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My Blog
Welcome to my blog!
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crazy girl
Posted:Jul 1, 2022 11:50 pm
Last Updated:Jul 10, 2022 11:30 pm
I can't believe you want to hear of my life? I went to play with a girl I found here. We talked for days on line before she talked me into playing with me. I went to join her in Miami last month. I never thought she would make me her party girl. I always thought it was crazy for me 43 to pick a girl who was only 20 to play with. The fist day I walked into her life I knew she had plans for me. Our first night together she kept kissing me and telling me how beautiful I was. It is hard for a girl my age to resist her telling me she wanted me to be the star of her party. We played that night in her bed . She touched me squeezing my little breast as she looked into my eyes. I think it was the way she kissed me that made me play her game. She dressed me for her party. Just like a teacher . Hair pulled back , white shirt and black skirt. I think it was my glasses that made me feel sexy. I walked into her party and look at a group of boys half my age. I felt their eyes locked on me as I walked into the room. It was a crazy feeling watching them stare at me. I look at Lisa and she just smiled , turned on music and told me to dance. My eyes look around the room as I began moving to the music. Lisa and her guest moved in around me . I kept dancing as each of them took off there clothes. I never dreamed I would find my self in this kind of party. It was me with eight high school grads. It seemed so silly that they would even want me. But they did. I kept dancing as they walked around me . I felt their hand touching me as each one kissed me . It was crazy when I stood there naked and watched them all start stripping off their clothes. I knew what was going to happen but I just let it. .I look at them as they started removing my clothes and carried me to the dining room table. I laid on the table and looked at Lisa. She just smiled at me . One by one they each had me. I looked into all their eyes as they took turns making love to me.. Jason was the one how finally took me to my bedroom.. I still think of him placing his shaft against my lips and pumping my face.. He gave me no chose but to swallow. I guess it sounds crazy for a girl my age to play the party girl for little boys but It makes me feel special.
Posted:Feb 24, 2022 10:08 pm
Last Updated:Oct 2, 2022 9:16 pm
I still think about him climbing between my legs. I remember his hands holding my breast as he kissed me. I felt him placing his his shaft against me. Our eyes just looked at each other. I gripped him looking at his face as I guided him into me. I kept starring into his eyes as I told him to go slow and deep. I could feel him growing thicker and longer with each movement into my body. After I knew I had him fully erect, I just told him I wanted to be on top. He grabbed me and turned my body. I looked down at him as he took my breast in his hands and started squeezing. I grip him each time he pushed into me and watched his eyes as he pulled my breast bring me closer to his lips. I kept slowly moving and down as we kissed. It was the next day when I saw us on the internet. They never showed are faces. But I knew Sally was showing me off. The phot just read # find Lizzy..
Posted:Feb 23, 2022 1:38 am
Last Updated:Mar 4, 2022 7:59 pm
is cray that I keep wanting tell you all about my life. But people keep asking me. I think about the that people that wanted dance with me. My friends Andy and Sally took me out. I just set at the bar until Andy and sally went to dance At that moment I knew I was on display. I had this skimpy silver dress on and just looked at every one watching me.. A boy asked me too dance. I felt so strange dancing with a boy half my age. I went back our table and another walked up me and asked me dance. When the night started to end I set finishing my drink as I saw him pick up my keys and walk out the door I remember following him out and just said, take me home. His eyes locked on mine and was amazed when he kissed me on my lips. All I could do is smile at him... I still do not believe that night. He drove me too Sally house. He kissed me again and just looked at me. I keep thinking about his touch and found myself needing him. I think he was shocked when I lead him to the kitchen, poured him a drink and asked him to undress for me. He stood looking at my smile as he opened his shirt . I placed my hands on his shoulders looked into his eyes and told him I was twice his age. He smiled and kissed me. I thought I had already gone too far. I keep thinking about him un zipping my dress and his eyes looking at me in my bra and panties. I still remember watching him pull his pants off. He just looked at me as he showed me how hard he was. I reached down gripping him as we kissed. I knew I had to drain him. I guess must made him crazy, I remember handing him a drink and watching him sip as I gripped him. I felt his hands holding my head, I remember him guiding me my knees. He pushed between my lips and I felt his body started shaking.. I drank his juice and just looked up at him. I had him sitting at the kitchen counter as I ran warm water on a towel and cleaned him. I stood back from him and took my bra off. I looked at his eyes as I slipped my panties down and climbed on him. I kept thinking about a boy half my age being my lover. I looked down at him and asked him how old he was. When he said 18 I just smiled. I slid him out of me and walked around him. I kissed his lips. I gripped him and squeezed. I whispered in his ear take me my bedroom.. I knew Sally and her husband had every camera in the house running when he placed me on the bed.
