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When the cheater gets cheated  

NoTell101 62M
17 posts
1/14/2022 9:46 am
When the cheater gets cheated

Life isn't always a bed of roses, especially when you are possessed with a singular mission of slaking the carnal hunger inside regardless of the consequences. My story took a bit of a turn following Sue. Still seeking that unicorn who would be my partner in lust without a break. That one woman who was cut from my mold, there to seek clandestine pleasure without inhibition. I'd met several women along my journey who were willing to put it on the line if only for a short time to satisfy their desire. This time, it was a bit of a soul crusher. I met Diane.

I was ever on the prowl for sex, sex with some willing, upstanding married woman who had a dark hidden desire. My search had been fruitless for a couple of months. Home life was getting routine and was infringing on my pursuit. I was open to almost any married woman now, overly making myself vulnerable. I went to an event in town and I was too eager, my little head was in total control and I wasn't my usual careful self. This was my big mistake.

The event was a fundraiser for the local<b> park. </font></b>Lots of speeches, things being auctioned off, politicians shaking hands and neighborhood friends mingling about. Diane the First Select Person was bouncing around trying to solicit votes and donations. She was shaking one person's hand while talking to others. She was a woman in her early 30's and had a curvy figure with large, store bought tits and she was a bit heavy on the makeup and jewelry for my taste. Still she projected the slight sleaze of a politician who tripped my trigger as a potential willing participant in the type of tryst I was looking for. Her husband was a definite blowhard, he was 20 years her senior and the owner of the largest used car lot in the county. His TV commercials were comical and loud. Not the type guy I'd choose to hang out with. She was in her relationship for the money, it was obvious.

When she got around to meeting me, she shook my hand and gave me a look up and down like an undertaker sizing me up for a casket. I must admit, her overt sexuality caught me off guard. She held my hand firmly shaking it for an extended time. Then her gaze went back down to my crotch. My mind registered a "Bingo" when it should have been warning me off as I had met a sexual animal the likes I had never met before. She kept me engaged in conversation for a short period before peppering me with questions about who I was, where was my wife (she noticed the wedding ring immediately) and who I knew in town. An intense grilling for just meeting her. C'mon over here and get a drink with me she commanded after finding out my wife wasn't in attendance. She gazed around to ensure our interaction wasn't being observed before she threw me a couple of offhanded compliments about my looks and my body, all the while stroking my arm and shoulder. I was confused because I'd never encountered such a sexually forward woman before. It was as if she was the sleazy drunk at the bar who was hitting on a woman trying to hook her on the first attempt. I was stupid, the excess cum in my balls clouded my judgement, I fell for her line of bullshit hook line and sinker not realizing I was the one being played.

She ended up asking if I could meet her later at a bar out of town. I heartily agreed as I thought I was in control and I somehow charmed her into that request. I made my exit from the house as my wife and had gone to bed early. I made my way to the bar to find her waiting in the corner table. The bar was dark and had only a few patrons, no prying eyes to catch us I thought. "Go get us a couple of bourbons" she commanded before I even sat down. I complied like a little puppy and fetched the drinks. I sat next to her and she slid her chair over. "Thanks for meeting me, I don't have a whole lot of time" she started. Her phone kept annoyingly dinging from texts in the first few minutes we were there. We chatted about nothing for no more than 5 minutes while she knocked back her bourbon in a couple of swigs. Without warning, she leaned in and kissed me. I was caught off guard and didn't immediately respond. "What's the matter?" she queried. "What do you think we were doing here?". I fumbled for a reply before she leaned in again. This time I was prepared to respond, I kissed back her boozy mouth as she slid her hand up my thigh up to my cock, which she gave a squeeze. "Oh my, you've got a nice package there, let's go out to my car and fuck" she ordered. I had no will to resist since I needed the sex. I paid the check and we beat a hasty retreat out to her Escalade.

She opened the back door and the seats were already flattened as if this is what she expected to happen. We climbed in as she pulled open her blouse to reveal her big expensive boobs. As I struggled to pull my pants down she uttered "I don't suck cock and you can't cum before I do" These words should have been my exit queue, but I was hard and I didn't give a fuck at that time as I was sure to get fucked. She slid off her pants and directed me to eat her pussy. I went down and went to work. I do admit, she appreciated my efforts with her filthy dirty talk as I made her cum hard twice before we started to fuck. She did have a nice tight wet pussy as I slowly slid inside her. "Holy Fuck You're Big" escaped her mouth as I plowed into her. She had no trouble finally accepting my throbbing cock. It didn't take her long before she came two more times all over my cock. She rolled me onto my back and rode me hard until she came again in a thunderous orgasm. Shouting her dirty filthy commands for me to fuck her pussy with my dirty cheating cock. All the while her phone kept dinging from texts until it finally rang. Still soaked from her last orgasm, she dismounted me and said, "I gotta get this". She rolled aside leaving my bobbing hard on in the wind. Two minutes later she hung up and gave a half hearted apology about having to leave. "What?" I asked, "I'm not even done yet" I implored. "C'mon Honey, you can finish yourself, I really need to go, I'll call you tomorrow and we can get together again, I promise" she said with her hand covering her right fake tit. I reluctantly agreed, pulled my pants up over my blue balls exited the Escalade and went home to jerk off, confused and disillusioned.

