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An Early Start Part 3  

SouthGeorgiaCoug 67F  
36 posts
2/14/2022 1:59 pm

Last Read:
5/13/2022 6:12 pm

An Early Start Part 3

This is a continuation of An Early Start. If you have not read the first 2 you may want to before reading this part. I was a pretty wild thing in my early life, even after getting married .

Old boyfriend had just finished fucking me in the bed hubby and I had slept in last night. We were laying and I was torn, on hand I had loved it but on the other I had been married all of 2 days. What should I do? I had been giving it to BF the whole time I was dating hubby. Hubby had shown me stories about wives getting fucked by others in the letters sections of mens magazines and I knew he thought the idea was hot ! What should I do? That was soon answered when BF was ready to go again. Even in the before school days we always managed twice in every session and I loved it. Well this morning we managed 3 times before we were both satisfied and he got ready to leave. I walked him to the door naked and he told me he would see me Wednesday. See me Wednesday? We had been seeing each other every Mon-Wed-Fri and he must be thinking we would continue? Who was I to argue? This turned out be an arrangement that went on for over 2 years.

BF came back on Wednesday and Friday for a repeat although we managed twice each time. I had barely gotten out of the shower when Hubby got home right after lunch and he was ready for his turn. After a fairly quick fuck he asked if I was ready to work on my tan. He suggested I tan nude but I declined. I had never been nude outside like that and was not sure about doing it. I went and put on a thong bikini that barely covered me. We had bought that suit but I had never worn it except for fishing close to home. We would walk to a secluded pond and I would fish for a while then I would sun in it. Other than Hubby his older brother was the who had seen me in it. He had been fishing a few time while we were and although I was in a semi secluded spot I know he had seen me and had a good view when I got to leave. day hubby had gone to an adjacent pond when BIL showed . He fished a bit but surprised me when he stripped and dove in. I knew they had skinny dipped growing but I could not believe he was doing it with me there. Did he not know I was? I was not sure but he got out and fished 20-30 minutes nude until he heard hubby coming back and slipped his shorts back on. They chatted a few minutes then walked over where I was. Before that I had never been so close to someone I was not having sex with in so few clothes on.

I went outside and set in the yard where I could not be seen from the road. I
got down on my tummy and untied the top to keep from getting tan lines. Here I was outside, nearly nude, in the warm sun and it was great. Quiet and relaxing, I decided I could really get into this. I was enjoying my quiet time when I saw Hubby's brother walking towards our house. He is 2 years older than hubby, still lived at home with their<b> parents </font></b>but we could not see each others houses. I first thought oh no he's going to see me almost naked, but did not know what I could do. I just lay there and watched him out of the corner of my eye as he walked fairly close but did not stop. He went on in and I sighed with relief. I went back to enjoying my day but could not help wondering if he had seen how close to naked I was. I needed a drink and decided I would go in and get . I tied my top and headed in, going to the kitchen. I got my drink then walked into the living room where they were talking. I stood in that thong a few feet away. I wanted to show off my almost naked ass so I asked if they needed a beer, then turned to walk out of the room. I brought their beers back and told them I was headed back outside. I could feel BILs eyes on my ass as I walked out.

I got back out to my sunning spot and thought about what had happened. I was so turned on thinking about being seen almost naked. My nipples were on fire and my pussy wet. I slid my hands under my top and it felt so good. I untied my top and took it off. My hand slid down into my bottoms and I was so wet. I needed to cum! I slid my bottoms off My fingers found my clit and I rubbed it thinking about being seen, I was loving this as I reached a powerful O. Oh gosh that was so good I was thinking as I lay completely nude but I had better get dressed soon. I guess I dozed off because the next thing I knew it was later in the day. I realized I was still nude and still felt great. Shadows reminded me I had better get dressed before BIL made his way back so I slid my thong back on, replaced my top and headed inside to see what we were doing for dinner. When I walked in hubby was the ! Where is your brother I asked? Oh he went home a while ago, why? I thought OMG he had seen me naked! Again I felt my juices start to flow as I thought about him seeing me nude!

That night and the next morning I was on fire. I could not get enough dick and hubby kept asking what got into me? After going out to eat the night before we had made love half the night and in the morning when we got . I did not bother getting dressed and ran around the house nude all morning. Since it was Saturday he asked if I was sunning today. When I told him yes he asked nude? Not yet I said, topless. That would be a great start he replied.

