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My Blog
Welcome to my blog!
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Hey there, Mystery Hot Man
Posted:Feb 15, 2022 1:31 pm
Last Updated:Feb 20, 2022 2:30 pm

I have just barely gotten to know you here, Mystery Hot Man. What I have seen I like a lot, and your tall hot body lights my fantasy room in a big way. So you are close by, always a plus in this activity. We have exchanged some life information, and we are on hold for more, but I wanted you to know that I have already had some mind popping, pussy dancing orgasms fantasizing about you playing with me.

We decided to just meet for a coffee in the afternoon. We settled into a corner booth with our drinks. As I always say, nothing ventured..... so I ventured forth this chilly sunny bright winter day, dressed casually; leggings, boots, loose sweater. You were on your way home from work, so still in your gray suit, shirt, open collar, and black sweater vest. Old school, so smooth and to me. We were nervous, but chatted away, or I chatted and you looked and listened, and kept that withdrawn, but eager look in your face and eyes. I slipped off of my boots, and nuzzled my toe on your crotch, I was that turned on by your quiet rather mysterious affect. I can tell if there is a good karma with a man, and even if the hottest man was in front of me, if he doesn't have the karma that I connect with, forget the attraction. The brain is a mighty powerful sex organ. You were suprised when my foot made contact with your package, but your lips curled up just slightly and your eyes got a light in them that wasn't there at first.
By now my juices were lubricating my anxious pussy, thinking of your slender fingers touching my most secret places, exploring my folds, my inner thighs, cupping my mound, twisting my nipples into insane arousal.
I told you all of this as we sat there, and I watched you begin to melt and get hard at the same time. I boldly suggested that we go to your car, and drive somewhere somewhat private.
You blinked in surprise and nodded, and we left quickly.
I was so excited to see your car with tinted windows all around. I knew that we could have some fun this afternoon in wild, playful car sex, steaming up the windows sex.
We found a quiet parking lot, and got out, breathed in some fresh air, and climbed in the back, laughing like teenagers. Well, I was laughing and you were chuckling,
In the back seat, the switch was hit, and we embraced smashing our bodies together in a hot wet kiss, hands groping each other, you pulled my sweater over my head, and gazed with heat at my breasts, and then bore down on them with your mouth, pulling my breast free from my bra, grasping my nipple and then your mouth was over it, sucking, licking and kissing, and my panties let me know that my pussy was ready.
I reached for your cock, now clearly outlined in your pants, slowly unbuckled and unzipped your slacks, I gently pulled your cock out and leaned over to begin fellatio on your beautiful hard cock. My tongue circling the soft fleshy , my tongue probing your meatus, and my hands guiding your shaft into my warm wet mouth, ummmmm, and you were groaning so quietly, it sent me into a preogasmic frenzy, and that triggered your hunger, and as I sat back , you were on me, your hands pulling down my leggings, and finding my beautiful eager pussy, your fingers gently but urgently playing with my labia lips, sliding into my warm tunnel. We were on fire, and we loved it. Then you spoke, "I am so damn turned on by you, I need to be inside you right now! My legs rose and opened and you smiled and stroked your cock forward, tapping my clit with your cock head, "yes, you may come on in" and slowly you began the dance with me. You eased your cock in slowly, watching my face for signs of pleasure, but you needed have looked because my moan was husky with lust, and I grabbed your ass and helped you push on in. My vagina grabbed your hot hard cock and squeezed and you growled in heated awareness of your cock in its favorite place, or second favorite place in a woman's soft curvy body.
I knew that we wouldn't last long, so charged and out of control were our sexual parts with our brains carrying us higher and deeper into the fucking motion and pace. I was turned on by your quietness, but your body's ability to express such passion and lust.
We exploded into a sudden shaking orgasm, and you pulled out your squirting cock and stroked it empty over my soft belly and tits, and I rubbed into into my skin, over my nipples and licked my fingers clean, as you sat back on and sunk into the afterglow of an orgasm. I too, was spent, and liquid and warm and sated.
After a few minutes of enjoying that place we go, we came back into reality, and both looked at each other and smiled and expressed the big "WOW", yea, that was fucking something awesome. When can we do it again?

You turned out to be everything I thought you would be, and I loved having sex with you.

