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my dream day with you  

Xsick69 62M
3 posts
1/8/2022 8:36 pm
my dream day with you

I want to walk you thru my dream day with you, if I could devote an entire day you this is how the day would go....
I would wake early and carefully slip out from under your arms, quietly sneak into the kitchen and make you my patented breakfast feast along with your favorite morning drink put it all on a special tray that's made for breakfast in bed bring it into the bedroom & set it beside the bed. I then would softly and gently kiss your lips, earlobes, and neck till your eyes open. then I would say surprise & put the tray with your breakfast on the bed in front of you. I would stand at attention by your side refilling your beverage, grinding fresh pepper, grating fresh cheese for you till you finish. then I would start the bathtub filling for you testing the water myself to make sure the water is but not too just right. some bubbles and help you into the water. I would scrub your back and anywhere else you wish me to scrub for you. The entire time I will be telling you how drop dead gorgeous your body is, how you are, and how exciting you are. I will warm water over your hair & help you wash and rinse , hand you towels, and help you out of the tub. I will dry every inch of your skin & hand you your robe that I just took out of the dryer so 's warm for you. blow dry & style your beautiful long hair for you. Help you find your most spectacular outfit and rave about how you loo
Then I would take your hand and we would go for a walk out past my cousins cattle & at the calves. pick out our favorite calves & give them cute names. that way when they grow they will be big ugly cows with cute names. Walking hand and hand with you on a warm summer morning sounds like a great time me & the calves are just a bonus. then I would walk you back the house & tell you I take you out lunch, you quickly point out the fact that 's barely am & you just ate a big breakfast. I reply that the place we were having lunch at a least 2 and 1/2 hours away so we better get going. you seem surprised as we walk past the car and I open the passenger of the Bronco for you. You ask why would you drive the bronco the city? which i reply .. said anything about going the city. and winked at you.
We drive town & I stop at the gas station to get your favorite beverage and top off the gas tan then we head the canyon into the mountains stopping here & taking pictures & selfies with the mountain wild flowers. I take a bunch of pictures of you & marvel at your beauty, the way every picture I take looks like you were posing even tho you didn't even know I taking your picture.
Then we get the point in the road where says 4 wheel drive vehicles beyond this point, so I stop & get out to lock in the front hubs. I ask if you to drive & you jump in the drivers seat eagerly & we are off, you're such a careful driver I'm soon at ease, & enjoying all the beautiful scenery, well mostly staring at you, your hair softly blowing in the open window. the of concentration on your brow as you drive the mountain road. I marvel at how lucky I am be here with you at this moment and I am overcome with love for you, so I lean over and kiss you lightly on the cheek then you at me & say Not while I'm driving do you kill us?? then you laugh and I laugh & think myself, dear god how I love her. We stop several times to at the deer and take pictures of them, and each other.
finally we reach our destination on top of the mountain in a grove of Aspen trees with wild flowers in full bloom all around us. I quickly bring out the picnic basked I had prepared and a big blanket that I spread out in the shade, for us to sit on. I take your hand and help you sit down in the middle of the blanket, I sit right behind you with my chest against your back & my arms around you. I whisper how much I love you and how much I need you softly in your ear, & I can smell your perfume, and I can almost see down the front of your shirt and I feel a wave of red passion washing over me, I'm completely under your spell as I nibble on your earlobe, and and down your neck kissing and nibbling with wild abandon. I feel my erection growing, but when I come for air & around, I realize we are not in a suitable location make love, too close to the road and I don't anyone but me to gaze upon the hidden beauty that your clothes conceal. Also I feel is unfair you ask for such a private and sacred thing as making love with you in such a public place.
So I try calm myself back down by thinking of the most horrific things I ever seen or felt, this almost distracts me from the excitement that is you, but you're still driving me crazy. Then I remember the picnic basked I had brought, and that turned the tide. I jumped up get the food I'd packed and forgot all about my erection, you noticed straining against my jeans and smiled, I hoped your smile because you knew that you that made me so aroused. I slightly embarrassed and proud at the time and I felt my face turning red. I dismissed with a flippant comment like... I no idea where that came from, and we both laughed.
