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A cuck and Hot Wife are born  

justus4u2k 68M/58F  
3 posts
8/7/2022 3:51 pm
A cuck and Hot Wife are born

It was an exciting meeting with another couple this weekend. We chatted over Instagram, and things felt good for an encounter. We met with the wife while he parked the car. She was stunning, a little shorter than I am, with beautiful, long, wavey, red/auburn hair (sort of chestnut), a bright smile, and Sparkly green eyes. She was wearing a knit top (which looked more like a sweater) unbuttoned to show her cleavage (just enough to tease). She whispered to Pete and handed him what turned out to be the remote to the bullet she had inside her (reminds me of me, LOL, more on that later.) Hubby (Pete, I am Jaycee) was instantly hard as a rock (thank god he wore loose pants, LOL.).
He walked in. handsome, @ 5'9, well-proportioned as they say. Very Shy. Broad shoulders, well put together, had my juices flowing while I wondered what was in his pants. Smooth-shaven, brown hair with a bit of grey at the temples, with that 'Howdy Mam' jawline and glasses (he wore the glasses well, LO. PLUS those Deep Blue bottomless eyes that set the juices flowing. Damn, I was glad I still had my thong on, or we'd have had to ask for a towel for our booth LOL. she got up and sat next to Pete and the other hubby next to me. Pete was driving her up a wall with a couple of little orgasms (He's very attentive). Then her husband and I could see she was building up another (her fingernails digging into Pete's Biceps), and just as she was about to hit that peak, she looked at Pete and Whispered 'asshole' followed by a gasp and what looked like one hell of an orgasm (she confirmed it later). Pete was moving the remote switch between low and medium, mostly medium, and he went down to No Vibro/pulse just before Becky went over the top, then went full-on just as the silent 'e' escaped her lips LOL. The music was a bit loud, which was good; she quickly stuffed a napkin in her mouth. He reached up discretely between her legs and said, "Ohhhh no panties, what a naughty girl, "and proceeded to tease her clitty while he played with the vibrator.
I sat there teasing the hubby's cock through his pants with my fingernails and put his hand on my soaking thong. He readily found my Clitty (tough to miss and VERY swollen), so I orgasmed Several times lightly, you know, the kind that gets you wetter and wetter. Tony (the hubby ) whispered in my ear (if you keep doing that (teasing his cock), I'll cum in my pants too soon" We finished our drinks and went to the elevators.
Once the doors closed, she looked Pete in the eye and said, "You damn well better be as good with that bulge as you are with the remote." Pete did not miss a beat and turned the vibrator on the hard pulse setting, and her eyes went wide as she gasped.; he spun her around, bent her over, took out his rock-hard cock, and plunged it to the hilt in her pussy. Pete shoved his 7.5" long, thick cock to the hilt with the vibrator still inside her. It made me shiver, thinking about how a vibrator feels circling my cervix. It was DEEP inside her after that thrusting. You could hear her wetness as he pumped her hard several times and then put it back in his pants. He spun her back up and kissed her hard, holding her wrists firmly but gently as he held her hands but her side and rubbed his thigh up against her wetness.
Then looked her in the eye and said, "That is just a small appetizer; think it will do?"
All she said was a whispered "Damn yes!"
I whispered to Pete: "Do you think it will fall out when we walk them to the room?"
He whispered back: "It's in there deep, and she's tight as hell; someone may have to go in and retrieve it in a while."
I shivered. "I've never been bi below the waist, but I will definitely do the retrieval!" I could feel my wetness drip down my left thigh as I rubbed her hubby's cock through his pants. Damn, I need a cock….
Tony whispered: Don't get me off too soon… I have been saving it up for a while."
I didn't mind stopping much since he had his hand rubbing over my soaked thong. The vibe deep in Becky's pussy was on low as the elevator door opened. She was soo flush…. Pete offered her his arm as we exited the elevator, and she held on to it. Nice empty corridor, and Pete shoved the remote to the highest setting set, held on for dear life, and moaned onto his bicep. She bent over, and I could see how slick she was as her miniskirt exposed her nicely shaped ass was briefly exposed. Fortunately, it was a short walk to the room. Tony slipped his finger directly onto my clit and set me off. I almost squirted right there in the hallway.
Pete opened the door and winked at me as the 4 of us went in. In heavy lust, Becky pushed him against the closet door and kissed him hard, saying, "fuck me now kind of way…." I watched as he pulled her sweater over her head and exposed her deep plunge bra. It was a front-closing one (like I was wearing), and Pete is a master at removing bras. Those nice nipples were as hard as mine, and Pete had one in his mouth and tweaked the other. Pushing her onto the bed, he hiked that miniskirt up to her waist, spreading her legs and exposing her smooth, wet pussy.
Pete: "Jaycee, she needs her vibrator removed from her pussy."
I was soo fucking wet I didn't hesitate. I untied my dress, dropped it to the floor, quickly spread her lips, and inserted my fingers while licking her clitty. OMFG, she was delicious! I could feel the little loop of the vibrator with my fingers as she gently moved around my tongue. I whispered (HIGH Pete), and he smiled and shoved it on the highest he could. She started to squirm as I pulled it out but stopped, pressed it hard against the well-defined g-spot, and held it there. She went over the top with a loud growl and started to squirt. I pulled it up and licked my lips with her gyrating there. So very tasty.

