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A Very Unique Shemale
A Pacific South West, Vintage Harley Davidson 5 Speed Tranny, fitted into a soft tail FXSB frame!

Oh - and xhe rides a 2014 Breakout too!
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If I were to write a NEW bio...
Posted:May 1, 2022 8:43 am
Last Updated:May 23, 2024 8:18 am


Thank you for stopping here to... Investigate

To look for the keys to my many many, hopelessly equipped Treasure Box locks.

Once upon my time - and none too long ago - I was terribly verbose in leaving my story here... There are a number of reasons these days for me culling chapters of verse... So Im only going to provide interested Travelers' to my oasis here, the absolute basics...

My description (suitors % potential partners WILL need to be appraised)

My interests & my boundaries...

Then, should my words and images intrigue you enough and you are confident that I might really be a good Real World match - please, by all means - do feel invited to message...

Ask the right questions and I will always provide you with truthful, solid answers...




I am quite unique

Not your everyday, garden variety Transgender Female.

Intersex born, my genetic model out of my Mommy's chute was 1/2 & 1/2 with my Female genes always clawing for a better, stronger foothold...

Had times not been what they were - 70s-80's - and if I'd had more open minded biological parentage, I'd have chosen a path towards nearly full transition to Female in my teenage years... Cest la vie

As it stands:

* No vaginal opening

* Full, firm, flatterring, near symmetry in my gift of bosom - I believe I now have EXACTLY the body I

would have grown into had my parents not had my chest mutilated with bilaterall "gynocomastic" intervention during my childhood.

* 1 testicle

* No scrotum

* 1 non-functioning, dormant, atrophied ovarian 'node'

* 1 very very very small 'penis' - literally an "innie" unless / until aroused, then we might be looking at a full 2-2.5" of memberage... No bigger in diameter than, oh... I guess something most could imagine is a "Blunt Container"... Maybe a blunt container and a half?

That's a good description for both length and girth I guess... A 1/2 gram blunt container

* I do enjoy sex... AAMOF

I enjoy sex very very much!

* I still get very very wet!

* I still have very satisfying orgasms, sans any

"shooting"... I still provide wet climaxes but they are more like, "seeping" love juices rather than the all powerful "money shot" which so many feel is the Holy Grail of a penile sexual interaction.

So - in essence and in fact, I have what I'd describe as a teenage, pubescent girl's upper body and the androgynous beauty of a newborn's lower half... I hope that's not too grossly graphic

My bottom bottom (my ass if we are being gauche) desperately craves attention... I simply cannot achieve an orgasm without anal penetration - yet for all intents and purposes - I remain a VIRGIN in all regards where the dynamic of "Male on Me" is concerned

* The ONLY significant interactions I have ever experienced with MEN have been under abusive, brutal, Male Privileged, Male Entitled circumstances - yet to my credit - my ass has never

experienced anything other than a finger or two and or an averagely sized penile shaped prosthetic (dildo) inside...

The result is my absolute aversion to being ALONE with a man and a desperate, unquenchable desire to be fucked - slowly, gently, passionately - in my bottom - by a GENTLE, confident, sensual, functional, attractive, non- lower op Transwoman or by a Gentleman with the same patient agenda - under the trusted, absolute CONTROL of an attractive, understanding, sensually dominant cis or Transgender Female.

So - Im ISO someone somewhat like myself, and or a feminine energy, Femme Led couple.

I am not seeking to "fall in love"

But I am not ISO multiple different partner experiences...

I AM looking for... Sporadic Permanence?

A very special while random distraction circumstance

I know that in order for me to relax and enjoy myself inside an environment whereby I will surrender my gloriously tight, chaste, virgin ass to a fella - Im going to need to know, trust, and in at least a respect or two - "LOVE" the partners involved.

In the 5 years I've been here on Fet' I have not yet ever agreed to a physical encounter with ANY ONE here, or even had a date ITRW since September of 2017.

