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My Blog
Welcome to my blog!
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Woken in middle of night
Posted:Mar 24, 2019 12:08 pm
Last Updated:May 27, 2024 9:40 pm

Feeling your arms wrapping around me as you get into bed, I’m taken back first since I’m asleep already...not realizing what they are. God I love ’s arms around me. I lay there for while...enjoying your strong hands around my waist. You want me go back bed but thoughts and visions start floating in my head. Does he really want sleep?...I wonder myself.

Pondering what do...I move my leg so the ball of my foot is touching your leg. I slowly start to drag my foot up your leg a bit. I feel your body move a bit...your arms wrap around me tighter. Your head lowers into the perfect space in between my head and shoulder. Just the heat from your breathe on my neck stirs more thoughts. He needs to sleep I try to tell myself...but he will much sounder after I think.

Your lips barely on my neck. I can’t help but moan. You must hear me because I start to feel small wet kisses on my neck as you nuzzle your head in more. You are definitely awake I realize as I feel you hands move up a bit grasping my breasts in each. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm I moan louder. There’s no going back now. I giggle a bit at the thought. I lay there at first allowing you to do as you please. Your mouth heavily on my neck and your hands exploring my breasts. I feel your fingers start rolling my nipples in between them...shooting sensations down my body. Fuck!

I wiggle enough from your grasp to turn my body around so I am facing you. Laying on my side, I look at you and smile. You smile back and reach out and pull me close. My breasts smushed up against your bare chest. Your head lowers back into my neck feeding on if it’s your favorite dessert.

Just the feel of your wet, warm open mouth turns me on...I feel my wetness starting. It’s incredible what you can do with just a look or even a word or two or the sound of your voice but it’s all over once you touch me.

My arms start to caress your back...moving down as I find a spots on your bare ass to massage your cheeks. Your mouth starts to explore me more. From my neck...then suddenly it isn’t your fingers I feel but you wet mouth and your teeth nibbling & pulling at my nipples.

Instinctively I pull away a bit...Daaaaaddddddddddyyy!!! I whine loudly. You stop what your doing to look up at me thrashing my head back and forth. What the matter baby...? You don’t even finish your sentence or allow me to say anything before I feel two fingers plunge deep into my wet aching pussy. You say nothing as you look up and just smile. Your fingers start to explore me from the inside out. You start to jab your fingers into me at record speed...the wet slurping sound edge you on more.

My head goes back... I feel your breath on my ear and then hear you whisper, Dear God are soaked. How on earth did that happen? You then pull your head back looking at me as if you are looking for a response. But then before I realize you’ve pulled your fingers out of me... you have reached them up to my lips and are smearing my juices across my lips and then sticking your fingers in to my mouth. I try to suck the taste off your fingers but once I get started you pull them out and start kissing me. Pulling off my lips to mumble, what I think is...Fuck babygirl you taste good!

Then your mouth locks back on mine...our tongues tangle around each other as if we are dancing inside my mouth. Your fingers go back down but this time circling and putting pressure on my clit. My body hips move forward...

I feel your leg lift up and prop itself on my upper thigh...your hardness very obvious on my belly. I try to say I want inside me but I don’t think it came out legible. But you must have had the same idea as I feel you guide yourself into my wanting wet pussy.

I have never had a cock enter into me as we are on our sides. It’s a different feeling but not you can actually get in deeper this way. You don’t start pumping...basking in my continue to passionately kiss me and the move back to my neck. I purr a bit as I feel your finger also between my legs as you circle my clit. Fuck Dddddaaaadddddyyyyyy!!!!!

In one swoop, I’m on my back...looking up at you. I’m taken back a happened so suddenly. You act as nothing has changed. Diving your mouth back down on my nipples...a arm starts to Life my thigh up in the air. You start to pump hard and deep into me. Every time you go deeper you raise you leg up higher. My breathing is very heavy now. I feel your sweat dripping down on me.

Ready? I think I hear you say as you start pumping harder. I’m moaning uncontrollably loud. I feel your teeth pull on a nipple...oh my god...I scream as my head goes sideways. I feel your hands grasp my hips tight as your entire body thrust forward...jerking...

Both are bodies convulsing almost simultaneously together as we both explode. I feel your body jerk forward three or four more times and you empty everything you have inside me. Once you are sure you are done you drop my leg...and fall on top of me. Both of us just lay there which seems like eternity as we catch our breaths.

