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My Blog
Welcome to my blog!
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No turning back
Posted:Aug 9, 2022 11:56 am
Last Updated:May 20, 2024 3:11 pm

It's been about three months since my first outside transition as Sue calls it. I have to admit it didn't take much for me to look feminine even naked i looked like a skinny girl with little tits and a little dick, it seemed like it was getting smaller all the time, i could hardly get hard lately and Sue has me wearing this little, tiny cage. and I shave now all the time, everywhere, Jeez Sue even has a routine putting lotion on my skin at night, after she uses the hair removal gel. I wear panties and bra all the time. sometimes she makes me wear this corset during the evening, she wants me to sleep with it, but it really uncomfortable so I agreed to wear it any time I'm home instead.
Sue took me to a restaurant in town, of course she made me dress up as her girlfriend. I am used to it now and since it's the weekend I was dressed to thrill, my hair was getting longer and Sue loved to style it for me, she did my make-up since she said I was sloppy. and she had picked out this little Victoria secret black and white pantie bra set. OMG, i looked so hot, she had been training me with heels, so I was able to walk in 4inch stiletto's they made me super tall next to her, which she loved I know. but men would openly stare at us as we walked down the street, I wasn't sure if it was because they thought we were models or freaks, my dress was super tight, but i had on these special elastic panties that held my whole cage an all hidden without a bump. good thing too cause, my dress was Pink, and the heels black,, hers was Black and the heels where pink.
I couldn't help noticing the waiter though, Omg, he was this huge man, at least 6'4" 240lbs, shaved head,, my little ass was puckering, he walked us to our table, i was being very shy, his Name was Al, He was being very flirtatious with us and I was having fun, until Sue over and whispered I know u like him, do you want him to fuck you? I was stunned, I looked at her, uh, what? Sue, smiled, come on darling, you don't think you can be my husband anymore? and well honey I think it's time you realize this is who you are now. I was shaken to the core. I sat there, she was right, I was no longer a man, what was I to do. I looked at her, don't cry sissy and ruin your makeup, its ok, I'm not kicking you to the curb, I just want you to be happy. I was stunned, what do u want me to do? I mean, I guess I have been the girl with a few guys with Sue, but this felt different.
at the end of dinner, I didn't eat much, and Sue gave me a couple shots and a mixed drink while we sat there, I needed it, but I was feeling pretty buzzed, our Waiter noticed me having some issues when I stood up, and took my arm to steady me, I stumbled right into his arms, I looked up into his brown eyes, and whispered thank you as I attempted to stand on my own, but the alcohol and the heels didn't agree with me, but Al held me tight, offering to carry me, scooping me up into his arms like I was a , it felt so warm and safe , I laid my head on his chest, as Sue lead him to a Uber outside.
all out
Posted:Jul 21, 2022 2:39 pm
Last Updated:May 20, 2024 3:11 pm

My friend Dave was bragging one year that his wife dressed him up fem and he was so hot and passable guys were hitting on him. I could tell he would be pretty, but I had long curly red hair and was skinny and pale, i figured I could be a better-looking girl that Charlie was. So, i waited all year, even told my girlfriend at the time, she was really into it, started buying me clothes and making me dress in her panties when we had sex.
I'm not sure, i think it was mid-summer, Sue had found a web site that sells female hormones and testosterone blockers to anyone. and she ordered a year's supply, and started giving them to me, calling them Vitamins, I wasn't suspicious at first, but she sort of told me what she had planned one night when we were drinking with her friends Joe and Tom. nothing happened that night but not for lack of trying on Sues part.
I was wearing panties all the time now, and she insisted I shave my body, she said it was sexy and a lot of men did it. I was really starting to bloom by fall I had little buds for breasts and barely got hard anymore. Sue told me I was like her girlfriend and enjoyed teaching me Oral on her, she was very good, she liked to eat my ass, and use her fingers inside me, made me dribble cum even when I wasn't hard.
The whole month of October Sue spent prepping me for the party, she was so into it, she had practically turned me into a girl, she had me practice walking in the highest heels she could find for me and started making me wear a corset as soon as I got home and was allowed to take it off just before bed.
The party was on a Sat night, and Sue took me to a beauty salon and a nail place Friday afternoon. I got dressed up on sat afternoon, i was sort of excited to go out like this, i looked so hot. I was so sexy, Sue had everything laid out for me, she had me in a white v neck long sleeved micro mini dress with white thigh highs and red heels. I had on a red thong and a tight red bra; you could see the outline clearly through the dress. I had little boobs and curves that surprised me, my little peenie was so small from the excitement and cold it didn't show and easily tucked away in the tight little thong.
I waited in the living room and Sue came out wearing almost the same outfit except in black, and her Friend Jess was wearing a sexy little black dress also, she announced that we were all hookers, and her friend Mike was coming over he was going to be our , i had only met Mike a couple times at the Gym, he was a big black guy, a personal trainer at our Gym.
fantasy{{{Clothes make the gurl
Posted:Feb 13, 2022 5:39 pm
Last Updated:May 20, 2024 3:11 pm

