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Sharinrosey 32F  
282 posts
2/27/2022 12:04 pm

The heat we have been having has seen me and my man at the beach a lot lately, mainly in the late afternoon and into the evening to watch the sunset and just soak up the tranquillity of the night ocean.

We were recently at our favourite beach around five in the afternoon and had settled in close to the waters edge. The spot we like is really nice because it is away from the main crowds and although there are still people walking past it feels like we have the beach mostly to ourselves. We stayed well into the night because it was so hot and although there was still the very odd person around most had left the beach so when we did arrive back at the car the car park was completely empty. I was barely clothed with just my light weight summer dress on because that's what my deviate man wanted me to wear. He likes me to wear these type of see through things because they show the perfection of my pussy mound and because the material is so thinly woven my deviate man totally gets off knowing every man that walks past me gets to clearly see my dirty little pussy. We had both been feeling super horny all afternoon and the whole time at the beach he couldn't keep his hands off me constantly touching my legs, teasing my nipples and every chance he had fondling my pussy so by the time we were back at the car I was so horny and so ready to be fucked I was almost gushing just at the thought of it.

It was dark, we had the car park to ourselves and we were both in the mood to fuck! It certainly isn't the first time we have had outdoor risky sex and so we quite naturally started to play with each other. We were standing outside the car and I had my dress lifted up over my hips and my man was just about to slide his cock into me from behind and fuck me over the bonnet when we were interrupted by two big loud four wheelers storming into the car park with music blasting and young men who obviously didn't care about the romantic moment we were enjoying. My husband was standing behind me when these guys interrupted and I was standing with my hands on the bonnet enjoying the passion of him biting the back of my neck with his hands exploring the wetness of my pussy so we were definitely caught out! I wanted to leave after that but my husband wanted to stay because he was so horny and ready to fuck he still wanted to do it right there and didn't want to wait another second and unlike myself wasn't at all disturbed by these guys who had stopped only about twenty meters away from us. They looked harmless enough so my husband still wanted to fuck me over the bonnet with them there saying they can fuck me after but I wanted to wait to see if they would leave. I convinced my man to move around to the other side of our car where they couldn't see too much of what was going on but because of the lighting in the area they would have still been able to work out what we were doing. At first, I kept wanting to leave but I was also so incredibly horny it made it easy for my husband to keep me there just by the way he was touching my body. My loosely fitted dress making it so easy for him to fondle my pussy and ever so gently touching my clitoris as he kissed me.

As usual, in minutes he had me in such a state of arousal I was prepared to do anything for him and because my husband is such a dominant man and loves to put me on display he simply couldn't resist taking advantage of the situation and doing exactly that! These guys were still parked side by side facing us about twenty meters away just sitting there in the darkness no doubt watching what we were doing so my deviate man deliberately took me back around to the other side of our car so we were now on the side where these guys could clearly see! My husband wanted to give them a very explicit view of everything we were doing and it felt seriously hot being displayed like that for their entertainment. My man was leaning against the side of our car and I was infront of him with my ass facing these unknown men in these two cars and I just knew they would be watching what we were doing.

My man was holding me tightly by the ass and pulling me in toward his body in such a hot passionately driven way just feeling his strength was making my pussy drip. I kept pushing my ass out slightly as my deviate husband slipped his hands between my legs where he fondled my pussy dragging his fingers along my very wet open slit. He kept looking over my shoulder at the two four wheelers and telling me to stick my ass out even more. They would have easily seen my naked ass and even my pussy because my man was deliberately lifting my dress over my ass as he fondled my body and made me bend right over! As he kept making me do these things I could feel this unbelievably hot physical heat rising through my body and the stimulation from having an audience was so intoxicating it was making me feel deliriously horny and when my man slipped his fingers inside my pussy I almost starting squirting all over his hand. He had slipped his leg between my legs and was pressing against my pelvis forcing me to spread my legs more and more and relentlessly kept fondling my pussy slipping two, three, four fingers side by side into my sloppy pussy hole and was constantly holding me tightly to stop me slipping away when it hurt. His dominance and my extremely extroverted nature definitely took control as we started to push the limits of decency doing almost everything except fucking each other!

I completely lost myself to my man as he mauled my body in this very hot, deeply passionate and physically explicit manner of dominance turning me into a sexually charged sluttish for him! He was doing everything with me he knew I couldn't resist and knowing we were both being watched by these random men we hadn't even seen yet was such a powerful aphrodisiac for me to want more! My man kept saying "Wouldn't it be great if these guys fucked you too" and planted the seed in my mind making it almost impossible for me to resist the wanting of having my pussy pleasured by multiple cocks. My husband knows me far too well and especially when I'm horny and have had a few wines he can get me to do anything for him!

