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A Maiden In the Mountains Chapter 3  

silverforgold 68M
0 posts
2/24/2022 11:41 am
A Maiden In the Mountains Chapter 3

A Maiden In the Mountains
Chapter 3

Even as a leaf changes color in the fall it still contains all the memory of its days in summers sunlight.
Releasing them in those moments before it must surely let go of the security and force of life the tree once offered it so freely.
Those feelings of anticipation and desire that can sometimes be so illusive and become dull or blunted as we become older.
The memory of holding hands, or a first kiss, or the first time bodies held each other naked in the moonlight as the warm breath of summer whispered into our ears like a prayer, saying, Yes, you are alive. Yes you can feel and touch and laugh and open your heart to all the pleasure, and the pain, the joy and the sorrow that surely will follow.

I walked toward the trail head to the waterfall.
My entire body was filled with the vibrations of having encountered such a beautiful woman.
That sense of knowing something before you actually know it.
The innocence in her eyes, the childlike smile of the older woman who will always wear it.
The glow and energy of her body radiating out from its source in nature that will ultimately demand so much from it.
Claiming back all her gifts once her purpose has been achieved.
Childbirth and then old age will be the results of her hands as she takes those fragrant and delicate pedals and lays them back on top of her breast and this Earth.

I reached the trail head and decided I would wait there so she would not be alone in the woods which will be much darker at this time of day.
Light moves strangely in the Mountains.
The shadows created by them lengthen and retreat depending on what they expose to the light, standing like giants in its path.
I took a cigarette out and lit it as I walked off the path a short distance to sit on a large rock there.
The woods are filled with the subtle never ending bustle of small creatures scurrying around, going about the chores of their life. Chipmunks, mice, voles, snakes all part of that hidden world, unless we stop and take time to notice it.
Another quirk of the forest is how easily you can become just another part of it by blending in, being still and silent. It can seem as if you can just disappear.
After a while I heard soft footsteps approaching.
She was walking briskly and with purpose.
Wearing shorts and a tube top, she had a long sleeve shirt tied around her waist by using its arms.
Her long hair pulled into a pony tail, covered by a baseball cap with the New York Yankees logo printed on it.
She knew how to hike in these woods and wore wool socks and hiking boots suitable to the rough rocky terrain they would surely encounter.
A small day back hung off her shoulder.
I decided to be a playful so I stayed off the trail and followed her from that vantage point.
I knew how to be quiet in the woods but human beings will always be the noisiest part of it, whenever moving inside of it.
At point she stopped and looked directly at me because she obviously heard something. I stood motionless and so I just disappeared.
She turned and kept walking.
I walked at a faster pace and got ahead of her enough to stand behind a tree trunk right on the trails edge.
Just as she came along side I stepped out and said Hey. Not loudly, but I knew I would not need to, it would have the desired affect
She jumped and let out her surprise with her voice.
Then she came and punched me hard on my arm.
She was angry and so I came and took both of her arms into my hands.
I looked into her eyes smiling and playfully said in an exaggerated way, Im sorry., making a face like a puppy asking for forgiveness. Then the mixture of her fear, anger and surprise melted away and became a smile.
Why did you do that? She asked.
I laughed and said, Because I could and now you owe me .
She said, Yes I do, and you will .
I was still holding her arms and for a brief second there was a slight feeling of awkwardness and she looked into my eyes as if she were waiting for something and so I kissed her on the mouth.
It is truly difficult to express in words what is a first kiss like when lovers meet.
Centuries of sonnets and other forms of poetry, art and music have and continue to try and capture it in the retelling.
I wont attempt to compete with them here and now, but will say, That if I could explain what a flower pedal feels from the touch of a drop of morning dew upon its lips. Or what a bird feels right at the very instant it becomes supported by the thin air surrounding its wings, then I might begin to give it meaning.
Our lips parted and we felt both the attachment and the release it created at the very same time.
Our hands slipped as naturally as the dawn into each others and we began to hike the trail.
We did not say anything for a time and there was no need to because our bodies spoke to each other in that silence.
Perhaps there is a similarity in older people who have lived together and loved each other and experienced a lifetime of sharing it in that same way. Or maybe they are just tired.
In reality it is most likely both.
Eventually we fell into the conversation of getting to know more about each others lives.
She was raised within the Jewish faith and I was brought Catholic.
She lived in NYC I was from Upstate New York.
We were years apart in age.
It has always been a curiosity to me about how time and age are experienced through our lives.
When we are years old a difference of years seems like a long time. Even into our teenage years that can be true but that is where it begins to shift. When we are twenty , years or more does not seem to matter all that much.
Then we reach Thirty or Forty and even years or more has meaning but the it begins to change again.
When we are 50 or 60 and beyond the numbers begin to matter once again. Sometimes but not always.
Life experience, physical changes weigh more heavily.
What attracts us matters as well.
Is it strictly physical in nature or when it is someones intellect and how they communicate that makes us feel that mysterious and undefinable attraction.
Yet like the invisible energy of magnets it can and does go both ways.
Men and women can still find each other in spite of that labyrinth of numbers, because they feel something in each other that calls to them and always will.
We reached a point on the trail where it became very rocky and steep. Finding footing became more difficult and laborious.
After a time we stopped and I handed her my canteen. We both drank. She let some of the water drip from the edges of her lips and I found that really sensual for some reason. She poured a into her hand and wiped her face and forehead and slipped her hand down her neck.
She must have sensed me watching her and she looked at me smiling and passed the canteen back to me.
I took the bandana I was wearing off my head I poured some water on it and opened it to retie it around my neck.
This is a good trick because it will cool your<b> blood </font></b>as it travels past it closer to the surface at you neck and then throughout your body acting like an air conditioner inside your body.
The wrist is also a very good place to do this if someone becomes overheated for any reason.
She looked at me and asked what I was doing and so I explained it.
She had a scarf in her back so I prepared it for her as well and then I put it around her neck for her. I was sitting behind her and she was nestled between my legs with her back to me.
She leaned her head forward and held her hair way from her neck as I did it.
I began noticing everything about her. The way she spoke or laughed. The soft hairs on the back of her neck. Its grace and small birth mark I could see. They became a blueprint of her beauty in my mind.
Before I tied the damp scarf around it I blew air on her neck,
She scrunched her shoulders and said your giving me goosebumps.
I asked, Is that good or bad.?
She paused for a minute and said, I like goosebumps.
She turned slightly and looked at me smiling.
I then kissed her neck very gently several times letting my lips brush against it as I moved from spot to spot.
Her hands found my claves and she gripped them as I did so.

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