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My Blog
I'd luv to lick your pussy....
Posted:Mar 16, 2017 7:13 am
Last Updated:May 25, 2017 7:57 am

I'd love to lick your pussy
Run my tongue along each fold
Sometimes soft and gentle
And other times quite bold

I then would delve down deeper
Find that very special spot
And taste your juices as they flow
For me so sweet and hot

I'd thrust my tongue inside you
It's such a perfect fit
And when it was so nice and deep
My nose would touch your clit

And then when you began to think
It just could not get better
I'd pause a while, give a smile
And write it a love letter

I'd say, 'My darling pussy
To me you taste so fine
Your nectar in my mouth
Is better than the sweetest wine'

'I could lick for hours
Your pleasure to ignite
If you give me half a chance
You'll find that I just might'

My mouth would then return
To suck your luscious clit
To wrap my lips around you
So my tongue could rub on it

I'd love to lick your pussy
Slide my fingers deep inside
To give you so much pleasure
There would be no way to hide

If you let me do it
You would surely beg for more
Until you reached a climax
Like waves crashing on the shore

When you came back down to earth
And had some time to rest
I would then give you some news
You've not yet felt my best
Exciting Possibilities
Posted:Sep 30, 2016 5:05 am
Last Updated:Aug 18, 2017 3:34 am

It's a dark room. My Queen has me laying on my back blindfolded. I'm instructed to not speak. Not touch. I hear soft music in the other room. My Queen kisses my cheek and walks away. I hear the door close. Listening I hear women partying. Laughing. Singing. All of the sudden the door opens. I feel someone get on the bed. Then I feel someone up by my head. They straddle my face and I feel the firm pressure of a pussy on my lips. A soft whisper says you will lick and suck and kiss my pussy laying there still as your face gets fucked by Me and whom ever I let come in here. No questions asked. She lowers to my mouth and wiggles that wetness on my mouth, sliding it back and forth, grinding my mouth. Soon her body trembles And shakes as she fucks my willing mouth until she explodes. She gets up walking away as my mouth drips with her sweet cream. The night goes on. Time after time the door opens. Women grinding my face and feeding me cum. I can tell some come in often by the sound of their moans. After hours I hear no one. My Queen comes in and takes my blind fold off and says. Well you were a very good servant. Each one of my friends had your mouth some several times. They have requested you for the next party. Mmmmmmm And I can't wait.
Where My Queen?
Posted:Jul 11, 2016 5:58 am
Last Updated:Sep 1, 2016 5:50 am

The search continues as I look for that one woman with the personality to be a Queen to a willing oral servant like myself. A woman who appreciates being licked, sucked, kissed and caressed all over. Every single naughty spot. Her body trembling and shaking with each touch. Her knowing her only goal is to feed me her sweet cream. My goal is to push her limits of orgasms. Nothing done to me in return. Do you have a personality to use a mouth for your gain? Have you ever wanted a face in your pussy until you couldn't cum anymore? Will you ride my face, grind it, make love to it, fuck it standing? This is discrete passion. I can be your secret cum dump. Feed me when u need. No one needs to know. Must be clean, disease free and have a safe place to play. No drama. No complications. Just Me worshipping that pussy with my mouth and by touch.
Seeking A Queen
Posted:Nov 4, 2015 4:52 am
Last Updated:Jul 18, 2016 6:48 am

Still looking for a Queen to worship. One with the personality to use my mouth for her gain understanding my only desire is to pleasure her. Her allowing me to lick and suck and kiss and caress every inch of her body, making every naughty my focus points, her body shaking and trembling as she works my mouth. Me pushing her past her orgasm limits orally and by touch only. Nothing done to me in return. I can be your naughty secret. When u need good licking you call on me. You feed me every drop of your sweet cream and I leave until the next time. Nothing more intended. Natural bush squirters and face riders a plus. Isn't it time you get what you deserve? Let's to this. I'm ready to serve.
1 comment
A Queen And Her Servant
Posted:Mar 9, 2012 12:30 pm
Last Updated:Apr 17, 2018 10:21 am

Laying on the bed she waits for me. Her mind spinning with lustful thoughts of what is to come. Soft music fills the air. Its dark lit. Candles flickering off the walls of her room. Her hands travel over her naked wet from the shower body. Softly she explores the most sensitive areas on her making herself excited as she listens for my knock on the door. Her legs trembling…her body shaking.. Lost in the moment she is startled to hear my knock. Wrapped in a towel she walks to the door. Heart beating fast as she knows what is to come.

Opening the door she lets me in. No talking. No uncomfortable moments. She takes my hand and leads me to her room. Excitment fills the air. Her hand is warm and wet and so is mine.

At the edge of the bed she stops. Where she lets the towel drop. Exposing the outlines of such a sexy body. We have talked many.. Many times about this day. Laying back on the bed she runs it all through her mind.

How she wants me to act as her very own oral slave. How she lusted to be licked, sucked and kissed all over for hours. Every intimate spot. How she dreams of having her limits of orgasm pushed. Her desires are to feed me all of her sweet cream. All with needing to do nothing to me in return. The Untimate act of worship given to her from Servant to Queen.

As much as she has struggled with all the reasons to not do it.. She soon finds that she can no longer take not knowing, not experiencing, not owning a mans mouth. The time has now come for he is in her presence.

Spreading her legs out she softly whispers.. Lick and kiss and suck my body all over. Drink all of my sweet juices and from this moment forward you are my oral Servant and I your Queen to worship.

Without pausing he reaches down and places his hands on her sexy body and he starts. Touching and kissing and caressing and licking and sucking her all over. Talking softly to her. Holding her. Allowing her the power. She directs him. His mouth melts on her and she in turn melts in his mouth. a powerful trade of passion.

This will be the begining of something oh so wonderful. Something unique...Something worthwhile. Yes far behond some peoples comprehentions. Something some could never ever act upon.

On the other hand very much comprehended by those select people whom always dreamed of a situation simular to this...
She Makes Me Complete
Posted:Mar 9, 2012 12:28 pm
Last Updated:Apr 11, 2014 7:01 am

I look upon her face lying on my pillow
Lit by the light of my bedroom window
Wrapped within my gently arms
Knowing she will come to no harm

I look upon her hair, soft and fair
Unable to find the words to compare
Answers she has given me in times of pain
That love and hope will visit again

I look upon her lips, moist and red
Giving me life when all was dead
She restored my heart when it was lost
Melting what was covered in frost

I look upon her breasts, firm and strong
Knowing that love could not be wrong
Slowly moving with every breath
Always knowing she was not like the rest

I look upon her hips, round and smooth
Gently touching not daring to move
I fix the sheets with delicate care
But a gentle kiss is all I dare

I look upon her face staring into mine
Filling my body as if it were wine
I close her eyes with gentle kisses
For she has answered all my wishes.

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