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Play Thing...  

Sharinrosey 32F  
282 posts
12/30/2021 4:55 am
Play Thing...

I didn't think he was going to cum quite so quickly but he did and luckily I caught it in my mouth and not all over my dress!

I wasn't even supposed to be with these guys because I was told by my husband not to play up but somehow I ended up in the backyard of the house where they convinced me to give everyone a blowjob!

That was only one of many things I did that night at this party where I was used by one after another because boys talk and expectations spread! I was manipulated by horny men who took advantage of my intoxicated vulnerability and my husband's indifference to knowing a large number of men at this party were trying to have sex with me which made me a very easy target. I was in such an intoxicated horny state it was hard for me not to become an eager participant with these guys and even men who had their girlfriends with them were sneakingly getting me to do things with their cocks.

From the comments my partner kept making to me before we even arrived I knew he didn't want me to stray because of the crowd we knew would be there but it can be so hard for me to behave at dome of these parties we go to with our friends. Things do happen and it isn't always my fault and sometimes my partner gets so upset at me for ignoring him and behaving like a slut but it can be so hard to control my urges and once the thoughts enter my mind it is so difficult not to randomly go from one guy to another without even giving a care to who it is playing with my pussy.

My husband and self arrived early and people were arriving in small numbers throughout the night until there were a large number of friends, acquaintances and randoms who I mingled with as I moved from one spot to another alone. There was most definitely a sexual vibe in the place and as the night continued with everyone drinking and mixing the mood slowly became totally uninhibited. Almost every girl there was being harassed for sex and if you didn't have your partner right next to you to ward off all the horny eager men who would stop at nothing to try and fuck any available girl there then it made it almost impossible to keep them away from you.

I really did try to be good for my husband but for me things started to slip a little when I was sitting at an outside table in the patio area having a drink with some older men. I was the only girl at the table and my husband was nearby at the bbq talking with some friends. I was at this six seater table with some randoms and we were enjoying a drink together away from the crowd and noise but more men kept coming up and sitting with us at the table. I think they kept sitting with us to try and hookup with me and these guys were becoming more boisterously forward when I started getting friendly with them. I had my short summer dress on which was a dark red and the seam had split in sections down the left side so when I sat it gaped open sometimes showing more than a glimpse of my manicured pussy and because of the loose low cut front if I leaned to far forward it fell away showing a stunning view of my perky petite breasts.

Most of the time I had to keep holding it together which was really hard considering how drunk I was otherwise I was showing large portions of my naked body underneath and I could see my husband kept looking over at me making sure I was okay because some of these guys were starting to get super touchy-feely and saying that they wanted to fuck me. It was so flattering having so many men wanting sex and I was enjoying the extremely close physical contact that was going on with them and every time one of them went past the point of decency I would just smile and flirt back and giggle a little so not to cause any issues with anyone. It did make me feel hotter than ever flirting with these guys right in front of my husband and especially when I knew he saw them touching my breasts or pussy. I would playfully stop them but really wanted more and would continue teasing them to encourage others to touch me too. I was being the slutish men love me to be for them and I was loving all the attention especially knowing I was doing everything with so many people around casually watching!

My husband told me later at first he wasn't happy I wasn't behaving myself like he told me too but he couldn't stop himself from getting hard watching me degrade myself with these men. He said he saw I was really enjoying myself being smothered by these guys at the table and loved watching them touch me and seeing the excitement on my face when they did. He told me he almost cum in his pants watching me kissing this guy to my left with his hand under my dress touching my breasts with every one at the table watching me let him do this then when another guy on the other side of me slipped his hand up my dress hubby said I automatically spread my legs for him, turned around and smiled at him, then looked at everyone watching and started moaning as he was obviously finger fucking my pussy. I don't remember patches of what happened that night but it wouldn't surprise me letting men do things like that with me.

I know I was becoming very popular with the men at this party and very quickly! I let a number of guys at this table touch my body and wasn't at all fussy who it was that was touching my pussy. Sometimes I think I had three or four men all squeezed in around me from behind and either side of me all fondling my breasts and pussy altogether! I responded quite naturally with rolling mini orgasms from the constant teasing of my pussy and sensativity of my body and I know I simply couldn't resist anything they were doing. It felt so natural to me doing what I was doing and that was everything with everyone! I did look over at my husband quite a number of times making eye contact with him and feeling super excited about what I was doing especially with the excitement I could see on his face watching me do it.

These guys with me at the table took me to the grass area behind the patio area in this semi secluded part of the garden and one of them started to immediately finger fuck my soaked pussy in front of the others while I was leaning against this wall. I was quite drunk and things were starting to spiral out of control with these guys as they all grabbed at me and every chance they had trying to finger fuck my stretched pussy with a multitude of different men's fingers pulling me in different directions. It hurt but that painful feeling kept making me squirt a little several times. I was so engrossed in what they were doing to my pussy I didn't even realise how many more had become involved.

