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A Maiden In the Mountains Chapter 5  

silverforgold 68M
0 posts
2/24/2022 11:44 am
A Maiden In the Mountains Chapter 5

A Maiden In the Mountains
Chapter 5

The sexual energy of our youth is a mixture of so many emotions.
We are beginning to explore a world which ultimately can lead to an entire new world and all the responsibilities connected to it.
Yet we are still really masquerading as adults through them.
Finding or setting limits are extremely difficult when experiencing the overwhelming power of passion and desire that is so much a part of intimate sexual encounters.
I never really want that feeling to end when I am making love to a woman.
We respond to cues and directions that our partners share and which we share as well.
Can I touch you here? Do you like how this feels? What do you want me to do? Would you do this for me?

My hands found their way under her top and even with the cold water rushing over us, her breasts felt warm .
She did not resist and leaned away from me closing her eyes.
I gently rubbed her nipples.
I looked at her lovely face with her eyes closed and the water dripping down from her head on to her eye lashes and then her mouth.
I brought of my hands down to her stomach and as I began to slip it into her underwear she opened her eyes and reached down and held it from going any further.
She looked at me and smiled and pushed me playfully back in to the pool of water.
She dove in and we swam together as if involved in some sort of mating ritual.
In fact looking back upon it, that is exactly what it was.
We were both getting pretty cold and without saying any thing we swam back to the shore.
She climbed out onto a rock that was exposed to the sun and sat on it, leaning back with her arms as support.
Letting the bright sun and air warm her body.
I wanted to lay with her on the soft ground and make love to her but her resistance earlier told that I would know when and if she wanted to, if at all.
I looked up at the sky and saw the clear signs of the approaching storm with the signature anvil shaped top above the cumulonimbus clouds piling up beneath it.
I knew I did not have a lot of time so I grabbed my boots and put them on.
I went over to my pack and threw it over my shoulders and walked into the woods.
I found a suitable location to put up shelter.
There were some large rocks protecting side and pine trees in front of them.
I paced off the distance between low hanging branches and set to find A straight branch long enough to place between them.
This would become the foundation for my lean-to.
Once the branch was in place, I opened my sheet of plastic and rolled it around the branch several times to secure it.
I draped the plastic backward from there and pulled it taught at corner, folding the corner edge several times, I poked a hole in it with my knife and used a smaller piece of a tree branch to create a tent peg. I did this again several times creating the covered space beneath it.
The front face was both exposed to and shielded by the rocks in front.
The tree branches hung over as well which added some protection from wind and rain that might find its way there.
I quickly cut some smaller branches of pine off neighboring trees and rested them against the lentos' back side supported at the top by the branch I installed between the trees and the ground where I could stick the other end a few inches into the earth.
I gathered some rocks to make a small fire pit and as I was making it she came to where I was working.
Whats going on, she said.
I didn’t look and said a storm is coming.
She looked and said It is? How do you know?
Lots of signs. But I need your help. Gather some dry wood for a fire and put it in here this corner of the lean-to. Get some smaller and then some larger pieces as well.
I finished making the place for a fire.
I stepped back and examined my work. Everything looked good and secure.
I thought for a minute and then grabbed the pack I brought out of my pack and using a piece of rope I tied to it so I could put it in the cold stream water.
Then I heard the first small rumble. It was soft and gentle sounding, not threatening at all. There was just the slightest movement in the air.
The air had that sweet ozone smell of approaching rain in the summer.
I came back to the lean-to and she had gathered a nice pile of wood.
She smiled at me and said, This is so amazing what else can I do?
Use my poncho and pile it with dry pine needles, spread them on the ground inside the lean-to.
The second rumble. This time noticeably louder but still a hint of what was to come.
A slightly stronger breeze blew into the pine trees branches farther above.
The sunlight was quickly dimming as well.
I asked her if she had all her things and she said she had to go back down to the stream and get them.
I looked at her and said. Hurry.
I gathered my things as well and put them deeper into the back end of the lean-to wear the space was not of any use.
I went around to the outside and quickly dug a small trench that would lead any water away from the lean-to and that would hopefully keep the ground dry inside.
There was another gust of wind pretty strong this time. Then it just stopped.
She was just coming toward me. I looked into her eyes and then it there was a blinding flash and a huge crack of thunder.
She almost jumped of her skin. She was still holding her boots and her underwear but I grabbed her hand and the pack she just dropped and brought her into the lean- to.
