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A Maiden In the Mountains Chapter 6  

silverforgold 68M
0 posts
2/24/2022 11:46 am
A Maiden In the Mountains Chapter 6

A Maiden In the Mountains
Chapter 6

Are we meant to find each other in this life and if so, why?
When we think about how many people cross our paths over the course of time, and then how many of them become meaningful in some way it is truly something to contemplate.
The kinds of bonds we make as , teenagers and adults somehow fulfilling our need to learn from each other.
These bonds can have deep roots and just as plants on the Earth must reach into the depth of soil to live. Our relationships find a way of attaching to our emotions and as such require the sustenance obtained from some invisible energy that comes from them.
If for some reason that energy dries or is suddenly uprooted, the relationship will surely wither and die.

Even after I came she did not stop in fact her desire deepened as she aggressively pulled it from me.
Her hands stroked my chest and then came down to my softening erection.
She rested her head on my abdomen and I could feel her warm breath on it as her panting began to subside.
I was feeling so much emotion from all that had occurred and my body felt both calmed and energized.
We both lay in silence as she lightly stroked me before carefully zipping up my fly.
I started to raise myself up enough to take her arms into my hands encouraging her to slide her body up so her head was resting high up on my chest and I stoked her hair.
I was concerned that she might be feeling awkward and so I said. I am really sorry, I tried to stop you.
Not looking at me she said, That was the first time I have ever done that. Was it okay.
I replied, That was amazing.
I could feel her smile on my chest.
I have a boyfriend back in the City but we never did much more than kissing and some touching over our clothes.
I think smoking some pot did something to my inhibitions.
I said playfully, Well I have some more.
She slapped my chest lightly. Laughing softly.
Perhaps it was the darkness surrounding us and the comfort of<b> lying </font></b>together after such intimacy that made her feel she could speak more freely.
I have never gone all the way with anyone and I am not sure I am ready. I am a scared to.
I didn’t reply right away as I tried to gather my thoughts.
Well, I would be<b> lying </font></b>if I said I didn’t want to. I want to touch every part of you but I would never make you feel like you had to. However it goes from here, just being with you is enough.
I felt her hands hold me tighter.
Then I quickly added, But if you change your mind……
She slapped my chest again laughing.
We laid there a while longer and then we felt a few drops of rain and the air began to move again.
I sat bringing her with me.
I think we better get back to the lean-to, but just as I said it the rain began pouring down.
There was a low rumble.
There is a huge difference between darkness when you live near or in a town or city, as there is aways some light due to all the activity twenty , but in the mountains inside a forest, you literally can not see anything in front of you.
I began hunting around for my flashlight carefully because I was not at all familiar with where we were.
I told her not to move from the spot, there was a flash of distant lightning and for a couple of seconds I could see around us. I knew we had sat down on some flat rocks and the stream was about 30 feet off to side and the trail was about the same distance away on the other, but darkness alters any real concept of distance. Every step can feel like you are going to walk off a cliff into an abyss.
The thunder that followed the flash of lightning and the time between them, told me the storm was still approaching but was about to miles away.
That was not much time.
The rain that was pouring down suddenly stopped as abruptly as it started.
That is also a common characteristic of thunder storms. There is often a leading edge that produces that just before its full force has to be reckoned with.
I knew we didn’t have time so I abandoned my search for the flashlight.
I came back to her and she stood up next to me. I took her hand and as reassuringly as possible I said well we have to use our radar to get back.
She grabbed my hand and said, What?
I said, just hold my hand and be careful as you walk. Let your body feel what is around it. You actually do posses radar we just do not use it so we forget how.
I meant that because it is true. Think about how someone who is blind uses that skill with a great deal of confidence.
I walked toward where I perceived the trail was. We stumbled on the rocks a few times on the way but did not fall.
Another flash and a clap of louder thunder more quickly. The storm was almost upon us I wanted to at least be under the trees when it hit.
I was able to see the trail after the last flash about ten feet ahead.
The rocks suddenly became soft ground.
I remembered the climb up the trail was fairly smooth. There were a few tricky places due to some rocks and trees though.
Another flash and almost instantaneous thunder. She jumped a and made a sound of fear that she couldn’t repress.
The trail lit briefly it looked clear for the next twenty feet as that was as far as I could see. I gripped her hand a tighter and she was holding onto my arm with her other hand as well.
The rain began pouring down but it was the wind that now was most concerning.
The ground was getting slippery and dangerous to walk down hill on.
The worst enemy in any situation where we feel like we do not have control is panic.
I know she was experiencing that feeling but having my arm to cling to made a huge difference, for both of us.
Having to remain calm to help some else remain calm is a great advantage in many cases.
All at once my feet went out under me and I slid down the trail for several feet.
She let out a scream and was forced to let go of my hand.
I stopped myself from sliding and through the roar of the wind and rain I yelled stay where you are.
I stood slowly and the ground was so slippery I had to walk almost on my knees crouching to keep my weight facing forward over my feet.
I slowly climbed back the trail and then I heard her crying softly ahead of me.
I said loudly, Don’t worry I am right here.
When I reached her she was sitting down with her arms around her knees with her head down on them.
There was another flash but this time the thunder was a later and the sound was in front of us not behind us.
The wind began to lesson and the rain was steady but no longer torrential.
I came to her and put my arms around her. She was shaking.
I held her tightly and said it is almost over. Everything is going to be alright. I gotcha.

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