She groaned, "I need more; why did you stop? Someone fuck me." At that point, Pete was naked and veiny hard, apparently taking everything off and watching me with Becky. Tony still had his briefs on.

Anyways, Pete was hard as a stone, veins showing. He gently nudged me aside, spread Becky wide, and went into her to the hilt, HARD in a single stroke. She started to spasm as he fucked her, and you could hear her wetness. Her legs wrapped around his waist, high heels and hose still on, clawing his ass as he drove deeper and deeper. I could so feel what she was experiencing…

I turned to Tony, still in his briefs, and dropped my bra. "Eat my tits and pussy now!" My smooth, wet, dripping pussy was ready. Tony complied as I spread my legs and squeezed his head with my thighs; he found my clit and went crazy as I closed his head and started to hump his face and squirt. I fucked his face hard and screamed. I could hear Becky groaning and begging for more, screaming through orgasms. I could hear the sloshing as Pete fucked her harder and harder.
I pulled Tony from my pussy, looked him in the eye, and said, "stand up." I pulled his undies down and was greeted by a 6" cock so thick that I could barely get my mouth around it.
"Fuck me now with that<b> beer </font></b>can!" And I spread wide, dripping like a faucet.
He said, "The thong might be in the way!" I looked him straight in the eye and growled, "Then tear the fucking thing OFF! Fuck me damnit!"
Tony didn't need any further encouragement; he ripped the soaking thong off and put the head of that short fat cock on my pussy lips. I just humped up and pulled his cock into my wanton pussy.OMFG so damned wide and spread me wide open, exposing my clitty to the stubble on the base of his cock. He pumped frantically. I came like a wailing banshee… my god, he was 6.5 inches around; I was cumming so hard over and over. Legs around his waist, I had him fuck me as deep as that cock could get…. You could smell the sex and passion and hear the wanton sloshing of our pussies as we came over and over, and the boys fucked us hard and deep….
OMG, I can't stop cumming. Becky screamed as her nails bit into Pete's muscular back and Asscheeks…… I could barely hear her as I was about to cum again.
That was when I heard Tony say: "FUCK, I'm going to cum” and he tried to pull out. I looked him in the eye and said, "You damn well better fill me with cum now. My claws dug into his shoulders. I locked my ankle around his waist and fucked UP while he thrust into me, grabbing my breasts as he did and sucking a nipple…… then he came… OMG, the throbbing….. I could feel the Hot cum inside me, so warm. Filling me, cock throbbing in me, he came hard over and over… OMG, soo much cum…. All in me now…. He must have throbbed so very hard ten or more times…. I could feel the warmth deeper and deeper. I was filled and leaking when he spurted the last two times.
As he deflated, I commented, "well, that was quick.'
He asked, "any complaints?" as that thick cock deflated and dropped from my well fucked pussy.
I could feel the river of cum starting to flow out of me. Mmmmm, "No complaints… how long before you're ready again?" "It will be a while," he said as we watched Pete fucking Becky into oblivion again and again. Becky was screaming and convulsing. I said: "in that case, suck that lake of cum out of my pussy now!"

Tony settled between my thighs and started sucking that flowing cum from me. Mmmmm, so good…. Then he started on my clitty, and I came almost immediately. I took his head in my hand and saidquot; Suck it all out. Mmmmm."
Suddenly Becky screamedquot; OH MY GOD… what is happening to meeeee?" Pete reached up and took both of her B+ cupped breasts in his hands, her miniskirt still on around her waist, hammering her pussy and sucking hard on her nipples as she began to scream… that was when she started to squirt…. Her legs locked around Pete as she went crazy, fucking up at him, her hair flying around her….. "Don't stop, don't stop, Don't stop…" she kept screaming…… It must have been another 15 minutes or so as she screamed and convulsed in orgasm.
Pete held her hands to the bed and looked her in the eyes. "Time for cum” "yes," she said, "fill me with cum. I am cumming again!!!!!!"
Pete redoubled his efforts and drove deep into her. She screamed as he began to throb right up against her cervix (Pete told me later how deep he was). Becky screamed and convulsed… I could see Pete's cock pulsing as he emptied inside of her. Still being held to the bed, she continued those glorious little convulsions as Pete held her down. "put the pillows under my ass. Please…." Pete did just that. He slowly pulled his cock out of her. You could see the pool of cum in her; Pete filled her well. Becky wasn't 'gaping' exactly, but you could tell she'd been fucked by a thick cock. She looked at Pete's cock. No one has ever made me squirt or cum as you did. OMG, you are still hard!!" "Tony has never fucked me for so long; I am weak. He cums so fast but has lots of cum. He also loves eating me after he cums and always makes me cum, but I have never squirted before! OMG, Pete…"