Keep it hard, Baby, and I'll keep it wet. Same time next week?!
I'll play this hand "alone"
Posted:Jan 14, 2022 5:55 pm
Last Updated:Jan 21, 2022 2:41 pm

So as my husband, lover, best friend and I journey though exploring sex with other men, primarily me, the female having sex with other men. My husband lover gets incredibly turned on thinking of me having sex with another man solo. I will see how playing alone goes. Nothing ventured... So having decided upon this path, I began to visualize myself how it would be alone with another man. There surely will be times, and maybe always, when my husband wishes to take part, or at least sit back and enjoy watching me with another man. With some courage now I embark on this experience. I don't know what man I might play with first, but I have a feeling that I will want to play with a much younger man. I have him in mind, and he and I have chatted a bit, and both agree that the age difference is a turn on, an erotic idea.
This young man has been honest and invitational and real so far in his communication. Those candid exchanges have led to our meet. As always, we meet, the three of us, in a comfortable public place, though in this case, this friend has asked us back to his house for a nice bowl of good pot, and of course the comfort of a private home makes things easier. We were nervous at first, meeting at the bar, and there was obvious chemistry between us, and my husband became aroused just watching and listening to the man and me flirting openly. I tried to remain sober and aware of everything, but my sexual curiosity and arousal was great, and I began to trust my inner sexual goddess voice, and wanted to obey.
We all know the logistical challenges of meeting people, and then arranging a follow up for the real play. We all know the rule: meet first, make sure they aren't a serial killer, however you do that, and if the chemistry is good, set up the date for play.
Smart methods, but sometimes, you just want to go with your gut and seize the power of the moment. This was the moment we wanted to seize.
At our friend's house, we sat on the couch, my husband sat on a chair, and some good music was on and the pot bowl was shared, as was laughter and heavy sexual vibes. At one point, my husband and our friend went into the kitchen to get some drinks, and my husband basically gave our friend the okay on having sex with me, if I likewise desired it, which my husband told our friend, "she definitely wants to fuck and be fucked by you."
Back in the living room, on the couch, we are all feeling pretty horny and happy and high. I was still nervous about this, so I was glad that the young man took the lead, which is always nice for the woman, to feel invited, teased, and appreciated. He had already told me that a slow fuck was something he desired, and though he had a lot of stamina, he wanted to draw it out. I agreed. Rather than be intimidated by that, I began to just relax, ooh baby, relax and let things flow, and do what comes naturally. So I played on his body with my hands, with my mouth. He kissed me wet and hot and my other lips began to quiver in anticipation and my juices began to flow. He slowly unbuttoned my blouse, and breathed hot breath on my breasts, and licked my nipples through my sheer bra. My body was tingling all over, and he slowly made love to me, removing my blouse, bra, suckling my breasts, pinching my nipples, but not letting me touch him yet. His hands slid down into my leggings, finding my wetness and gently rubbing my clit, while he said nasty things in my ear. I was made jello by his touching and taunting my pussy with his fingers. He stopped and sat back to catch his breath, and I seized my chance to first place my hand on his beautiful package still unseen beneath his pants, and when I touched him, he rewarded me with a groan and a few growls. I slowly opened his pants, again touching his cock now hard and peeking out of his underwear and that is where I began, I bent over and began to lick his cock's head, pushing his underwear down as I worked my way down his shaft. I stroked his beautiful cock, feeling it pulse beneath my fingers, and I placed wet soft kisses up his bare torso, stopping briefly to lick his nipples and nip at them, hearing him suck in his breath, feeling his cock urging in my fingers. We continued in a frenzy for a few minutes, tearing off each other's clothes, laughing, and as my husband watched us and stroked himself, my friend laid me down and again kissed his way down my body, my mouth hungry as he worked his way down to my wet throbbing anticipating pussy. He made love to my pussy with his mouth and tongue and fingers. I raised up off the cushions as my body prepared for his cock to enter me. And then he brought his cock and body over me, and took some of my juice and rubbed it over his cock head, and then he tapped my opening, another asking permission, how sexy, and when my eyes said, yes, fuck me with your beautiful cock, he drove it in slowly, ahh, his hot rod pushed in and my legs opened wide, to help pull him in farther. He fucked me slowly, and fast and hard, and I found myself riding the pleasure train. We both held back the urge to climb higher, wanting to play some more. We stopped, enjoyed a moment of pure dishevelment, smoked some more pot, which always makes us even more horny, hydrated with cold water, and went to the bedroom, where we fell in another round of kisses, fondling, stroking, rubbing, legs tangled, and when he laid sideways next to me, I slid my pussy right up to his cock, where he pulled me over onto him, and we fucked some more in that wonderful position, where we can all see his sweet cock enter my pussy, such a hot sight. My body releases new groans at the pleasure of our play. And as I began to climb, feeling a vaginal orgasm getting closer, I was losing the battle to hold off, and then he flipped me over in a firm way, and my husband's far away voice said, 'get up on your knees for him, you love it don't you, doggy fuck." and my partner was like a race who just heard the bell, and he entered me, and we rocked and I pushed my sweet ass and pussy back on his cock, his fingers came around to rub my hard clit, and the intensity of our pleasure climb was incredible. As I approached the big O, so did he, and I urged him on, and when it was upon him, he asked breathlessly should he stay in to spill his load, or come out, and as I was overcome with a shattering orgasm, I told him , BOTH, and he shot hot and thick inside me, and then I felt the hot seed on my ass and back, as his cum spasmed out in long steady spurts.
The afterglow of hot sex is usually laughter and lots of "OH, Fuck, my God, and complete release. As a friend once described the feeling after orgasm of a balloon that just lost all his air, and we lay in a soft pile of skin, feeling the drain as well as the surge of good feeling that comes over the body and mind.
Being alone for the first time with a man after many years was incredibly exciting and made me feel wanton and energized and even a bit more complete.
My husband enjoyed witnessing me being pleasured by a new cock, but next time, he said for me to go alone and come home and tell him all about it while he was fucking me. I look forward to another play date with my very young friend. I think we both brought out some hot creatures with that play.
what you do to me
Posted:Jan 11, 2022 2:58 pm
Last Updated:Jan 20, 2022 4:58 am

