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Sharinrosey 32F  
281 posts
1/29/2022 2:21 am

I sitting in the middle of the back seat of our car with my legs splayed wide open, one guy either side of me, my husband driving with another guy sitting in the front passenger seat and all three of those men had their fingers deep inside my soaked stretched pussy. There another car following also full of men and we were all on the way back to their place so my husband could watch them fuck me like the sluttish he loves me to be for men.

We have been going out recently to find men who would be the type who would be capable of fucking my pussy hard and deep all night long so my husband could get his fix of watching me being treated like meat! At the places we were going to it wasn't very difficult to find the type of men my husband wanted me to meet and it was just as easy to entice them to agree to come back to our room to fuck me while my husband watched. The issue was, once most men fucked me, they would just get up and leave, which was a fustrating for my husband! His thoughts had been fixated on wanting to watch me being completely and utterly dominated and watch me being endlessly fucked all night long into a state of subdued submission but despite all the men I had already met with and had sex with I yet to find men who could live up to their boasting.

We had only been at this particular night spot for less than an hour and already my flagrantly flirtatous behaviour had attracted the attention of quite a number of potentially suiteable different types but the men my husband most definitely interested in for me to fuck were the African men who to me simply looked scary and intimidating! There were quite a number of them spread throughout this venue and after watching them for a while it seemed they knew one another but I a hesitant about hooking up with them because of how many there were altogether. I kept pointing out other men and asking my husband if he wanted to see them fuck me instead but he reluctant about the men I picking so in the end it my husbands decision for me to ask these African men if they would be interested in doing what my husband wanted. It took me awhile to build up the courage to approach them because they seemed to look so menacing it scary. It in the back of my mind to choose them too but I a worried although I don't like to disappoint my husband so after quite a number of drinks I eventually built up the courage to use my femininly seductive ways to captivate the attention of a few of these guys who were congregated at this table.

Dressed in my tight fitting red mini dress and showing the full length of my shapely legs with my long blonde hair down over my loosely fitted shoulder straps I slowly walked past on the way to get a drink making eye contact with them and making it obvious I interested. I knew I had their attention by the way they were me up and down and as I went past no doubt checking out the goods I had to offer. I bought myself and my husband a drink and on the way back walked right past again next to their table making eye contact the whole time and smiled. It enough to let them know that I definitely interested and when my husband and I moved closer to where they were it only a matter of time before things started to happen.

I with my husband but I flirting as if I on my own making my husband appear to be more like a reserved friend who just faded into the background. I soon surrounded by these dark skinned good men and immediately getting myself deeper and deeper into a situation where there probably no turning bac My husband slowly pushed to the side a like a lost boy while he stood in the background watching these men I now with commandingly take possession of his wife right in front of him. Their big dark hands placed upon my body as we talked and flirted constantly touching my legs and edging closer and closer to my pussy as they took advantage of the poor lighting and distractions. One guy wasn't at all shy to touch my pussy with the tips of his long fingers right next to my husband! He knew exactly what he was doing because he didn't try to hide it from my husband at all and the more I let him do and the more he realised my husband wasn't going to do anything about it the more eager he became and started to place his arms around me. Soon I was surrounded by them at this table drinking with them, laughing and deliberately cock teasing every one of them making me very popular entertainment! They started to quite confidently touch me and quite often commented to each other how I was letting any of them do anything! I must confess I was really enjoying being so tantalisingly aroused by their eagerness and it only took a very short amount of time before I was totally lost to becoming their slut and I could see my husband was enjoying watching them control me by the way they were treating me right in front of him! The more I drank the more obvious my sluttish behaviour became and was being noticed by their other friends which only attracted more of them and were all now wanting the same thing.

I was no longer my husband's wife because I was now this groups pub slut! I think most of the guys didn't even realise I was with my husband because he had almost completely disappeared into the background. He left me at the table with these guys by myself and was now sitting on the other side of the bar on his own watching me slip further and further under the influence of these men. I was having a fantastic time with these guys letting them touch me, flirt and seduce me into becoming the groups ! I would wander off with some of them and meet their other friends and willingly accept their hands over my body as they kept talking to me and complimenting me letting them freely explore my body at any opportunity. They were cute, and very unexpectedly experienced at making me feel hotter than ever and I had drank way too much to be able to resist wanting more!