You raise your head and look at me. Babygirl...that can’t happen every night or neither of us will get any sleep. I look at you, Yes I say out loud. Thinking myself...Yes I sure hope so...smiling myself knowing sleep will definitely be an issue for both of us if we’re together all the time.
Fun with a female coworker
Posted:Jan 18, 2019 10:50 am
Last Updated:May 27, 2024 9:40 pm

I seem to be oblivious and when people are flirting with me. Many around me have teased me about this because many times I just think they are being nice and it really is not a big deal or even have anything to do with me. I also have never known how to consciously flirt with someone on purpose to let them know I like them.

We have been through AdultFriendFinder members and nothing seems to be working out. I have decided to be more conscious of the people around in my everyday life. You keep telling me you never know where an attraction will be.

I take paperwork into the accounts payable department all the time and the women always chat me up. I have formed a casual friendship with a couple of them. Recently I have been seeing a couple of them outside of work, going to dinner with them once we are all done. They seem like a nice bunch of women who are all about my age with the same interests and life experiences.

On a Saturday night, all the ladies with had plans with their and families but Kim asked if I wanted to go out after dinner. Since I knew you had a show I figured why not.

You have no idea I’m bringing someone home. I don’t think I’ve even ever mention Kim to you. Think I have lumped her up as the ladies from work. I’ve got this planned out in my head hopefully it will all come together. I feel sexual tension between us but who knows…there in no telling women always flirt a bit with eachother.

Not exactly sure if it’s gonna go the way I want but I just have this feeling. It’s late but I know Kim shouldn’t be driving home this late it’s too cold the roads might be icy. Plus we live much closer. We leave the restaurant but she follows me back home we’ve been flirting with each other the entire night. Maybe it helped the other ladies have not come out tonight. I message you get when you come home from the show I have a fantastic surprise for you
We get in the house and I ask Kim if there’s anything she would like. She just asked for a bottle of water so I go into the kitchen to get one. I come back and she has already taken her jacket off.

Kim is looking at the pictures on the wall. She turns to tell me that you are not what she expected. Kim says, My first impression just by looking at the pictures is you are with a bad boy. I laugh and say, Yeah may be a little. I then notice it seems she undone an extra button on her blouse so a hint of her black lace bra shows. I smile a bit knowing...looks like I was right.

I look up at the clock and say, Well you’re going to meet him soon. Tom should be walking in the door any moment, I say. We are sitting on the sofa talking when you walk in the door. You can see us, but you say loudly…Where is my surprise Babygirl? I must have turned 6 shades of red because Kim looks at me and starts laughing and then says ummmmmm maybe its me. She stands up…walks over and put her hand out saying, Hi I am Kim. I also must be your surprise? Or I am interrupting something.

You reach your hand out…but as I watch and am getting the idea from your face expressions that you are pleased with Kim and her curves. She is fairly busty…my guess she is a triple D or bigger and she has some birthing hips. Laughing to myself...she is always telling us this is why she has a flatter stomach than the rest of us after giving birth. For some reason…Kim looks down…maybe she noticed your eyes and realizes or acts like it wasn’t on purpose and says, Oh my god…Deb why didn’t you tell me? She starts to button up her top but you grab her hand to stop her and say, Oh Kim we are very casual here and ummmm you have a nice set I have to say. Kim says, Thank you and then starts to blush.

You lean over to me and give me a kiss and then excuse yourself stating you need to take a shower and then head out of the room. Kim and I go back to talk about random work people and things. Unexpectedly, Kim says By the way...Tom is not what I expected at all. He is damn sexier than the pictures even show. WOW no wonder I have not met him sooner. I start to laugh. Ummm it definitely was not intentional...I say, taken by surprise. But also deep down excited that she is interested.

You come back in the room...and a little bit of me wonders if you were listening the whole time since the timing was amazing. But I realize this is crazy since you obvious were in the shower...You smell amazing and your hair is definitely is wet. You sit down with us in the family room and casually start getting involved in our conversation. I watch as Kim is flirting with you. Most women would be jealous or upset...but I keep thinking of all the possibilities and am loving this interaction.