I noticed you when I grabbed my grocery cart, headed on the usual food supply forage. I used to for nice men to flirt with, pre covid, still flirt when I can, but masking is .... well, masking, and not the pretty black masks I would wear a swing dress party. (for another blog). I forgot my mask today, and so was flying around the store, when I came around a corner and you were there both hands on jars of pickles, and when I saw you I nearly crashed into you, but OOOps, eye contact, smiles, maybe a tongue along my upper lip, asking you if you needed help with your pickles, you laughed and yes, well, as a matter of facts, I would like your opinion
The pickle flirting continued, and I felt extremely brave or liberated that morning, and so I asked you if you would let me tell you something. You leaned down, ( I am short, and love tall men and not so tall men), I stretched up to cup my hand on your ear and said, " I am really horny and you are really , and maybe we could mess up our clothes a bit in the car, unless you have another idea."
As I stepped back away, I kept my eyes on your and eyes, and there was a definite yes in your eyes, Fast forwarding finds us in your car headed to a park nearby, early afternoon, sunny, but and a balmy winter . We park in a secluded spot, and our hands are all over each other. We both hop of the front seat, laughing and taking off pieces of clothing and climbing into the back seat, the seats were cold, but added to our arousal and hunger, he began to slobber kisses over my neck, down to my breasts, cupping one and bringing my nipple, now eraser hard, to his mouth, where he delicately licked and sucked it as I groaned and groped for his hard cock, which stood red ready and I bent down and took your beautiful cock in my mouth, swirling my tongue over his soft tip, teasing your opening, lavishing my tongue over every part of your penis. I fondled your soft firm balls. I stroked and sucked and listened to you moan, and say god's name, and fuck, and man, and , I want to taste you now, and then your mouth was on my wet pussy, my lips opening to your mouth, wanting more feeling pulsing through my sex. You lapped and sucked and slid your finger in and my vagina squeezed in reflex. We were so damn and urgent and lusty and want to fuck, oblivious to the world, and when you up from my trembling pussy, I grabbed your neck, pulled you down on top of , spread my legs, and bit your ear and told you to fuck , fuck now, and you grabbed your cock and pushed in slowly, aahhhh, though I was squeezing your thighs to make it all tighter, and then you went all the way in and began to fuck, rocking and rolling, and both bodies frenzied and and wanton and feeling the complete experience erotic moment, fucking this handsome man , a stranger, in his car in the daylight! All of those thoughts just made us climb higher and faster and incredibly intense until the orgasm was upon us, and you looked and began to mouth the words, and I told you to come a and pull and squirt your juice all over my body, which you did, and my orgasm toppled into yours, and we lay in a wet satisfied heap, came to, cleaned up, and laughed and talked all the way back to my car, where we parted, and thanked each other for a unique moment-- made our days!
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what I want--part 3
Posted:Jan 7, 2022 2:44 pm
Last Updated:Jan 9, 2022 3:26 pm

My tale is is like my love-sex making scenario, drawn out and slow, but once I got your cock in my mouth, the burner for both of us got so hot that we had to succumb to the fuc We kissed and groped our way back onto the bed, where my legs remained closed, keeping all the good stuff in waiting, and he opened me up and tapped his cock head on my opening, and I invited him in and the good fucking began, the bodies grinding, melding into one unit where things fit perfectly and feel incredible.

We fuck, and fuck and fuck until we are ready to feel the release and it comes intensely through him and I feel his hot semen enter me and dribble out as he slowly withdrew and collapsed, while I still reeling from my toe to head orgasm.