I couldn't resist the magnetism I feeling as I taken outside the venue by two of them where they both started to kiss me and touch me making me instinctively respond and kiss them bac They took me into this nearby street where we were waiting next to this car for another of their friends to arrive with the keys to the car. These two were super keen to fuck me and things were getting seriously hot as they were both mauling my body as I stood against the side of this car but I trying my best to be coyly out of reach when they started taking advantage of my scantily clad body.

I so desperately wanted them to touch me which they were so skilfully doing but knew I shouldn't with the both of them fingering my rapidly moistening pussy into this saturated mess! I wanted to stop them because I knew what hubby really wanted but it impossible for me to overcome the pleasure of feeling their fingers deep inside my pussy. I stood there with my legs apart with one either side of me kissing me with their bodies pressing hard against mine and both forcibly pinning my body there as they took control of my intoxicated state of mind turning me into this obediently responsive slut and offering no resistance as they fondled my body into spasms of unrestrained reactive climaxing.

I lost track of how long we were there for waiting for their friend to arrive with the keys and although nothing had been said it obvious why they wanted to get me into this car. I so precariously close to actually fucking them right there in the middle of the street because where we were quite dimly lit and reasonably private especially when one of them turned me around and tried bending me over the edge of the bonnet. He then started fingering my pussy from behind while he stood close behind me and held me in place tightly against his body with his other hand around my throat. His friend slapped my ass a few times and they were both cursing their friend for taking so long! Then he just pushed me face down onto the bonnet and said he couldn't wait anymore! In a second my short dress pushed up over my ass exposing the fullness of my drenched pussy and my legs were separated by the strength of his hand against my inner thighs then in one swift motion he positioned himself behind me and hurriedly took a firm grip around my petite waist with his hands securely pinning me in position against the car and he started to dry hump me and finger my pussy from behind at the same time. It felt like heaven and I simply relaxed my upper body on top of the bonnet letting both him and his friend frantically finger fuck my pussy hard and deep until I climaxed yet again!

It probably because I a tipsy but while this happening I didn't realised I had been surrounded by a few more of their friends and when they stopped finger fucking me I realised there were now a number of other men with us and a few of them started to crudely comment on how they were wanting to gang fuck my pussy! I certainly wasn’t against the idea but I didn't want them to do it without my husband there and especially with so many of them. There were quite a number of them now which thinking about it later shouldn't have really surprised me because of the way I had been teasing them all night but at the time I did feel a intimidated. They all started to immediately try to convince me to leave in the car with them and head back to one of their friends places and they were discussing among themselves whose place they should take me too. I have to confess it did make me feel nervously horny for how many there were all eagerly wanting to share my pussy and I really wanted to go with them but if I did my husband would probably be incredibly disappointed and also a upset at me too for not doing exactly what he wanted. With so many of them trying so hard to convince me to go back to their friends place I kept standing right next to the open door contemplating getting in the car and I almost just about to do it when a voice inside my head stopped me.

I had these guys all over me touching my pussy, my breasts, my ass and some of them were trying to get me to suck their cocks too. I kind of fell or maybe I pushed into the back seat of this car and instantly joined by a few who virtually trapped in the the car coming in from the front and sides. It felt like I caught up in a tornado as they started to all grope at my body when I suddenly found myself<b> lying </font></b>across the back seat of the car with guys trying to finger fuck my pussy all at once and with my head leaning against some guys cock! He holding me by the hair with one hand and had his quite sizeable cock in the other trying to slip the head into my mouth and telling me to suck it! He really determined and unbelievably persistent to get me to give him a blowjob but the guys who were so aggressively fingering my pussy made it too distracting for me to be able to concentrate on sucking this guys coc I could barely breathe from panting so hard but he just kept grabbing my head and moving his hips to push his rather large cock inside my mouth but because I panting so hard and so close to the edge of climaxing all I could do squeal. I knew these guys weren't going to to stop there and from all the excitement and fast growing sexually charged hyperactivity that now so intensely focused on me at that moment I knew they wouldn't stop until I let every one of them fuck my now stretched and very wet pussy.