I've been wearing the cage and plug now almost a month. my body is changing so fast, breasts are growing out of my chest and i am getting more of an ass i think, i don't have to shave hardly at all anymore. But Shawna still makes me shave my whole body every other day, to be sure, and cocoa butter twice a day.
Last week she got me a corset and bra, since i have breasts now, i should wear a bra, the corset is amazing it gives me an incredible curve. Shawna told me i was going to be the wife in our relationship i should dress it for her. I wanted to please her so badly i would have done anything. She liked dressing me , she got me a lot of lingerie and a few outfits. I was feeling very pampered she invited Tina over and that was amazing, I wasn't able to use my peenie, anymore, i don't wear the cage much, there isn't much point, its almost shrunken back inside me.
They both took turns using dildos on me, and Tina got a big laugh at my plug, When the doorbell rang that night, i didn't expect Tina's boyfriend Jasper, and his friend Keven to be there. Shawna and Tina had set this , they wanted me to try some real Dick. OH, and Jasper and Keven are both black guys.
Fantasy))Smooth sailing
Posted:Feb 13, 2022 5:22 pm
Last Updated:May 20, 2024 3:11 pm

The weeks flew by as i was slowly becoming Shawna's Sissy. she made me want to shave my body smooth and soft like hers, I let her pluck my eyebrows, and give me estrogen suppositories, I was in love with the whole situation and was slowly turning into a gurl.
I noticed my nipples where very sensitive, and Shawna loved that, she rubbed creams and lotions on my chest and peenie twice a day, pills every morning and a suppository every night, plus once a week a shot in the tushy. I don't know what all I was taking but I just wanted to make her happy. slowly she transitioned me into feminine clothing, first she bought be some brief type of silk underwear, then skinny jeans.
In the bedroom, i was very much the submissive to Shawna, she even would peg me once a week or more some weeks. she was slowly increasing the size of her dildo's and was talking to me about a cage and a plug, i am a afraid, i can see the changes in my body, I look more feminine than masculine at this point. this is it, i know I am not a man anymore. I catch myself now looking at men's crotches now when we go out.
Its Valentine's Day, and Shawna has a present for me, it's a pink cage, and a big black plug. with a black spade jewel on it. I haven't been able to get a hard on in a few weeks so i don't care about the cage anymore. but the plug, i sort of knew the whole bbc reference, but She just laughed it off.
Fantasy * *turning point
Posted:Feb 4, 2022 7:43 am
Last Updated:Feb 4, 2022 5:25 pm

I had a long weekend from work, Shawna, a butch lesbian whom i worked with had a spare room in her house, she was trying to get me to be her room mate, she knew i needed a place, and she needed the money. win win. yeah, well Shawna had other plans for me, unknown to me.
Living with Shawna was great, she smoked me up every night, and she always had a sexy girl hanging around in little to nothing, i sorta thought she was doing it to tease me, but i didnt care, they where all hot! one night she started flirting with me, she had her girlfriend tina, who she knew i thought was super sexy little spinner, cuddling up and teasing me really hard, i'm very awkward with girls like this, i've only been with a girl once, and i dont remember much of that.
Shawna moved over to the other side of me and started kissing me, asking me if i liked this. i Of course said i did, i was in total lust, tina was sucking my little cock like it was going out of style and Shawna straddled my body, and held my face kissing me and making out like we where horney teens. i couldnt get enough. the night was a blur of fucking and sucking, Shawna licked my ass like i had never had my ass licked i loved it, i was moaning when she started fucking my ass with her fingers while tina kissed and sucked my neck and face.
I couldnt believe it, i loved the feeling, she pulled on my little pecker as she fucked my ass with a dildo that she had, I was moaning and shaking, cum was leaking out of me continuously as they pleasured me in ways i had never felt. before i realized it, i was laying face down, Shawna was over me from behind, a large strapon pushing inside me as Shawna whispers in my ear, that i am her bitch now. as she pushes hard causing me to moan loudly. OOh that was perfect Tina squeeled i got a perfect little video of that.

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