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Thinking about Universes  

aurin99 52M
0 posts
4/3/2022 9:03 pm
Thinking about Universes

Have you ever thought of that time where you had a decision, you could choose the two paths. You chose one but always wondered what the other path would have been?

I've reading a lot about string theory, quantum physics, and probability. The interesting thing is those paths are Schrodinger Cat. It's a thought experiment where you have a cat in a box with radioactive poison that has a 50% chance of killing the cat with next hour. At the end of that hour what is the state of that cat? Common sense suggests the cat is either alive or dead. With Quantum physics, at moment the box is open the cat is equal parts alive and dead at the same time. It's only when the box is opened that we see single definite state. That cat is blur of probability until the box is opened. An interesting though experiment and very real. Real as in the computer I'm posting this on wouldn't even possible if were for this.

So where this get really<b> weird </font></b>is the Wave Function. It's something we can't even really prove beyond mathematics. But what happens is the there is probability that move the measurement barrier where the wave turn in particles, what we see and reality. Thing is that probability could path A or path B for example. Back the cat, both path exist in time and we travel both at the same time with out knowing it. We see we too path A and wonder about be but we also to path B and wonder about A. Only we do this in two separate universes. A universe get created every decision small or not. Like a cell in body could become cancerous or not. Well both happen two universe form on where it does and were doesn't.

So think of this, that lover you had. You could have stayed with her or left her. In reality you both stayed with her and left her. Two universes form and both happen. Kind of mind blowing. No just think of the person and how many time you may have crossed paths. How many universes are you together in?

This is the simplest version. There's a lot math behind it that even I don't fully understand but really find it interesting.

What's more think of religion, Christianity. They say God has plan for us at the same time God gave us free will. If you think on that with out Quantum physics that's impossible. Now with Quantum physics. That's exactly what happens. The probability of you doing what God intends will always happen while you have free will to not even accept God in you life. It all happens.

This make we want to live a life with out fear as it all happens and the pain and suffering I might feel here and now is not the pain suffering I'd be feeling in different universe.

With this another thought. What happens when you die in one universe? Where does you energy go and the fact you exist in other universes. Could it be that in freak accident you die and energy goes into random other universes or get divided among all of them? Now this gets to some<b> weird </font></b>thoughts. Read about this. That sense of dejavu you get could be that. So<b> weird.

</font></b>Thinking of stuff like this just get my mind off thing I just don't want to think about anymore.

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