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My First Time With A CD/HotWife Couple  

Trapper69 67G
90 posts
1/28/2022 5:06 pm
My First Time With A CD/HotWife Couple

I grew up in a very rural area, and used to hitchhike to town a lot. It was in the late Fall of 1972 when a new couple bought a home about a quarter mile up the road. A few weeks later, the wife picked me up, and I was happily surprised to see just how attractive and sexy she was. Mary was a petite Italian woman in her late twenties. She was wearing a black mini skirt, white blouse, black stockings, and black heels. Needless to say, I was instantly aroused! We talked as we headed toward town. I saw her glancing at the big bulge in my blue jeans several times. She suddenly asked me, "Is that a banana in your pocket, or are you happy to see me?" I could feel my turning red, and tried to talk, but I had no idea what to say to her. She laughed a bit then changed the subject. A few minutes later, she dropped off. Over the next few months, she'd pick up, and I'd get aroused, she make a comment, and I'd get ever more aroused. I wanted to fuck her, but she was married. I'd never seen her dressed in anything but what she wore for work.....always a short skirt, blouse, stockings and heels. She always looked so sexy! I masturbated while thinking of her at least once a ! This went on for several months.

I'd been enjoying sex with a divorced neighbor for about a year. Mrs P was an amazing lady, picture Sophia Loren.....they could've been twins!!!! I was helping her one . The shelf in her bedroom closet was a cheap plastic piece of garbage, and it was sagging really bad. As I was taking boxes off of it, it collapsed, and everything fell. One box had several sex toys, and many photographs of her naked. Needless to say, I got very aroused. that age, my cock was about inches long, and quite thick. I was just wearing a pair of shorts and a tank top. Mrs P could see the tent in my shorts. She was busy picking up the toys and photos then she said that I should come back later to install the new shelf. She called me a few hours later, and said to come over to put up the new shelf. She acted as if nothing happened. I tried not to think about what had happened, but I couldn't suppress the thoughts I was experiencing. Once again, I got hard. I finally got the shelf up, and started putting the boxes on it. When I picked up the box, the bottom fell out of it, and the toys and photos were all over the floor again.. Mrs P came into the room. I could see she'd changed, and was wearing a black, sheer gown, and could see she was wearing black and red lingerie the gown. One thing led to another, and we enjoyed sex together. I'd been with several girls my own age, and the sex lasted about to twenty minutes....that included maybe five minutes of foreplay. With Mrs P, the forplay lasted at least an hour, and the sex lasted even longer. She became my sexual mentor, and taught me everything she knew. We'd get together three or four times a week, and enjoy sex together.
After I met Mary, I wanted to tell Mrs P, but was afraid she'd be hurt if she knew I was interested in another woman. One while we were enjoying sex together, I called her "Mary" She laughed and said, "Are you thinking about that woman who always gives you rides?" I told her I was then told her about how Mary was teasing . Mrs P gave advice about how to take the step with Mary, but warned that it could be dangerous messing around with a married woman.

Two days later, I was riding to town with Mary. As always,, I got aroused. She could see the bulge growing, and she kept glancing at it. I was afraid it was going to push of the leg of my shorts., so I put my hand on the bulge as it was growing longer down my left leg. I soon felt the head of my cock against my fingers. About that time, Mary reached over, and pulled my hand away. She said, "Why are you hiding it. That's a very nice cock". She then lightly caressed the head with her fingers. I thought I was going to orgasm, but she pulled her hand away as I was right on the edge. From talking with with Mrs P, I'd become much more confidant. When Mary dropped me off, I leaned toward her, and pulled her close, and I kissed her. It turned into a long kiss, and our tongues danced together for a bit. As we kissed, I reached up with my right hand, and fondled her left breast. Her nipple got hard then she pulled away. She looked at me, and asked, "Are you sure you want to do this?" I told I was 0% sure, and told her how much she turned on. She then said she had to get to work, but we'd discuss this ASAP. I didn't see her for a couple weeks.