We had been there for awhile totally lost in our own little world deliberately putting on this obscenely indecent and sexually explicit show for these guys who were now out of their cars drinking and trying to pretend they weren't perving at my indecently near naked body. They were definitely watching us and that's when the super horny deviate mind of the man I love told me to wander over there and ask if they would be happy to sell us a couple of beers. My husband can easily look after himself and me too if needed so being in a situation like that doesn't bother him in the slightest and neither does offering his wife to random men for sex. He knew if I did go over there to ask for the drinks it would only be a matter of time before these guys would be sliding their throbbing hot meat deep inside my pussy and he would be seeing the expressive pleasures and sounds of me behaving like a for him and fulfilling my addictive desperation for lustful sex.

It did feel slightly awkward for me to walk over to these guys virtually naked after doing what I had been doing but I did it because I was so incredibly horny! It was starting to get a little cool now which only highlighted my already aroused nipples and I still had my sheer dress on which wasn't really covering up much at all and the glingingness of the dress was now so smoothly moulded to my pussy pouch it was as if I wasn't wearing my dress at all! I very meekly walked over while my man stayed by the car and I could tell as I was walking towards these guys that they were really shocked by what I was been doing. I could almost see their minds trying to work out what was going on as they stood there almost motionless with eyes wide open and mouths gaping then I simply said hello and things just happened from there a lot differently than I anticipated.

They were a lot younger than me so straight away that made me a bit of a cougar but that type of thing obviously wasn't bothering these guys. They were a little unsure at first but my flirtatously friendly mannerisms very quickly relaxed the initial uncertainty and turned the atmosphere into a fun and friendly mood. I was there for a little while being flirtatously thankful for the two beers they gave me and I could tell these guys really wanted to fuck me but because of the situation wasn't sure what was going on. I took the beers back to my man and as I walked away I could sense they were perving at my ass. When I was back at our car I couldn't resist wanting to keep teasing these guys so I went back to them to offer them the money again for the beers they wouldn't take before. I knew my perky little nipples were pushing through the material of my dress and I also knew they could easily see my pussy through the transparency of the dress and it was so obvious they wanted to fuck me right there as well but were just too shy.

I was constantly teasing them make it really obvious that I was wanting sex! Dancing around, feeling their muscles, moving about in such an incredibly slutty manner, smiling every time they touched me, making a lot of eye contact and accidentally touching them as I flirted trying to get them to touch me too. I was practically having to beg for them to touch me and kept pointing out things about my body I didn't like and asking what they thought and when I was showing them my ass saying it was too fat that’s when my husband came over to where we were.

He said he was wanting to leave and like an excited little girl I said I didn't want to leave begging him to stay so I could have another drink. My husband knew exactly what was happening and agreed to stay just a little longer but said he was getting bored and I knew exactly what that meant too! We had been there for well over an hour since they interrupted our romantic moment together and my husband has never been the most patient man and I could tell his deviate mind was definitely wanting me to fuck these guys. We played the game of uncertainty for quite awhile where I knew these guys were wanting to fuck me but that awkwardness of how to make it happen with my husband there was proving to be a little difficult because these guys were super keen but I think a little shy and maybe scared of my man because he can look quite intimidating to some people.

There were three guys who were talking to me and my husband and another two who I hadn't noticed before who were still sitting in one of the four wheelers and that's where it all started! I went and sat in the vehicle with them to try and convince them to give me another drink and that's where the flirting suddenly turned into fucking! It just happened so quickly because one second I was just having a lot of fun teasing these two guys then the next I was straddling this guy with his cock deep inside my saturated pussy. It was like we had this instant connection and without really talking about anything we were just drawn to each other in such a powerfully physical way it was impossible to resist.

I remember feeling his hand between my legs then suddenly we started kissing and then what seemed like a second later he was fucking me! We were in the back seat so my husband couldn't see me but I could see him still calmly talking to the other three guys at the front of the high four wheeler probably not even giving me a moments thought. I was straddled over this guys lap with this large esky next to us and the other one was in the front seat looking totally stunned at what was going on and just watching in wide eyed shock. I was grabbing at this guy with as much lustful haste as he was grabbing at me and in this unbridled moment of pure self gratification I found myself holding his very impressive hard cock in my hand and was poised over it trying to slip it inside my pussy. I pushed down on his cock and felt the head of his cock sliding along my pussy slit then find it's way to the drenching warmth of my girl
box. I could feel his cock open me up feeling like an unbelievably thick mass of hot meat that was so amazingly satisfying it made me gasp and hold my breath for what seemed like forever! With my eyes closed I savoured every passing micro second of feeling his cock enter my body as I slowly sank onto his throbbing meat feeling so much shame and guilt about being such a willing slut and justifying it by telling myself I'm like this purely for my man.