Posted:Feb 18, 2022 9:35 pm
Last Updated:Mar 4, 2022 7:59 pm
I keep looking at that party in my dreams. I guess I was the spirit everyone needed that night? I knew when I was . I felt that I had this special . I just know that I get put into lives that need me. I never understand when a person picks me. I just feel it in my soul. My friends keep telling me I am an addict. I keep thinking about each of them kissing me for the first time.. I touched a lot of spirits that night. I tried to explain, but my friend just called me crazy . I guess I am a crazy in many religions, but I know that I make each of them think about love and joy. I always think that I make a mark in each person that holds me in their arms. It makes me feel fulfilled.. I know that my love for my fellow souls guides me to my destiny. My mind keeps me searching for my next lives that need me.
Posted:Feb 15, 2022 6:53 pm
Last Updated:Oct 2, 2022 9:18 pm
Lisa kiss me and steeped back as her friends moved around me. All I could do was smile as they walked around me looking at me. My mind was spinning as I listened to them talking about my body. I felt there hands touching my body as they talked about me looking like a Barbie Doll. I felt them push my legs apart and their hands move down between my legs. They kept commenting that Lisa had made me look like a year old baby. I looked at Lisa and Danial sipping their drinks and just smiling at me. I remember music starting as the ladies pulled me off the counter and told me to dance with them. They stood around me watching me as they started undressing. I just stood there swaying to the music as they closed in around me each turning me toward them as they took me in their arms kissing me. My mind was going crazy from the trip Lisa and Danial had sent me on. Lisa's friends and I danced to the music as I watched the men start undressing. I remember looking around the room as I danced. I just stared looking at them growing long and hard as they moved in closer to me. I just recall smiling as they all kept chanting swing set. Lisa and Danial started laughing as they led me down to the basement. I remember them placing me on a slender padded board suspended from the ceiling with chains. Lisa and her friends took my arms and legs strapping me to the chains. I felt my head dip back as of Lisa's girls straddled my face. I kept gasping for air as she gripped my breast. That is when I felt a tongue push between my legs and I just started squirting. All I can remember after that is feeling my body swinging back and forth and looking into each mans eyes as they kept filling my body. The last thing I remember is waking with Lisa and Danial. Lisa turned and kissed me and whispered in my ear that I was her supper star!
Posted:Feb 3, 2022 8:39 pm
Last Updated:Oct 2, 2022 9:17 pm
Lisa walk into my room and took my hand. We walked into the party and she introduced me to her guest. Lisa and Danial walked me around the room as we chatted with each of the other three couples they invited. I kept laughing and smiling with all the guest as Lisa brought me a glass of scotch. I started sipping my drink as every one stared at the new . Lisa walked up to me and said cheers and I finished my drin Danial refilled my glass as Lisa turned up the music. I watched everyone start to dance. It did not take long for Me too notice a strange feeling coming over me. I started smiling as I sipped my drink Lisa and Danial took me out in the middle of everyone and started dancing with me. I looked around as they all stepped back and watched us. I new they had me tripping but it already to late. I look around the room at all of them smiling and just started dancing. Lisa took my hands as Danial moved behind me and un-zipped my dress. I stared at her as she slid the dress off my shoulders and pulled it carefully down leaving the belt on me. I looked down at my body in just gold. Me slow dancing in just my gold bra, thong, belt and heels. My head spinning as I looked around the room at everyone smiling. Lisa and Danial stepped back I stood there as the next song started. Lisa told me to dance for them. I smiled at all the eyes on me and started dancing to the music. With each song that played a different couple came up and danced with me. The first couple took my belt, the next couple took my bra and the last couple took my panties. I stood there in just my gold high heels as Lisa walked up and kissed me. She led me into the kitchen. I set on a stool at the island as she poured me another drin She spun the stool around and kissed me. She told me I her star. Danial led all the guest inti the kitchen and gripped my waist setting me up on the counter. I sat there with everyone walking around me . I looked at Lisa smiling at me. She told me I her star......
