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It can get lonely on the road  

NoTell101 62M
17 posts
1/12/2022 9:17 am
It can get lonely on the road

Following my time with Rita, I concentrated on work. My new wife was pregnant and she was focused on her career as well. Life had been a bit of a grind for the year after Rita. My team had hit a milestone and we were awarded an all expense paid trip for team members along with other teams to celebrate our success. I was proud of the honor and so was my wife, she was so happy for me to attend. It was a week long seminar at a beachfront resort that looked amazing. We were to have celebrity speakers and receive our awards on stage in front the other national winners, a real honor.

Getting to the resort was via limousine, we all felt like rock stars. Our rooms were beautiful ocean fronts with gorgeous balconies and we had individual hot tubs in the beautifully appointed huge rooms. The first day was whirlwind. There were about 250 of us all together. Most of us didn't know each other. All of our heads were buzzing as we were showered with attention, food, drinks and adulation for our accomplishments. The first night party was crazy. Everyone's pride was on display and we were like dogs off the chain. The night went late and we mostly stuck with our teams. After the alcohol loosened things up we started to mingle. As with alcohol to excess, we are prone to have our inhibitions drop and our judgement clouded. I was not immune to this. The alcohol was the ticket to my beast within to be freed. With a large crowd of 20-30 somethings unencumbered by their significant others away from home, it was the perfect environment for that chance get together leading to trouble.

At about 1am, the party was in high gear. Lots of drunk people doing stupid things to try to impress others. Of course, somebody tossed some poor woman into the pool and then it became a free for all. Nobody had bathing suits on so it became a mix of people fully clothed, in their underwear or the brave few skinny dippers. I chose to keep my underwear on. Everyone splashed about, some were obnoxious drunks, loud and boorish. Others just were taking it all in. I tired quickly of the flailing splashing scene and got out of the pool to head up to my room. As I was retrieving my clothes, somebody said, "Come join us!" from the enormous hot tub. It was a quieter scene than the pool pandemonium, so I decided that would be better than heading up to my room. There were about a dozen people in the tub and the woman who called me over said, "one rule here, everyone's naked". I've never been shy or embarrassed of being naked in front of people. I've been blessed with a large cock, so I feel fairly confident. I drop my boxers and slide into the tub. The drunk woman who seemed to be in charge of the hot tub party said, "Whoa" and made a like sound. "C'mon over here next to me honey!" she motioned. I laughed and took my seat among the crowd. It was a far more chill atmosphere as we all kicked back and chatted. I noticed another woman across the tub making eye contact and she waded over and sat next to me. "Hi, I'm Jen from Iowa". "Hi Jen from Iowa, I'm Jim not from Iowa" I replied sarcastically. She laughed and admitted that Iowa wasn't the garden spot it was always made out to be. She seemed so innocent, so naive, yet there was something there that told me different.

She was pretty/cute with her shoulder length red hair, piercing green eyes and smooth alabaster skin with a few girlish freckles. She had an athletic body with really nice round full tits. It was hard to keep my drunken eyes focused to hers. We chatted and tuned out the rest of the hot tubbers. She was married too, her first real time away apart from her husband. Of course my mind turned to thoughts of bringing her to my room, but I remained civil, albeit drunk and slurring in front of a pretty naked woman I was meeting for the first time. "This is all so crazy" she said. "I know, how many times to you get to introduce yourself to other naked people for the first time?" We laughed. Another round of drinks showed up and Jen rose from the water to retrieve ours. She was also unencumbered by shame to show her body. Along with beautiful breasts that defied gravity, she had washboard abs to boot! She returned with our drinks, giving me an extended look, and settled back into the tub. "I must say, you have a fantastic athletic body. Were you an athlete?" I queried. She thanked me for the compliment and told me that she was a triathlete, she competed actively and was training for the Ironman in Hawaii. We shared our passion for fitness with a clink of our glasses. After not much longer< decided it was time for me to exit the tub for my room. "Getting kind of prune-like, I'll see you all tomorrow" I bid my good night to the tubbers. The loud hot tub captain barked out, "see you tomorrow Mr. Ed" as she laughed raucously. Jen also excused herself to join my exit. We dressed and I walked her to her room. She turned to me as she entered her room and gave me a quick hug before a lingering glance while she closed her door, "See you later today she giggled Jim not from Iowa". I went back to my room all horny and had to jerk off to put myself to sleep, damn, Jen had woken the beast.

