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Opening Up to a Young Pretty Girlfriend
Posted:Jul 15, 2022 6:22 am
Last Updated:May 20, 2024 8:29 am

i was so lucky to have a beautiful 18 yr.old sexy girl fall into my life within 2 years of meeting her she has not only shared the last 2 years of her life with me she has also turned me into a bi-sexual . it all started friendly and fun as she would spend nights with me and only allow me to touch her on thigh or arms and waist and just fot a second or two as she would lay there and rub her feet on mine and drive me crazy. i quickly learned my place and that was a look but dont touch and was reminded of it constantly as she would intentionallymake sure i was getting an eyeful of her beautiful body she would on ocassion ask me to shower with her and wash her back and only her back of course my hand would always come to rest on her hip and of course i had to wear shorts while showering with her but she would allow me to casually brush up against her body and as soon as she felt my hardness she would remind me about her rules and i wasnt complaing a bit she had the nicest pair of tits and luved to show them off she would always make sure i was as hard as i could be before she got out and dryed off she was so pretty with her green eyes and curly hair she would then jump into bed wearing panties and t shirt and i was right behind her picking up after her and doing little things for her well she then began to get bolder with her requests as she was constantly on her phone with social media and had a huge following texting 3 4 sometimes even more different guys at any given time . she was cute and she knew it and all the while im there watching her she had a couple regular sugar daddies she would run off to spend couple /few days with and always come back with new clothes make up and things she liked she explained to me that they like her company and luved to buy her things it was only obvious that she was getting fucked but wouldnt admit to it. one day she did come back and asked me if i would like to watch a video of her getting fucked . well that was a no brainer i said yes . and she did she had me watch it over and over as she would keep starting it again and again she was getting fucked good and also giving head she was fucked in her ass as well. when i couldnt take it any longer and she noticed that i had started rubbing myself and said i thought you wanted to watch me i told her i did and she told me to stop doing what i was doing and i pleaded with her to let me finish and she giggled a bit and said did i wish that it was me fucking her and of course i said hell yes and she well see . and i began reminding her about that proposistion she mentioned to me she then told me i needed to tell her she was pretty more often how beautiful she was in every way imaginable she was a narcisst and couldnt get enough attention
she would soon start to spend more time with me at my house and come and go as she pleased and she would be straightforward with me as to where she would be going and what she would be doing well soon after she took me to meet her mom and i was totally blown away as to thier mother/ relationship she treated her mom with no respect she would call her names and pretty much had control over her. and as her mom tried to show she had some authority over her while i was there it became a battle and would end up with her screaming at her mom calling her all kinds of names and stuff i had told her she couldnt do or say those things to her while i was there it took some doing but she finally gave in and granted my decision not to do it while i was present
and with that little victory i was an instant hit with mom she loved me probably more than her didalways inviting me over for dinner and things and after awhile of this things heated up at moms house one day while we were in garage eating lunch her mom would think of any excuse to walk in and began conversation well it happened one time to many on a paticular day and Ava told me that she thinks her mom likes me in a sexual way . i knew she was playing mind games with me but when she confronted her mom about it i almost shit myself. she started saying that she see how she looks at me and she knows when her mom is making advances in a sexual way because she has witnessed it for the last ten yearswhen she couldnt get her mom to agree with her just made her want to embarrass her so much she did the unthinkable and said you seen me naked right i nodded and then she told her mom to strip and show me her nude body and when she flat refused to do so all hell broke loose and it took a half hour to calm the situation with them but when it was done her mom stood before me naked and as ava giggled to herself she kindly asked me who was prettier her or her mom and it was a no brainer i told her she was by far and with that ava starting laughing and degrading her mom right in front of me as her mom started to leave the room she asked me if i wanted a blowjob and i didnt know to whom she was referring to and i assumed it was from her i thought to myself finnaly about time i was thinking i was about to have a sexual encounter with this beautiful young girl and i said sure without thinking to hard and she said you hear that mom he wants his little dick sucked i turned as red as an apple when she refrrred to me having a little dick her mom said are you out of ypour mind and she replied yes i am as i was truying to tell ava NO NO No she said she wanted to give me some kind of joy and that if i didnt accept her offer to have her mom suck my cock she would take it as a sign that i didnt reall love her and our relationship would start to deteriorate it was like a standoff for about 5 minutes and when she called up a guy on her phone and blatently asked if he could come over and have sex with her if i didnt let her mom suck me off that she would do this and i believed her i then told her i was gonna leave and thats when she laid down a new set of guidelines

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