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Ladies First (Part 1)
Posted:Feb 26, 2022 10:33 pm
Last Updated:Feb 26, 2022 10:34 pm

We have been talking for what seems like weeks. Each time the conversation was interlaced with passion and innuendo letting us both know what was truly on our minds. As the days went by we exchanged intimate photos and even made special requests for unique pictures to fit our flirting. It was a fun game but we both wanted, no, needed more.

I made what seemed like an hour long drive to your place but the feeling of time was altered because of my strong desire. As I approached the door I wondered to myself, “What if she doesn’t want me?” but I brushed those thoughts aside because we had seen literally every inch of each other's bodies and wanted more. I took a deep breath and rang the doorbell. Time seemed to slow to a crawl. The anticipation waiting for the door to open was intense and I could feel my heart beat faster.

When you open the door, you are wearing a light summer dress, your breasts are barely able to stay in as they push hard against the cloth. You are more beautiful than the pictures you would send and I am hoping what you said was true, that you never wear underwear at home.
You invite me inside and I casually step across the threshold and as you close the door behind me you reach around my neck with your free hand, pulling me close as we begin to kiss, the energy has been building for a long time and we are both wanting each other. As our tongues dance together I feel your breasts through your shirt, giving them a firm squeeze, your nipples are firm and respond to my touch.

We begin to undress each other without taking our lips apart and as more skin is exposed our hands move to caress the freshly exposed skin, feeling the heat our bodies are generating. I begin kissing your neck as I feel your naked breasts against my bare chest, your nipples becoming firm. I let my lips wander lower, slowly working my way down. As I reach your breasts I run circles around your nipple with my tongue, feeling it standing tall. You arch your back, feeling a surge of electricity run through your body as I play with your nipple. I bite it gently and pull away, feeling it stretch as I do. The feeling of my teeth pulling on your nipple is intense and you run your fingers through my hair, holding the back of my head to let me know if I pull too hard.

I let my left hand slide down and glide between your thighs, feeling your legs spread slightly to let my hand slide easily between them. I can feel the heat radiating off your pussy before I actually touch it and know you are eagerly anticipating my touch. I run several fingers across the outside feeling your lips. I brush against them with the palm of my hand. I keep sliding further down until my finger tip brushes against your asshole so you know I am going to play with it all. As I pull my hand back slowly I let one finger run deep between the lips of your pussy, feeling the warmth and wetness. I slowly slide it deep into your pussy, letting it take my finger deep inside. I can feel you body respond to the penetration and you pull my head hard against your breast and I suck hard on your nipple in response.

“I want more”, you moan out gently, “Use another finger”, and I slide a second finger deep into your pussy. As the wetness surrounds them I begin sliding them in and out in a slow steady rhythm moving closer to your g-spot. I begin kissing your neck as I move back up to your lips, taking your tongue deep in my mouth when I get there. Your body responds to the gentle rhythm of my fingers sliding in and out.

I slide my fingers out of your pussy. When I slightly pull away, you look me in the eyes and whisper,

“Don’t stop, I want you inside me.” I take my time guiding you to the bed. You slowly sit on the edge, letting your hands glide down my body and rest for a moment on my hips. You look at my long, hard cock and know that I want you to put it in your mouth. You also know I enjoy the slow suspense and begin to tease me. Moving your lips close enough for me to feel your breath on my shaft and as you inch back towards the tip, you cradle my balls gently in one hand. You love the feeling of freshly shaven balls, so smooth in your hand.

I feel your hot breath on the head of my cock and I want your lips on it badly. You feel my hips move ever so slightly towards you and you pull away the exact same amount, keeping your lips a fraction of an inch away.

You rest the head of my cock gently on the center of your tongue. I feel the warmth radiate through my cock and as my body responds you give my balls a gentle squeeze.
Not wanting to rush things, you begin running your tongue along my shaft starting at the tip slowly licking all the way to the base. You repeat this several times on all sides of my cock, cradling it with the most delicate touch of your hand. Once both sides are very wet you move lower and lick the very soft skin on my balls, gently drawing each into your mouth so I can feel the warmth of your lips and tongue surround each one.

I have a strong urge to cum but want to let you have an orgasm first so I gently pull away, your arm outstretched as you let go of my hard cock. I bend down and begin kissing you passionately, tasting myself on your tongue as I move my hand between your already spread legs. Your pussy is warm and wet and you grab my wrist and pull it in, wanting my fingers inside you. I run my fingers across your lips letting the wetness coat them as this will allow them to slide in smoothly. You are so wet, I pull my hand back and slide my fingers into my mouth, tasting your sweetness before slowly sliding them deep into your pussy. I look into your eyes as my fingers enter. You look into my eyes and I watch your expression change, lust giving way to desire, as they slowly move deeper. With each inch I can see it building in your eyes and just as they are fully inside we begin kissing more passionately than before, tongues dancing, lips gliding together.

I lay you back onto the bed, your knees bent over the edge but you legs are spread and I bend over and kiss your breasts. You place a hand on the back of my neck, gently moving with my motions and not directing my actions, yet.

