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Best Years Now  

MyTimeNow1960 63M
0 posts
1/9/2022 8:09 pm
Best Years Now

You sat in the restaurant alone, surrounded by other couples, you felt good in yourself, excited that we would finally meet. You know you are a sexy, sensual woman although you are sure some would not agree, but that their loss. Seeing some other couples enjoying each other, made you feel confident. You are a real sexy woman deep inside, not some Barbie doll, your beauty and sexiness is a truly inner quality. You sat there watching the couples, when I walked into to bar. I immediately spotted you, sitting alone in the corner booth. Your pictures you had sent me, definatelty did not do you justice. You are beautiful in a way any camera couldn’t capture. When our eyes met, I saw and felt those beautiful eyes light up, you had presence and fiery sexy passion in your eyes that excited me, filled me with a unquenchable desire for you immediately. I made my way to the booth that you had chosen. Still so captivated completely by your sensuous eyes, as I came up beside you and genltly clutched your arm, leant over, and said hello, as I whispered into your ear, and kissed you. As I slid into the booth beside you and immediately put my arm on your thigh. I could sense you immediately felt relaxed, as I felt your body pressing back against me, your warmth, your aura, your scent it truly heavenly. The waitress brought our drinks. We talked as we sipped our drinks. Relaxing with talk, at the same time both flirting with each other, we were excited to see each other face to face at last, after all those messages back and forth, we knew each other to certain extent. That intangable connection definitely there, our body language, so senuous, our physical desires for each other, almost overwhelming. After another drink, we decided to leave. I had reserved the room already. I opened the door and turned on the light switch and you went in ahead of me. You were dressed in a blouse, which unbuttoned enough to expose teasingly a of your cleavage. You looked so femine, so deliciously scrumptious, with a certain mature confidence, which brought out your sensuality all at the same time. You turned and noticed me at you dreamlike, you blushed, then you smiled again. As our eyes met, I noticed your makeup, your lips, your eyes done in such a way the shade and liner bought out your georgeous eyes. Both us knew the time had come, our wants, our desires our lusts were burning. I started to move towards you but, the look you gave me froze me momentarily. I watched as you raised your hands to your blouse. And slowly, ever so sensuously unbuttoned your blouse allowing it fall open, and with a shrug of your shoulders, it fell to the floor. You reached behind yourself and unfastened your skirt, let it drop, falling at your feet. You now stood before me in very a sexy bra and panty set. I utterly beathless, my cock hardened, throbbed with desire. Such a beautiful site. “Oh!! God woman you look so sexy,” I sighed, as I stepped forward taking you into my arms. “You look good enough to eat.” You blushed, and our lips met. There a deep wild passion, a coursing thoughout our bodies, that electricity of utter need, and utter carnal desire, as our lips were locked, our tongues intertwining. You ran your fingers through my hair, and my hands ran over your rippling soft skin. I could feel your lustful sensual as you kissed me, you groaned, as you felt my bulging throbbing cock against your body, as we pressed our bodies together. I lifted you up into my arms, as you moaned softly, as I laid you down on the bed gently. I unbuttoned my shirt, as you layed there. I kicked off my boots and then took off my belt. Your sexy, wanton approving eyes were following my every move, as I unzipped my jeans and kicked them off, and slowly climbed onto the bed, into your waiting arms. Slowly, gently we caressed one another and kissed deeply, passionately again, with our tongues playing. You were moaning, purring like a contented kitten, as I held both your arms above your head firmly, as I nestled into your neck, kissing and licking you, ever so softly, as my finger tips gently caressed you soft skin. I felt you shivering, as your skin rippling, and shivering as I continued my teasing, going down further with my tongue, until I at your succulent breasts. Your arms stayed above your head as I unclipped your bra, and I slipped your knickers off, then I cupped and kissed and licked your beautiful full breasts, avoiding your areolas and your hard erect nipples, teasing your wanton senses and desires. You moaned softy, arching your back, as your hands grasped my hair. I could feel your excitement, building, your primal urges intesifying. Finally, I moved to your to dark areolas now protruding with goose pimples, and licked your full hard nipples, kissing, licking and sucking, still ever so softly. You moaned and writhed under me, you breathed in gasps of sheer pleasure. I determined to taste every inch of you. As I wanted, needed you be completely immersed in your own wild lustful pleasures. After sucking each nipple, I gently rolled you over and got up. “Don’t move,” I said. As I beckoned you to lay face down with your arms still above your head as you listened to me rummaging around.