The wind became ferocious but it was all above us and around us the rock wall was great protection and perfectly located given the direction it was coming from.
Another blinding flash of light and almost instantaneous crash of thunder. It rolled over us and echoed many times. She grabbed my arm and was shaking .
I put my arm around her and said Don’t worry I got cha.
She looked into my eyes for assurance. They were the eyes of a and all of the innocence that represented inside the body of a woman just beginning to blossom.
The storm was fierce but lasted for about twenty minutes before it walked off into the valleys and peaks along its path.
It kept yelling and echoing as it went.
I knew that there may be more storms ahead but where they would be and when would remain a mystery.
The rain had been heavy but short lived. I checked the edges the inside of the lean-to and accept for a couple of small inconsequential spots it remained bone dry.
My shorts were still wet however.
I said I am going to have to change of my shorts.
I dug into my pack for my jeans I turned my back to her and removed my shorts. I was bare skinned underneath them.
I wasn’t shy about being nude in front of her but she mostly looked the other way, mostly.
I pulled on my jeans and put on my T shirt.
I took the pack of cigarettes out of my pocket. I was going to have one but then I saw the joints I put there. Looked back at her and said, Would you like to smoke a joint with ?
She smiled broadly and said Yes please.
It was not quite dark yet. There was the softest reddish glow in the sky we could’t see from the setting sun.
There continued to be the occasional flashing of distant lightening and the rumble of thunder, but now it had become a calming voice filled with power and yet serene the same time. The voice of a God talking to his good Earth.
We smoked and talked quietly, getting to know deeper levels of each other.
I said I am going to go get a<b> beer </font></b>from the stream bed. She looked me and said What?
I laughed and said, I had a pack in my pack and I put it in the water to make it cold while you were gathering wood. Do you want ?
She looked around for a second and not wanting to be left alone in the dark she said, I will come with you.
I had my flashlight and held her hand as I lead the way..
When we broke of the woods there was still a more twilight yet.
There was orange glow in the sky and there were distant flashes of light making it change colors.
It was surreal and amazing.
I pulled on the rope and brought the<b> beer </font></b>from the water. They were very cold, perfect.
I asked her if she would like to follow the trail and climb to the top of the waterfall and sit there for awhile.
She shook her head enthusiastically.
I handed her the flashlight and grabbed the<b> beer </font></b>and let her lead the way.
When we got to the top we were able to see over the trees and the distant mountains were being lit briefly flashes of lightening.
We sat down and I relit the joint. I took beers from the pack and handed to her.
We sat in silence just taking it all in. The , the distant thunder, the way the clouds would part briefly exposing the stars above them.
The world is filled with magic and we miss so much of it as we ignore its source in favor of all the nonsense we fill our space in time with.
I moved behind her and let her lean against my chest. She put her hands on my knees.
I stroked her hair and then I put my arms on her shoulders with my hands loosely draping past her chest.
She was wearing a warmer long sleeve shirt she had brought but nothing underneath it.
She was wearing her shorts but I know she had not put her underwear back on yet.
After a while she let herself slide a further down and her head was resting on my abdomen.
My hands followed her and rested on her shoulders.
She took them in hers and placed them inside her shirt holding them there.
Then she unbuttoned her shirt and exposed her breasts letting her hands find my legs she rubbed them gently.
I took my cue and began to gently rub her breasts with both my hands.
We were both getting more excited,
She began to move her body under my hands and let some sounds expressing her pleasure.
Then she turned her body around and was on her knees looking at me.
Her eyes were soft and filled with desire, they seemed to change color becoming more intense.
She reached and began kissing me on the mouth.
She stopped and grabbed my T shirt and began to remove it. I took over and finished the job.
She stopped and looked my chest and began to touch it.
Her breasts were inches away and my hands found them again.
She began kissing my chest and found my nipples with her lips
Then she looked down and saw the bulge inside my jeans.
She reached down and placed her hand on to of it and rubbed it and down.
Her body was moving in time with her hand.
She grabbed my belt with both hands and loosened it quickly and opened the front of my jeans
My erection was still somewhat restricted by them.
She didn’t set it free, but instead brought her head down to it and using just her lips she let glide over it and down several times.
I reached down to try and stop her but she would not let me.
She took it into her hand and pulled it of my jeans and into her mouth and just as she began to come down on it a second time I could not hold back the force any longer

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