After lunch I put my thong bottoms on and told him I was headed out. I could see his dick harden as he looked at me with my tits exposed. Sure you would not prefer to go nude he asked? I could not tell him I had been the day before and loved it and knowing his brother had seen me naked. soon I told him as I headed out, forgetting to even take my top. As I was hoping BIL came over shortly. I watched as he did a double take when he realized I was topless. I was on my back with my tits on display. I could not believe I was knowingly exposing my tits to him and loving it. He passed on by and went inside to visit. In a while I needed a refill and got go inside.

it hit me then I had not brought my top out! What was I to do? There was nothing else to do so I headed in topless.

I went into the kitchen and refilled my drink then walked to the living room where they were. Y'all need a beer ? I asked as they turned around. The look on hubby's face was priceless. Surprise. lust and pride as I stood with my tits on display. I was facing away from BIL as I bent down to place my drink on a table so I could go get their beers. When I brought them back I handed them to the guys and sat down with mine. I usually just stood and chatted a few minutes before heading back out but this time I made sure to take a seat across from BIL. My thong was into my pussy lips and I know he could see them. It was such a turn on showing myself like this, I was soaked.

I finally went back outside and headed to my spot. I was so horny I slid my bottoms off before laying down. I thought I had enough time to get myself off before BIL came back by so I reclined, found my clit, closed my eyes and went to work. Oh gosh I could not believe what I had just done. Just a few strokes on my swollen pussy had me coming! This was the second day in a row I had masturbated outside nude and I loved it. I closed my eyes again and wanted another O. I went back to work more gently and slowly this time. I was thinking about BIL had to see me nude yesterday, how brave, or stupid, I had been to go inside topless. But I had loved all of it! I was getting faster when I heard something, opened my eyes and BIL was about feet away with his dick in hand. What? I thought, he should not be here for another hour! He never leaves this early. Oh gosh he is watching me! And jerking his cock!

He had me so hot, stroking to me masturbating, nude outside. Watching me, seeing my spread pussy! Oh gosh I was loving this so much, hoping he would shoot his cum. And when he did it took me over the edge, having a powerful orgasm. I smiled at him and gave him a thumbs as he put his dick away and walked toward me. Thanks he said, that was great. Yes it was I said as he walked away. I took a short nap then headed in. I was so horny and could not get hubby in me fast enough. Again he kept asking what got me going like this, you dear, just you.

All the next week I could hardly wait for the weekend. Old BF came by Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings fucking me each time in our bed. It turned him on having me naked in the bed I slept in with hubby. I had quit getting dressed in the mornings, waking nude, seeing hubby off to work, getting a shower and waiting on BF to show . BF had been reading stories about women shaving their pubes and asked me why didn't I. The more I thought about it I decided to try it. Friday morning I shaved smooth during my shower and it felt great. BF loved it when he got there and couldn't get enough of it. I finally had to tell him after 4 rounds hubby would be home soon and he had to go NOW!

I jumped in the shower again, quickly shaved my pussy again and slipped into a sun dress. Hubby pulled and I met him with a beer. He was ready to sink his dick in me. I told him he needed a shower but I was headed out to sun, I would take care of him later. He grudgingly headed to the shower. He did not know I had shaved my pussy and I was not sure how to tell him. While he was in the shower I took my dress off, threw it in the bedroom, told hubby I was headed out. I did not tell him I was not taking any clothes with me at all!

I had not been outside fifteen minutes when here came BIL. He must have been watching for hubby to get home. He was taking a different route that would bring him right by me. I was a scared but excited as hell that he was going to see me naked again and see my shaved kitty for the first time. Oh gosh I was so wet. He walked to my feet and said hey, repeat? I smiled and said yes! As I spread my legs. He noticed and said You shaved smooth? Yes I did, do you like it? Very much he replied and his hard dick proved it. I motioned him closer and rubbed my hand on my oiled body then grabbed his cock. As I stroked it he said I wish I could fuck that shaved cunt, I've never had one. I smiled and said now's your chance, fuck me hard! He stepped out of his shorts and climbed on top of me. His dick was so oily and my pussy was so wet he didn't have to guide his dick into me, it slid right in perfectly. He pounded me hard getting me closer and closer until he exploded in me, making me cum like crazy. OMG it felt so good fucking naked outside.

We lay there naked catching our breath for several minutes as I thought what have I done? I shaved my pussy and hubby doesn't know, I just let his brother fuck me and shoot his load in me. I loved it but should I? I got my answer in a minute when BIL asks if he can fuck me again. We shouldn't I told him. Why not he said it was great wasn't it? I had to give him that. Oh what the hell, will you fuck me doggy? I asked, and he was more than glad to, getting us both off the second time of the day.

BIL kissed me when we were through, pulled his shorts on and headed in. I was so torn, what could I do? I needed to go refresh my drink like usual I had a newly shaved pussy hubby had not seen, I had just had his brother shoot 2 loads in me, and I had not brought any clothes to wear. Oh well, I had to go in sometime so off I went.

