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Erotic Story - The Convention  

PeacockandEagle 58M/61F
0 posts
6/18/2021 7:54 pm
Erotic Story - The Convention

The Convention - by Peacock

It was a successful convention, with colleagues from over the nation attending. She had been flirting with several men in her region, making sure they were from other cities. She had big plans for this last night, take a man back her room and allow herself be the sexy, unrestrained woman she could never manage be in her strict work environment at home. But, which one should she choose? Adam, the take-charge salesman, Ben, the redhead with a slight Irish accent, Charlie, the happy-go-lucky one, or Dan, the patient, quiet one?
Just as in other years, on this last night, many parties were popping in the upscale hotel, and as usual, small groups of people were moving from room room, looking for the hottest, loudest parties. When a party would get too crowded, or they just got restless, they would move . She moved from<b> group </font></b>group until she found Dan and Ben, and tagged along with them the next room. As she flirted with both of them together, Charlie walked in. He came straight them and said, “Hey, guys, Suite 10 is supposed have a really good party! Want check it out?” She smiled inwardly, knowing they would pass the suite she splurged as they headed 10. It would be easy head back when the time came. “Sure, let’s go!” she replied.
Going the elevator, the door opened 9, and in walked Adam. “I’m headed 10! Why don’t you come along?” Laughing, they agreed. He continued, “But hey, I bet it’s really crowded there, so maybe we can stop at someone’s room to use the bathroom and get some ice for our drinks?” She offered her room, and they walked down the hall. Grinning, she swiped the key in the lock. She didn’t see the knowing looks the men exchanged behind her.
Turning on the lights and kicking off her shoes as was her habit, she saw that Adam headed to the bathroom as Charlie turned on the radio. Ben, flask in hand, offered a shot to each of them when they gathered at the couch. As the men drank, she acquiesced, not wanting to look like a prude. He handed her a large shot, and she downed it. After spending a few minutes talking and flirting, Adam said, “Let’s a game I saw a few minutes ago! Everybody !” He took off his tie and flipped it over her eyes, tying it into a blindfold. She laughed nervously. “What is this game, anyway?” “It’s a different kind of Blind Man’s Bluff. Somebody’s going to kiss you, and you have to guess which one of us it is.”
Adam immediately began spinning her around, making her dizzy. Then she felt hands on her shoulders, and a passionate kiss invade her mouth. Mmm, so delicious! From the stubble on his face, she knew it had to be Dan, but what a kiss! She thought he was so shy! As he released her, she smiled and said, “It’s Dan, isn’t it?” Laughing, Adam said, “Busted! Dan, you lose this round!” Before the words were out of his mouth, they spun her again, but in the opposite direction. This time, someone held her head and kissed her roughly, demanding her tongue. Bemused, she wondered who it was, then remembered Adam’s cologne. “, this must be Adam!” she blurted out. After some mild-mannered ribbing, they began turning her again. In the corner of her mind, she wondered what sounds she was hearing in the background, but she was too dizzy to think. The hands turning her were getting more suggestive, roaming over her body. She felt arms go around her, and a bearded mouth insistently seeking hers. Ben, or Charlie? They both had beards… her hands went , caressing him, trying figure out which one of them was such an erotic kisser. Suddenly, Adam pulled her backward, saying, “No hands! You broke the rules! Now we have do this round again! Give your tie, Ben.” He whirled her around face him, and very quickly tied her hands together in front of her.
“Wait a minute!” she protested, feeling an intense reaction between her legs to his assault. Before she could continue, multiple hands once again turned her around and around, this time more slowly, caressing her body and moving under items of clothing. When she was stopped this time, a bearded man kissed her sensually, grinding his pelvis into her captive hands, while someone else pressed his body into hers from behind, snaking his hands over her erect nipples and kissing her neck. He had a beard, too! She heard soft sounds around her, and someone chuckling at the erotic scene. When they finally allowed her to catch her breath, she said, “This one’s Ben! Let me loose!” Then she heard Ben behind her, saying, “No, but now I get to claim your penalty! Help me, guys,” he said as they unbuttoned her blouse, pulling it out of her waistband, over her head and down her captive arms, making a tangle on her bound wrists. “I was right! Didn’t I say she wasn’t wearing a bra?” she heard, struggling as the kisser claimed her mouth again, fingers twining in her hair as several hands pulled off her remaining clothes. She felt naked bodies press in around her, moving as one unit in the direction she assumed was the king-sized bed. In a mix of dread and unbidden excitement, she tried to protest around Charlie’s insistent kisses, making unintelligible noises.
