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More Info About My Interests  

YukinaBlueRose 32F
0 posts
7/4/2022 5:45 pm
More Info About My Interests

Mouth is off limits. Nothing on my throat. No INTENTIONAL pain (aching from overuse is acceptable). NO crap or pee included in sexual way (to me, that is just, YUCK). I am not really into spanking, but if you REALLY want it to be included, I will allow it if it is light and kept to a bare minimum.

Lube is a must for the back (preferably for the front too), it should be put in me AND on whatever is entering me, so very well lubricated in the back. If something is put in the back, it does NOT go in the front without being cleaned off first (that includes body parts).

I prefer to be bound (willing to try being bound in different ways, as long as I can not get away no matter how hard I try), blindfolded, and gagged, at all times. (Though the gag needs to be reduced to just the ball-gag/cloth-gag [meaning tape and wrap come off] when it is going to be a little while before I am used again, because I have asthma, but needs to be put back when I am about to be used again.)
I have used a bandanna as gag before (I can breathe through that), with medical tape over, and if we add medical/vet wrap (that wrap that sticks to itself, but not to anything else, and more importantly, not my hair) over that, then I am sure that would work.
Maybe put some medical/vet wrap over the blindfold too, to make sure it stays (and keeps me from seeing AT ALL ).
Sadly, I do not know if I can use anything else as a gag (though that gag works just fine for me), would be willing to try, but others probably would not work.

I should be blindfolded at all times. (Unless I am being kept long enough that I will need to eat, then the blindfold comes off while I am eating, since I am not comfortable eating something I ca not see. This could change in a long-term relationship, be it romantic or a sex friend, then that person(s) can hand feed me with the blindfold on.) Taking off the blindfold at any point would ruin the ,k*dn*pped and r*ped, scenario that I am trying for. Where the ,v*ctim, has NO IDEA who has her the whole time she is being used. Where she can not see who her attacker is, and preferably can not hear her attacker either, since that is a form of identification. Where she is bound so well that she is helpless, unable to get away, no matter how hard she tries. Where she can not tell who is using her, helplessly being used over and over again, meaning she is sure to get pregnant (unless she already is, or the guy(s) is/are using protection), and she is unable to identify or stop this mystery man. *Not even knowing for sure if it is the same man (or small group) every time, or if multiple men (or multiple small groups) are taking turns with her, because she has no way to identify the one(s) using her.*

Small Suggestions/Possible Scenarios:

When only one guy (or even with groups), toys could be used during the much shorter breaks (meaning breaks that are not for<b> food </font></b>or sleep, though even then, depending on the toy), like if the guy (or group) just needs to take a short break (even for longer breaks) to recover. As if the ,k*dn*pper(s), are trying to make the ,v*ctim, become so accustomed to the feeling of someone/something inside of her, that she gets to the point that she feels wrong/off when she is empty. (...Training for constant use?)

Also, (and this one is extended time, not just part of a day) I once suggested this to someone, but they were not comfortable with me being ,untied,/alone in their home while they are gone: if you have a room with its own bathroom (basement, spare room, your room, whatever/whichever you have and are comfortable with) that you could lock me in, maybe chain me to the bed [with the cuff(s) on the end of the chain being on my ankle(s)] (or to the floor, if you have the right set-up), with a long enough chain that I can reach the bathroom. Make sure I have access to water while you are gone (and food, if you are going to be gone a long time). After you untie/unhook me from the bed [and put the cuff(s) on my ankle(s)] before you go to work (or wherever) I could leave the blindfold (if it is the locking kind, then you would need to unlock it before you leave) on until you close and lock the door, and when you return I could put the blindfold back on, and then you come in (relock the blindfold if it locks) and retie/rehook me to the bed. Then use me as much as you want. (If I am in the room long enough, or often enough, to get used to it, then the blindfold can stay on.)

As far as I know, other than the ,no,s at the beginning of this, everything else is open for you to try on me. Just remember my ,no,s. (If anything else comes up that is a ,no, then I will be sure to let you know.)

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