You turn to Kim and say, I have a favor to ask. She smiles and looks at you inquisitively. I am looking at you puzzled not sure what this will all be about. You then say, Kim I keep telling Deb kissing a lady is different that kissing a guy. We have spoke a lot about trying different experiences. We both love your curves...Laughing out loud you continue by saying, We would love to see if you'd be interested in playing with us. At first I am worried about the way you said it...I am getting the feeling Kim is embarrassed and not interested but instead of saying anything she leans over and starts kissing me. I am speechless, excited but also amazed this is really happening.

Kim and I continue to kiss. You actually must be enjoying this since you have gotten up off the sofa we were on and moved to the sofa across the way...a better watching position I guess. It seems Kim has made her decision. She stops and looks at me...You are ok with this? I laugh a bit and then say...Yes. You think he is hot and a bad boy wait till you meet his tongue. Kim seems completely stunned at this response...looking at me questioning until I move in closer to her and start kissing her again. Slowly I glide my hand over her top. I then whisper in her ear...Would you be interested in giving Tom a show tonight? Kim looks over at you and then back at me and says, Yes of course this could be fun.

I asked Kim to move up to the edge of the sofa. I climb up behind her slowly unbuttoning her blouse as I kiss her neck. Every once in a while I glance over to see your reaction. I realize right away I picked the right lady as she’s moaning loudly already as I reach my hand around her back to undo her bra. Her voluptuous boobs fall out and I am startled to see her nipples are pierced. I slowly with one hand start helping her remove her shirt as I start kissing her shoulders and slowly outlining her nipple. The piercing fascinates me...Kim senses I’m avoiding them and says...tuck a bit on them the sensation will radiate. My visions are thoughts start flooding is a I am still behind her facing you reaching down to pull at the ba s bit. Kim suddenly leans back and moans even more and I watch her legs spread open. I climb around mouth kissing down her body till I slowly pop her nipple in my mouth...flicking my tongue against the bar in her nipple. Kim is arching even more...falling back against the sofa since I am not longer behind her. I continue to suck on one nipple as I reach down to undo her jeans. She raises her ass up a bit obviously wanted them off as badly as I do. I pull her jeans off and notice her black lace panties that matched her bra seem a bit damp. I slowly trail my finger up her thighs. Putting my thumb around the strap and pulling them off careful not to rip them. I look up and Kim is arched back moaning as my finger tugs a bit of the nipple piercing. Fuck this girls sounds.

This must be a huge turn on to you too. I see you out of the corner of my eye stroking your cock through your shorts and drip marks are showing up. That turns me on so much... the idea that you are turned on is making my wetness build. I spread Kim legs apart exposing her poise pink pussy to you. We meet eyes and you smile at me and signal for me to go in. I do as I am directed. The back of my head is all you can see as I start to lick and suck on her clit and pussy. My hands both up on Kim’s boobs fondling the piercings through my fingers. Occasionally tugging at the same time as I suck hard on her clit. She is already wet and I am slurping up all her juices.

You at this point have your hard cock out of your shorts now stroking hard and fast at the scene in front of you. I feel Kim thighs start to tighten and I pull away. Oh no not yet, I stand up...whisper into Kim ear all she does is answer with a nod.

I walk over to where you are and take the hand that is free. You look up at me but realize to follow. I pull you to in front of Kim and say in your ear...her pussy wants to feel that beard of yours. I then signal for you to get between her legs are I position myself behind Kim. I start sucking and kissing on her neck as my hands continue to play with her boobs.

Her body is reacting and moans are growing louder as you whimpers oh my god as you shake your head side to side licking her pussy and scratching your beard against her. Lips and thighs. At once point she starts to close her legs and you grab her thighs and open them up wide.
Oh no for me I hear you say. I laugh leaning down and say in her ear You enjoying my man now? All she can do is shake her head yes.

You look up at me and I realize we both do Kim is about to cum. I watch as you signal for me to help keep her legs open. I lean over alum shoulder...both my hands pulling back her knees as I suck on her neck and shoulder. I feel and then see her body start to convulse not able to control her movements as much as it seems she is trying to fight it. I hear you say, Daddy wants you to cum for him. That is all Kim needed her body flings forward and then back...I grab her shoulders as I hear her scream like a dying animal. Your head buried in her pussy pushing in deeper with your face.