Now the cum was starting to leak out of Becky's pussy. "Tony, come suck Pete's cum out of me…." Tony complied, and Becky held him there moaning. I lay there on my elbows, mesmerized as Tony started to clean her. Like a man who hasn't had anything to eat. (LO
The next thing I knew, Pete's cock was slammed against my cervix; instant orgasm! Becky was cumming while Tony sucked out all that cum. That glorious cock fucking the shit out of me. My breasts bounced as he fucked me, Doggy. Oh, the feeling. I had an intense orgasm.
"I can't believe he's still hard, "she said, massaging my breasts and rubbing her clit. "Jaycee, I need a cock again," Becky said. (Tony is still soft) I got a low "Go ahead, Pete, give it to her." He asked, "are you sure?" and I mumbled 'Yes."
You could hear the plop as he pulled out of my slick pussy. Pete went over to Becky, lifted her ridiculously gorgeous hips up, pulled ot the pillow, and slipped the miniskirt from her. "no fair, you being the only one with clothes." he turned her on her stomach, lifting her to her knees and teasing her with his cock. As she was about to cum just from the rubbing, she said, "Insi…." She didn't complete the word as Pete slammed into her to the hilt. He held onto her tight ass as he began to pump her slowly in and out, Becky ramming back at him when he didn't go deep enough. Then he started to ram her (pummeling is a more apt description) and slammed balls deep into her. As she gasped, Pete reached around with one hand and started playing with her breast and nipple and remained deep as he reached with the other hand around her and started to rub her clit as he pulled slightly out and then back into her. "YES YES DO'T Stop; no one's ever done that. Fuck propriety, pull my hair, and fuck me silly…." Pete was glad to. She screamed and convulsed back at him as he pulled out and slammed back in over and over….
Pete Signaled me to hand him some lube, which we always bring, which had me wondering why, but Pete knows what he is doing. I deposited some in his hand, and then I could see what he had planned as he warmed it in his hand, let it dribble down her butt crack, and inserted a thumb in her nether hole. In a single motion, Pete pulled out, smeared the last of it on his cock, and pushed deep into her asshole. She started to cum hard at that.
Becky reared up and screamed in orgasm. All we could hear besides the slapping of their bodies together was whispered "OMG, OMG, ONG" as she came harder and harder. Pete flipped her over, positioned her legs way up, and plunged back into her asshole. All that came from her was, "OMG Yes, OMG yes, I never, OMG I'm cummm."
Pete had her there with her legs over his shoulders and pinned her hands to the bed, and I could tell he was close again. Pete lowered her legs to his waist and kept his cock inside her. He looked her straight in the eye and said 'Now I am going to fill that ass of yours with cum” As he slammed in that last time (most men do), he groaned, and I could see his balls pulsing, and he emptied into her again. Becky squeaked, "Yes…." Her eyes rolled back as she came hard and then passed out.
"Jaycee, her ass is still convulsing around my cock.. hand me the sex wipes." I took one out and handed it to him, and he pulled out, wiped his shiny cock, and then pushed it back into her pussy this time. "wow," he said, "Her puss is even tighter and trembling."
I had been playing with my clitty while I watched. Noted that Tony's cock had risen, looked at him, and said, "Fuck me, Doggy, while I play with her tits. Slam it into me" Tony got behind and that wide cock entered me (Thank god I needed it). Tony alternated my breasts and nipples and licking me the whole time. He pounded me a few times and as I peaked, he said, "Shit, I'm cumming,” The pulsing and flooding sent me over the top nicely. I was on an orgasmic hair trigger, and that sent me over.
I told him, "You’d damn well stay inside my cunt damnit,” as I went over the top.
I heard a gasp from Becky, and her eyes opened up, and she stared into Pete’s eyes, saying, “Holy fucking shit, holy fucking shit..” (Pete said he could feel her pussy convulsing again around his cock). I told Tony to suck out all the cum from my dripping pussy, and he eagerly performed the job.
Pete started to pull out of Becky, and her eyes pleaded, ‘Slowly, Pete, slowly.” And he did. All I could hear was OMG Yes…” as he slipped gently out of her. She lay there shivering and asked, “pillows, please,” and Pete put a few under her luscious butt and hips. Tony had finished me (and I had a few gentle orgasms), and Beckey whispered, “do your job Tony, all of it!”
