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Story for a friend part 1
Posted:Jan 3, 2022 7:49 pm
Last Updated:Jan 9, 2022 8:13 am
I'm sitting in a chair wearing a white button-down shirt with the top two buttons on done a pair of nice fitting jeans... Waiting for a knock at the door. I'm growing impatient as my visitor is not yet here. Then comes the knock at the door. I answer the door and you are stand there. It's chilly outside and you are wearing a long jacket on your legs are clad in stockings you and a low rise heal on. The first words you speak are good evening, sir. I reply with you've kept me waiting that is unacceptable. Your eyes immediately fall towards the floor that I can see the disappointment in your face. I slowly place my hand on your chin, raising it back up so that you can into my eyes... I whisper softly to you... You will make up for the time that you kept me waiting. I turn you around the demand you to unbutton your coat, you willfully comply. I slowly begin to slide your jacket off over your shoulders and down your arms... To reveal quite the surprise... I'm half standing behind you at this point... I reached my left arm around to the front of you gently but firmly grasping you by the neck, pulling you back into me and whispering in your ear... This is not the color you were supposed to (My right hand firmly smacks your ass) wear......You're standing in front of me wearing a red open quarter cup balconette and a red lace gutter belt holding up your thigh high stockings. I can see that this has been a planned defiance on your part as you know what the consequences will be... And I know you are dying with anticipation for your punishment because I can see the traces of your wetness dripping down the inside of your thighs as it glistens in the light of the room. You remain standing motionless as I go to hang your coat. I return to my chair... Saying nothing more to you... From behind the chair, I pull out a stool and place it in front of me. You are still facing away, and you do not notice what I have done. I tell you to come over to me and as you turn your eyes light up as you see the stool sitting in front of me.... I can see that you think you know what is going to happen...As soon as you arrive to the stool, I instruct you to turn around... And to slowly dance for me. This not what you were expecting....
As you start dancing you attempt to turn around to face me.... And you feel another smack on your ass and my voice rings out I did not tell you to turn around. I place my left hand on your hip and tell you to bend over and slowly bring your ass closer to my face.... You eagerly do it as you think I'm going to slowly lick your now dripping pussy... Which is probably what I would have done had you not been so defiant already this evening.... As you slowly bend over.... You can feel my hot breath on your skin as you get closer...Then suddenly you feel the cold, wet steel of a rather large plug slowly teasing your ass.... I carefully and slowly slide at all the way inside allowing you to adjust for the girth and weight of this plug. I tell you to straighten back up and begin to dance again.... And being as defiant as ever.... You begin to stand and dance again trying to turn around.... Smack Smack I never told you to turn around...I see we do not to listen and do as we are told ... As I place my hands on your hips... sit down on this stool as I'm now pushing you slowly down... did you notice that I put a suction cup remote control toy on top of the stool... As the tip of the toy reaches your now soaking wet lips you wince for just a moment not knowing what just touched you....... Soon though you realize what it is, and your punishment is about to begin... As soon as you are fully seated you start to feel the slow buzz as the toy comes to life... I now stand and walk around in front of you.... Your eyes are fixated on my cock as you see it becoming more and more aroused by the thoughts of what I have in store for you...With your eyes focused on the bulge in my pants you did not happen to notice that I had three bundles of rope in my hands... I stand there for a moment admiring the beauty that is in front of me. With the rope still in hand I slowly bend over and firmly pull your left nipple into my mouth... A slight moan escapes your mouth as I pull your nipple in because at the same time the toy inside your now quivering pussy begins to rotate and vibrate hard... Removing my mouth from your now erect nipple I bring my mouth slowly up to your ear and whisper... You may think you know what I have in store for you.... But I assure you that you have absolutely no idea...I instruct you to remove your bra and place it on the chair behind you.... You instantly begin doing so as you eagerly will wait what is coming as you place your hands behind your back to undo the clasps on your bra, I grab you by the back of your head and force your face against the now straining fabric of my pants.... Your bra now off and placed where I instructed, I release your head from my grasp lift your chin so I can look in your eyes and see the and desire in them... I start to tie a chest harness around you in an exquisitely soft black rope...
Similar to this...

I then pull out the second rope.... A vibrant and equally as soft red..... I instruct you to stand and you do as you are told wanting more... desiring more.... As soon as you begin to rise the toy immediately falls out of you.... You look down in disappointment as that constant pleasure you had been receiving now gone...... I raise your chin and say to you in a soft gentle tone.... Don't be disappointed my dear... That toy is far from done with you.... I begin tying the red rope into your chest harness... Bringing it down in between your legs I instruct you to spread them a wider.... I make my first pass through your now soaking wet crotch... A single strand of the rope on each side gently pushing your pussy lips together.... And then they return together to go up in between your ass cheeks putting a most delicious push onto the plug that is still in your ass... I connect the rope into the back of your harness, I begin tying a most intricate design down the lower half of your torso.... During this tying you have been very good and patient as I work the ropes... Now done with the red rope I kneel down to pick up the toy that you dropped when I began.... Picking it up off the floor bringing it slowly up, sliding it up the inside of your thigh.... And just as it reaches mid-thigh, I flick my tongue across her now swollen clit... A shiver runs through your legs as though you were just electrocuted, and a most delicious moan escapes your lips as you are on the verge of climaxing.... Noticing this I ever so softly, but firmly place a smack across your pussy and say not yet my darling and then swiftly insert the toy all the way back inside of you....
Your lower half tie looks similar to this...

The third and final piece of rope is a shade of royal purple, but it is actually not one piece of rope but two... I set you back down on the stool... The toy springs to life again rotating faster and vibrating harder than ever before... I slowly raise your arm bending it at the elbow and begin binding your wrist to your upper arm... Between being tying of the ropes and the vibrator buzzing away in your pussy and the thick weighty plug in your ass you are on the verge of cuming.... I finished with one arm and a moved to the next... You are now starting to rock and moan and biting your lower lip trying to stifle your pleasure... I've finished tying both of your arms now...

I stand and back away to admire the work that I've done... Your eyes transfixed on the throbbing bulge in my pants...

The toy stops.... The toy starts....
The toy stops.... The toy starts....
The toy stops.... The toy starts....

I tell you to stand and go to the bed

Sit against the headboard...I place pillows behind you ensuring you are comfortable.... Asking you if there is anything you need before we begin...

You say a sip of water... I retrieve a glass and slowly pour the water in your mouth.... You finish your drink and just a bit dribbles down onto your breasts... I quickly lower my lips to lick up the drip.... Talking the opportunity to ensure your nipples are fully erect...

I place a hand on each side of your face... deeply into your eyes....
The toy stops.... The toy starts....
The toy stops.... The toy starts....

I whisper are you ready to begin...

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