Her whole body goes limp...I can actually feel it. The tensions completely gone. I let go and slowly glide my hand over her upper body tracing her neck and lips with my finger. I watch as you rise up licking your lips and then putting a finger deep into her. Pulling out the dripping wet finger you show me it... I open my mouth and Kim watches as I take your cum dripping finger in my mouth...swirling around to taste all of her.

You tickle her a bit with your beard and raise up off the floor. Standing with a full hard cock...I smile at you. Before I can even ask I have climbed off the sofa and am on my knees in front of you with my mouth open. Please S....S...Siiiiiiiiirrrr can...can...can I clean you up...I stutter. Not waiting for the answer I take your cock in my mouth. I know this scene just was overwhelming and will not be long before you cum. So I push you back into my throat right away...trying to take at the same time. I mumble cum for your babygirl. I don’t think you hear me because you say, Babygirl you know that is going to make me cum! I nod my head as my eyes look at you and I continue to suck your cock hard. I continue to push you back gagging at how far you are trying to swallow my salvia which is dripping out the corner of my mouth.

I sense you arching your back and I reach out to stable myself just as you scream Fuck! Your body jerking toward me releasing bouts of cum down my throat. I swallow and swallow. Once I know you are done...I start to pull you out while licking up any extra cum I didn’t swallow.

You look down at me...helping me up. You hug me...whispering in my ear so Kim can’t hear...Good girl...I loved my surprise. You have made Sir so proud and happy. I hug you tight and kiss you...before you say, I will be back. Kim and I watch as you walk back to where the bathroom is.

I look at Kim and smile laughing and then I say, We like to have fun as you can see. She looks at me and says Oh yes...looks like I pegged you all wrong.
Early morning Fun
Posted:Dec 27, 2018 3:40 pm
Last Updated:May 27, 2024 9:40 pm

I start daydreaming on everything I want to do to you...staring at you while you sleep. You start to stir a bit and I can wait any longer to touch you...but wanted you to get in as much sleep as you can get.

Leaning down towards your belly, I slowly move my mouth towards your sleeping cock. Your body squirms in anticipation. I hear you moan as I gently touch your cock as I see him twitch. My head moving lower...licking your belly and continuing to lick as I move further down. Breathing on your cock as my hand cups your shaft...moving up and down on it. He is rising fast...starting to drip...I run my thumb over your slit to collect the juices from your tip. Not entering him in my mouth yet but reaching up and slipping my thumb in my mouth to taste you. I continue to move my hand up and down making him stand to full attention.

Moaning at the taste of you...I look up on an angle to see your head leaning back and eyes closing in pleasure. I feel your thighs are getting close and haven’t even entered my mouth. My head rises up so you can hear me and I say, No No not yet...hold on please.

You look down and grin...stopping to watch...our eyes meet. I smile as I lean over slightly sideways so I can see your face as I open my mouth and my hand starts to guide you in slowly. Your head moves back and you mumble, Fuck babygirl!

Your cock moves in lips starts to wrap around it. I feel it twitching. Fully hard now as it moves in and out of my mouth...long tight strokes I pull my lips tight as I pump you. Your balls hitting my mouth with full force as you arch your hips up and fuck my mouth.

I want this moment to last pleasing you. Not a care in the world. I reach my hand and finger your balls...running them through my fingers slowly. I hear you moan again...this turns me on so much. Your hands gliding around my body almost not knowing where to touch...rubbing my ass for the moment keeps you busy.

I pull you out of my mouth...I can’t see you but have a feeling you are confused and are probably very close to cumming. I let go of your balls after a quick squeeze.

Reaching up to push my boobs together with one hand and guiding your cock between them with the other. I feel you fidgeting...your hand on my hips...pulling me back. Oh Fuck! I scream as your tongue first touches the spot between my pussy and ass. Mmmmmmmm who knew that spot would feel so good to be touched.

I start to pump your cock in an upward motion between my boobs. Oh god yes...I scream as your tongue is plunging in and out of my pussy. You are doing something new I can’t completely make it out but some kind of flicking twisting movement with your tongue. Whatever it is it feels aammmaaazzziiinnnngggg. I pump myself up and down keeping your cock surrounded tight. Your legs start tightening and your tongue is determined to make me cum at the same time as you.

I start to stutter...I ne...nee... Oh my god...per...permiss... permission. My thighs clamp around your head as I feel about to climax. I do not hear your answer but you do not let up...Fuck! That tongue!