That's just one scenario of what I like....
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what I want part 2
Posted:Jan 7, 2022 12:44 pm
Last Updated:Jan 20, 2022 4:58 am

In the heat building, I stopped his activity on my body, and sat up, stood up and pulled him up, his cock shot hard and firm out of his now falling pants, but I wanted to work a little magic on him now while my pussy continued to ooze that primal juice, and both our loins were priming.
I stood on tiptoes to pull his mouth toward me and gave him a wet kiss, a drunken kiss, and then worked my mouth down his neck, his chest, licking circles around his flat nipples, biting a little bit, down down, down, goes my mouth and hands pulling his pants down helping him kick them off, and then reaching his cock, my warm hand wrapped around it, getting a feel for it's size and texture and attitude. He groaned of course, as I kept stroking his velvety cock. I could feel his sexual electricity surging through him, men express it different than women, but we can read a man's arousal and intense buildup.
what i want
Posted:Jan 7, 2022 9:54 am
Last Updated:May 22, 2024 7:16 am

Men often ask me what do you want sexually, what can I do for you what do you want me to do to you.. I ponder this question because i do want to express what I want, but sometimes it's just too dynamic to describe, or put into specific things-kinks. But today I feel I know what I want, and baby, there are many other what I want scenarios, to be sure, but let's just focus on this new what I want, I am sure it will be an enjoyable ride for you as well.
I am female and that has taken on a whole new meaning for me as a mature female, growing up in the sixties-seventies, hell, still growing up, or at least trying to keep growing in wonderful ways. I am a mixture, and a good one, but I will say that my teenage girl is part of that exciting mixture of my femaleness, my sexuality, my woman-ness.
If I bring along my beautiful innocent sexy sweet teenage self. She brings exuberance to the act. Teenage sex fantasy for me is heat from curiosity and body parts responding in new ways. So no lingerie in a teenage fantasy, but lovely cheerleader outfits, skirts and tights, bras and underwear and that was pre pretty underwear days for teenagers. So as my now husband and I grew up, dated and spent a few hours each week on a side road on the way to my home. The heavy petting, the moisture growing, his erection, thinking of him in his tight football uniform, ummm men's thighs, a real turn on for me.
So translating all of that into my 71 year old body and soul is delightful. Some of our best flirting took places when we were young, that's first non taboo way of expressing your attraction. Bedroom eyes, hungry eyes, all the buttons are starting to be pushed. Moisture building in my panties. You get the picture.
So when you have sex with me now, here's what I want, at least it is quite exquisite in my sexual brain. I will leave you to decide how it makes you feel.
We (you and met through here, had a couple hot warm up meets, and proceeded to
get a nice hotel room. As part of the newness, I wanted to replicate all the first emotions I was feeling when I first saw you, became aware of your look and your look on me, and so we met in the hotel's bar, dressed for each other, but our clothes also giving off strong sexual vibes, and body aromas as hormones kick in. We sip our drinks, you touches my breast, kissing my throat, reaches your hand up my silky blue leggings to touch my crotch, that is part of my ignition switch, just the first curious touch. We are ready, I am ready to take it to the next part, and so we head up to our room. We are both a bit high and enough good alcohol to soften it all or slow it down, while the desire is there to hurry. You stood before me, our eyes feeling glazed with lust, some good jazz music in the background, and you put your hands on my face and kissed me, just a soft tongue touching kiss, Then your hands slide down my chest, briefly squeezing my tits, and ending at the bottom of my beautiful black sweater, pulling it slowly up and over my breasts, and my head, and tossing is aside. My legs now are softening into jello, my nipples hardening under my lacy black bra, my pussy oozing my unique lube, and you then kiss me, play with my tits, and then take off my bra, and goes back to a more aggressive loving of my chest, he pushes me to the bed, YES! and unbuckle your pants, and opens your zipper, let the big man out, and I watch, as you grasp your hard cock, and begin to stroke it. This excites me even more, and so I join in and lick my fingers and begin to touch my labia, my clit, me, my core sex - she is a lusty , then twenties and thirties and all rolled into one very horny turned on burner hot, and we play with ourselves for a few minutes, climbing that mountain we all love to climb. Now you take off your shirt, but I tell you to leave your pants on, or partly on so I can see your pulsing brown-red cock and dark pubes around your groin- very hot spot for me, and you bend over and begins to pull my tight leggings down, I wriggle with desire, my pussy aching to be touched by your soft lips, tongue and fingers, and as my pants were flung across the room, we both felt a jolt of pace hit us, slow is good, but sometimes so is speed. you grabbed my ankles and pulled my legs open with lust, not force, and looked at me, saw my sex, saw my body out in front of you, and you took a few minutes to take it in. The body of any shape or size in arousal is sexy. Then you slowly leaned down and began to kiss my sex, slowly, lavishly, tenderly and then more excited, and my hips reflexed as most women prepare for the best position for the mate's cock, urging it all inward, and so the licking and sucking and finger fucking is all preparation for penetration.
I will be back to add more to this, reality calls me. TBC
cum on and take me on a slow ride
Posted:Jan 2, 2022 1:50 pm
Last Updated:Jan 20, 2022 5:14 am

I met him the other night at the bar. I stopped by a local bar early New Years' eve-eve.