I sure you wondered, what I doing, but you stayed with your eyes closed, waiting, still thinking about my kisses, caresses, licks, nibbles and sucks while you waited with eager anticipation, for what to come. I climbed back onto the bed. You could hear the noise of the flip of a cap, and blurb sound of gel being squeezed from a tube, and squishing sound of the gel being rubbed between my hands. You still kept your eyes tightly closed. I cherished that so sexy sight of you<b> lying </font></b>there naked. I just love a full curvaceous woman, a real woman, none of those stick figures for me. "Oh my God" I said to myself as my eyes took in your gorgeous femine curves wide hips, and your fleshy butt. I couldn’t wait to get my hands and lips on your body. I wanted you, wanted you to feel every touch, to revel in all your senses, and lusted to run my hands, lips and tongue all over that exquisite meaty butt, and your delicious open wet pussy. I climbed onto the bed where you lay with your hands still up above your head. I thought I MMMM I would love to tie you, bound you, spread eagle you on the bed, lick, slap, and fuck you, while you are in total submission, until you scream, begging me to stop. But I knew I not this this day, maybe another day, but I had other plans for you. I wanted everything to be perfect for you today, definately later, but not this time. I knew from our past conversations you loved to push your boundries and maybe, a kinky light bondage, you knew the extreme wild lust of light bondage, the eroticism of that play. Today I wanted to just make love to you, this Beautiful Goddess. I squeezed some of the oil onto my hands and rubbed them together, slowly and gently beginning at your shoulders and nec As I began to give you a hot sensual . My fingers worked their way down, pushing softly, as gentle as I could with my oiled fingertips, into your soft flesh, and down your spine. I skipped your arse, and moved down to the top off your thighs, down one and up the other until I reached your Oh!! so sweet, femine plump arse. When I reached the base of your arse cheeks, I could hear your soft moans, I felt your waton heat and wetness. I put more oil on my hands and slowly began to kneed the oil into your cheeks. You were so relaxed under my extremly tender touch of my gentle finger tips, your breathing labored with pants. You involuntarily lifted your sweet arse, to meet my hands, as they moved over your arse. You moaned "Oh this is Heaven, Mmmmm". I then worked, massaging your legs. I rolled you over. "Oh... yes!!" I sighed softly, as I took in your senuous beauty, your delectable trimmed pussy, your breasts with your hard nipples protruding, as you laid there on your back totally exposed to me with a sexy dreamy wanton look on your georgeous face. You closed your eyes, groaning as I resumed massaging your legs, still ever so softly, slowly working my way up, until I reached your pussy, again I passed it, teasing your lustful desires, and went up, over your belly to your beautiful succulent breasts again. I caressed, massaged each one, kneading your soft flesh, until I reached your delectable nipples. I squeezed them gently between my fingers making them even harder. Your back arched as I massaged each breast. As I slid my hands from your breasts, you moaned deeply. I put more oil on my hands again and worked my way to your lovely smooth mound. "OH!!..Mmmm. Yess!!!" you moaned. Your body shivered, as I massaged over your soft smooth mound without delving into that beatiful crease of your pussy, teasing your increasing wanting desire, deftly I slid one finger into that magical furrow of yours. "Yesss...Oh Yes!!!" You cried as I fingered your dripping wet pussy. You tried to open your legs, but I held them closed and kept to teasing you. With each soft delicate stroke, I flicked your swollen clit, soon you were moaning and writhing wildly in estsacy, with every tender touch, I knew you were on that edge of a orgasm, but I wanted to hold off just a bit longer. I let you spread your legs wide open, as I fingered you up and down your wet pussy from your swollen clit to that cute arsehole of yours. I drizzled more oil down the lips of your pussy, as it ran freely down to your arsehole. With your legs spread wide. I laid beside you, and took your succulent nipple into my mouth, sucking nibbling, as my hands wandered over your pussy, caressing, teasing delicately from your hard erect bud to your arse. I could feel you were lost, wild in your wanton cravings, as your body trembled, moaning "Fuck Me, Finger Me...Oh Fuc..Yes!..." with now a insasiable lust for pleasure, you pushed yourself towards my hand, uninhibitedly in utter total desire for pleasure. I kept sucking your sensitive nipple, as I slid my fingers, pressing deeper, opening your delectable pussy up, until the tips of my fingers entered your vagina teasing your G spot, as I teased your clit withmy thumb. You are writhing unrestrained to my deft touch. I could feel your body on fire as I suck your nipples and finger you gently to the edge of a orgasm. I took my hand away, teasing you, just before that intense wave of sheer esctacy completely overwhelms you. I move up and began kissing you with a carnal passion, a insasiable lust for you, our tongues are intertwining desperately, our arms clutching each other with sheer utter . You try to roll onto me but I hold you tightly until you calmed a . I desperately have to taste your delicious pussy, feel your juices over my face. I had to let your body, and desires calm, because I didn’t you cumming just yet. When you had relaxed, I moved between your soft thighs, and buried my face into you. You screamed Oh, my God... Yes!!!...Yesss....." I so completely depraved in my utter lust, my deepest animalistic desire to devour your delicious pussy. My tongue teased over your hairless mound, and to the sides of your pussy, before I lifted your hips and spread your pussy lips wide with my fingers, so I could taste those succulent juices. I licked and sucked you wildly, in a complete frenzy. I tasted your delicious juices, my tongue grazing over your clit. Your involuntary movements took over, as you were holding my head, pulling me into yourself, so lost in unihibited carnal delight, so stirred up, with all my debauched, lecherous passions, to pleasure you even more. OH!!.. Fuc.Yes... what a truly sexy woman went through my mind. I raised your crutch up further, holding your legs wide apart, and I used my fingers to tease your clit and pussy, while I licked you fevourously. Your juices dripped down onto my tongue as l licked you. I felt your body tremor, shiver, your moans and groans grew louder. The time just right, as I went back to wild frantic pussy licking, flicking your clit with my wide tounge and sucking you hard exposed bud of joy, as I fingered you. I knew a orgasm building, the tension rippling throughout your whole body. I held you down tightly, pinned you, you were almost delirious in utter esctasy. Then my surprise, I grabbed a vibrator I had brought with me. Placing it on your clit, you screamed. "OH!!! YESSS... ARHH..Arrrhhh...." the sheer intensity, almost hurt, as you tried to push me away, but I held tight, I kept licking, sucking even harder, pushing you harder, pushing to your absolute limits, as I teased you with that vibrator. You screamed "FUC... OH!!! FUCK!!!.....OH GOD....Stop"....Yessssss!!!! You had the most intense deep orgasm, it kept going and going.

