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Pandora's Box  

NoTell101 62M
17 posts
1/10/2022 8:36 am
Pandora's Box

Now that the seal had been broken on my fidelity by Patti, I knew there was this beast that lurked within me. I was able to carry on parallel lives without remorse. One side of me was the upbeat guy who had a great relationship with my then girlfriend (not far off to be my wife) and the other side, a hidden side like Mr. Hyde.

I enjoyed my near perfect life. College had ended, I had a great job that I really enjoyed and a fun and loving relationship with a great girl. We had everything going our way. We decided to move in together in CT and made a big commitment. Still there was this element to my life that I couldn't share, wouldn't dare share. A dark personality lurking within me. Patti would visit and we'd sneak off for our trysts and steal moments here and there. Truth be told, Patti and I were anything but compatible. We espoused opposite political and social opinions, we often argued when we weren't fucking, but he lust was there, burning hot every time we got in close proximity. The daggers were sheathed and I was either propping her up and fucking her from behind in a closet while my girlfriend showered or making some excuse to send her out for something while Patti stayed behind so we could fuck. Often Patti still would remind me that she was the only one who could make me cum with her mouth, that was a favorite move of hers when we only had a precious few minutes to sneak away. Soon Patti had fallen for some young doctor and we saw her less. The animal within me begged to be freed, but my partner in sin was no longer there to slake my carnal desire.

I have always taken care of myself and spent lots of time devoted to some sort of fitness pursuit. Whether it was the gym, cycling, tennis or hiking, I spent lots of time devoted to those pursuits. My now fiancee was busy with her MBA and had less time to spend on the frivolities of life. I had a routine of getting up early before work to hit the gym to invigorate myself to start the day. I'd notice all of the women who showed up to diligently care for themselves and often wondered what they were about. My quizzical mind would often lead to what they might be like as sexual partners. Mr. Hyde began to show himself again after a dormant period.

One woman I'd notice never seemed that happy when she arrived. She was a beautiful woman, but understated, I'd guess about 30-35, who didn't' follow the MILFY dress code. She didn't<b> wear </font></b>makeup or the yoga pants/sports bra look. She had the oversize t-shirt and shorts. She went about her routine diligently, almost as if to avoid contact with people. We'd exchange glances and the perfunctory greetings as we passed between machines. I occasionally drew a smile. I never initiated contact even though I wanted to. A few weeks passed one time and and I didn't see her. Then she was back. Our first time passing between machines I decided to say something to her, "Hey stranger, haven't seen you for a while, taking a break?" I asked. "No, my husband was travelling for work and I had to miss the gym to do the morning routine with the , UGH!" she replied. We stepped onto adjacent treadmills and I continued the conversation. "Does he travel a lot?" I quizzed. "Yes, sometimes two weeks at a time, I hate it!" she replied. "Gotta be tough with little , I haven't gotten there yet" I responded. She said, "They're not little any more, they're teenagers, I'm teaching my to drive, that's a little scary". With that reply I responded "Wow, teenagers? When did you have your , at 10 years old?". She laughed and shot me a big smile and thanked me for the sort-of compliment. "I'm so old, I could almost be your mother" she quipped. We continued our banter through the rest of the workout. She eventually volunteered that she was 44 years old, I was flabbergasted and a bit turned on. I told her that when I first noticed her, I thought she was 30-35. She shot back an eyeroll thank you followed by, "You noticed me?" and gave me a bit of a sly smile. "I'm Katie, by the way" she extended her hand for a formal welcome. "I'm Jim and it's a pleasure to finally meet you Katie".