Later that morning, there were a lot of hungover people at the brunch. I saw the hot tub captain from the night before, she had on dark sunglasses and wasn't quite the life of the party this morning. I rounded the corner to the buffet line and almost ran into Jen. "Hey Jim not from Iowa!" she said as she hugged me. "Fancy meeting you here Jen, and look, you have clothes on!" I quipped. She laughed, "That was so much fun last night, we should do it again this week" she said. The way it came out, again, the innocence and naiveite, it was all at once baffling to me and a total turn on. "I agree wholeheartedly! Same hot tub, same dress code?" I inquired quizzically. Her response floored me, "I'm game if you are" as her voice lowered. "Maybe we can get in a run later if you wan to sweat out the alcohol, meet me in the gym at three?" she asked. My dick powered my answer, "You bet, see you there".

I was stretching when Jen arrived. She was wearing a sports bra that struggled to contain her big firm breasts and Lulu Lemon capris that accentuated her amazing ass. "Help me stretch?" she asked as she took a seat on the mat. I extended a hand as we sat face to face, legs spread. I pulled her in close and she pulled in opposition. The stretch was good, she was definitely strong. We were face to face in close proximity several times, our eyes never averted. Then we did a back to back stretch, I locked her arms and leaned forward as she arched her back and her body laid against mine. I could feel her taught physique and rock hard ass against mine. I lingered a bit long holding her in the air just t experience the feeling of her body against me. "You can let me down now" she wisecracked. I lowered her to the ground, "Sorry, I..." started to reply, just then she lifted me quickly, unexpectedly easy. "Holy shit, you're so strong!" I said in amazement. She laughed, as she dangled me and eventually lowered me. "I always beat up my brothers when we were young, I could have been a wrestler, too bad they don't have co-ed wrestling as a sport" she said. "Who said it needs to be a sport" I shot back slyly. She gave a low laugh, "You're right, it doesn't need to be a sport". Off we went on our run. I fancied myself to be in peak shape at the time, but after 5 miles of chasing Jen, I was a beaten man. Huffing and puffing, I said, "You're killing me where do you get all that energy?". She replied, "I could go another 5 if you were up for it, but it looks like you need that hot tub now". Regaining my breath and composure, I coyly replied "Your tub or mine?" Her innocent naive exterior fell away, "I don't care, you pick". I said, "Let's go to mine, it's closer so you won't have to carry me as far". she laughed and off we went.

We got to my room, luckily the maid had been there to clean up the mess. I flipped on the heat and bubbles in the tub as I grabbed some towels and water for us. "It's OK if we go in without clothes, you've seen me naked anyways" she said. "You don't have to twist my arm", I replied. We disrobed and slid into the delightful warm water. We didn't try to avert our eyes as we took in each other's naked form as we went in. To my credit, I didn't immediately try to hit on her as soon as my cock commanded. The tub was sized for two and we couldn't help but have our bodies touch. We massaged each other's legs and shoulders as the hot water bubbled around us. I knew I was getting turned on and I'm pretty sure Jen was as well. still there was an awkwardness that prevented either of us from making the first move. After about half an hour we decided we'd had enough of the tub. She got out first and took her time toweling off. She made sure I got a good look at her body. She also did her own looking as I wasn't shy either. Her pretty pink nipples were fully erect. I was also getting a bit of a chub going. Our signals were flying She loosely tied the towel around herself and went over and sat on my bed. She noticed that I had left out a tube of KY jelly from my previous nights jerk off session. She picked it up and waved it at me. "What's this for?" She asked knowing full well. "Did you use it last night to jerk off? Were you thinking about me?" . "I ...Uh, Um well.." I stammered, totally busted. "That's hot", she whispered out. "How was I?" she quizzed as she placed the tube on the table and looked back at me with a sultry gaze. "Fucking awesome!" I piped up. She rose and dropped her towel and walked up to me. "Did you cum hard for me?" She asked in a low breathy voice as she dropped my towel to the floor and kissed me.

I wrapped my arms around her to cup her fine ass and pulled her in close, trapping my half hard cock between us. She put her arms around my neck and have me her full lips and long tongue deep in my mouth. Her hand reached down and caressed my fully hard member. "Ooooooh yes" I cooed as she began to stroke. Without hesitation, she dropped to her knees and took me into her mouth. My head fell back and I gasped as she took me deeper down her throat than any woman had before. Slowly and deliberately her head bobbed as she stroked me and caressed my balls. "OH GOD JEN!! SO FUCKING GOOD!!!" I groaned loudly as she picked up her pace. Her strong hands firmly stroked me and tugged me as she began to suck furiously. Gone were my preconceptions of innocent Jen, now replaced by sexual animal Jen. "You like that? You like me sucking this magnificent cock?" she said in a sexy voice before taking me again deep down her throat. "FFFffffuck yeah!" I managed as my hips rocked back and forth. She felt me getting all worked up and stood up to give me a big wet kiss as she turned and led me by my cock to the edge of the bed. I turned her around and laid her on the bed and knelt between her legs. I kissed my way up her firm muscular thighs, lightly parting her beautiful pink pussy lips with my tongue before circling her clit. She moaned and lifted her hips off the bed to meet my mouth. I greedily sucked her pussy lips and drove my tongue inside her. "OOOOH YESSSSSS" she hissed as I flicked her swollen clit with my tongue. One hand went to her breast, pinching her erect nipple and the other hand ran her fingers through my hair as she pulled my head in deeper. I was intoxicated by the wonderful scent of her sex as I rubbed my wanton lips back and forth, up and down.