I hope that will provide testimony to the fact that Im not someone's, anyone's, gangbang nor cumdump...

My standards are kinda high but not insurmountable.

I prefer humans who do their diligence in keeping themselves healthy... Not Barbie doll, gym, or

marathon everyday healthy, not full Vegan healthy... Im just not attracted to those who from lack of motivation have left themselves go.


I know keeping my figure is a bitch, I know I need to drop this padding I found over this god damn Corona Slowdown - but its not in the hundreds of pounds or in excess of "inches" plural.


I am DnD Free

Quadruple Vax'd


STD Tested often

Your take from all of this should be:

1: I doubt you will ever find another human in this lifetime, on this planet, who has the same physical attributes as myself.

2: I am very selective in my dating habits

3: I am by all fair and reasonable standards, still a Virgin Gurl

4: I would be putty in the

hands of an intelligent, patient, sensually Dominant, TOPPY Tranny


5: I will absolutely consider sharing my time, my affection, I will offer my as yet untouched body to the RIGHT cis gender, female/male couple

* No one has touched my body since my breast reconstruction in 2017

I am a warm, responsive, talented, gifted lover...

I was always able to clear the bar with high marks - with women - during the days when I presented to the world as Male

As a Transgender Woman who identifies on the kink spectrum , verily - in real life, as a 'teenaged babygurl', a "Princess" (not a pillow princess - I will definitely give more than I get)...

As a subbi, as a sensual, demure, "Please collar me and claim me as your own" phenotype plaything - I will never, ever make the first move... I never drive the ship... I prefer to follow a strong, feminine lead.

The above citations are 100% true as I know the details

I have not lied

I have not embellished

* Frankly, I am quite lonesome but I am not desperate...

I can easilly be alone but I'd very much like to find a good fit and try to share myself, my mind, my body with compatible company in the hopes that all lives involved might experience a unique happiness, that we can make memories together which most probably will never be achieved through any other means

Thanx again for reading my... My bio

In closing

All I ask is that you only contact

me if you match the criteria:

You are NOT flying as a Solo Male


You can offer a Real World - Face to Face paradigm...

I have no interest in Virtual Relationships

No patience for long, drawn out, ethereal "getting to know you" situations


If you only skimmed, scanned, or barely paid attention 👆

I do not have the interest, the ability, nor the physical stature too be that "Rock hard, Trannyporn Goddess who lives to fuck a man's mouth or ass"

I am exactly the OPPOSITE:

I am the quiet, unassuming, pretty, lost and submissive Tranny who needs a gorgeous, powerful, confident woman to

drape her collar around my neck as she whispers, "That's it, kitty kitty, come to Mommy... Good gurl, easy now... Mommy won't hurt you" claims me as her very own special, forever fuck toy and favorite new pet; then takes me home and proceeds to help me experience all of the pleasures which BnD, kink, and Power Exchange has an store for an innocent, naive, willing participant


§ Simply_Sara
Cat Fisherpeeps, Selfie Sluts, and Self Aggrandizing Attention Whores...
Posted:Jan 24, 2021 8:47 pm
Last Updated:May 23, 2024 8:18 am

I have lost faith that this site is actually going produce the quality results I had so fervantly hoped for.

I get that there's a pandemic, I do... But I'm tested regularly, I've had my 1st Moderna dose, ny final dose is scheduled; I've been recently screened for all STDs, I mask, I socially distance... I'm happy, safe, intelligent, Breast augmented and non lower op - verily, I AM the ULTIMATE "Tranny" and yet there is not a single "local friend" out of 37 who is actually interested in a real world, face face engagement...

There's just something desperately vexing and fucked about that.

My subscription will lapse in 9 days

Thanx for the chats.. as THAT was all I found here and it's certainly not worth 30 dollars a month


Were you aware...
Posted:Jan 21, 2021 4:44 pm
Last Updated:Jan 21, 2021 4:52 pm
Did you know that I offer autographed prints and FRACTURES of any image in my collection on my website?

