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Everything is well in hand
Posted:Feb 18, 2022 6:10 pm
Last Updated:Feb 19, 2022 7:54 pm

As she edged past him in the doorway of the living-room, she made sure to rub against him with her hip, hand, and breast, holding eye contact the whole time, just to make sure he knew it was no accident. As she walked towards the kitchen, she listened for footsteps behind her, but did not want to turn around and look. Either he would follow, or he would not. Turning the water on in the sink to wash the dishes that had accumulated from this mornings breakfast and from lunch, effectively drowned out any noise that may have been around her. The rest of her senses were hyper-alert, but without being able to hear much of anything, she was extra sensitive to her surroundings.

Once the sink had filled enough to start washing the dishes, she slid her hands into the dishwater. After a minute or so of washing, she could tell he was standing right behind her, and a knowing smile creased her lips, to go along with a matching tingle of her other lips. Feeling his breath on her neck, he whispered in her ear, "you know how much I love how you wiggle your ass as you walk away from me". Instead of replying with words, she just rubbed her ass against him, which told her right away just how happy he was to be where he was at the moment. The next thing she knew, her head was jerked back towards him as he had taken a firm grip of her hair and pulled, exposing her neck to him, something that always made her moan and tremble with pleasure. Her head pulled back, her ass thrust out towards him, the arch of her back as he ran his other hand over her stomach, across her breasts, and to her neck, giving it a short but tight squeeze that hinted at more to come. That quick restriction of oxygen that never failed to make her yearn for more. Releasing her hair, he pushed her against the sink, kissing the nape of her neck as both hands reached around to play with her already erect nipples, squeezing them with just enough pressure to tease the fine line between pleasure and pain. As she started to turn around to face him, he grabbed her and held her in place, arm around her waist, and the other running down her back, across her ass, between her legs to rub her pussy through her jeans. "Spread" her commanded her, and she did, giving him all the room he wanted. His body pressed right against hers, her body tensed and relaxed at the same time, waiting for whatever was about to happen, his mouth right next to her ear, "so, looks like you could use a help with these dishes". She whirls around and tells him, "you get me all worked to help me with the dishes?". That devilish smile of his is the answer she gets as he grabs a dish towel and starts to dry. She has to admit, it does go a lot faster with people, but come on!

A while later, on her way the stairs, her phone rings, it's a friend of hers, and as they often do, they decide to video chat as it is nice to see the person's face as you talk to them. About ten minutes into the conversation he walks past her, and runs his hand across her ass, which makes her smile. She holds the phone so her friend can see him and to say hi. "What are you to?", she asks. All she gets as an answer is, "I'll never tell", and a laugh. A very short time later, now standing at the top of the stairs, still on the phone, he comes behind her, placing his head besides hers so he can see the phone screen as well, "you're back!" her friend says. "Yes I am, were you talking about me?" he replies. "I'll never tell" is the response. Keeping his head beside her, acting all innocent, he starts grinding against her, which elicits a grind in reply from her. He grabs her free hand, pulling it behind her, placing it on his fully erect bare cock. Her fingers wrap around the shaft and she slowly started to stroke him, all the while keeping the conversation with her friend. Thirty seconds later, he reaches around her waist, unbuttons her jeans, and pulls them, and her panties to the floor, and starts tracing his fingers around her pussy, and tickling her clit. Keeping the conversation going is starting to become a real challenge, and her friend suspects someone is to no good! He wraps his fingers around her hair and she quickly ends the call, but says she will call her back in a while, just as he bends her over the railing of the stairs and smoothly spreads her legs, slipping 2 fingers into her already dripping pussy. She lets out a huge moan as he uses his body to hold her in place, grinds against her pussy from behind, her hair pulled back in his tight grip, using his other hand to choke her, gently, and then ever so slowly increasing the pressure, just how she likes it. "I'm going to fuck you right here" he tells her, and all she can do as a reply is shiver, moan, and thrust back against him.

Releasing the grip on her hair, he uses that hand to guide his cock into her eager pussy, relishing the feeling of that instant when the head pushes her lips apart. Hesitating his head of his cock there for a few seconds, she lets "please" he slowing starts to fuck her while reaching for of her arms, to pull it behind her back, telling her to leave it there, and then doing the same to the other arm. With both arms behind her back, he uses that hand to hold them in place, the other hand keeping the pressure on her neck. Now he starts to drive in to her, each thrust drawing moans from both of them. His coming from the exquisite feeling of her pussy on his cock, coupled with the visual feast before him. Hers from him hitting all the right spots, and the delicious feeling of being totally in someone else's control. The pounding of his cock, the fight for breath, arms pinned behind her, all drive her body to cum in a quivering orgasm in no time flat, and he does not let up, telling her "you're all mine to do with as I like right now!". The pounding continues until her legs start to shake so much that she can't stand up anymore. then does he release his grip on her, letting his still hard cock slowly slide out of her, and supporting her weight so she does not fall over.

Taking her hand, he turns her around and steers her towards her bedroom. Getting to her bed, he turns her body in to his, gives her a long, wet, kiss and pushes her back on to the bed, telling her "I not done with you yet". Spreading her legs once again, he kneels down, slides his head up her legs, kissing them as he goes, flicks his tongue over her clit, and then starts to suck and lick her clit like it was the world's best flavor of ice cream, wet and delicious. Using his thumb to play with her pussy at the same time keeps her from focusing on any one thing, which serves to prolong the pleasure? torture? bit of both?. Wrapping his arms around her thighs, he constantly pulls her towards him whenever she starts to squirm too far away. He might be between her legs, but he stills lets her know he is in control, even if he is too busy to talk at the moment. Grabbing his hair, she pushes his head down as she pushes her hips , trying to "keep him in the pocket". He calls it bucking the cowboy while he is in the saddle. This cowboy is not going anywhere anytime soon.

Pushing her to orgasm a few more times, she finally pulls his head , by his hair, and tells him "I need to catch my breath and recover, please". Sitting , he smiles, and tells her, "I'll get you a drink and cuddle with you for minutes, but then you're all mine in 5!". True to his word, he gets her that drink and slides in beside her, wrapping his arms around her. Within those minutes, body worn out from multiple orgasms, she falls asleep, safe in his arms, a smile on her face. He was happy to hold her and gently caress her body while she slept, knowing that when she woke they would pick where they left off, like a bookmark in a favorite book.
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