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Life Lessons My German Shepherd Teaches Me: The Beginning  

Trippers311 46M  
0 posts
7/10/2022 10:31 am
Life Lessons My German Shepherd Teaches Me: The Beginning

I've started writing this on and off over the years always getting a certain ways into it and for one reason or another stopping. I've always been someone that thought they had it figured out. Had life by its balls and could get it to conform to about anything I wished it or wanted it to. Boy was I wrong. Through the lessons I share you will learn more about what makes me tick, back stories about what makes me, well me and circumstances that have molded me into the man I am today. I can honestly say however I wouldn't be that man if it wasn't for my aging partner and best friend. My fur as some call them. Tripp is my 12yr old German Shepherd. Anyone that has been around the breed know they are very special. Sure all breeds have their pizazz and unique traits that make them special. I feel the the German Shepherd was put on this earth for a certain kind of person but that certain kind of person was put here solely for the German Shepherd as well. A bond created by god himself, written in the stars and solidified in a manner that it truly defines the phrase mans best friend. Its an unshakeable bond and one that is truly needed between the two. Without it the other simple exists and never can feel complete. When this certain kind of person is matched with the GSD, its not unlike the bond one has with any breed, it's strong and significant and special. The relationship between man and is like no other and truly is one of those connections we as humans value the most. There is however a bond within this that will be a life defining presence, a healer, that missing ingredient that allows you to grow, find your sense of self, and be a helping and positive force for good and those in your life. With this blog that is what I'm doing, I'm sharing the amazing life Tripp and I have shared. A lifetime of lessons he has allowed me to see and learn. I got Tripp when he was 8wks old. I still remember that day like it was just yesterday. I had a choice between Tripp and his brother but the second I walked in the door the decision was made. Actually Tripp made the decision for me. He chose me and the rest as they say, because of him has been beautiful history during a<b> dark </font></b>and stormy time. That was over 12yrs ago. We went from a time of endless possibilities and adventure. A time when you don't think about a time when you won't be together and the inevitable comes to pass. To a time where all these realizations slap you in the face as if they never existed when in fact they face us all with life in general everyday. Everyone that decides to share a life with a has to accept the bitter and unfair reality of they just don't live long enough. Not one single one of them does. If they are loved and a part of your family there's never been a situation where both the human and the doesn't wish they had just one more day before the journey is made over the rainbow bridge. Tripp is a very healthy 12yr old. As healthy as I could ever hope for that under normal circumstances would give me comfort and confidence that his time is still a given into the near future. Tripp however has a genetic disease called degenerative myelopathy. A simple and easy way to explain it is its comparable to him like MS would be in humans. in 90-95% of the cases, its aggressive, it evolves quickly, there is no cure and it's fatal. Once diagnosed the average time you have left is 6mo to a year. Tripp has been diagnosed for just a bit over 2yrs now. He has his good and bad days, we treat the symptoms aggressively, some would say the things I do are to the extreme, they do however produce the result we hope for and that is his over all quality of life and mobility and that's what matters most. DM affects a dogs ability to feel their hind end, their nerves misfire and don't tell the back half of their body to function and as it progresses they become paralyzed incontinent and unable to function to which the disease progression is death. However before it gets to that level of suffering the decision to say goodbye has to be made. This is the one thing I wake up and fight against every day since he was diagnosed. I haven't lost the fact it will have to be made one day but my only priority each and every day until we say good bye is how can I make this the best day possible for him. I was so lucky to find him. Some say the same goes for him towards me. I guess we were both lucky. It truly has been one of those bonds that there could be no other option in happening. I always say god sent my guardian angle in a time I needed him the most and not just in a spiritual presence. It was a time when a physical presence was needed as well and since it would be a little weird, awkward and honestly freaky having this big angel tailing me everywhere, he sent him through Tripp. Everyday is faced with the realization that the only thing that is certain is we don't have much time left. We must take advantage of this fleeting little bit of time we do have and treat it as it should be treated from day one. We shouldn't wait till the end to treat time we are given here on earth as how it should be, the most valuable thing we posses in our lives. If you think about it though we don't really posses it at all. We borrow it or better yet it is a gift from god. Its a very rare and limited resource so we need to be careful not to piss it away. When its gone there is no getting it back or creating more of it. So I guess that is the first lesson we should learn about our lives and the first lesson I will share with you that my amazing boy has taught me. Cherish the gift of time that we given, use it wisely on the people and things that truly matter and allow you to be the best version of yourself. It's the rarest resource we have that when used wisely and properly it creates a world we all would be excited and proud living in.

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