All one need do is go there, browse my portfolio, select which one suits you best, use my contact form to shoot me a message and tell me which one you'd like, in what format, Paypal me the requisite fee; and poof!

Happy Valentine's Day

Within 2 weeks, you'll have me there, signed sealed delivered - on your desktop - no watermarks at all

Straight up personal attention to "de-tail"

Message me for details

Who else is as happy as ME!
Posted:Jan 20, 2021 10:55 am
Last Updated:Jan 20, 2021 11:18 am
Y a Y


The United States of America have removed our national embarrassment
We have a shot redeem our pride
find our place in the world again

We've inaugurated another decent man for the position of POTUS

I am at peace this morning
If we can just contain all of the fucking CRAZIES want him dead
Keep JOE alive until Kamala is seasoned enough handle that Top Spot
We should be good for another year stretch

Hip Hip Hurray!

Just a hot second to express my applause:
Posted:Jan 19, 2021 3:41 pm
Last Updated:Jan 19, 2021 3:58 pm

Applause applause applause!

Both of MY hands are clapping here for TSDates.!

I have experienced over 0 HONEST and legitimate 1st contact Virtual connections here over this past month - VS absolutely ZERO 1st encounter virtual meetings on ANY OTHER social network dating platform EVER

IOW... by and large people here seem be REAL
For the most part the people HERE seem have much less fear reach out introduce themselves

That said... I TRULY WISH that the Gold and VIP fellas' here would learn READ a persons bio and understand it before firing off their posts, likes, requests, etc as that would save from having spend an here each day hunting through their profile for the blocking link, then heading my own account page set the block in place

BLOCKING here isn't a simple one click process you know?

It takes at least steps - actually 3

*But - since that detracts from the HAPPY tense of my original post's intent - let get back on track by saying....

THANK YOU TS Dates for providing a prime playground here in which one may safely flirt and make new friends!

Posted:Jan 17, 2021 6:50 pm
Last Updated:Jan 17, 2021 10:16 pm

I desperately need some!


want some

Posted:Jan 14, 2021 12:50 pm
Last Updated:Jan 14, 2021 12:57 pm

What a brilliant day!

I really thought that Urology would laugh at & turn away when I arrived for my appointment - but NO!
Dr Fischer wasn't at surprised or unreasonable...

I'll have my Scrotechtomy completed before Spring!!!

Color pleasantly surprised


1 comment
Do men even know the definition of CONSENT? Do they have any clue??
Posted:Jan 11, 2021 11:54 am
Last Updated:Jan 17, 2021 6:53 pm

This is for the entire GENDER:

Consent is where I invite you be a part of my world

It's where you wait and watch, you hope that you'll be noticed and pray your cock is shiny enough attract my attention so that I'll give you a wink and a nod, some inference of approval and acquiesce your subsequent advance...

It is PERMISSION reach out and touch ... be it in the physical OR the virtual world.


If you'd take the time and the requisite consideration due another human being, you would use that Gold level or VIP membership you are paying your hard earned for READ a fucking bio.

Not simply aggress', blundering blindly, Willy gone Billy crashing into and through someones' boundaries - with the hope that you'll subsequently be that one in a million Super Stud muffin mother fucker and a gurl will simply ignore the fact that you didn't give their feelings an iota of concern.

Let me clear up where I stand because apparently there's still some type of shade on my true feelings:



If TSDates. had a preemptive blocking function for any and all gender variants which lie outside of my preferences - TRUST that you would not even know my profile exists!