As I work my way down your body, taking my time to kiss every inch of you as I go, you relax and close your eyes becoming lost in the sensation of being showered with thousands of warm wet kisses across your body. I lower myself down and as I go I can feel the warmth of your pussy against my stomach, my hands moving to your breasts as my head reaches your belly button and I let my tongue softly swirl into its center.
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Ladies First (Part 2)
Posted:Feb 26, 2022 10:34 pm
Last Updated:May 27, 2024 10:21 pm

Moving down, inch by inch, kissing as I go. I take a moment to look at your pussy, it is so warm and delicate, I can feel my cock throb as I smell your scent. I place a hand on each thigh and gently spread your legs wider and you respond willingly. Your pussy spreads slightly and I can see the light reflecting on the moisture on your lips.

I begin kissing your inner thighs, slowly working closer with each kiss. The corner where your thigh meets your pussy is of my favorites and I kiss both sides, sucking lightly as I do. I sofly place my warm, wet tongue along the wet side of your lips, feeling your body’s reaction to its touch. Your arms reach out stiff, your fingers spread wide and I pause for a moment as you adjust to the sensation. You are wanting more, the anticipation has been building all week as we flirted over chat about how I wanted to taste you.

“Oh baby, yes, keep going, make me cum”, you say between your soft moans.

I press my tongue between your lips and run it across the full length of your pussy, letting it swirl around your vagina before moving slowly towards you clit. I am probing, testing to measure your reaction. I want the sensation to build and won’t try to rush your orgasm.
Your hips begin to move, letting the rhythmic motion of my tongue gliding across your pussy set the pace. I can feel hand comb through my hair and onto the back of my head, your other arm outstretched as your back begins to arch.

I reach my arms around your thighs and let my fingers fall on your breasts and begin squeezing your nipples, lightly at first, testing your reaction, then applying more pressure. As your free hand begins clawing at the sheets I know your orgasm is about to happen and take more long lick before I slowly move my head back, your hips still moving and your pussy shiny and wet.

“Why did you stop?”, you ask with a puzzled expression.

“I don’t want you to cum quite yet. You have to earn it”, I say with a devilish grin.

“Roll over”, I command in a soft but firm voice that has a slightly controlling tone letting you know that I am in tonight. You silently obey, your head still spinning from the orgasm you have just been denied.

“On your knees with your ass in the air”, I continue and again you obey.

“Do you want me to play with your ass?”, I ask.

“Oh please, please do”, you reply.

I move close and spread your ass cheeks apart and run my tongue around your asshole. You were not expecting this and quickly hold your breath. I feel your asshole tighten a and I say, “Relax, and slide back against my tongue”, and I feel the tension slowly melt away.
I run my fingers across you clit while my face is still buried in your ass and can hear you moan gently, getting lost in the sensation of having both played with at the same time. My tongue gently runs around your ass making it very wet.

I reach down next to the bed and pick a toy I have wanted you to use for a while. It is an anal plug with a fox tail. I lick the base of the tail to get it wet and begin pressing it into your ass. It has been a while since you inserted anything and I can feel the resistance as I press gently. I feel you press your ass hard against my hand letting me know you are ready to take it all the way inside.

I step back and take a look at you, head down and ass with a furry fox tail hanging out of your ass.

“Wiggle your tail”, I say in a playful tone, and you quickly comply, gently moving your hips side to side, letting the tail brush against each thigh.

“Crawl forward and put your hands on top of the headboard”, I command and you slowly crawl forward, wiggling your ass to make your tail wag as you go. You know I wanted to have you wear the tail for me and you are taking the opportunity to show off a bit.
When you reach the head board you place your hands on the top most edge and move so you are nearly kneeling straight .

“Stop right there”, I say and you quickly follow my command.

I crawl onto the bed behind you and kiss your neck with soft wet kisses. Tilting your head back towards me I hear you softly moan, enjoying the kisses. I slide hand down across your ass but I keep going until it brushes against your still wet pussy. The feeling of your lips across my fingers reminds me I have not let you have your orgasm yet.

“Are you ready to cum my sweet?”, I whisper into your ear.

“Oh, yes baby, please make me cum”, you respond.

I lower myself onto my back and slide between your legs, looking at your beautiful pussy.
I place my hands on your hips and pull slightly so you know I am ready and you lower yourself so I can smell and taste you. I gently kiss your lips, letting my tongue gently tease your clit and feel a wave of energy flow through your body. Feeling your tail softly tickle my chest reminds me of how you looked crawling across the bed.

You are letting your hips move slowly to a rhythm that hints at how this is turning you on. When you look over your shoulder you notice my cock swelling again, seeing it rise away from my body on it's own, stretching and yearning to be touched. This turns you on more because you know it is your scent and taste that is making this happen.

You move your hips with more intent and I feel more pressure on my mouth and return the intensity, licking harder and faster as the wetness drips down my chin.