The wheels in my head began to turn. I was formulating scenarios in my head of what would happen next. I now had a carnally driven reason to get to the gym. Katie and I kept up our workout conversations, usually ending up together on adjacent treadmills. She began to open up every time I saw her and she smiled a whole lot more when we spoke. The spring weather rolled in and people at the gym started shedding the sweats for the warmer weather gear. I noticed Katie's wardrobe had changed. No longer the baggy t-shirt and shorts. She showed up one day now in MILF gear. Midriff sports top and yoga pants. I made sure to pay her the first compliment when I saw her new outfit. "I love it!, It looks fantastic" I said. "You should definitely always go with that look, you look so great" I gushed. She blushed a bit and drank in the compliment. "I'm glad you like it, maybe I can fool others into thinking I'm a thirty-something again". We laughed and I replied, "You don't have to fool anyone, you're gorgeous just the way you are". The look on her face changed, she almost seemed floored by my comment. "That's high praise coming from a good looking young man like you" she shot back. That was the moment where things changed for Katie and I.

From there on in our conversations became extended, no longer about day to day stuff. She kept up the new sexier outfits, I always made it a point to beam about how great she looked in them. One day she showed up in a lower cut top, showing some generous cleavage. "Wow! That's one sexy outfit, quite boobalicious" I blurted. She gave a low laugh, "I wore it for you!" she replied. We smiled nervously at each other and I replied, "Damn, thanks for thinking of me. This must be my lucky day, I'll have to go buy some lottery tickets" At that moment her eyes dropped to my crotch, whether that was intentional or just a reaction, I didn't know. Whatever it was, it kicked my libido into overdrive. Throughout our whole workout, I couldn't keep my eyes off her. She caught me looking many times and each time I got a sultry grin back. I had to fight off getting hard as my mind raced. She made sure there were lots of looks at her shapely ass and looks down broadway at that low cut top. We ended up on the treadmills together as usual. I couldn't keep my eyes off her, her glistening sweat between her ample firm tits. I noticed her nipples were hard as they strained against the sports bra. All I kept thinking was "Don't get hard, don't get hard" as our usual banter had been more reserved on the treadmill.

"Something on your mind?" She broke the ice. "Uhhh yeah, you and that sexy outfit are making it hard for me to concentrate on my workout today" I replied. "Ha ha ha!" She laughed, "I saw you gawking, you're not very good at being discreet, I guess an old lady can still turn a few heads". "Oh, I can be very discreet and you can do a lot more than that" I slyly retorted. She hit the stop button on her treadmill, "You wanna go get a coffee?" she asked. "Sure, I have nothing going on after this" I replied. After our showers, we walked over to the coffee shop and settled into a corner booth, away from prying eyes. Our conversation got very personal, very quick. "So how are things at home?" I queried, "Husband on the road much these days?". "As a matter of fact yes, he's gone for the first week of a two week trip". Hmmmmm, my mind was running in high gear. "How about the , what are they up to?" I coyly asked. "They're both at my sister's place at the Cape" she said. "So you're home all alone?" asking to probe her intentions. "Yup, it's just me and my vibrator this week." she replied as she looked directly into my eyes. She must have seen the look on my face of total surprise as she grinned. "What, you don't masturbate?" she asked. "I, I , I, yeah, I'm a guy, sure I do" I stammered out. "My dildo's practically worn out, it's the only action I get these days" She replied, never breaking eye contact. "How the fuck is that? You're an incredibly beautiful sexy woman, what the fuck is wrong with your husband?" "He's on BP meds, hardly ever can get it up these days, not like a young guy like you has to worry about such things". "No I don't have any issues in that department" I proudly replied. We chatted for about half an hour as the topic became steamier when she asked, "You want to come over for a drink?" as she laid her hand on my thigh. "Fuck yeah, I replied". "Good, I'll drive, we don't want my neighbors talking".