I had packed some thin sliced roast beef from a roast we had had earlier in the wee I brought some thick sliced french bread, some beef broth, some yellow mustard spread and some radish sauce, some sliced Swiss cheese. I also brought a metal oven that is made sit over a fire on rocks. I built a fire, put together the sandwiches, place them in the oven and the oven over the fire to toast them. Then I poked a couple of in the can of beef broth and place that on the fire to warm as well. while the food cooking we were talking, and joking. I could tell you were at least a impressed that I brought all the stuff to make and toast french dip sandwiches in the wilderness and that made me smile. I made an excuse to leave you for a second to go pee in the woods and as I walking away you teased me with. Whats the matter, are you shy? and you giggled, I wasn't shy I just didn't you to see me picking the bouquet of wild flowers for you, which I concealed behind my back as I walked toward you.
When I got back to the blanket and you, I said I missed you my love and kneel'd down in front of you. You said you missed me too and then you asked what I hiding behind my bac I smiled and said these beautiful flowers my love and I handed you the flowers. I saw your face light as you took them from me and put them to your face to enjoy their scent. Then you noticed something foreign and hard hidden in the stems of the flowers and closer. You see a bright sparkle and the hint of gold, as you untangle the flower stems you see is a diamond ring. I lean in and kiss you before you can say anything and I tell you is your real wedding ring, I know you said didn't matter you that the ring we got married with a cheap 1 and I believe you, but it did matter me and so I made right now. I love you more than life 's self and I you wear this ring with pride everyday. I saw the tears of joy welling in your eyes and I overcome with emotions of love for you I held you close & whispered my sweet in your ear.
Then I remembered the sandwiches in the oven but fortunately I had neglected any wood the fire and had went out warming the broth & sandwiches just enough. I cut the sandwiches on a diagonal, the broth in a bowl, and bring your plate along with you favorite chilled beverage, saying the best for my sweet . So we enjoy our meal, and the beautiful surroundings, but I still think you are far more beautiful than any surroundings, and I make sure tell you this.
After we finish eating we lie back & watch the clouds in the sky, describing what each cloud is shaped like. I feel such a peaceful easy feeling laying with you with my arm around you, and I marvel at how completely you transformed my life for the better. I can tell by your breathing that you are drifting off sleep, I at the peaceful expression on your beautiful face, and I am taken aback by the perfection of the features of your face, the way your long hair frames your face and sets off your eyes. I am in awe of the pure and exotic beauty that you possess, and I can't help but feel like the luckiest man alive be able bask in such beauty. I lie with you asleep on my arm and stare at you, I'm reminded of the time before we found each other again, and how I used stare at your picture. I'm reminded of how I thought you were too perfect to ever possibly be interested in me, and I would never again feel your touch on my skin or your arms around me. I remember when I first allowed myself to believe you and your love were real. I at you sleeping peacefully on my arm and I think myself...this beautiful creature before me is my wife, MY WIFE, how did someone like me find such a goddess as you are, for surely on a scale of 1 you are a at the very least. me you will always be a 00,000,000 but I might be a less than impartial when comes you. As I'm thinking all these things I must fallen asleep because the next thing I remember you are gently shaking me saying, wake sleepy head you don't sleep MY entire day away now do you? I quickly gathered all our stuff & made sure the fire completely out and walked you the bronco. I thanked you for driving on the way and allowing me enjoy the beautiful scenery (mostly I stared at your beauty but 's counting) so I suggested I drive back down so you can enjoy the view. After I'd been driving a while I noticed you were tracing your fingertips and down my thigh, you were just doing as you were at the trees & wildflowers I'm not even sure that you were aware you were doing , but I could feel the heat of your touch and turning me on. I felt so fortunate at this moment, here I driving thru breathtaking natural vistas, with the woman of my wildest dreams sitting next me, with 1 arm around me and the other hand tracing circles on my thigh. Truly I am blessed beyond belief such a spectacular woman as you for my wife.
We take our time driving down the mountain laughing and joking, enjoying each others company, singing along with the radio, it a blast and I loved every minute of it. We got town about an hour after dark and I drove us to the best restaurant in town and told you to order anything and everything you wanted, and while you weren't I slipped the owner a 50.00 bill to make sure your food to die for. We took a selfie enjoying the food and posted our page, you said the best day ever, and I said 's not over yet.
