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The soft D/S relationship I'm looking for  

bays19 40M
0 posts
1/2/2022 1:30 pm
The soft D/S relationship I'm looking for

You lay down upon a soft but firm bed, just comfortable enough. A sweet aroma fills the air as a scented candle burns. A sling raises your legs, bending your knees upwards towards your chest. Your arms are pulled above your head by cuffs around your wrists, pulling them to the top edge of the bed. Your ankles are also cuffed, pulling apart your legs and leaving you vulnerable and exposed. A blind fold is placed over your eyes, so you can't see anything in the already dimmed bedroom. You feel something placed over your head and onto your ears. Noise-canceling. You can't hear a thing, you can't see a thing, and you are bound in a missionary position unable to move. Cuffed to the edges of the bed with legs spread and knees bent, you lay bare.

The first sensation you feel is your neck being kissed - slowly...softly. Then nibbling on your earlobe followed by a few soft kisses on your cheek. You feel bites on your neck, moving downward. Your arms are caressed, and you feel this. You tummy gets some soft kisses too. Then your breasts. You feel your breasts being caressed and massaged and softly played with. You feel your nipples being gently nibbled and pinched - and then harder. Your breasts are squeezed as you feel your nipples bitten and pulled. You then feel kisses trailing down your breasts and down your stomach. Your hips are grabbed, squeezed. Your thighs softly caressed. Kisses along your thighs move inward. At your inner thighs, soft kisses are being planted while your hips are squeezed. The kisses move inward, but ultimately skip around your pussy and remain on your inner thighs. Multiple times this happens. Kissing<b> dancing </font></b>around your prized spot and landing on your inner thighs. So close but failing deliver what you desire, what you yearn for. Wetness oozes inside of you. Before you know , you're soaked and wishing this teasing would stop. You want so much the kisses to turn into a tongue inside your prized spot.

With your trembling, the chains connecting your cuffs to the underside of the bed rattle and clank. Your moans signal that you long for more, but you've already been informed of what you must do. You've been instructed to beg. You must beg to receive more, to move to the next stage. After some more time of this teasing, your yearning for more becomes too much. You're soaked, and you need harder stimulation. You beg with bated breath, "Please Sir I beg for more. I beg Sir!".

With this, the kisses cease. You feel nothing for a moment. This makes you whimper in anticipation. You crave greater stimulation. Then you feel your outer pussy lips being softly kissed, and caressed and nibbled on. bites pull your outer lips away, revealing more of your delicious pussy. Your soft outer lips give way equally soft kisses. You moan in delight with this, but it quickly fails meet your desires. You already ache for more. Your outer lips being kissed and nibbled isn't enough. You are soaked, dripping, and you yearn be filled. You need more.

You waste no time. You beg, "More Sir! Oh please more!". You feel the kisses move inward, towards your inner lips. Your inner lips are licked, kissed, nibbled and pulled on. You feel a soft, slippery tongue<b> dancing </font></b>inside your soaked vagina. Your clitoral hood is pressed and stroked in slow circles. Fingers slide inside you and pump slowly in and out. You let out a loud sigh of pleasure, "Oh yesss this is what I needed. Oh . Thank you sir". You squirm in pleasure as your , wet pussy is slowly eaten. Sweat beads all over your body as your temperature rises. Your pussy throbs while a soft tongue runs all over and fingers pump deep inside. The slow, rhythmic, rotating pressure against your clit through the hood is slowly driving you insane. You want burst. As sweat drips from your brow, your chest, you can barely stand anymore. "P-p-please Sir...can I cum?", you beg. You don't hear any answer of course. An overwhelming feeling swells inside of you, you are ready burst into orgasm.

Then, suddenly nothing. The mindblowing stimulation disappears in an instant. Your overwhelming feeling, your unbearable urge to orgasm, your , dripping, throbbing pussy is denied the release you so desire. Your orgasm had been denied. You pant hard, you almost want cry. You cry out, "! Oh please sir...PLEASE I need so bad.." Your pussy throbs with the need for more stimulation. You whimper pathetically. Begging under your breath, "please...please...please please please...".

You feel it again, the sensation has returned - harder now. The soft wet tongue swirls around you with fingers penetrating deeper. You feel your pussy's lips being spread open. A harder pressure moves your clit in circles rhythmically. This is it. Your pussy throbs with desire, ready to burst like it never has before. You imagine juice gushing out of your , aching pussy. You feel flush, your breasts, all of you wants convulse and orgasm. "Please Sir!! I need !! Please let me cum! I want cum so fucking bad! Please sir I beg of you! Please!"

An abrupt stop again - leaving you on the edge. One more push and you'd burst like you never before. You'd spill a river of cum. Your aching pussy is at 's limit. You feel the edges of orgasm pull at your brain. Both an orgasm denied for the second time and an orgasm ruined. You feel the internal pangs of nearly cumming. Soreness, aching, but not the grand pleasure you so desire. Your pussy still drips and throbs. You know it's not over, but you are so overwhelmed you can't think. You shout, "FUUUUuuuuucccckk! Oh I need cum so badly! I need cum Sir please. My pussy hurts and needs cum!".

As your pussy throbs and your clit jumps , you begin cool down slowly...whimpering, crying, begging cum. Then, the feeling again. The as before. A tongue swirling around around your pussy stimulates your entire body, drowning you in pleasure. Fingers fucking you deeply makes your pussy drip and throb. Rhythmic circles of pressure against your clit bring you to the edge. You beg again, pleading, crying near tears as your voice chokes, "...Oh fuck, oh god...Sir please..ohhh fuck...ugh...i need to cum...Sir....I can't stop sir...I cum please....."

The sensation quickly becomes overwhelming. You feel your body surge. Your body convulses, your pussy throbs and pulses. Cum starts leak. The amazing sensation of your pussy being worshipped and eaten remains, pushing you over that edge. Your sore pussy delights in the feeling of a soft mouth. You pussy pulses and unleashes a torrent of cum that drips out, covering Sirs tongue and lips. Sir continues eating you as he drinks you up. You shake and quiver as you experience a mind blowing orgasm. You shout aloud, "Ohhhh fuuuuuuuuck I'm comingg!!! Oh fffffuuuuuuuuucckkkkk.......". You continue to shake as come drips down your pussy and down your ass. Your aching pussy trembles. Finally the release so desired. The overwhelming feeling of a strong orgasm slowly dissipates. You feel soft kisses around your pussy again.

You begin cool down from your orgasm. You came so hard. But you've already been informed of what's happen. First is oral stimulation. Next comes toys. Dildos, vibrators, clamps. You get to experience more teasing, more denial, more ruined orgasms. You love begging Sir, asking for permission to come be denied. You love being teased and having your mind tormented this way.

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