Posted:Jan 31, 2022 9:14 pm
Last Updated:Feb 3, 2022 10:02 pm
Friday morning I awoke Lisa kissing me. She took my hand as I slid out from Danial's arms. She smiled and told me that we had a party to get ready for. We walked into the kitchen and I set completely naked wile she poured the coffee. We set at the table as she told me her plans for the day. Inspection, shower, hair, make-up, food, stock the bar and then get you dressed. At that moment Danial walk in and kiss me as Lisa smiled telling him he was just in time for inspection. He smiled as he took my hand. I stood between them and watched as they walked around me. I felt their eyes looking at me as their hands started moving across my body. He stepped in front of me placing me up on the table. They each took a leg and pulled my legs apart. I fell back on the table, gipped the edge as they lifted my legs into the air. I looked at them as they ran their hand down my legs and up my thighs. Danial reached up under me and slip up between my checks, then slowly slid down . I heard him tell Lisa that she had done an amazing job removing every hair off my body. He looked at me smiling and told me I was the perfect doll. Lisa and I started our list. I showered and then we went her make up area. She started with my hair She trimmed me, styled me and permed my hair into an amazing design. It was getting close t 6 as she started dressing me. I stood in front of her in my gold bra and thong as she covered me with perfume. Then she did my make-up. Smoky eyes and blood red lip stick. I slid on the silver dress, and all my jewelry on. Lisa strapped the gold belt around me and told me to stay in the guestroom until she announced me. Lisa had poured me a glass of win and I set sipping my drink as I heard the guest arriving. I walked up to the mirror, stared at my refection and smiled. The party was starting and I was supposed to be the star. I took a deep breath and finished my wine....
Posted:Jan 29, 2022 10:23 pm
Last Updated:Jan 31, 2022 10:10 pm
Lisa took my hand and told me we needed to start getting ready for the party. I asked her what time started and she smiled and said Friday night. was Tuesday and I asked her why we needed start so early. She smiled and just said that she had a special she wanted for me. She led me her bedroom and poured each of us a glass of wine. That was all I remember. of that day. when I woke the next morning I found myself back in the guest room and covered with oil. I walked the bathroom and looked into the mirror. She had stripped all the hair off my body. A bottle of lotion set by the sink with a note saying ,make sure you use this. I do not want you to get a rash.. I stared at my striped body. I showed and rubbed the lotion on my stinging crotch and up my between my butt cheeks. I walked into the bedroom and saw Lisa sitting on my bed. She stood and looked at me. She smiled at me standing and said told me that I looked perfect. I felt like a . She told me we had lots to do before her party. She took me to her closet and started with going though her bras and panties. She picked pink and told me to try them on as she went through dress after dress. She had me trying on all her dresses. Finally she pulled out a short silver doll dress and I put on. I walked back and forth in front of her she smiled. This will drive every one crazy. I the perfect shoes. I lifted each foot as she placed silver spiked heels on me. I stood as she walked around me and smiled. She picked a gold 6 inch wide belt and pulled tight around my waist. She stepped back, looked at me then started grabbing gold chains and draping them around my neck. She pulled my hair back as she pined three inch gold hoops on my ears. She kept at me as she picked out more gold strap on me. Bracelets on each wrist and a two inch choker collar on my neck She made her finale inspection. She kissed me on my lips and told me just how sexy I looked. Her change my costume my bra and panties. She went into her drawer and handed me a gold bra and thong panties. She whispered into my ears that I would be her star on Friday. The next two days she waxed me and massaged lotion on me. I kept asking her why and she just said; You are going to be my star.
