her eyes were open very wide and she was looking at me but not at me at he same time.
Allowing herself to feel what was happening in ways a woman could possibly ever know.
I pushed in a farther and she let a muted cry as I felt something that was resisting it give way.
I felt the juice within her flow over inside her.
I carefully puled away and reentered her slowly again and again allowing her to slowly become accustom to all of these knew sensations.
She continued to let involuntary sounds which changed from whimpers to pleasure.
Then her hands reached around my back side and she pushed against it with every motion asking for to go deeper still.

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