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asianwhitecpl1 57M/31F  
66 posts
2/14/2020 9:33 am

It was last stop on the business trip from hell and I was in a bad mood. I had been away three weeks which, me, was an abnormally long trip but that was just part of the reason why I was in a bad mood. I had just heard wife of years wasn't going to be able to join me the last three days. It was supposed to be a mini vacation without the k**s. She and I had been together years before we married, 3 nights in a hotel alone together made me hard just thinking about, only now she wasn't coming. I love wife and our sex life was generally pretty good but over the past few years we had been having sex less and less often. It wasn't lack of desire each other just busy lives. Which was why it was such a shame she wasn't coming - nothing is better than hotel room sex when you're in a long term relationship.

The only good thing was that I had minimal meetings to have to go to and the hotel and room were first class. I was just coming from one of those meetings when I saw her. She was in a red dress that hugged her figure and showed off her curves, and she had curves in all the places that I liked. She looked to be the same age as me, about 40. She had dark hair and gorgeous brown skin. She was waiting an elevator and I came and stood near her to do the same.

When the elevator arrived she and I both got on. She hit 32 - the same floor as me, so I just moved to the back of the elevator. I could smell her perfume which was quite intoxicating. A brave, confident man might have tried to strike up a conversation but I was far too shy that. Still I enjoyed being alone with someone so attractive, even if it was just in an elevator.

We reached the mezzanine level, which was also the pool level. When the elevator doors opened we were met just a sea of people. It was a tour of some kind and they just surged into the elevator. I stepped back against the back wall, the woman in red backed up towards me as more of the tourist surged in. As more people surged in, the woman in red was forced back against me.

None of the tourist spoke English but when an alarm started sounding and the doors wouldn't close I knew that they were arguing over who should get off the overloaded elevator. Normally I hate crowds and this invasion of space would have had me pretty irate but I didn't mind at all. As I'm quite tall, I had an incredible view of the woman in red's incredible cleavage.

It might have been that I hadn't seen wife three weeks, or the incredible cleavage I was gawking at, or the feel of her body backed up against me or maybe a combination of all three but I started to get an erection. As I felt cock grow I realised that I was pressed up against the woman in red, if I could feel her ass cheek against hardening cock, surely she would feel cock against her cheek.

As good as it felt, I immediately tried to shift hardening cock back and away from her but there was just no room. I closed eyes and tried to think unsexy thoughts but it was no good. I could feel myself going red. I was just waiting her to turn around and slap face which would have been well deserved.

But the slap never came, something much more incredible happened. It started slowly at first, but I was pretty sure the woman in red was rocking slowly back against cock. I wasn't sure at first, maybe it was just the crowd jostling us but then she shifted so cock shifted from her left ass cheek to the valley between them. I almost groaned out loud as it did. There was no mistaking it now, she was pushing back against me. I started to thrust in time with her. I couldn't believe I was doing this in a crowded elevator with a complete stranger. It wasn't an obvious thing, if someone was watching us I doubt the would have picked up the movement but it was there and it felt incredible.

I didn't notice the elevator door finally close, I didn't notice the elevator stop at several different floors and the people getting off. the 25th floor we were the only two people left on the elevator but she was still pressed back against me. We both realised we were alone at the same time and sprang apart from each other like scalded cats. I couldn't believe what we had been doing.

I could see out the corner of eye she seemed to be just as embarrassed as I was. I interpreted that as meaning she couldn't believe what we had been doing either. I wanted to apologise, I should have apologised but I couldn't make the words come out. We reached our floor, we glanced at each other but seemed to realise that both of us were as freaked out as the other and that any conversation would just add to the awkwardness.

We went out separate ways and I entered room and had a cold shower. Back to normal, I just told myself that it was because I was so horny after being away so long. After awhile it felt more like an erotic dream rather than reality.

Later that evening I decided to go to the restaurant in the lobby rather than get room . I got changed and headed down. The second I got to the restaurant I regretted decision, the restaurant was packed with the same tourist that had been crowding the mezzanine level. The maître de apologised but said tables would be available shortly and escorted me to the bar.

I sat and ordered a drink. A short time later I heard the maître de giving the same story to someone else as they approached the bar. When the guest who was being escorted sat beside me I nearly spat out beer. It was the woman in red, only now she was the woman in black.

She gave me a wry smile which I managed to return as she sat down on the stool beside me. I felt myself turning beet red which just amused her more. I finally found my voice and apologised our first meeting only her to apologise as well. The ice was broken and we started chatting. Like me she was travelling on business. She was married too but her husband was back home.

When the maître de arrived to tell me table was ready I asked her to join me and she accepted. We shared a couple of bottles of wine with dinner, she was very easy to talk to. She was the one who brought up our elevator ride again, apologising once more.

"I don't know what came over me, I never done that before. I have never been unfaithful to husband" she said. I apologised again and told her I had never done anything like it before either and had also been faithful to wife.

We talked more about our relationships and realised we had even more in common than we thought. We both loved our respective partners but we were both being starved of sex. We commiserated with each other at first but then our conversation started to become more sexual.