After Tony had finished, Pete lifted Becky and placed her on the right middle part of the enormous Kin-sized bed. She lay there and rolled over on her side to smile at us. Once she had caught her breath, she said, “ I’ve never been fucked like that in all my life. I’ve never squirted or cum so hard from a cock before.”
Becky blushed a bit and said, “We have a little confession to make to you two.” she continued, “I have NEVER had a cock in my ass! I never thought I would orgasm while my ass was being fucked.”
Tony had moved behind her kissing her gently and whispering something into her ear. She looked up at him and said, “They need to know; it’s only fair after what they’ve done for us!”
With Pete by my side (YES, we were buck naked and smelling like sex), Pete said, “Do tell, we are all ears.”
Becky explained that she and Tony had been high school sweethearts, and Tony was the only cock she had had until tonight. She had toys, yes, and they had fun together a lot, but never with anyone else. Although nicely wide and cumm-filled, Tony was relatively quick on the trigger, but they thought it was normal for guys. They thought it was only in the edits for porn movies that men could fuck like that, and women were overemphasizing the orgasms.
“Oh my fucking god were we wrong!’, she said. “I never realized that squirting could happen when a woman had the right excitement, and a woman could cum during anal sex. That sex machine of yours proved me otherwise.”, she admitted. We then kissed, long and hard, fingers and tongues wandering. I made her cum hard, and when she said, “I can’t,” I pushed her over the edge with my fingers. (Another first from another woman we found out.)
“I’m going to miss all this,” she said with a little tear. “we can keep doing this,” Tony said from behind her, “I loved watching what he did to you.”
“Really?” she asked. “REALLY! He said”
Pete chimed in, “It sounds like you enjoyed watching your wife get fucked to unconsciousness and weakness, Tony.” Tony just smiled and nodded. ‘What would you think if she came home with a well fucked pussy full of cum? Would you sit her down, take off her panties and suck out all of the other guy’s cum?” Tony's reply was, “good god, yes!” “That got you hard!” Becky exclaimed as she reached behind her.
“Tell me,” I asked, “do you like watching Becky while she’s being soundly fucked by another man?” ‘More than I ever imagined,” he admitted. Pete had his cock in me from behind, slowly moving in and out. I shivered a bit, trying to control myself. “Becky, have you ever sucked another man’s cock before?” I asked again. She blushed, “no, only Tony’s. he cums so quickly when I do.”
Pete pulled out of me and climbed over between Becky and me. Laying down, he looked at Becky and said, ‘Suck my cock, Becky!” “You can curse if you want, Pete.” She said shyly. “In that case, get that cock sucking hot wife's mouth on my cock and suck me like a proper Hot Wife slut!” IT took a while, but she was a VERY eager learner. Pete groaned in about ten minutes, grabbed her hair, and kept his cock in her mouth, saying, ”Swallow all that cum, you little slut, ALL OF IT.” She gobbled eagerly.
It was a great night. At the end of the festivities the following morning, we dressed and had breakfast downstairs. Becky had some of Pete’s cum slowly dripping from her the whole time. Pete asked,” Becky, would you like to have Jaycee, me, and three men fuck you all night and then bring you home to Tony, full of cum?”
“oh god, yes, you would do that?” (Tony Nodded approvingly)
I said, “Chat with us a bit on Instagram, and we will pick you up next Friday night.” “Four different cocks?” she asked, “Like Pete’s?” “close enough to Petes’s, LOL” I smiled, “Maybe even five! Yes, they are D&D Free but fertile. Do you have birth control?” (Pete and I are both snipped)
“I did have an IUD put in a couple of months ago, and Tony’s been snipped. I did it just in case we liked swinging.” She admitted. “and I do love it so much!”
“Does Pete let you fuck other men and come home cum filled?” “I ALWAYS check with him before even trying to tempt someone to fuck me without Pete around. It has Only happened a few times. I’d rather two cocks or a couple with Pete involved.” Looking at her, “You’re a hotwife now, and Tony is your willing cuckold. We will gladly help out.” ‘Thank You!” she whispered. Pete said, “Oh, by the way, this is yours!” and slipped the vibrator inside her deftly, turning it on low.
We walked them out to their car; she kissed Pete much more firmly than a friendly kiss and bid them safe travels. Pete and I went back to the room and fucked for the next few hours before checkout. I was well sated.
That day a hotwife and her cuckold were born.
I know what you are thinking. YES, we picked her up Friday, and she was WELL FUCKED and filled with cum by the time we returned her to Tony Saturday evening.
That is another story.

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