“OK, guys, it’s time for punishment to begin! Woman, bend over!” Adam said. The men held her arms as, protesting and struggling, she felt Adam run his fingers along her scalp, then grasp her hair firmly, pulling her head down as he sat on the edge of the bed. Someone held her hips straight, making her bend at the waist as she struggled to avoid Adam’s hard cock in her face. To keep from falling, her bound hands grasped the edge of the bed between his thighs. Thwack! Thwack! As she yelled out in pain at the unexpected spanking, Adam pushed down on her head and thrust into her mouth, then held her head still as he slowly filled her mouth with his rigid shaft. As he slowly thrust in and out of her mouth, the other took turns applying random spanks her rapidly reddening behind, over and over, alternating with occasional exploring fingers sliding into her slit. “Damn, she’s so fucking wet!” she heard someone exclaim.
Adam said, “Sweetheart, you have been teasing of us for this entire conference, and we have been comparing notes. Who were you going leave hanging, and who were you going choose? No one?” He suddenly thrust deeply, cutting off her air. “You need learn that pleasure goes both ways, so we have a plan for you both give and, if you behave, get pleasure.” He lifted her head, and heard her inhale deeply around his aching shaft.
“Now, you aren’t going get away, so let us teach you a lesson you will never forget!” When he said that cue line, he lifted her head, grabbed her hands, and the four of them pulled and laid her near the center of the bed. “Ben, Position One. Charlie and Dan, sides!” Immediately, Ben pulled her bound hands over her head, and began passionately kissing her from above, trapping her arms under his body. Dan and Charlie laid on either side of her, wrapping each of her legs between their strong thighs, caressing her breasts and sucking her nipples gently. Adam surveyed her helpless body laid out before him and moved into place. She felt the bed move under the weight of his body, his breath warm on her defenseless cunt, spread open to his view by their legs. “So nice, and so very wet! I knew you wanted us tonight!” he said as he caressed her damp mound, opening the lips to get a better view. She squirmed and whimpered as he brushed her aching clit and very gently massaged around it. “Ben, go ahead, take what you want. Just the way we planned.” Ben sat fours without disengaging from the kiss, thrusting his tongue deeper into her mouth, as he managed to disentangle the blouse and tie from her wrists. However, when she tried to use her arms, Dan and Charlie were ready, re-pinning her arms beneath their bodies before she had formulated a plan for escape. When she was secure again, Ben repositioned himself to thrust deeply into her mouth, as the others pinched and caressed her erect nipples. Finally, Adam began his assault on her aching pussy in earnest, using all the nuances and tricks he had learned through the years. She was in sensory overload, with Adam sweetly torturing her clit, Ben thrusting into her mouth, moaning softly, and Charlie and Dan stroking her breasts and body, whispering all manner of naughty, sultry things into her ears. She tried to withstand the assault, but to no avail. Soon, they began to hear her whimper, then moan, with the sounds getting higher and louder, until finally, she stiffened and cried out around Ben’s aching member, with an earth-shattering orgasm, while still sucking eagerly on his cock. Ben groaned, “ God,” as he came into her mouth at the same time. Adam quickly moved enter her still-clenching pussy. Dan and Charlie moved out of the way let him take over, but they still held her legs spread wide with their thighs. Ben immediately pulled out and sat waiting at the corner of the bed, breathing hard.
After a moment or two of slow bliss pumping deeply into her extreme wetness, Adam looked at Charlie and Dan, and nodded. They kneeled at either side of her face, and Adam said, “They have been patient. Now you need to satisfy them. Which one first? Open wide!” He pulled the blindfold off of her, and she looked back and forth at their two rampant erections, still disoriented from the power of her recent orgasm, and opened her mouth to Charlie, as Adam repositioned himself and put her ankles over his shoulders. He made her go back and forth between them as he had his way with her, drinking in every detail of her body with his eyes, kneading her sensitive breasts.