No crowds, later afternoon, someone actually put on some decent music. and just felt friendly, and I wanted soak up for a while. The female bartender took my drink order, and I began to allow myself to relax and around. The bar was a U shaped and so I could see across the other side, and checked out everyone, lingering on any potential men that gave off a sexual vibe. Yes, all men give off this vibe, but as a female, I am drawn a particular vibe. Can't describe the vibe, but I know when I feel . First positive contact is the a pull. We made eye contact, smiled, and I invited him over join me. was a simple hand gesture, and I was relieved when the woman next him didn't come with him. ( next time
We greeted and he took a seat to my left, and we introduced each other, and began to visit, and it was warm and friendly. I continued to be forward toward him, I complimented him on his looks, his nice casual clothes were sexy on his slim but athletic frame. His smile got to me, turning my bones into jelly. His smile and warm hand on my thigh were so inviting and fun. He wasn't completely sure we could completely connect, but I was oozing juice, my nipples hard, and my tongue ready.
I whispered in his ear that I would meet him in the parking lot and follow him to his place.
Luckily it was a short ride, easy location so I didn't a chance think about what I was going do with his stranger. Though I didn't really think of him as a strange stranger, but rather someone I just hadn't known long, but long enough feel safe, excited, and respected. Just a couple of healthy adults desiring sexual .
He made us each a short drink, in his kitchen. I sat on a bar stool, and he stood, facing me. He asked if could touch me, and I responded, please do. I let him set the pace, and it was slow and warm and very sensual. He touched my breasts with both hands on the outside of my sheer blouse. My nipples tightened under his hands, my head fell back, and my eyes closed, and I felt him unbutton each button, and kiss my chest as it opened further down, kissing my full heavy breasts.He licked and suckled each nipple, and they became so sensitive. He slowly slid my blouse off, placing it on a chair. By then I was pulled back into the environment of someone making passionate slow love to me, playing with my body, exploring. I reached for his cock, but he denied me, saying he wanted to savor me, and we would definitely get to that part and it will be wonderful, and then he got down in front of me, on his knees, he slid his hands ups my skirt, fingering and pulling my wicked weasel panties into my wet clit.
My body was pulsing, I wanted to feel it all, feel it long and full, enjoy each new sensation he wanted me to with his fingers playing with my soft wet folds, gently touching my hard clit making me rise off the stool. Still he wouldn't let me touch him, he began to lick my pussy, slowly, deeply, fully. My whole body began to vibrate. I was in a bit of a sexual trance, you know the place, and I didn't want to be out of it, so stayed in the zone, and when I felt and heard him become so sexually charged, I came to the edge of the stool, and grabbed his cock, unzipping his pants, and pulling them down, and stroking his cock and licking it and then telling him to me now, I want your hard beautiful cock deep in me, me here and was incredibly exciting, perching on that stool, feeling his cock sliding in and out, watching that is so . The stool was highly charged, but we soon slipped off the stool and stumbled our way into the bedroom, where he finished undressing me, my bra fell away, and he once again took some moments to fondle my bosom, twist my nipples and, before pulling my underwear -g string off, he pulled up tight against my clit and I nearly fainted, and then he slowly pulled them off, he stood looking at me on the bed, and took off the rest of his clothes, as I watched him hungrily waiting to love him up.
I told him to lay down and I began to all over him. Rubbing my wet pussy over his hard thighs, brushing my tits over his wet open mouth, blowing my warm breath over his hard cock, watching it twitch in anticipation. Then I licked his pancake flat nipples, my tongue working my way down his chest, arriving at his black thatch of curly hair, his hard dark red cock standing tall, and my mouth was over it, teasing the head, circling the head, licking the shaft, and sucking hard. He was sucking in his own breathe, soaking up the sexual feelings like they were electric velvet covering his cock, cupping his soft firm balls, his temperature and mine were rising now and in one flip he had me on my back, my legs open, his fingers in my pussy, and then he asked can I you now, and I nodded and closed my eyes and enjoyed the ride.

We fucked more in other positions, and when he had me on the edge of the bed, my ankles up on his shoulders, his cock buried deep inside of me, my clit vibrator stroking my clit while he stroked my cunt, oh , explosive orgasms shattered us.
We smiled and laughed through the afterglow. We both agreed that going slow was the way go. peace and lust all and all a good happy new year
Happy Holidays
Posted:Dec 23, 2021 4:45 pm
Last Updated:Jan 20, 2022 5:27 am

With a couple of days before Christmas, I had to run one more time to get a few supplies. Today, I felt a bit festive and ready to party, and so I wore a beautiful dark blue sweater that cut beautifully over my full cleavage. My jeans and boots and off to the store I go. My text rang, and it was my husband, so I figured he wanted me to get something else while I was there, but the text was inviting me to stop by to see if this guy we had played with once, was home, and I should knock on the door and wish him a Merry Christmas and give him a big hug and wet kiss. Now there have been a few times that I have driven by this guys's apt complex, and peaked to see if his car was there, and hmmmm... what if? I never had, but it was a hot thought. So when my hubby is asked me to do it, and then tell him all about it when I got home, I thought, why not....maybe the guy won't be home or even want to see me. Though we had played once, we didn't stay in active mode, but felt that it was possible.