I lower my head a bit so when your cock pokes out of my breasts it touches your cock...just a bit. I feel my body start to jerk I can’t control it...Oh my god!, I scream. I am cumming! Hearing this I feel your cock twitch and your balls tighten. I am elated when I open my mouth at the right time to catch the cum that is exploding out of your cock... some in my mouth and some running down my boobs. I stay where at until sure you are done.

Once I sure you have emptied completely I roll over and sit up. You roll over to your side looking at me as I scoop my hand gathering up the cum on my boobs. You seem so intrigued. I slowly reach my fingers down...cover them and then move them to in front of your mouth. Want some I say as I smile at you. You reach up taking my fingers in your eyes shut. Mmmmmm Then I watch you lick them clean. I reach over and kiss you passionately. off to clean up I say as I roll off the bed and head into the bathroom.
Posted:Nov 4, 2018 1:23 pm
Last Updated:Dec 1, 2018 12:59 pm
I am in a mood today. Not even sure what it is about or why. Got dress and came to work…did not do anything unusual. Was reading emails when you messaged Good Morning. But I looked down and realized I was in the button down tight white shirt I took a picture of when it was open for our couples AdultFriendFinder profile and you loved the photo.

So I ummmmm unbuttoned the top button so the shirt popped open a bit more for you to see my cleavage once we start videoing. Your facial expression and reactions were so amazing. You know exactly how to make me feel so good about myself. Sometimes I realize I feed off the reactions. So watching you become excited made me more horny and then I have to go into work.
God that mouth of yours. The fantasies I have of those lips and your tongue gliding off my lips…down my body kissing, licking and sucking down to my boobs. Where I practically can feel you teasing and latching on to my nipples. Teasing and pulling with your teeth. Oh fuck! I…I wish I could explain the visions I am having right now and how much my pussy is longing for you to make it down my body.

Opening my eyes…to appear to be working. My head cannot seem to stop. Imagining you, moving back up to my neck…moving my hair over to the side as you start to lick and suck on my neck as your fingers start to run my nipples through your fingers. I shut my eyes at this thought and that brings the vision on you sitting in front of me. Kissing and licking back down my body…caressing my belly and saying my beautiful babygirl as you head down in between my legs. Your beard whiskers gently ticking my thighs as you work up to where you want to be. Feeling your hands grasp my thighs and forcing them open more to give you full access.

You raise your head up and look at me…Babygirl Now listen I am going to take over your body. And you will NOT be shutting your legs or saying NO…do you understand. I let out a sigh more because I am so turned on by the instructions. I nod yes and quietly say. Yes Sir. I feel lost in my thoughts but when I feel your warm breathe in between my body shutters a bit.
I moan loudly as soon as I feel your hands holding my thighs open and feel your wet tongue run over my outer lips…circling and pressing down on my already swelling clit. I lean my body back and start to twist my nipples with my fingers. OH my god! What you do to me.

Fuck I scream as I feel you tongue moving quickly in and out of me. My thighs must have loosened up because I feel one of your hands start massaging my mound as you work on me with your tongue. Pushing slightly down and then the thumb adds pressure to my clit. Ooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I manage to mumble. You raise your head and say, Babygirl you all right?

But the voice is different…I look up to see someone at my desk looking at me smiling. Molly, are you ok? she says…You look like you were in another world. I blink a couple times…surprised realizing you are not here. WOW ummmm…how you make me feel. Fuck! I say Yes I am fine…just daydreaming I guess.
I LOVE wax play!
Posted:Oct 30, 2018 3:47 pm
Last Updated:May 27, 2024 9:40 pm

When you tell me you’ve decided we’re gonna play tonight & it’s going to involve wax I am completely for it. I know it seems pointless to get dressed for you to undress me but I bought this cute little see-through purple sheer very short nightie that I got on sale so cheap and I’m completely ok if I only wear it once.

I set up the room as you have instructed. Light all kinds of candles and put a knife on the nightstand you’ve always talked about knife playing I’m not so sure how I feel about it but tonight is the night we might as will try it out, I guess... following your instructions.