He had opened my dress so my hard perky nipples were brushing against his face then suddenly I had to contain myself from shrieking out aloud because he had clamped his teeth over one of my nipples and was biting down excruciatingly hard! I was already so close to climaxing I didn't want to stop and just inwardly endured the pain because he kept clamping down even harder on my nipple as the sex became more frantically intense until the fucking between us was more like two wild animals fighting and he was almost tearing my nipples completely off! He was biting down so hard it was bringing tears to my eyes and made me feel like running away as fast as I could but instead it simply paralysed my entire body rendering my trembling flesh completely incapable of movement and all I could do was instinctively grit my teeth and contain my screams while I held his head tightly into my breast. We were going at it hard not even noticing anything around us then I felt my body starting to spasm and I wrapped my arms around his neck and squeezed tightly breathing so heavily into his ear he later said it sounded like a hurricane. I could feel my climax building but it kept me right on the edge for so long teasing me the same way I have teased so many men.

He then started to let his cock slide more readily and deeper into my pussy and pulled my body tightly into his forcing my legs to open until they were splayed almost flat against the seat. It felt absolutely amazing being pinned and fucked like this as he continued to inflict the most blindingly intense pain upon my nipples making my entire body feel numb. I aggressively thrust my hips down upon his cock and kept doing this doubling the tempo every second until all I was concentrating on was the feeling of being fucked hard! My mind was totally consumed with pain from his biting which so quickly mesmerised my attention making me forget where I was and what I was doing. My bodily spasms were only intensifying with the pace of the sex until I had absolutely no control over anything then my entire body started to heave, my legs started to violently shudder then suddenly I simply lost complete control of myself having this unbelievably intensely focused climax making my entire body go into these violent spasmodic shimmers. I suddenly became so sensationally sensative I just couldn't handle being touched by him any longer and quickly jumped off him huddling in the seat next to the esky. I looked down at his super hard cock looking like it was about to explode and covered in white froth which was probably from me and reached out to touch it. He tried to touch my pussy but it was just to sensative I couldn't bear being touched at all but he hadn't finished yet so once I recovered I gave him a blowjob. It was such a delightful thing tasting myself as I slowly licked my juices from his cock. The taste of the sweet scent of my climax lingering on my tongue as I engulfed his cock fully into my throat and feeling his hips move trying to bury his cock even deeper until my lips were almost touching his firm sensative balls. He then held my head down into his lap as he tried to fuck my mouth but I kept pulling away then he suddenly moved pushing me and pinning my head against the back of the seat and with him towering over me and holding my head steady with the firm grip of both his hands he fucked my mouth like a crazy man and almost drowned me with the amount of cum he pumped down my throat. The whole thing happened in what only seemed like minutes but it must have been a lot longer than that because when I went back outside to give my husband another<b> beer </font></b>he did complain about why it took me so long.

I stayed outside with my husband and the other three for a little while and not one of them even realised I had just fucked their friend but then I realised it was probably because of the music that was still playing and there's no way they could see inside the dark car. I was kind of being ignored now by these guys outside probably because my husband was there so the promicuiously leading flirting stopped with them but I was still so horny! I kept looking back at the four wheeler thinking about how easy it was to fuck a guy and not be caught out then after a short time I told my husband I was getting cold and went back in the truck with the other two. My husband obviously didn't have a clue that I had just fucked this guy either because he didn't make any of the usual comments he normally does after I have just fucked someone.

Once I was back in the truck with the other two they didn't hold back and in a matter of minutes of closing the door I was being mauled for more sex by the both of them. The other guy just grabbed hold of me and started tweaking my nipples then totally took control and a few minutes later was practicably fucking me which made me feel strangely uncomfortable because my husband was now right outside the car door. The window was now down and he was talking to my husband while he was fingering my pussy like he was silently bragging to his mate by treating me like a right in front of my husband. The car was quite high so my husband couldn't see but I think he might have known what I was doing but pretending not to know I was being a bad girl. He made up an excuse saying he had to get something from our car and the second my husband moved away and was back to our car these two guys were all over me again! They both had their fingers inside my pussy treating me like the sluttish I love to be letting both play with me before my husband returned. I so wanted them to both fuck me right there before hubby did come back and ended up kneeling on the seat while hanging half out the back window watching hubby and the other three talking nearer our car while these two with me were fucking me from behind. It felt amazing being so sneakingly slutty and if my husband did know what I was doing he certainly didn't show it.