I probably should have stopped them there but they were enjoying this so much when I tried to get back to my husband they kept stopping me from walking away by grabbing my pussy and breasts and holding me there by pinching my nipples and lodging their fingers inside my dripping wet messy pussy. It was so hard for me to get away and some of them were being so persistent in wanting me to suck their cocks too and they promised if I did give them a blowjob then they would let me leave so I agreed to do it.

I remember feeling like I was trapped in the middle of this circle of men who were aggressively jostling each other with their cocks out and waving them in my face. I was kneeling on the grass in this secluded shrubbery garden at the very rear of this large backyard being encouraged by these guys to suck their cocks and so I remember after a long reluctant pause I took the first guys cock into my mouth and quite effortlessly moved my lips along the long thick shaft of his cock until my lips almost touched his balls. I could feel the pressure of his hand against the back of my head holding me there and I could feel the girth and length of his cock lodged deep in my throat choking me and every time I tried to pull away he would push my mouth down over his cock again making me gag choke and splutter. The other men in the packed circle around me were being loud and boisterous, chatting, cheering, clapping and pushing each other out of the way to be the next to get me to give them a blowjob!

I had no idea who's cock was infront of me but I just went from one anonymous cock to another thinking that once they had cum then they would let me find my husband. I was still on my knees giving this guy a blowjob and these other onlookers kept stuffing their fingers inside my pussy from behind and there were so many men around me now it felt like I was being crushed beneath them. I had another guy kneeling on the grass infront of me and when I put his cock inside my mouth then several others now either side of him kept taking turns to fuck my mouth and there were a heap behind me too all trying to stick their fingers inside my pussy and ass. In a weird sexually deviate way I was loving how this felt and couldn't stop myself from grinding my hips against the pressure of the many fingers inside my two holes. Some guys were shouting out telling everyone there about this slut that was letting guys do anything with her and of course they were talking about me!

This must have gained my husband's attention too and he later told me when the curiosity became too much for him and he eventually had to see who this slut was that so many guys were now talking about he almost went into shock to see it was actually me! He said he thought I was inside<b> dancing </font></b>the whole time when I disappeared from the table with those guys because apparently that's where I told him I was going. I don't remember saying that but apparently that's what I said but I think I did go inside for awhile but ended up outside again.

Luckily this party we were at was mostly people we didn’t know but the few who did know we were married would have been more than a little confused which apparently did make things a little awkward for hubby and he said he had to pretend he had no idea what I was doing and made himself scarce. My husband told me when he found where I was I was surrounded by men all behaving very excitedly whilst watching others have sex with me in the middle of this closed circle. He told me his heart stopped and his blood stopped pumping feeling almost faint when he saw me on my hands and knees being dragged off one cock and onto another by everyone in this dark secluded spot in the garden area and there was now nothing he could do to stop me behaving like this! He also told me although he was shocked it was me who had become the drunken party slut he was also pleased and felt instantly turned on seeing me behave like the he loves to be and simply couldn’t stop himself from watching doing the things I was doing with these men.

He told me it was the sexually charged hysteria that I had created that was such a big turn on for him. To see me looking so happy grabbing at one cock after another and he said when I finally made a guy cum in my mouth, over my face or nipples I had a look of deep satisfaction on my face then would immediately start on the next guy!

My husband later told me I was there for over an hour in this spot being mauled by men and he saw some of it through the shrubs from where he was around the bbq but had to pretend he didn't have a clue it was going on. He did eventually leave the party with the excuse he wasn't feeling well and luckily he did make sure he took me with him otherwise I think I would have been fucked by every there!

I was kind of in trouble with him for doing what I did but I think the fact he enjoys knowing I do things like that excites him a lot more!


ClitLickB4DickU 65M  
1392 posts
12/31/2021 1:17 am

Sounds like you were the Life and Slut of the Party Hehehehe

ClitLickB4DickU 65M  
1392 posts
12/31/2021 1:28 am

No Doubt you'll be Swallowing more Cock at a NYE party ?

RobK2006 56M
5998 posts
12/31/2021 4:16 am

As always, I have to masturbate after reading one of your posts. Loved the multiple guys finger fucking you.

Need4contact 43M
8 posts
2/6/2022 6:53 pm

For sure the beginning description about the people in the car got the blood flowing... I lost a bit of attention in the middle, but ultimately the end was perfect. Much better told then a lot of erotic literature that I have read in the past.

Congrat and keep it up, I shall be back for more.

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