FFS guys


*Don't post in my feed
*Don't fucking tip
*Don't add your "like" my content
*Don't send your friend requests

you are doing is giving a big phat target reach for the BLOCK switch - and I promise you I WILL

I don'y give a shit if you are creeping my profile - I don't like it but I'm not going head over your profile block you just because I see a notification that you viewed it...
But if you provide evidence by way of leaving any of your "sign" by "marking your fucking spot" You're done

I do not want your attention and I will not oblige your virtual molestation; and yes - that is exactly WTF you are doing when my needs, my wants, my deepest feelings, concerns and desires are posted in PLAIN fucking view for God and the god damn world see and you choose either IGNORE THEM or totally VIOLATE my wishes with your own self entitled BULLSHIT and do whatever the fuck you decide to choose to do!

The behavior is tantamount to 'Virtual Molestation'
It's absolutely fucking TRUMPONIAN

Unsolicited Pussy Grabbing - by Tweet at best

Yes it is... YES it is Brad, yes it IS!

I just don't understand Why

Why would I want to commiserate with those who choose to ignore how I feel or people who willfully violate my wishes?

Better question... Why would YOU want to be attempting to keep company with a person who so adamantly and vociferously offers you NOTHING except hur abject scorn and disdain?

Go away!

I am quite gregarious with FEMININE identities
If you pass as a GIRL you are absolutely welcome to contact me
If you do not, please - there are literally THOUSANDS if not MILLIONS of Women, Men and GURLS on this very platform who enjoy your attention and crave your affection

You do NOT need me


And, THIS is why I refuse ALL interaction with MEN
Posted:Jan 9, 2021 2:42 pm
Last Updated:Jan 9, 2021 5:29 pm
The kind of bullshit I receive from butt hurt MEN!

Why in the fuck would anyone wonder why I want nothing to do with a ?

This is a quote, as verified by the screenshot of his message:

"What a pathetic waste of humanity you are. To even write a profile statement like that shows how warped your mind and self esteem is. You are a true piece of whale scum shit. Good luck with the trash you end up with"

reported to TSD Admin...

Guys - you don't NEED MY ATTENTION!

FFS - shop elsewhere - I do not invite you into my world - do not mince your way into mine just to insult me - #1 - After the life I have had, hard to insult; 2 - it only verifies my original point

My reply was as follows:

lololol... and YOU sir, are a FUCKING - beta - eat a bag of dick Sir
Sewing patches
Posted:Jan 4, 2021 10:26 pm
Last Updated:Jan 5, 2021 12:28 am

I've been cooped up in this hotel room since June

Between surgeries on my carotid arteries, rehabbing after mid level strokes; I walk miles a day in 1 mile increments - while yoyo'ing with my right hand and bouncing a yellow foam rubber ball in my left and singing songs from memory - rehab my memory, my hand eye coordination, and my balance

When I'm not tweeting,_Astral_
_Otter_ / SimplySara20 or posting flirts and messaging here... I'm sewing patches on my leather vest or playing my harmonica

I'm bored

I'm lonesome

I'd much rather have a pretty companion here - stitching and poking into me, and me huffing and puffing, blowing something besides a blues harp - oh oh oh'ing not yo yo yo'ing!

Can any pretty, nubile, passionate young nympho come and lay claim to my virginal Tranny ass and help me rock my blues away?

Just popping in for a short short to express:
Posted:Jan 4, 2021 2:56 pm
Last Updated:May 23, 2024 8:18 am
I have say... I was a bit uncertain when I first ran across THIS particular Tranny Dating Site - I've experienced so shitty luck at the otheres, not mention being banned from TINDER and feeling like a fish out of water on of the cis- targeted and hetero oriented internet dating venues



By and large, people are uncannily friendly and thus far - 98% of my interactions have seemed be with intelligent, compassion quality individuals and when they are given a polite demur; they don't act like they got a stick poked their but and they take it like an adult!

I'm actually quite impressed

so... COOL-io !
Warning! Graphic Images live here!
Posted:Jan 3, 2021 5:57 pm
Last Updated:May 23, 2024 8:18 am

For the Hospital, mutilation and gore fetishists out there... I present you: 2017 A Christmas / New Breast Augmentation & Complete Tummy Tuck

A Breast Augmentation leaves you beat up and ugly that first month


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