That's when I had to become really assertive to stop them doing what they were doing with me and blurted everything out telling them everything about me and my husband and once I did there absolutely no turning bac I told them they could all gang me for as long as they wanted but only if my husband there to see it happen. At first I thought maybe these guys were just going to fuck me anyway with or without my husband there because of how horny and determined they all were and also because really there absolutely nothing stopping them from doing it. I sat there on the edge of the back seat holding open the door and frantically trying to call my husband to tell him to meet us where we were in the side street. I tried to call him three times but he didn't answer and I trying to do this with these guys constantly smothering me as they kept trying to convince me to let them fuck me in the back seat. Now they were all wanting to do it right there in the car so I had to keep stalling them. I then sent my husband a flurry of messages and still he didn't answer so I had run out of excuses to stall with these guys but thought at least I tried to get in touch with hubby so he shouldn't be too upset with me if I did let these guys fuck me.

It so hard for me to stop because every time I touched it sent tingly ripples through my entire body making me instinctively more which becoming such a difficult distraction to stop things happening. I so horny it nearly impossible to resist the urge to everyone to touch my pussy and none of them were wanting to give me any more time to wait for my husband to get back to me either. I leaning against the side of the bonnet at myself in the reflection of a shop window, their hands all over my body, my dress ridden up so high my smooth pussy showing, my hair down and messy, my nipples exposed and surrounded by guys who were now starting to congregate very closely around me.

It felt like I drowning in sex with these guys absolutely all over me not even giving me a moment to catch my breath and I thought to myself they are definitely about to gangfuck me right here where we are in the street. Anyone walking past would have easily known what going on because they would have seen me there with this large group of men not caring how many of them had their hands all over my pussy, not caring who watching and they would have seen me enjoying the feeling of this pleasure because of how sensitively reactive my body writhing to each and every touch.

My husband finally arrived and as he approached saw several of them fingering my pussy as we waited by this car for him. I sitting on the edge of the bonnet with my legs spread wide letting any of them play with my highly sensitive and reactive soaked pussy. I craved for their hands upon my body as I shamelessly writhed to the touch of the many fingers inside my dripping wet pussy that thrust out and poised over the edge of the bonnet for all to touch.

Even in the poor lighting I could see the excitement in my husband's face as he walked directly toward me. I at him and just couldn't stop myself from smiling knowing that he would be so pleased with me I had finally met a group of men who were just perfect for what he wanted. I don't think these men even cared I married or that my husband wanted to watch while they all fucked me because there were so many of them wanting to be a part of it they were now only completely focused on wanting to have the sex!

It like there an entranced fixation on my pussy with these men and the atmosphere getting insanely desperate as I become uncontrollably aroused from what they were collectively doing to my pussy. I so close to climaxing again but just couldn't quite get there because I had gone numb from all the rough virginal finger sex then for some reason my husband broke the deep trance I in and breaking the mood of the whole situation by grabbing my leg to get my attention.

At first these guys were annoyed at my husband for breaking the mood because they were all so close to convincing me to let them fuck me right there instead of going to their friends place. I absolutely dripping like I on heat with this mass of men all with hard ready cocks closely gathered around me pressing against my near naked body and trying to convince me to let them fuck my soaked pussy. I couldn't resist smiling at my husband as I shamelessly writhed to the touch of these men right in front of him. I could feel the urgency of their desperate need for sex especially after behaving the way I had been but depriving them of the one thing they all so obviously wanted. As soon as my husband arrived they were all sprawled around him telling him they wanted to fuck me right there! I could see he almost ready to agree with them as they jostled about him like the onslaught had collectively decided they were going to fuck me right there. The only thing that very precariously stopping them the fact my husband there with me acting as my spokesman. He looked so torn and hesitant as to what to do with so many united loud and demanding men in his face telling him that they wanted to gang fuck his wife right there instead! I certainly wasn’t helping either because I was siding with these guys saying that I was okay with what they wanted because deep down it was what I wanted too.

I then deliberately bent over the bonnet again teasing this over excited group with my legs straight showing my half bare ass and pussy and smiling at my husband who was standing on the other side of the car at me. I softly whispered to him begging for him to let them fuck me right their instead but he really keen to film me being endlessly gang fucked. It then that my husband made this firm declaration that he wanted to take me back to their friends place where they wouldn't be interrupted.

We did end up at their friends place and hubby did finally get what he wanted but that part I will have to tell you about another time...


ClitLickB4DickU 65M  
1392 posts
1/30/2022 5:57 pm

Excellent Story so far..... I look forward to hearing about the ensuing Fuck-Fest and whether it lived up to your hubby's expectaions

RobK2006 56M
5998 posts
2/20/2022 10:29 am

I can't wait to read that. I can't wait to read about you getting gang fucked by all these me. Sounds like you might get fucked fifty times in a row!

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