The next afternoon I got a text from her to meet her at the same bar. I made some excuse about meeting my buddy and bought myself a couple of hours. This time I got to the bar and she was waiting by her car. She opened the passenger door and got in. "How about we go to this motel down the road" she asked. I complied and drove to this sleazy motel no-tell. "Go get us a room, I can't afford to be seen doing this" she ordered. Once again my twisted libido took control and I complied. I got the room around back and we slinked in. It was a flurry to get naked and the next thing you know my face was buried in her pussy and she was barking commands, "Eat it fucker, eat that pussy!" "You know you love it, fucking make me cum!" she demanded. One thing is for sure, I love to eat pussy. I was so focused on my goal of making her cum, that's all I could see. Three times I made her fuck my face to rocking orgasms as she treated me like the man-slut I was acting like. Eventually she let me fuck her. She really enjoyed my big dick as she treated me like a fuck toy. This time she let me cum, all over her belly and those fake tits. As she wiped the copious amounts of cum off her, she proposed that I meet her the following Tuesday night at her friend's house. I was a bit confused, "Your friend's house? I thought you didn't want people knowing?" I asked. "Oh don't worry Baby, she's totally cool, not a problem".

Tuesday rolled around and I pulled into her friend's home. After she greeted me at the door, Diane escorted me in to meet her friend. Her name was Laura and she was a very pretty older woman in her early 50's. Very much like Diane, she had dyed blonde hair, some cosmetic work and was made up to the nines. We sat in her conversation pit all together with a bottle of bourbon between us and three glasses. I was a bit confused at what was going on because I had no clue on what the plan was. Turns out, I was the plan. Laura handed me my first bourbon and threw me some compliments about my looks and body. I looked at Diane totally confused at where this was coming from and where we were going. "Oh don't worry Jim, we're all friends here" Laura assured me. Diane has told me about you and nobody's going to find out. "Find out what?" I asked looking at both Diane and Laura. Diane laughed, "Us of course" she replied. With that Laura ran her hand up my leg and looked into my eyes. Di's told me about your beautiful big cock and how talented you are with that mouth. WHAM! it hit me, I was the fuck toy, the pass around slut. My mind crashed, I was all at once paralyzed with the situation. "Relax, have another drink" Diane said as she topped off my glass. I took a deep gulp as I tried to wrap my head around the situation. Diane threw her leg over mine as Laura rubbed my chest. I was committed to this situation now because all the blood had run from my brain into my dick.

We all had a few more gulps of bourbon as we moved closer together, Diane and Laura's hands roaming all over my body. What the fuck was happening here? My mind tried to say no but my body wouldn't let me. The last sips of the bottle were put down before Laura started unbuttoning my shirt. "We don't need all these clothes here" as Diane unbuttoned my pants. All I could do was nod as they stripped me. I was down to my boxers before Laura Slipped out of her silky dress revealing a well kept, spa tanned body with some beautifully sculpted tits. Diane took advantage of the opportunity and pulled off her blouse and skirt to straddle me and shoved her tits in my face, burying me between them. I felt Laura slide my boxers off to free my swelling cock. Her warm hands took a firm grasp as she exclaimed, "OH MY" as she started to stroke me as I filled her pumping fists with firm cock.