I finished the shopping, packed the car and headed out, by way of the apts. where he lives. I wanted to make sure he was was there, so I pulled in. I could see his TV screen lights so I knew he was home and awake.
I didn't think twice, but walked confidently to his patio door, and knocked, and smiled and waved when he peered out of the glass door. He opened it and said Hi, and come on in. I came in and said, I just was driving by and wanted to wish you a Merry Christmas, and I hugged him and he hugged me back, and even in that short contact, I felt his big cock twitch, which then I felt my juice bar open. We laughed and he said, what a nice surprise, and I slipped my coat off, and watched him glance at my beautiful breasts filling out my soft sweater. I said that my husband had dared me to stop by and visit, and turn him on with every detail when I got home. He gulped and said, sounded good to him, let's take a toke and see how it goes. I had brought some pot too, and so we shared a pipe, and the high began to lift and loosen both of us. He came and sat on the couch next to me, he turned his good music up a bit, and the touching began. I let him feel and fondle and rub anywhere he wanted. I told him dirty little things as he began to play on my playground, and in it too.
So turned on was I, that I felt in a trance, and warm big hands were arousing every part of me, they touched, stroked, and when he got down on his knees and asked if he could take my clothes off, I breathlessly said, yes, and my jeans were tugged off my torso, hands slide up my soft creamy thighs, then hot breath warmed my skin and gooseflesh rippled over my body, my breasts pushed up against my lace bra, my nipples so hard, he found them and pinched and rolled them and drove my hips to move up ready for the position that would make it easy for his tongue and then cock to slide on in, He panted at me, how much time did I have and I said, enough, and we laughed and he pulled on my panties up tight against my clit, splitting my soft labia, and making my clit hard and oh so sensitive. When I was writhing from that, he pulled my panties off and gently pushed open my legs, and passionately began to lap, lick, stroke, and finger my pussy, until I was leaping off the couch.. On the verge of a powerful orgasm, I stopped him and told him to slow down, and I commenced to remove his clothes, and we left a trail on our way to the bedroom. As his long body laid across the bed, I climbed up and lowered myself to his sexual package, first gently squeezing his rock hard big cock, listening to him growl and moan, and then I took his cock into my mouth, inch by inch, licking my way, sucking him in, stroking his lower shaft. I could tell that he was getting close, and we still hadn't fuck-fucked yet, and we both wanted that, and so I slowly pulled his hard shaft from my mouth, and he flipped me over onto my back and spread my legs, He wasn't gentle, but urgent and eager to be in that warm tight tunnel, my walls squeezing his cock, my juices flowing, and the fucking was so intense, that you feel your heart in your throat and loins, and you climb to the edge and all the while your brain is spinning it hotter and hotter, and at last he looks into my face, and then his head goes back and he cums, hard, explosive, and I feel it fill my pussy, and my clit is pulsing under my happy toy, and then my orgasm convulses over me, shuttering as my partner is still shaking out his seed as it spills onto my belly and breasts. A most abundant load.
We then both began to laugh, still laughing as we cleaned up, dressed, and bid each other happy holidays and hey, let's do this again sometime.
I couldn't wait to get home and have sex with my husband. He will be so turned on from my experience.
Happy New Year, Keep those libidos healthy and happy.
peace and lust
come join me in a photo shoot
Posted:Dec 20, 2021 11:47 am
Last Updated:Jan 19, 2022 2:45 pm

So my husband, lover and best photo man wants to take some new photos of me. We keep trying to make this happen, and like too many things, it gets left behind, but hope springs eternal and we want to embrace it soon, but have to admit that it would be a lot of fun to have another man's participation.

Recently we suggested to a friend who also happens to sell us some mighty fine weed, that he might stop over one day and help us out. We set the date and he stopped over. We had out photo room, exercise space, ping pong place, space, all warmed , the lighting was beautiful with some natural sun filtering through the blinds. We enjoyed a bowl, put some tunes, and all got into comfy robes.

Nick, my photo partner, and I were both already feeling pretty turned and excited. My husband, photo man, started us out slowly and I posed using a couple of beautiful scarves. Nick, sat in a chair and watched, and helped relax and be more natural since I had a hot man excited just watching .