One morning in late July, Mary picked up we talked a bit, then she reached over, took ahold of my cock, and asked if I wanted to fuck. I told her I did, then asked her where we could go. She turned around, and took to her home. I asked about her husband, and she told me not to worry about it. I was so excited. We went right to her bedroom, and started undressing. She stripped me the I started undressing her. She told me to leave the garter belt, stockings and heel on her. We then laid on the bed kissing and caressing. After about half an hour, she pushed me onto my back then got on top of me in a sixtynine.... I was licking, sucking and caressing the way Mrs P had taught me, and she enjoyed two orgasms.
Mary was sucking my cock then I felt someone else licking my cock and balls.
I couldn't see who i was, but I could see she was wearing red lingerie, and had blonde hair. This woman was really great ay sucking cock. Mary was good, but she could take half of my cock. The blond was taking every inch of my cock, and her tongue was<b> dancing </font></b>around it as she sucked. I was soon ready to explode, and warned them. The blond stayed right there. About half way through my orgasm, Mary rolled off of , and I could see the other woman. I freaked was her husband, John! I had never had any fantasies about men.....All I could think was a guy had just sucked me cock. I started yelling, and called him all kinds of names. Mary told him to leave the room. I was furious with her for setting me up like that. She apologized, and said that she thought I was bi. I had no idea what "bi" was, and told her I wasn't a fag. She was trying her best to calm me down, and told me that she'd seen me fucking Mrs P then after I filled her pussy with my cumm, I went down on her. I had done that right from the first time with Mrs P.....she told me that all her men did that for her. I asked Mary when she saw us. She told me that one night earlier that week it was so in their house, she decided to go for a walk, heard us fucking as she walked by Mrs P'd home. She got aroused listening to the sounds of us fucking. She continued walking then on her way back home, her lust was too great, and she walked over, and peaked in. I remembered that night. Mrs P had two big on because it was so , Mary told she rubbed her pussy as she watched us. When she saw orgasm then move down, and start eating Mrs P's cummfilled pussy, she experienced a huge orgasm.

As we talked, Mary was kissing , and caressing my cock. She again apologized. I got aroused again. Mary said that it was clear that I enjoyed having John sucked my cock, and got to admit that it felt great. Although I'd never had any thoughts about sex with another man, I had to admit that it did feel great..... It was the best I'd ever BJ I'd ever experienced. Mary asked if I still wanted to fuck her. I told her I did. She said that Jonnie wanted to watch. I asked if he'd ever watched her before when she fucked another man while Jon watched. She told "No!" I was the first guy that she's fucked. They'd been talking about trying this for several years after she came home one , and caugt him dressed as a woman. She said she was shocked first, and upset. Later, the idea aroused her. She asked again if he could watch us. I said it'd be OK. We fucked for about 30 minutes before I filled her. I rolled off, and he moved between her legs, and started licking her pussy. I watched, and I knew he was loving it. When he had her clean, she asked if I was OK with him cleaning my cock. I said it'd be OK. He licked and sucked for about minutes, and I was hard. Mary and I fucked again, moving from one position to another. When I was fucking her from behind, she told that she wanted him to lick her clit as I fucked her. I told her that would be OK. He started, and she was enjoying one orgasm after another. It was amazing how she enjoyed so many orgasms. When she colapsed, he started sucking my cock. We enjoyed 4 hours of sex that . Mary enjoyed too many orgasms to count. I enjoyed 5 or 6. I had to admit, it really was an amazing experience! We enjoyed many more wonderful experiences together over the next five years. It was a huge bummer when Jon was transferred five years later. I didn't think I'd ever be with another couple like them. However, about three years later, I did, and that was an even kinkier experience! That'll be the next post.....

likeitall06 58M  
7 posts
2/22/2022 9:18 am

Great story

Trapper69 67G
2657 posts
2/23/2022 3:34 pm

Thank you! It would've been much better if AdultFriendFinder didn't edit it, and delete words.....tame words like Me, My, hot, fan etc.....

It really was an amazing experience once I calmed down, and allowed him to come back into the room. I found out that some things can be a lot of fun!

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