She confessed to having fantasies about a meeting between her and a stranger whilst she was away on a business trip: "we please each other cause we know we're on limited time and we don't know when we'll get to meet up again. So we try to cram in hard, lust, sensual, erotic sex in the few hours we have." She almost whispered

I told her I knew that fantasy very well. We were both breathing quite heavily, there was real sexual tension in the air. I think both of us realised that the fantasy she had described was a shared one and that we both fit the partners of each other's fantasy. We were both in long term but sexually starved relationships. We lived in different parts of the country and who knew if we would ever see each other again after this night. There was an excitement that we both knew that if one of us was brave enough to make the first move the other would be more than willing to indulge our carnal desires.

The moment was broken the waiter giving us he . It snapped us back to reality and I think we both breathed a sigh of relief but also disappoitment. The , we left and headed to the lift lobby. We had stopped talking again, our shy timid selves had returned. I began to realise this was going to be a missed opportunity. I wondered what would have happened if the waiter hadn't come when he did.

We entered the elevator with a few other people, certainly not the crowd that been in our first elevator ride. We went to the corner of the elevator standing in the same position we had that first time only this time we were keeping a few inches of space between us.

I don't know where I found the nerve to do it, maybe it was because I didn't want this to be a missed opportunity, but I reached out and touched her hip and pulled her back so our bodies were against each other once more. I heard her gasp as I pulled her to me, she looked back at me and our eyes met and I see the lust in her eyes and I knew she wanted this as much as I did. The other people in the elevator didn't notice a thing, she had only moved back an inch or two but us it was a giant leap.

We reached our floor, I took her hand and led her towards room. As soon as we entered the room I pulled her to me. I kissed her and she hungrily kissed me back. I marvelled at the feel of her body against mine. Never breaking our kiss I slid the zip on the back of her dress down. I started to slide it down over her shoulders when she stopped me.

"Can we turn out the lights?" she whispered "I haven't been naked in front of another man in a long time."

I turned out the lights and the room was plunged into darkness. The only light coming from the city lights outside window. I returned to her dress and she started unbuttoning shirt. Her dress hit the floor as shirt came off. We kissed again only this time her naked breasts were pressed against bare chest.

Still kissing, hands explored her back and shoulders. I moved hands to hips and started to slide her panties down. Her hands were at belt, loosening pants. After much fumbling and stepping out pants legs we were both naked, still standing the door of the room.

No words were spoken, just groans and moans as we writhed against each other. We made our way to the bed, a tangle of bodies, our hands going everywhere. The darkness was adding to the excitement, each of us using touch to explore each other's bodies. I couldn't get enough of her, I wanted to feel, touch and taste every part of her. fingertips traced down her cheeks, neck and along her arms. I kissed and nibbled at her neck, her skin tasted so sweet.

Her hands were exploring shoulders, chest, arms and even hands, as if she was trying to memorise every part of me touch. mouth was working its way down her ample chest, sucking her hard nipples into mouth. Her hands rubbing hair as she held me to her breasts.

There were no sounds in the room apart from our ragged breathing. We rolled on the big king bed until she was on top of me. She kissed me hard on the mouth, both of us pouring years of sexual frustration into that kiss. She straddled lap, I could feel the heat and wetness of her pussy on cock which was hard as a rock and sitting flush against stomach.

We continued to kiss, hands rubbing her back and ass as she ground herself against me. I didn't want this moment to end, I wanted to stay like that forever. We had started in absolute darkness but now eyes were adjusting to the low light, the sight of this sexy stranger straddling me will be burned in memory forever.

She began to wiggle and manoeuvre herself on top of me. We both groaned as the head of cock slide inside her. We stared into each other's eyes as she lowered herself further until I was all the way inside her. We looked at each other with a mixture of lust and wonderment. Who would have thought a crowded elevator ride that had happened just hours earlier would bring us to this .

She began to move herself up and down, left hand lifting her breast, teasing her nipple. right hand on her hip as I began to move in time with her, thrusting myself in and out of her.

Our pace picked up, the air conditioning had kept the room cool but we were both covered in a sheen of sweat. I sat up to kiss her mouth and neck as the sound of our bodies moving against each other filled the room. I moved my hand from her hip and moved it around towards her pussy until my thumb was against her clit, just letting the movement of her hips to rub it.

Groaning together she cried out "I'm cumming" which set me off almost instantly. A massive orgasm overtook us both as I came deep inside her, both of us still thrusting against each other. She collapsed down against my chest, my hand stroking her back and head.

We lay that way some time just holding each other as we attempted to get our breath back. We giggled like teenagers as softening cock slipped from her pussy. She slid across body so that she was<b> lying </font></b>beside me, our legs still entwined. Her hand moving to chest, tracing around rib cage, while I ran hand through her hair. We lay like that I don't know how long before she finally spoke.

"You know what?" She said

"What?" I asked.

She pointed across to the clock beside the bed which was reading :45am. "I don't have to check out until 10" she said as her hand slide down over stomach and cupped balls "and I don't know about you but I say we make use of this king size bed while we still can."

Feeling cock stirring once more, I smiled and and pushed her on her back and said "I like the way your mind works" before kissing her smiling mouth. It looked like neither of us was going to get much sleep but neither of us cared.

fuckmyyoungwife2 60M/29F

2/17/2022 12:34 am

very hot!

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