After some warm shots, we began explore some erotic poses, I sat the edge of the photo table, black drop cloth behind , naked, except for a beautiful scarf around my neck, loosely draped over my breasts. The shot was Nick with his hands my knees, each frame, he spread my legs a little farther apart. My husband got several angles. My clit was wet, my pussy wet as I could imagine what was coming next. As I sat there, Nick finally pushed my legs as wide open as as he could, and his face went down and in and I felt his hot steamy breath taking in my scent and blowing
my mound, and I sat and watched his eager but slow dining my sweet pussy. My head threw back in the cloud of arousal, YES, there, yes, your tongue is magic on my hard clit, on my full soft labia. My husband was aroused, but was also very delighted with the images coming through his lens, wanting more.
I laid down on my stomach and Nick enjoyed touching from that position, and couldn't hold my legs together, so urgent was my need to begin fucking.

But, my photo man wanted more and so our tension rose as he delayed any possible , and directed Nick sit in the chair. His beautiful cock stiff now, and I was so creamed, that when he told me to sit facing Nick and with his erection, he began photos, by then both Nick and I weren't too interested in the photo shoot, except that it was a turn be filmed as we explored and played. When Nick couldn't take it any more, he lifted me , his warm strong hands on my bare bottom, I helped put directly his waiting cock head, and I was so naturally wet that I slipped him in easily and began fuck him, as he kept his hands my hips help ride him, his tongue and mouth lavishing my tits, my hard nipples, my full heavy breasts, warm on his face. We could hear the camera's shutter clicking away, but felt like we were in our own world, of course, passion was carrying us along like a strong river current.
My husband laid his camera down, and we all got onto bed and Nick pulled me to the edge of the bed, lifted my legs onto his shoulders, and stroked my wet dripping pussy, and my husband told him to just poise with his cock ready to enter my pussy, Nick obliged willingly and drove crazy, him too, teasing my pussy for more, for full slow penetration, I could only imagine the stretching, the full feeling of a nice cock gliding in.
The rest of the shoot was pure fun as we all played, the guys taking turns fucking , and fucking them, sucking their cocks, licking their shafts and soft balls, my fingers playing with their ass, it was a way orgy, so turned and free we were.

We all blew out, shouted out, screamed out our orgasms, in close timing each other, as I orgasmed first, I was a ragdoll, but lolled in apprehension of their ejaculation about happen in my and over my body. I was there receive the hot cum that was evidence of their great passion and release. A most intimate event between people. My husband snapped some photos of Nick's thick cum dribbling out of my red wet pussy, and his load running down the hills and planes of my chest.

We cleaned , sat in our robes, smoked and bowl and just smiled at the fun of it.

Hope the photos turn out well, you might see them posted here sometime.

Let me know if you'd like a chance to be in my next photo shoot.
My First BBC
Posted:Jun 6, 2021 3:43 pm
Last Updated:Oct 17, 2021 1:50 pm

So, we ventured forward in our lusty hot car sex time. After I lavished affection and attention on my young black friend's cock, I leaned back, opened my dress reveal my nakedness and my knees fell open and his hands pushed my thighs further open and his mouth fell down on my hot wet pussy, so achy with desire. His tongue brought the edge a few times, but I like the climb and prolong it as much as I can, and enjoy each touch, thought, sensation, and as I lifted his head up, he smiled and I laughed at the joy and fun of sex with another person who likewise enjoys sex. A secret club especially if your playmate is a good soul. I panted to him, that I wanted him to fuck me now, and we slipped onto the laid down back seat, where he pushed my legs open, audibly sighed as he exposed my waiting wanted wet pussy. And then he slowly nudged his soft firm tip into my slippery folds and slowly sank his length into me, so gentle and strong at the same time. He filled me to my core and began his thrust and grind into me as I squeezed tightly around his pushing coc My husband was stroking, watching and smiling as he knew I would enjoy a young playmate "boy-toy" someday, and was so turned on watching me get pleasured and fucked by this young virile black man with a beautiful large coc We rode together until we both got to the top of the mountain of heat and lightning and of swirling of erotic primal thoughts and sensations, a powerful drug that brought us to a sweet release. He collapsed briefly and then pulled out, and my husband captured his thick cum flowing out of my clit, with his camera. We pulled ourselves together, feeling drugged from the strong orgams we all had. We slipped back into reality, chatted briefly about the experience, and agreed that we would like to do it again.
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My First BBC
Posted:Jun 6, 2021 2:30 pm
Last Updated:May 22, 2024 7:16 am