Until then, I'd never had a threesome in my life. It was all at once wonderful and crazy. Diane was a selfish lover, it was all about her pleasure. Laura, not so much. I felt her warm wet mouth envelop the head of my cock while she stroked me. Diane's soft curvy body pulled me in tight as I sucked those big fake tits. They were so firm, huge and heavy but they defied gravity and stood proud. Her big brown nipples filled my mouth as I squeezed them hard. Laura was intensifying her cocksucking, fondling my balls as she stroked and sucked. Laura took a respite form her oral lust to whisper in my ear, "Let's move to the bedroom". I complied in a drunken sex driven haze without hesitation. They laid me back on the bed as Diane straddled my face and grabbed the headboard. Slowly she started rocking back and forth. "Yeah, fuck that feels good" She moaned out, "You know how to eat that pussy, don't you, don't you slut boy" she murmrred out in a low voice. Laura resumed her cocksucking and had me fully hard. I heard Laura's whispers over Diane's groans and dirty talk. "MMMmmmm, magnificent" she whispered between sucking and stroking. Diane's face fucking intensified as she rammed her lusty pussy onto my mouth, "fuck me you dirty fuck boy, fuck my pussy with our mouth and make me cum"

I hadn't noticed the cocksucking had stopped when I felt the familiar sensation of lube being applied to my cock. Laura was stroking my swollen manhood with both hands firmly, slathering it all over my rock hardness and balls. The sensation combined with Diane wildly fucking my face was overwhelming. At that moment Diane's body stiffened and she pinned her soaked pussy onto my mouth, "Fuck, I'm cumming, cumming all over your slut boy face" She shook and shook as her juices ran down my chin. Her last few thrusts ground her dirty pussy all over my face as she rolled off me. It was Laura's turn. She straddled me and lowered herself onto me. The lube made it extra easy for her to take me. She leaned in and kissed my face, covered with Diane's cum. Her body undulating as she rode me harder and harder. She lasted no more than a minute before stiffening, clenching her teeth and hissing out, "Jesus, Fuck, Jesus!! and squirting all over me. As she tried to contain her twitching body convulsions, she almost came again. I was so hard and too drunk to cum. Laura got off me and swung around to land on my face. Diane quickly mounted me as wriggled her way down my shaft with her drenched pussy and whatever lube and Laura's cum was left. She started to thrust on top of me while Laura landed her soaked pussy on my waiting stiff tongue. They were doing the "Eiffel Tower" on me. They kissed each other while Diane rode my cock and Laura was fucking my mouth. Diane didn't last long as she dropped down and ground out another orgasm. Her filthy words flowed, "Fuck me FFFFUck me an make me cum, you hard boy slut! Fuck, I'm cumming all over your big cock!!!" She howled. At the same time Laura pumped her pussy up and down on my firm tongue, my hands grasping her tightening torso as she ground out another orgasm on my face. As Diane dismounted me she slapped my cock, "You dirty motherfucker, Laura's gonna fuck you now, fuck her good". she commanded.

I rolled Laura onto her back and slid in between her legs as they parted to take me deep inside her. All the while I had never seen Laura's face since I had my face covered in Diane's or Laura's pussy. She really was a beautiful woman. Her bright blue eyes opened wide as I thrust inside her. Her body tensed as I pumped my engorged member inside over and over, faster and deeper. "OH, OH, OH! she cried with each thrust, OH JIM! OH GOD YES!! I felt an enormous orgasm welling up in my balls. I turned my head to the side giving the pre-orgasmic grunts, louder and more pronounced with each thrust. I could hear Diane's encouragement mixed with Laura's ecstatic cries, "Fuck her, fuck her good! Give her that big cock, make her fucking cum!" Diane wailed as she shoved my ass deeper and faster in to Laura. "I'm gonna cum!!" I blurted as i fucked Laura so hard and fast. Laura's face was glowing as she managed to eek out, "Cum in me, Oh God yes, Cum inside me!!" She started to shake and tense again as I felt her pussy take a crushing grip on my cock. I blasted myself into her as Diane exclaimed, "Give it to her, empty you balls in her!" I shot rope after rope as Laura's greedy orgasming pussy drank each blast of my lust. I collapsed on top of her as she wrapped her legs and arms around me. I saw the reflection in the mirror of Diane finishing herself off, rubbing one out furiously to the spectacle in front of her.

I managed another session that night before I had to make an exit, slinking from Laura's home shamed by the fact that I was merely a sex toy to them, something to be passed around and discarded. When I was sober the next day, I couldn't get over what had happened the night before. My first threesome happened yet I was treated like a , liquored up and used. Now that my poor judgement had been emptied from my balls, I swore that I would not allow them to put me there again. Both Diane and Laura texted me to come back for more fun but my seldom used moral side kicked in and refused. I still see them around town and they give me a knowing look like the cheap slut I was. It embarrasses me to know what I did and after climbing onto my high , I know that they'll never take advantage of me again.

LadiesR2B1rst 60M  
2735 posts
1/14/2022 1:28 pm

I like a lady that knows and says what she wants. It appears that she was living out a fantasy she had. But only you know what you are looking for. Thanks for sharing and that's what I would have said to her as well afterwards.

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