Crazy girl 2
Posted:Jan 27, 2022 9:29 pm
Last Updated:Feb 18, 2022 5:24 pm
I woke up about 2 in the afternoon the next day. I still sticky from the previous night and went in for a shower. I still had nothing to wear, but when I walked into my bedroom I saw some clothing and a basket with a bottle of perfume. I read the note in the basket. USE THIS, all it said. I smiled and covered myself with the sent. All they left me for clothing a gold buster and thong panties. I dressed and then tried on the spike heels. I stood there looking at my self in the mirror, wondering what was instore for me. It did not take long before Lisa walked into my room. She asked me if I liked the outfit she picked. She kissed me , than looked straight into my eyes asked me if she could put on my make-up. I just smiled as she took my hand and led me to her bedroom. I set at her mirror and looked at her as she painted my face. As she finished putting on my bright red slip-stick she smiled at me and said perfect. I looked at myself. I smiled at my dark smoky eyes and the red, red lipstick. She lead me into the kitchen and smiled at me. Presenting Lizzy; she said as he stared at his wives creation. I sat next to him at the kitchen island and he looked into my eyes and kissed me. He told me I looked and smelled perfect. I looked at her smiling as he gripped my waist and placed me on the counter. I watched him take off his shirt. His eyes where fixed on me as I crossed my legs and stared back at him. He griped my breasts through my skimpy out-fit and squeezed. I started to pant and he kissed me again then stepped back and remove all his clothes. I saw how long he was growing. He lifted my legs and had my hips in the air as he pulled the thong off. He opened my crossed legs and put his hand against me. He had one hand between my legs and the other gripping my left breast. I looked at my make-up artist. Lisa just smiled as I started gasping.. I looked at her as she undressed and walked up to me. she took my arms ant turned me face down on the counter. I felt his hands grip my hips as he lifted me and placed his swollen tool against me. He pushed into me with one smooth thrust. I griped the edge of the island. I could feel my body shaking each time he pulled out and jammed back in. I felt her hands rubbing my back and herd her yelling for him to fuck me harder. He went faster and deeper until I felt his hot juice pumping into me. He stayed in me as he kissed the back of my neck They turned me over. She kissed me and told me that they had a party planed and that I am going to be the star.??
Posted:Jan 26, 2022 12:55 am
Last Updated:Feb 15, 2022 2:39 pm
It has been a crazy two weeks. I agreed to meet a couple I meet on Heated Affaires. I could not believe that I just walked into two peoples lives knowing what they expected of me. After we had diner and drinks we all went back to their home. We laughed and talk for hours. They showed me to my room and I kissed each of them and said good night. I went to my bathroom and took a nice hot shower. I went into my bedroom and found my suitcase and all my clothes gone. On the pillow was a dark blue teddy. I set on the edge of the bed brushing my hair and thinking of just what their plans were for me. I put on their uniform and cuddled under the blankets. I felt my head start spinning. It had been about an hour sense we had our last drink and when they opened my door and walked in I just looked at both of them smiling They walked to opposite sides of my bed. They pulled my covers down and I could feel their eyes locked on me. Lisa bent down over me took my head in her hands and kissed my lips. I watched her as she stood and took her robe off. I kept looking at her as she set beside me. Then I felt his hands take my head turning me toward him he kissed me, than I watched Danial as he slipped his robe off. I looked at him growing hard. He set on the other side of me. Each of them gripped one of my breasts and started squeezing them through the silky body suit. I kept gasping as they massaged me. They placed my arms against my sides as they pulled the straps off my shoulders and uncovered my swollen nipples. They both took a breast and started licking and sucking. they were driving me crazy. I stared at Danial as he unsnapped the crotch of my teddy and started rubbing me between my legs. Lisa straddled my head and placed her moist pussy against my lips. She stated grinding against my face as he pulled my legs a part and pushed his tongue into me. My body shook as their hands kept moving across my body. Lisa kept smothering my face as he took my ankles and pulled my legs apart. She took my legs and I felt his hands grip my hips and lift me. He pushed into me with one hard thrust. I started squirming and shaking each time he slowly pulled out and slammed back into me. She stared gushing allover my face at almost the same time he filled me with his own juice. They both climbed off of me kissed my sticky lips and walked out of the room. Day one of this adventure.

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