We arrived at her home, it was a beautiful large home with a well manicured lawn. All the landscaping was perfect. It was a Saturday morning and the lawn crews were about their business as we pulled into into her garage to avoid being seen by nosey neighbors. We made entry into her impeccably kept home. She directed me to a comfy couch as she went and got us some wine. She returned with a bottle and two generous pours. She slid in next to me and fixed her gaze directly into my eyes. "So, are we going to continue our discussion, or what?" came the loaded question. She tossed back her hair as the sun shone through her sundress. Her nipples showing against the fabric. "I'm liking the or what part" I replied. Her eyes travelled down my body to notice the growing bulge in my shorts, then back up to my eyes with a Come Fuck Me look that I could not resist. I leaned in for a kiss and it was soft at first. She pulled back, "I've never done this, you know this, this.." "Affair" I completed her thought. "I've been so lonely, you've been so kind, so attentive". "You make it easy" as I reached up and stroked her face and stole another kiss, this time our tongues met. "I feel so guilty, it's so wrong" she decried. "Relax, nobody has to know except us, just two people who have a need to be close". With that she fell into my arms, deeply kissing me, whimpers of desire escaping her lips.

She took me by the hand and led me upstairs. My cock was now straining, about to burst from my shorts. She didn't look back, only forward to the bedroom. We reached the foot of the bed before she turned to me. Our lips met in a passionate kiss as I pulled her close. Our hands exploring the contours of our bodies. Her head fell back as I kissed her neck. She whispered out, "Oh God, what are we doing?" I put my finger to her lips to let her know to no longer speak of the guilt she felt as I flicked off the spaghetti straps to let her dress fall to the floor as I laid her back on the bed. Passionate kisses were replaced by my exploring mouth finding her erect nipples, sucking and biting them as they filled my mouth. Her soft cries of delight changed to low moans as I traced my way down her toned torso to pull her thong off with my teeth. "OH GOD, OH GOD, I haven't had my pussy eaten in forever. My husband never did that". She writhed her body as I teased her shaved mons, my hot breath gracing over her sweet slit letting my tongue graze her clit as I passed by. She yelped and thrust her hips up as her fingers entwined in my hair. "OH YES, YES" She moaned as I traced my way up the inside of her thigh with my wanton mouth only to stop and put just the slightest bit of pressure with my tongue just above her swelling clit, back and forth slowly, deliberately increasing my pressure and pace. "Don't fucking tease me, Christ, do it...Fuck, do it" she groaned. I obliged as my firm tongue circled her clit. then thrashing it back and forth, sucking, tongue fucking her. She arched her back and shuddered, groaning out "I'm cumming, I'm cumming, please don't stop, please, please". She locked her thighs around my head as she shook and tensed, her hips pumping into my face as she twisted me to the bed.

In a breathless voice, "Oh my God, it's been so long, so fucking long, God that felt amazing!" As she freed me from her leg lock. "Those thighmaster exercises at the gym really paid off" I mused. She laughed and apologized for the death grip, "It's just been since I was first married over 20 years ago since I came that hard". She instructed me to stand up as she slid off the bed to kneel in front of me. I pulled off my t-shirt while she undid my shorts. She yanked down my boxers to free my fully erect cock which sprang free in front of her. "Holy fuck, you're huge" she said with excitement. I thought cocks like yours were only in porn. She grabbed me with two hands and began to stroke. "And you're rock hard too, I've never been with a man with a cock like this before, I hope you can fit". "I don't have a condom," I said. "No worries, I'm on the pill" she quickly replied, "I don't know why, I don't get fucked anyways". Her lips found my shaft as she stroked and moved her mouth up and down the length of my shaft, then up to the head to take me in. I groaned out when her warm mouth enveloped my hardness. "I've been dreaming about you," she murmured as her hungry mouth devoured me. "Sucking you, mmmmmm, fucking you, mmmmmmm" I masturbated to this moment so many times, MMMMMMMmmmmmm. I lifted her for a deep, sloppy kiss as she never released her grip on my cock.