I went into the kitchen for my refill then headed for the living room. As I walked in hubby asked you didn't bring us a bee................. as his jaw dropped when he turned and saw me. He didn't know I was naked and he certainly didn't know I had shaved. He was speechless as he stared. I sat down with my freshly fucked pussy gapping open. He finally found his voice and said that is so fucking hot! All oiled and shaved smooth! Come help me get us another beer! He got , took me by the hand and led me into the kitchen. Beer was not what he had in mind as he bent me over a chair and entered me from behind, I love how oily and slick your smooth pussy is was his remark as he fucked me harder, shooting a load in me and making me cum again.

As we brought the beers back to the living room BIL had a huge grin on his face. Sounded like somebody had a lot of fun, he said. Even though he had fucked me twice just minutes before I was embarrassed being nude, shaved and fucked by hubby, all with him right there. I told them I am back outside and headed back out. I had their cum dripping out of me as I went back to my spot and lay back down. I was thinking I could not fuck any more today, but found out differently when BIL headed home. He stopped as I lay there nude with my well used pussy gaping open, He said it was so hot fucking me outside then me fucking hubby with his cum in me and he not knowing. By this time he had his now hard dick out and said he needed to fuck me again. Oh well, maybe I could fuck once more.

After all the activity I fell asleep and was awakened much later by hubby. He had come to check on me since I had not came in yet. Sorry I went to sleep I told him. Oh I am glad you did he said as he dropped his shorts. You look so good with that shaved pussy, all oiled and naked outside I need to fuck you again. As he slid in he remarked again how oily and slick my pussy was. did he know how many times I had cum shot in me this day.

This arrangement went on for almost years, I was fucking old BF mornings a week, BIL days every weekend, and hubby at least once a day. Between the of them I was getting fucked at least times a week when I was and 20, frequently more. I have been shaving my pubes every since and the guys loved me being smooth. I found out how much of an exhibitionist I was and loved being naked outdoors. I also discovered I loved sex even more than I thought when in HS and I had to have a variety of dicks to satisfy myself. I wish I would have kept a record of how many times I was fucked those 2 years but even at the lowest number per week it was almost thousand times so I guess I got fucked over thousand those years.

A Cougar searching for cubs!

sexy_notes_4u 58M
108 posts
2/18/2022 7:18 am

Nice weekly routine! It seems like your Tuesdays and Thursday were slow days.... What did you ever do to pass the time?
During HS, did you ever have an exhibitionist kink around the school?

SouthGeorgiaCoug replies on 2/18/2022 8:52 am:
I rested LOL. Did not know I was an exhibitionist till I found out thanks to BIL. Showing my body to him was a huge thrill and turn on for me, in case you could not tell

sexy_notes_4u 58M
108 posts
2/18/2022 1:41 am

Having your husband fuck your freshly shaved pussy after your BF and BIL left their cum inside is HOT! You must've been wet all day!

SouthGeorgiaCoug replies on 2/18/2022 4:14 am:
Oh I was, after getting fucked at least 8 times that day I was in heaven. Of course I think all three of them were too.

sexy_notes_4u 58M
108 posts
2/17/2022 6:06 am

Another good start to the day! I get such a good "relief" reading your updated post.

SouthGeorgiaCoug replies on 2/17/2022 6:22 am:
I'm glad you are enjoying it!

wrMercury 46M
1570 posts
2/16/2022 5:20 pm

Can hardly wait for the next part.

SouthGeorgiaCoug replies on 2/17/2022 6:22 am:
I will try and finish it up today

69ereatwetpussy 61M
6774 posts
2/16/2022 5:15 pm

so now you have his brother cumming for you. ? is i his cock different he is younger and will you fuck him when you get a chance. for it sound like it will happen what will hubby say about this.

SouthGeorgiaCoug replies on 2/17/2022 6:21 am:
LOL stay tuned and you will find out!

69ereatwetpussy 61M
6774 posts
2/15/2022 5:49 am

You have it all together now good for you hubby happy and you get extra as needed. Now I wish I was that neighbor down the road aways. Lolololol

SouthGeorgiaCoug replies on 2/15/2022 6:19 am:
Thanks, this one isn't through yet. When I was in this stage I could not get enough sex. I guess this time shaped me for the future.

sexy_notes_4u 58M
108 posts
2/15/2022 5:15 am

Your stories and our husband's stories get my mornings off to a great start! I'm ready to "rise" and shine!

SouthGeorgiaCoug replies on 2/15/2022 6:18 am:
Good to hear, comments like this make it all worthwhile!

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