After we left the restaurant you seemed surprised when I turned the opposite direction the way home, I drive past the cemetery then off the main road an old 2 wheel track road that almost completely over grown and you could barely make out where the road . I told you that back when I in high school this where all the teenagers came to make out, we called lovers lane. I explained you that I didn't even my 1st kiss until after I graduated so I never got take a lovers lane and I wanted take my beautiful and wife now make out. You were giggling as I shut off the engine and you threw both arms around me and kissed me deeply, I held you close and kissed you bac Then I caught sight of the moonlight<b> dancing </font></b>across your hair and making your eyes shine like diamonds, and I once again awe struck by your beauty. We were kissing and caressing each other, and the windows were all fogged from all our heavy breathing. I could feel your nipples getting hard as I caressing your breast thru your shirt. I could feel my erection pressing against my pants and I could feel your fingers rubbing thru my jeans.
All of a sudden I saw the lights of a car driving towards us and as got closer I saw a sheriffs car, he pulled the side of us & I rolled down the window. He said good evening sir, I noticed some lights here and I wanted make sure wasn't some here having , I said I was just showing my lovely wife where the old lovers lane was. He said well a nice night sir and drove away, we both looked at each other and burst out laughing. as I drove the 8 miles the house we were still making out pretty hard you were kissing my neck and breathing in my ear, and I was putty in your hands, I pull the house and we walk the steps together still kissing and fondling each other. I can't get enough of you, the scent of your perfume in my nostrils is driving me crazy. I fumble with the door, and we head straight to our bedroom.
we both strip off our clothes, and just at your naked body drives me wild with desire. My cock goes from semi erect to completely erect and throbbing with 1 glance at you. I fight back my desire because is more thing I do for you before we make love, I ask you lie face down on the bed, and I start your neck and shoulders I can feel the tension leaving your muscles as I carefully work on them. I marvel at the beauty of your body, never I seen this level of perfection in 1 package. The curve of you back as joins your ass, then down your long legs and your perfect feet. The perfect hourglass curves, the soft and smooth, perfect skin, truly you are the most beautiful and woman that has ever lived and my heart trembles think that you love me.
I a scented oil and carefully rub into your muscles teasing every bit of tension and stiffness out of your body. I work on every inch of your body. I your long legs thighs and calves coaxing all the tension from your muscles, I work your feet and toes carefully to release all the days stress from them. When I feel I the back 1/2 of you all limbered I ask you turn over, I am overwhelmed at the sight of your body, takes all my strength not reach straight for your breasts, I fight back my overwhelming desire for you, and concentrate on the , and not your smoking body, my cock is throbbing so hard 's almost vibrating. My breath is coming in gasps because the sight of your naked body takes my breath away. I lean down and kiss you softly, I deep into your eyes and I tell you ..... I never wanted anything more in my entire life than I want you right at this moment, and your smile tells me you like the sound of that.
I carefully put more scented oil on my hands & start working on your neck and shoulders feeling the tension drift out of your muscles. I work down your sides, careful avoid your breasts & your perfectly shaped nipples, working on your tired muscles. I work and down your silky smooth legs careful avoid the part of you I'm most drawn , I work on each foot coaxing the last bit of tension out of them, I can feel that your body is completely relaxed and now I concentrate on the areas I worked around for the .
I start with your perfect breasts I rub some scented oil on my hands then I start massaging your breasts, softly and carefully, marveling at the feel of them in my hands, and how watching your nipples harden at my touch is. Did I mention the scented oil I using flavored as well? The flavor and scent of tropical fruit and completely safe to eat. I put a bit of the oil your fingertip and then trace your fingertip around my lips. then i lean in and press my lips yours and kiss you passionately I hear you softly moan as my tongue traces around your lips and searches for your tongue. I place my lips on 1 of your nipples and suckle like I depended on the nourishment provides, slowly swirling the of my tongue around your hard nipple as I suck, cupping your breast with my hands as I suckle it. Then I give the treatment your other spectacular breast, marveling as how perfectly identical they are, the perfect pear shape, the puffy rock hard nipples that beg be sucked.