We tumbled onto her bed, the same one she slept side by side with her impotent husband. Now I was there, so fucking hard, ready to take her and make her mine. She rolled me onto my back and straddled me and said "I think I need to be on top, you're so fucking big I need to take it slow at first, I need to get used to you". She pinned my hard cock between her soaked pussy and my stomach as she ground slowly back and forth. "Yeah, that's it, Mmmmmmmm, you're so fucking hard Baby, Christ you're gonna give me a stretching, it'll never be the same with my husband". Our eyes locked as she reached back and teased her pussy with the swollen head of my member. When the head of my cock parted her soaked pussy lips, her eyes widened as she gasped, "Oh fuck, fuck, fuck" she groaned out. She took the first inch, then a couple more as her eyes were so wide I thought they would never shut. "So big, so hard" she gasped as she turned her head to the side and took half of me in , then three quarters until she finally had me in deep. She sat there motionless with her eyes closed tightly as the head of my dick pressed firmly against her cervix. She rocked gently at first, getting used to my length and girth. She winced in pain at a couple of deeper thrusts, but shook them off as she found her stride. Her ass began to move up and down, faster and faster, "Don't move, don't fucking move", she huffed out as her pussy began to tighten and throb. She held my head tightly in her arms with her mouth pressed against my ear as she fucked me wildly. "I'm gonna cum again," she whispered "all over your big cock, don't, aahhhh, don't, ahhhh, Fuck, I'm cumming, I'm cumming, God fuck yes!!!" she shook uncontrollably and I could barely contain myself from blowing my load as she was using me as her fuck toy. She took one last thrust before she collapsed on top of me, trembling, sweating. I held her tight as some tears began to flow. I wiped her tears and asked what was wrong. She replied, It feels so good, but it's so wrong, I don't know what I'm doing. I embraced her tightly and whispered in her ear, "Everyone deserves to be happy, you need joy in your life. Enjoy our time, it's for you, just you and me" as I stroked her hair.

We laid for a few minutes in a deep embrace as I held her tight. I could feel that this intimacy was missing in her life. Soon she regained her composure. "What about you?" she replied. "It's OK if you want to stop now, I'll understand". "That's not fair, you need to be happy too" She smiled and reached down to find my still hard cock. "You're so sexy, in all my fantasies we ended up cumming together at the end". She pulled my hand to her soaked pussy, "I'm ready for you now". My fingers found their way inside her, she was so wet. "I want you to fuck me, fuck me just like you jerk off to me" Her eyes went from confused wife back to come fuck me eyes. I rolled her onto her back and eased myself inside her. "Oooooooooh, yes, that's it Baby, take me, make me yours" she cooed. All at once, we were back in the throes of passion. She thrashed beneath me as I thrusted my thick hard cock deep inside her. The sound of my manhood fucking her silky wet pussy filled the room, "Oh my God Katie, you're so tight, so fucking wet for me" I picked up my pace and drove balls deep into her. She was crying out now, "Yes, Yes, Give it to Me, Give it to me, give me that fucking huge dick!!!!" She locked her legs around me as I dropped my full weight on top of her pulling her down, impaling her onto my throbbing, raging hard cock. Faster, harder until I was at the precipice. She tightened up and I felt the familiar throb of her orgasm. "CUM IN ME, Cum inside me, Fuck Jim, I'm cumming again!!" She howled in my ear. One final deep thrust and I growled like a wild animal as I pumped her full of my massive load. Over and over again my hips thrust into her until my balls were fully drained. She didn't release me and whispered, "Stay inside me, stay deep inside me" as we coasted in post coital bliss in each other's arms.

We laid in each others arms for what seemed like an eternity. Talking and stroking each other. "It feels so comfortable here with you Jim, so natural". We dressed and she took me back to my car. We met a few more times after that but she ended up getting cold feet after her husband got home. We still run into each other only occasionally at the gym, she seemed to keep avoiding me after things stopped between us. I do still smile when I see her and she returns the favor, although we've never been together or as close since that summer.

NoTell101 62M

1/11/2022 1:59 am

The thought of me turning you on like that is one sexy honor. You have such sweet sexy thighs too!

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