She pulled me up onto the bed on my back as she grabbed the headboard and straddled my face. "Is this what you want, you want to fuck my mouth? Hmmm fuck my tongue?" She didn't answer, she just lowered herself on my wanton mouth, ready to taste her again. I extended my tongue and puffed out my lips as she rocked back and forth, faster, then long slow strokes, then faster and harder. She gripped the headboard firmly as she fucked my face furiously. I felt her body tense, so muscular, so tight. Her head flailed back all at once as she tightened and shuddered, legs trembling as her body locked up. She stifled her ecstatic cries into her shoulder as she rewarded me with her nectar. She slithered down my body to my embrace. I pulled her onto me and felt her firm tight body slowly melt into me. She was still huffing a bit into my ear when I whispered, "I got you back for running me into the dirt today". She laughed softly, "It ain't over till it's over" she said with a giggle. After a minute of enjoying the feel of her body against mine, she rolled to my side and reached over for the KY jelly. "I think I might need this" she said. She squirted a generous amount into her palm and warmed it for me before taking hold of my thick hard cock. She worked it slowly and firmly with both hands. Her hands were so strong it almost felt as if it was me doing the work. She cooed out about how big I was, how hard I was, how beautiful my cock was. Truly inspiring, I loved the praise. She took her time and made sure not to get me too excited. I told her I didn't have any condoms and she said, "You can pull out and cum on me". I envisioned my white hot sticky load covering those gorgeous washboard abs, that smooth alabaster skin. MMMMMMMMMMMMMMM.

Now that she had me rock hard and lubed, she threw her leg over me and straddled me. She got up to a squatting position hovering over my cock and slowly lowered herself onto me. The KY did its job nicely as she was able to take me fully within a few strokes. She remained squatting and started to pump my cock, up and down in perfect rhythm. I was amazed at the strength in her legs as she kept up the pace for a while, impaling herself down onto me again and again, never tiring. Then she landed hard, grinding back and forth. I love dirty talk, but she didn't oblige me. Instead her cries and moans were so expressive and erotic. Her innocent face turned so sexual as she steadied herself on my chest, rocking harder, faster. It was difficult to contain myself as I marveled at her musculature, tightening becoming so defined as she approached her orgasm, breathing so hard and labored. "Fuck! Cum for me Jen, Cum all over my hard cock" I exclaimed. That was all the encouragement she needed as she once again stifled her cries of ecstasy as she came all over me again. I bit hard on my lip and tightened my legs to avoid exploding inside her. My balls ached as I fought off my own orgasm. I pulled her down to me, staying inside her as I rolled her onto her back. She wrapped her legs around me as I began thrusting, She was so tight, I had to slow my pace so I could last longer. She felt me getting harder and my thrusts were getting out of control. "Cum for me Jim, cum hard for me" she whispered as I gazed into her piercing green eyes. I started to tense, I pulled out at the last second and exploded all over her. She reached down to jerk my bobbing cock. Rope after rope shot out up to her beautiful face, all over those incredible tits and her<b> stomach. </font></b>A massive load, everywhere.

I settled in beside her still breathing hard, sweat covering my body. She wiped some of my cum off her cheek and laughed, "I'm not sure who got the last laugh now, look at me I'm covered" "Did you cum like this when you jerked off about me last night?" she said in a sarcastic tone. I laughed and said, "at least that much" as I reached for a towel. "I hope I didn't get some inside you, it was close". She replied, "I think I'd be OK, it's not the right time of month for me". Phew, I motioned. We enjoyed some pillow talk before getting ready for dinner. We sat together and played footsie throughout the meal. We ended up back in my room to go another three times that night. I wasn't as lucky pulling out as I had been before. I ended up cumming inside her several times that night until I had no more left to give her. We parted at the end of the week after fucking every night and made a promise to stay in touch. That never happened and I was left with only the memory of innocent, sexy Jen.

NoTell101 62M

1/13/2022 4:46 am

You joining me in the tub would be a memorable experience before moving on to more horizontal fun. I love the new signature pic. You have a fantastic derriere!

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