While I am worshiping your spectacular breasts you put a oil on your hand and I feel your fingers tightening around my rock hard throbbing cock, the oil makes your hand slide easily up and down my throbbing shaft , and I can feel the heat from your hand lighting a fire deep inside me. I reach down between your legs and feel your heat, and the wetness of your desire.I rub the wetness all over your lips and I can feel your clit growing and hardening as I brush past it, I can feel your back arch slightly each time I rub across your clit and that turns me on even more. I feel your grip on my throbbing cock tighten and the speed you are stroking it increases slightly, just the thought of you hand on my cock excites me even more. I feel you lean over put my cock in your mouth, I step back a so you can barely reach me because I know that you will make me explode in orgasm with a few seconds in your mouth. I can feel your tongue licking around and around the head of my coc I know I won't be able to keep from shooting my load so i pull back and kiss you again then I lie on my back beside you on the bed and beg you to sit down on my face, as you straddle me and slowly lower your wet pussy over my mouth my desire and passion burns completely out of control. Your scent is intoxicating, your flavor is sweeter than honey, the way you grind your hips is driving me crazy. I plunge my tongue deep inside your pussy, thrusting in an out, making love you with my tongue, then I put my lips around your throbbing clit and suck on it while I rub my tongue all over it as fast and hard as I can. I slowly slide a finger inside of you while I work on your clit, I can feel you squeezing on my finger as I slide it in an out of you, I gently nibble on your clit as I suck on it and flick my tongue over it faster and harder as I go. I can feel the orgasm building inside of you, I can feel your hips tensing before you climax. I work your clit even harder with my tongue and speed up my finger as I feel your orgasm starting, I pull your entire pussy inside my mouth and suck up every sweet drop of your juices, while I work on your clit with my tongue I can still feel you quivering from your first orgasm, and I am working hard to give you a second orgasm before you make me explode. I feel you lean forward and I feel your lips around the head of my throbbing cock, I try to ignore how exciting this feels and concentrate on your pleasure . I lick deep inside your pussy and down past your perfect anus up between between your cheeks then back down to your pussy again up to your clit and then back down thru your lips and around your anus back and forth faster and faster. At the time I feel my cock inside your mouth, your tongue feels like fire around , I feel my body tensing and the orgasm building inside me. I can feel your pussy tensing as you start your 2nd orgasm, I put everything I into bringing you to orgasm before you make me shoot my load, the second I feel you start to climax I loose control and I feel the unstoppable rush begin. you your fingers around the base of my shaft and the entire head of my cock in your mouth swirling your tongue all over , you can tell I am about explode and you pull out of your mouth and squeeze the shaft hard with both hands. and point it towards the ceiling and I explode so hard my cum almost hits the ceiling, the orgasm makes my entire body twitch in pleasure.
We lay back on our sides facing each other and trying to regain our composure and waiting for our breathing to return to normal, I at you and I am in awe of your beauty, your raw sexuality, and your smoking body, I feel truly blessed share in your life, and I also feel the stirrings of another erection. I kiss you and kiss your breasts and nipples and I feel down between your legs and find your clit with my finger and I feel hardening under my touch. You reach out an take my hardening cock in your hand and I hear you say mmmmmm nice. I 1 of my fingers inside you and I'm teasing your throbbing clit with my thumb, I feel the heat of your pussy on my finger and I feel the heat from your hand on my coc with just a few strokes from your hand my cock is fully erect and throbbing again.
I lie on my back and you climb on top of me, it feels like a fountain of fire enveloping my throbbing erection as your hips settle slowly over my coc Once I am completely inside you you start to grind your hips against me slowly slightly rising and falling over my coc It feels heaven and my passion flames out of control, then you lean forward and kiss me long and slow, I can feel your breath in my ear as you bite my neck, I rise to meet you with each thrust, I feel your pussy squeezing my hard cock I feel your wetness flowing down over my balls, I hear your moans of pleasure as you bounce up and down on me. Faster and faster hotter and wetter, I feel all sense of control slipping away, but I feel your orgasm is building so I try hold on and climax with you. I hear you say YESSSSSSS as I feel your hips twitching and I feel the heat from your climax wash over my throbbing coc I can hold back my orgasm no longer, I feel it building deep inside and as my cock explodes inside you my entire body trembles for several seconds and I almost loose my grasp on reality. When I come back my senses you are smothering me with soft kisses and whispering my sweet in my ear. At first I think I'm dreaming but your kisses convince my otherwise, I feel all warm & fuzzy inside & completely satisfied. I pull back the covers on the bed and you lay on your side with your head on the pillow and I slip in behind you with my arms around you holding you tight. I whisper how much I love you, and how beautiful and you are until we fall asleep.

jenfun69 20F

2/2/2022 11:03 am

I love to be spanked by you in front of your friends

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