I set up the bedroom with the restraints on not knowing exactly what you had planned for tonight. There is all kinds of different types of candles. I’ve left them all melting. As I lay on the bed, restraining both of my ankles because I can do them by myself...and one wrist. Then I call you in telling you that I’m ready. You come in...tug on and adjust the restraints...attaching my loose wrist. You smile down...seeing the blindfold up in my head, you give me a kiss on the lips and cover my eyes with it. The room goes black.

At first I feel your hand gliding over my thigh up my hip and lightly grazing my boob at first. Your hands gliding over my belly… up towards my head grazing my boobs.

I feel something I can’t make it out. I try to figure out... it’s not smooth maybe pointy...I think. Now I realize what it’s the knife that you requested that was on the side of the bed. I feel you using it to play with the top lace of my nightie. I’m trying to tune in so hard almost anticipating what you’re going to do next. But I’m concentrating so much I miss what you say to me. It doesn’t register at first what you say. I hear the ripping and realize that you were cutting the nightie down the front that’s what you said, This would look so much better not on.

I shutter a little bit at the sounds and then the cold air hits by body once it’s exposed and open. I feel some pressure down on the bed and I realize you’ve sat down on the side of facing me. You’re caressing my boobs ever so slowly running your finger in circles around my nipples.
Ooowwwwww, I holler. You caught me by surprise.

I feel the wax slowly drip on my boobs one or two drops actually hitting my nipples. The sensation runs down my body and directly increases the wetness in my pussy. I’m anticipating your movements heading right down to my pussy. But kind of surprised when I feel warm droplets hit my belly. The wax feels difference and then I realize it must be the massaging oil wax because you’re rubbing it in my belly telling me how absolutely beautiful my body is...knowing this is the one spot that I can’t stand.

I’m a bit startled when I feel warm drops on my inner thighs. I’ve never used wax there. But that it is a very sensitive spot...God it feels good. I’m expecting you to start dropping wax on my pussy. I lean my head over to one side my breathing speeds up in anticipation. It’s a weird sensation being blindfolded just don’t know what’s gonna happen when but it’s exciting and gives me a heightened sensation. My body jumps in surprise but eagerly pleased when I feel your fingers lightly rub my outer lips and circle my clit.

While continuing to circle I hear you say, Babygirl you seem awful wet and the next thing I know I feel wax. It hits my clit and runs down my lips. Oh my God...I wish I could explain this feeling. It’s like a burn but stings and heats up and it’s amazing. I feel you move a bit maybe turning around I don’t know you seem to be still sitting on the bed. All of a sudden there’s another drip your fingers push down on the big drop a wax that’s landed on my clit. I feel my body craving this feeling. I try to close my legs but forget that they are locked in place by the restraints keeping them open.

Fuck! I mumble. You chuckle a little bit...knowing I’m getting frustrated.

I feel more wax start to drop. I squirm a bit at the feeling that I get when you cover your hand lays down close. I can still feel the wax’s heat. I feel you push in a downward motion on my bone above my pussy...loosening the wax up to peel off. I feel you picking up the me and the sheet between my legs.

Feeling how wet I am when you run your finger up my inner thigh zigzagging through the wetness that is seaping out of me. Then so quickly you push two fingers deep inside me...I gasp I bit surprised at the unexpected action. I laugh...What should I have expected? I think to myself. You start pushing your fingers in and out of me at a fairly rapid speed. I can tell I’m going to orgasm quickly. Sir, May your beautiful babygirl...oh my god...I scream cccuuummmmmmmmm. As you plunge more fingers into me curling atleast one to hit the spot.

Oh No babygirl not tonight, I hear you turn to me and say. I don’t know what to do...I start whining...Sir please you have to...I bite hard down on my lip, tasting blood. Fuck I’m going to be in trouble, contemplating in my head what to do. Right then you pull your fingers out. I let out a deep breathe. Maybe Sir has tortured you enough tonight, I hear you I feel the bed lighten and my ankles are free.

Thank you...I mumble. I wait to feel you free my wrists and under cover my eyes. And I wait & I wait. I can’t hear you or figure out where you are.
Then suddenly I feel your fingers lightly brushing over my body jumps. I hear you moan. My wrist is free and as you undo my other wrist. I raise the blindfold...blinking excessively to get my eyes used to the lighting. You grin at me...saying I decided to give you a break tonight.

You sit down on the bed again & I pull my body up to curl into you. Dozing off I feel you running your fingers through my hair and you saying, My babygirl.

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