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House party - entry
Posted:Jun 12, 2022 4:29 pm
Last Updated:May 20, 2024 2:53 pm

She walks up to the house with the music going and the windows covered and walks into the front door alone. The house is full, with a variety of people. Some are dressed in street clothes. Some are dressed all sexy, like they're going to the club to enjoy a night of dancing and flirtatious fun. Well, they kinda are, only this club is exclusive, not in the you have to pay membership fee kind of way. She's self conscious for a number of reasons. For one, she's actually kind of shy and for another she's struggling with her weight. She's decided to wear a circle skirt. It's short, loose and if she spins too fast or bends over wrong people around her will be able to see she's not wearing underwear. She thought about wearing a corset like she typically does. Others seem to really like it and it definitely puts some nice curves to her figure. But, she opted to stay comfortable today. So, instead she paired it with a loose fitting, deep v semi sheer shirt with an bra that is both attractive and supports her girls well. That's not an easy feat with her natural DDs. Her long hair is flowing loosely, although she has a hair tie handy in case the need arises. Per her usual, she is wearing a pair of black strappy 2" heels with a She doesn't plan on drinking so isn't worried
about being able to walk in them, for the most part. Since this is an special event, she goes to the "registration" table and gives her profile name to be checked against the list and pays the small entry fee. She puts her food contribution with the rest, surveying the spread for when she's feeling hungry.
She takes her Wild Turkey Honey whiskey and give it to the person 'tending bar' to hold. She holds on to her water though. He's a nice looking shirtless guy. He pours her a small cup over 🧊 ice and puts the bottle away until she wants more while she puts a small tip in his jar. He is doing her a favor after all. As she walks further into the house she sees that the clothes have started to come off to varying degrees. Some women are in scanty lingerie, some are topless, some are in swimsuit covers. Any variety, shy of being 100% naked, it was there. She sees the pole has been placed in one of the rooms again and people are sitting around listening to the music and watching 2 women using the pole as their dancing prop.
She demurely says hi to a few people as she makes her way to the back of the house towards the backdoor. Occasionally she spots someone she's seen before.
Outside some people are already skinny dipping, others are in the hot tub, and others are just mingling. She notices that she can still see windows of the neighbors and wonders if they've been advised of the party and the ... characteristics .. of said party. Oh, it looks like a couple are starting to get hot and heavy in the hot tub.
For a little while, she just stays in the background taking it all in, sipping her whiskey. In a little while she'll head upstairs to where the real action is.
Faceted anomaly
Posted:Apr 10, 2022 2:41 pm
Last Updated:Jun 18, 2022 2:58 pm

She confuses you. On hand, she presents herself in a hot, open manner. In written form she is so sexual and seems to know what she wants. But then, you contact her. She doesn't exude sexuality in the conversation. Don't get me wrong, she answers your questions honestly but in a somewhat reserved manner. This seems at odds with her initial write . You still want to meet and, it takes awhile for her to "find the time". Once again, she's a bit reserved. It's as though she's not comfortable or doesn't want to be there. What the hell? She does answer your questions openly though but doesn't anything and asks a few questions back. Oh wait, you missed the part that says she can be shy at first. You've even seen her at lifestyle parties but she doesn't seem to stay long. You notice how uncomfortable she seems when men (or women) approach her and express interest. She smiles politely but doesn't really give you an opening or finds a reason to step away. Why in the hell is she here?
But then, you get to know her a bit more. You've even met for sex. Although she initially seems self conscious about her body, she doesn't let that stop her. She accept your kiss and when you deepen it some you notice she melts just a bit. Her hand goes to your dick. She seems to enjoy playing with you. Then, she moves down. Takes your dick in her hand. You happen to see a slight lick of the lips and nibble of her own lip as she oh so lightly flicks her tongue on your shaft and gently stretches a finger toward your balls. licks here and there, a light flick at the rim of the head and then, she envelopes her mouth around your dick. This clearly isn't just a chore to her. She enjoys this and swirls her pierced tongue around. You notice her change her position slightly and take a deep breath. Then you realize that she's trying to take as much of you down her throat as possible. You don't want to cum just yet. It is your first time with her after all and it's been awhile since you've had sex. So you move her to her back and as you reach down realize that she's wet. As you fidgit with the condom, she's still playing with your dick. Finally, you slide in. Even through the condom, it feels so good and you hear her breath catch. As you harden your strokes, you feel the muscles of her pussy starting to get a death grip on you as she cums. That makes it a bit difficult to hold back.

You start to get with her more and realize that each time you're starting to see more and more the woman you first read about. You decide to go to a party with her and are surpised to see that quiet, shyness again. So you observe. This women who is independent and handles her own shit in life without expecting anything from anyone is so demure in this setting. You watch her, enthralled by this change. Then it dawns on you. When in bed, she just wants you to take over. There are times that she will, if she's feeling it. But mostly, she's happier and more receptive when you just take the lead. Now here, at the party, she looks for you and you make eye contact. She's uncomfortable. She's not interested in this person advancing on her. So she's being polite but not encouraging. Once she made that eye contact with you, that was your cue to come over and take it over. Her sub nature kicked in and is in direct conflict with her independent self. She is an anomaly.
Those who meet her outside of the lifestyle know her as fiercely independent and yet a calming person to be around. They never would guess the fiercely sexual person she is. She allows some to see and experience that but is so selective that it can be frustrating. You realize that you are of the few who she allows to fully see that side of her.

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