You reach backwards, stretching to reach my swollen cock. Starting at my balls you run your fingernails across them and my shaft until you get to the head, giving it a pinch as you do. You feel my reaction as I nibble on of your pussy lips at the same time.

I quickly return to my rhythm and feel your hips settle in again, we are moving as , in perfect synchronicity. I use of my hands and push on the base of your tail, making the plug wiggle in your ass and you let out a moan and grab my balls again. I am not going to stop this time, I want you to cum and focus on what your body is telling me.

I suck hard on your lips, pulling them into my mouth. They are warm and wet and swollen from the passion and I run my tongue across them while they are deep in my mouth. Feeling this sensation across your entire pussy is bringing you close so I let my tongue work to your clit, softly rubbing it. Your body shudders slightly and you reach down and run your fingers through my hair, bracing yourself with hand on the headboard.

“Oh yes, right there, oh yes”, you whisper, almost to yourself and I feel you focus on our movements, matching your intensity and taking the subtle cues from your hand on my head and your hips moving gently. As I do I can tell by how your body responds you are so close.

“Uhh, Ohhh, yes, YES!”, you cry out and smash hard against my face as I let my tongue quickly tickle your clit.

“More, yes!”, you say and I keep going, you body shaking slightly and you begin to collapse forward against the headboard, your pussy tender now to my touch. I begin to very lightly lick your pussy, feeling the waves of your orgasm wash over you, your legs quivering each time my tongue lightly strokes your clit.

After several minutes you collapse on the bed next to me, our bodies intertwined and you kiss my now very wet face. You don’t rest long as I feel you hand reach down and brush the head of my hard cock. You feel the precum on the and spread it across the head as you begin kissing my chest. You take a few moments to run your tongue around my nipples and my body responds. I hold the back of your head gently and you can sense how good it feels for me.

Continuing down you make a trail of warm, wet kissing down the middle of my stomach, looking into my eyes every few kisses to let me know you have some dirty thoughts running through your head.

When you reach my cock you run your thumb across the more time and say, “Now it is my turn to tease you”.

“Oh baby, I love watching you”, I reply.

And as you look into my eyes you run your tongue around the head of my cock, watching my eyes close slowly, knowing I am in heaven.

Feeling the warmth of my hard cock in your mouth reminds you how long I have been waiting for this, how much I need this and you make sure to take it slow so I don’t cum too fast. You want me to cum but want me to enjoy the process, not just the destination.

You slowly take my cock deep in your mouth and hold it there for a moment, letting me feel the warmth and I let out a soft moan while I run my fingers through your hair. Your tongue sliding across my shaft as you slowly pull it back out of your mouth. I look down and watch you run your tongue around the and then down the shaft. You keep going lower, and lower until you reach my balls. As your tongue slides over my smooth, freshly shaven balls you look back into my eyes with hand gently holding my shaft. You brush your fingers over the as you caress my cock, the entire time your tongue is gliding across my balls and they are becoming very wet. I can feel it dripping down towards my ass and I anticipate the wetness.
Slowly you move back my shaft, you fingers teasing the as you move higher. Before you take it in your mouth again you say, “I am not going to stop until you cum and I feel you body tremble while I suck”.

“Dear god, YES!”, is my simple, yet powerful reply.

With that you take my hard, warm cock back into your mouth, the fingers of both of my hands gently running through your hair. I moan immediately as the feeling of warmth rushes through my cock. I watch intently as your lips glide smoothly down and back my shaft, every couple strokes you take my cock out of your mouth to the the sensation build and then pass, allowing the blow job to last much longer.

You use a free hand and gently caress my balls, feeling how wet you made them, how slippery they are in your fingers. Taking finger you track the fluid lower, testing to see if it made it all the way to my ass. As your finger reaches my asshole you feel how wet it is and run your finger gently around the rim.

Your touch intensifies the feeling of your tongue on my cock and you can sense I am about to cum. I moan just a louder, my fingers feel a more tense in your hair. You decide to let me have my release and you apply just a more pressure with your tongue as you take long strokes down my shaft. Each stroke seems to intensify the feelings and my legs become tense, I cry out, “Oh god, don’t stop…. Please don’t stop!”, and you keep your rhythm steady, letting your tongue do magic.

As I cum I let out a loud moan and my fingers trace the outline of your face as you keep sucking. The hot cum shoots into your mouth in a sudden burst, with each stroke another shot of cum. You knew it had been a while for me but you didn’t expect this much as the fourth shot hits your tongue and I nearly collapse from the release. You lighten the pressure if your tongue on my cock but you don’t stop, watching as my body shakes a with each stroke.
“Careful”, I plead, but this is your intention and are toying with me now. You continue to tease my cock but do it a lighter, a less focus on the but continue to watch my body react to you gentle torture.

After what feels like hours but in reality is a couple minutes you let my cock rest peacefully and begin kissing your way up my body, my nipples standing firm and a sensitive. When you reach my face you lay your body next to mine, legs intertwined and kiss me passionately and I can taste myself on your tongue.

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