So I had a fun hot little IM time with this young man one evening. He is a very hot man with lovely muscles, and a pleasant personality, and a gorgeous coc
After some get know you time, we finally met and a nice bar, a warm summer evening. My dress blew in the breeze, showing a big more thigh each time. The young man was relaxed as we sat at the table and enjoyed a cocktail. He sat m left and I kept touching my knee to his, and making the electric eye contact of awareness of the heat created.. It was long before we agreed to head out to the cars to head home, and ended up sitting in our car and sharing bowl and more.
He sat in the back with me opposite and we had the windows down a bit, the breeze coming in over our bodies. As we relaxed, the horniness began to build in all of us. My husband in the front seat watching and talking to us, and me flirting and seducing. My young man was very and didn't need much coaxing and so I began kiss him slowly, pushing my tongue into his warm mouth, feeling his cock began to harden, his breath quicken. I worked my way down from his mouth to his waist, where I unbuttoned his black jeans, and took my time revealing his coc I first stroked its length with both hands, while he rolled his head back in bliss, and then I took him in my hot wet mouth, licking, sucking, swirling my tongue on his soft head, poking my tongue into his slit, and he is lifting his ass off the seat in mock thrusting as I enjoy his coc
be continued,.....
Taking Care of Myself and then some...
Posted:May 6, 2021 5:03 pm
Last Updated:May 30, 2021 12:57 pm

On a cool rainy afternoon, I headed the workout room in our barn. This room is the second floor of our barn, (no animals barn), just tools, etc. but the second floor is a most interesting room, filled with good karma, hippie art, other amenities, and a lovely bed. I put on some music, took a couple of draws off the magic pipe, and commenced to lay down to do my floor exercises. I chided myself first because I forgot my earbuds, though a CD player helped me get going into the workout zone. I had some Keb Mo blaring and began my movements, the pot started to in, and then I was sorry that I hadn't brought out any toys from the house. I often get horny while exercising, thinking about being fucked when I do my hip raises, and various other poses or stretches. I often think about a hot guy working out with , and that gets feeling wet as I imagine his hand rubbing over my mound, full under my tight black pants. his finger finds my seam and gently he rubs, and I am so wet and for his cock inside .

So on this workout day, as I began feel horny, I remembered that I had a couple toys out in the barn in a drawer, and hoped that the batteries were still good. I turned the music up a bit more, and laid on the bed, and stripped off my pants and panties. I licked my fingers to sink into my wet hole, and then drizzled some lube down my crease, opening my legs to feel the moisture spread over my sex, my full soft labia lips and my sweet hard little clit were now open and ready, like a beautiful flower.
My biggest sex organ, my lovely brain, began to spin the images and movie that would bring me to a hot succulent climb to orgasm. I visualized myself in one of those open swap parties, in a semi-private parlor on a red velvet lounge and men were taking care of me. One man was stroking my pussy slowly, and taking turns with his tongue, and I writhed in heat and arousal. One man was massaging, pinching, kissing, sucking and licking my breasts, and my nipples began to become so sensitive, I almost orgasmed, but oh, I just wanted to climb this mountain of arousal and sensual provocation. I was in and out of sexual fantasy, aware of the music, and then playing with myself, the dildo vibrating away inside my warm wet vagina, my hips clenching tightly with each thrust, squeezing the cock, thinking of the real thing. Then I am back with my men who are pleasuring me. The third one was kneeled at my head, and I was able take his cock in my mouth and with him. That fantasy helped my pussy feel deeper stronger sensations, as the clit stimulator found its way into my folds and began to tease my clit. As I dazed in and out of reality and fantasy, I kept thinking how alive I felt, how vital and sexual I felt. And I wish I had a man or nearby.
I drifted back my climb, and slipped the tip of the dildo into my pink asshole entry, and moved into it, while my clit toy was pulsing my pussy, and I became lost
and kept thinking that I wish my husband was sitting in the chair next to the bed and watching me masturbate, and stroking his fine coc And so it was a big surprise when the door opened and he walked in, and behind him was a friend who stopped by to bring us some new pot. I knew I was caught, and instead of covering and feeling embarrassed, I looked up and said Hello, and invited them to both sit down and watch. More music came on, more pot was smoked and we all began to feel pretty relaxed and horny. I turned my now naked body toward them, and watched them open their pants and pull out their hard cocks and begin to stroke. I went back to taking care of myself, and found my juices flowing freely, my clit on fire, my vagina squeezing and my voice telling my imaginary lover to fuck me, yes, fuck me now, take me, pound me, go deep and fast, and slow and shallow, and stroke and rub and the fuse is now so close to the target that he is ready to explode and I am ready to free fall into orgasm, and my new masturbation buddies are stroking so fast, so fiercely, their eyes on my open legs, toys in me and on me, and then it crashes over me, cascading vibrations of pure extreme release, pleasure, heat, electricity all colliding, as I groaned out the pleasure in deep primal sounds.
As the sounds of life came back to us, we all smiled because that is what sex and orgasms do for us, bring on the absolute release that laughter and smiling are better than that scene in the movie where they smoke a cigarette. However, a cold beer, and a pipe were enjoyed as we sat around, post orgasms and let ourselves just hang out int hat space.
I sure enjoyed my exercise time today, and glad some nice men could join me.

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