I was kneeling on the back seat with both hands on the open window ledge of the door with my head hanging out the window with these two guys squashed up behind me between this esky and my ass. I didn't want to get in the front just in case we were seen but these two guys were in even more of a desperate need to fuck than I was and would have fucked me anywhere! It was exciting because they didn't have a clue about hubby and myself and the things we do so they thought I was just being a complete and utter slut cheating on my man right in front of him. I was so wet and sloppy these guys were slipping half their hands inside my pussy from behind and a few times together as I silently enjoyed both the feelings of the sex and behaving like a . I could feel them stretching my pussy open as they both so easily slipped their hands into me and listened to them telling each other how amazingly hot doing this was while watching me finger my own clitoris as I desperately continued to try and climax again! Almost like I was being punished I still couldn't quite climax so I turned myself around and watched them sliding half their hands into my pussy as I continued to finger my clitoris. My back was now leaning against the door which wasn't very comfortable but I didn't care because all my concentration was wholly focused on trying to climax again. I was leaning back with my dress open, my breast exposed, my nipples hard and pointed, my legs spread wide, my dress pulled up over my legs, with these two young guys squashed up together infront of me almost fist fucking me with these expressions of complete wide eyed amazement on their faces as they both kept me right on the brink of squirting. I didn't care if we were caught out anymore and started pushing my pussy into their thrusting hands trying to fuck their hands back to get them deeper inside me. I think I stopped breathing and just closed my eyes concentrating solely on the swish swash sound of their hands frantically being thrust almost fully inside me and then I raised my ass into the air then it happened and I squirted all over the back seat in this amazingly intense physical release then instantly feeling all my energy just drain away leaving me feeling instantly exhausted!

These two guys were in absolute awe at what just happened and started making so much noise from their excitement I had to tell them to be quiet. One of them went down on me and started licking my soaked pussy burying his head firmly between my legs but I was now feeling numb and had to tell him to stop and fuck me instead. I slid down into the seat a little more and with my head jammed up against the door with my neck bent and twisted feeling very uncomfortable the first guy clambered on top of me nestling inbetween my widely spread legs and slipped his cock inside my stretched sloppy wet pussy and simply fucked me hard until he cum pulling his cock out just before his release and jerked off spraying this massive runny load of cum all over my breasts then rubbing his cock into my nipples telling me that was the best fuck he has ever had! I finished the other guy giving him a blowjob and swallowed another massive amount of cum having to gulp twice to try and get it all but then spluttered spraying the mouthful of cum I still had in my mouth all over his cock.

Luckily the others still didn't have a clue what we had been doing and when I looked out and saw them again they were all standing around my husband's car with the bonnet up looking like they were in deep conversation about the motor. I suddenly felt panicked because I wasn't sure if my husband actually knew what I had been doing or was just pretending not to know and didn't want to get these guys into any trouble so after I made myself look decent again I went back out to my husband praying he won't see the wet patches on my dress which to me were quite noticeable.

Maybe it was just my imagination but to me I wreaked of sex! I could taste and smell the cum all over me not to mention the wet patches on my dress and my own sweet pussy scent wafting all over me. I went to our car and sprayed perfume all over myself and that's when my man gave me that look that he suspected I had been doing something bad. When I saw that I naturally felt subdued as my submissively obedient nature bowed to his dominance not making eye contact but feeling like the bad girl inside me was about to be punished for being the promiscuous slut wife I so often am.

On the way home I still wasn't certain if my man already knew and there was this atmosphere of suspense in the car until I finally built up the courage to tell him. After I had confessed to my husband what I did he became so excited he pulled over to the side of the road and made me give him a blowjob. When he cum he roared out aloud saying how much he loved his naughty little slut which made me feel so incredibly special. My man is very rarely upset at me for doing the things I do but always inspires me to do more of the things he wants me to do of which I will be, very soon!


ClitLickB4DickU 65M  
1392 posts
2/27/2022 5:19 pm

Your Hubby is very Lucky to have such a Horny, Slutty Whore-Wife like you

Localboy42301 51M  
8 posts
2/27/2022 6:20 pm

Good girl!

ClitLickB4DickU 65M  
1392 posts
2/27/2022 11:08 pm

It's a pity those young guys were so shy. I'm sure your hubby would have enjoyed it if they'd trained their headlights onto your car and Gang-Banged you over the Bonnet.

Come to think of probably would have enjoyed that yourself

littleadult 55M
35 posts
5/13/2022 3:43 pm

WOW . what a sexy little slut you are . your man is a lucky man indeef . Sounds like you are the perfect woman . Hot and Horny they way I like them .

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