After far too long or far too soon, she couldn’t tell, Adam signaled Dan to lay down next to them. When he did, Adam disengaged and told her to straddle Dan and ride. With their help, she got , put her leg over Dan, and used only her pelvis slide his wet cock into her kitty. She began moving to the sultry music like an expert mattress dancer, not letting him control his own pleasure. With each stroke, she hitched her pelvic bone back to jolt his cock and rub her clit, and on each exit, she squeezed his cock head sharply with her Kegel muscles. Dan began to moan, trying to increase the tempo, but she would not let him speed . It was as if he was being held captive by the beat of the music… Suddenly, Adam grabbed her head and kissed her fiercely, saying, “Enough! You’re not in control here, I am. You need more cock keep you busy. Charlie! Kneel here and make her suck it.” Gingerly, Charlie knelt the bed next her, and shoved his still-rock hard cock into her mouth once again.
Just as she was deciding that she could handle Adam’s game, taking on any two of them he presented her, she heard, “Okay, now!” and at the same time, Dan locked his arms around her back, and Charlie grabbed her hair and thrust inside her so deeply that she could just barely breathe. Then she felt something new, a wet probing around her virgin anus. No! She squealed and squirmed, but it made no difference. The probing was a lubed finger, then two, invading her tight asshole. Although she had masturbated anally with toys before, she was very slow and careful, and had no intention of letting anyone else touch her there! Then, a few well-placed spanks made her stop squirming.
“Yes, now you know just who is in control, don’t you, my lovely one? Listen well; either you will be still and let me do exactly what I want, or every one of us will come in that tight little hole! Do you understand?” She murmured and nodded her assent around a rock hard, pulsating cock, and managed to relax just a bit. She knew she needed to loosen those muscles as much as possible to admit Adam’s thick member. He resumed his slow, careful assault of her last virgin hole, telling Ben to go get the bag? Then she heard a vibrating noise, and felt him begin to insert a vibrating dildo into her ass, pumping it a bit faster each time. It was an unusual, fascinating feeling, she thought, having Dan deep in her kitty, Charlie in her mouth, and the vibrator in her ass. She knew she would soon be filled with cock from all directions, and wondered what it would be like.
Too soon, Adam pulled out the vibrator and put the head of his well-lubed cock against her hole. She tried her best to relax, but it still hurt some when he slowly thrust into her, a bit at a time. She moaned deeply, willing herself to accept this new invasion, feeling more and more that this was what she had been waiting for all this time. The discomfort subsided faster than she thought it would, probably because of her previous , she assumed. Deeper he thrust into her, both of them having feelings they had never experienced before. After a few moments, he nodded to Charlie, who let go of her head so Adam could lift her body next his. He began playing with her hard nipples, and Charlie reached down stroke her sensitive clit. Suddenly, she heard a different, pulsating vibration, and Ben appeared on her other side with an odd looking contraption. Adam chuckled and said, “Be my guest, but be careful. She has been through a lot already.” Ben sucked her erect nipple for a moment, then licked his fingers and reached across with the other nipple. Then he touched the new toy to the nipple, and she felt a wonderfully odd vibrating, sucking feeling. Ben moved back and forth between her tortured nipples as Dan slowly thrust into her vagina and Adam into her anus. Charlie lubed his fingers and began massaging her aching clit. Just as things were really beginning sizzle again, Adam said, “Ben, try out the toy her clit. Charlie’s legs are long enough pump her mouth in this position.” Charlie stood at her side, guiding his cock into her mouth. Adam began massaging her breasts and nipples from behind. Finally, she felt an intense sucking and vibration near her clit. Holy Cow, she thought, and that was the last coherent thought in her brain as every input began meld into one massive arousal…Dan, Adam, and Charlie, thrusting faster, but with separate rhythms, Adam’s hands rolling her erect nipples and kneading her breasts, and Ben, playing her clit with that special sucker like he was forming the details of a fine sculpture, massaging each part of her clit with that insistent, erotic torture device! They could feel her tensing and hear her moaning more and more, and their arousal fed off of each other as they climbed higher, faster. First Charlie came deep in her mouth, and she began automatically swallowing. The arousal of being used by them pushed her over the edge and she began to clench uncontrollably, setting off Dan, whose pulsations put Adam over the edge. They all poured their seed deeply within her as she had the most incredible orgasm she had ever had in her life. Slowly, gently, they disentangled themselves and lay spent on the bed, kissing whatever parts of her they could reach. Adam kissed her lips gently and said, “Now, do you promise to never again lead a man on?” “Even if it leads to something like this?” she replied… “Hmm… I’ll think about it.”

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