Until you went limp, exhausted, under my wanton tongue and fingers. I lowered your hips, crawled back up your body, held you tenderly, and began kissing you gently, nibbling your neck and ears. After recovering you pulled your lips from mine, and began kissing down my body. You took the tube of oil from the side table as you so sexily kissed, licked, and sucked your way to my very sensitive nipples, as you put some oil on your hands. You reached down, beginning at my base began stroking my rock hard thick coc Then sat up, took the oil bottle in your hand and dribbled a few over my swollen knob. You stroked the oil in with one hand, as the other worked oil over my balls, teasing me as you passed over them gently. Yes!!!..Ohhh...that feels so Fucking Good" I groaned. "So Good..." I moved my hips up, toward you, trying to lead your mouth to my cock that cried out to be devoured. Finally, you lowered your mouth to my swollen head as tongue gently licked my knob. It your turn, as you moved between my legs. One hand stroking my cock while the other played with my balls. Slowly you lowered your head, and your juicy red lips, spread slowly over my cock completely, engulfing me. I looked into your beautiful sexy, lustful eyes back up at me, as your warm wet eager mouth, went down my cock, stroking me at the same time. "OH... Mmmm.... Yes... Mmm.... Mmmmm." I  moaned. You licked and sucked me, groaning in your own wild depravity, lustfully, feeling my hard cock, down your throat, as your head bobbed up and down. Your fingers teased my balls and occasionally you licked grazing over my balls. I bucked lightly under you. Each bob off your head would take you further down my throbbing coc My cock deep in your throat, you sucked me deeper, I moaned louder. You continued to bob up and down relentlessly, hungrily on my soaking coc Faster, faster in your wild frenzy to pleasure me, with your mouth and hands. You could feel my body tense, my hands holding you tighter. OH,OHhhhhh.......Fuc...!!!!Ohhh. I near orgasm. You sucked me one final time, with one deliciously slow, a long upward stroke, and stopped. "OH my god" I had almost exploded, with a huge deep orgasm, with your shameless wild pleasuring. You had teased me in return, you were not done either. You smiled a sexy mischievous smile, and licked and kissed your way back up my body still shivering, my cock still throbbing with , until you reached my lips. We layed side by side our lustful desiring eyes meet, we kissed passionately again, both of us were lost in each others arms, wanting, feeling, each other wildly, in both body and soul. I calmed down, relaxed, as my hands, fingers caressed your body softly, and ever so senuously. I continued to make love to this wild Vixen, this bewitching seductive, uninhibited sexy woman. I felt your hand stroking my cock again, I could feel our tensions build. You dribbled more oil over my cock and let it run over my balls. You held my cock gently with your fingers, the other hand caressed my balls as your fingers caressed me. I loved the way your fingers felt, wrapped gently around my cock, your fingers so adept at pleasing me. I not sure how long I would be able to last with your beautiful erotic touch. My fingers teased your pussy, opening your hood up as my finger teased your hard clit with the vibrator again. You moaned "Oh Fuck!! I need you, fuck me, fuck me hard, Oh yess!!!" As you brought me closer and closer to a climax. You pulled away and suddenly and moved back, straddled me. You couldn't wait any longer, you needed, wanted my throbbing cock inside yourself, so desparate in your own wild lust. I turned you over on your bac Slowly, and deliberately, as I guided the thick head of my cock into you. We both Gasped, and involuntary moans "Oh Fuc.. Yes!!!" "Oh my God, Yes!!!!...Fuck me...Fuck Me" With that beautiful first exquisite entry, you beautiful eyes sparkled. You crutch pushed back into, me ever so slowly. I completely tortured, it more than I could stand. I fucked you, like a wild man, your hot drenched hot pussy took me deeply, as you squeezed me with your pussy muscles, and you hands clawing at me in extreme ecastacy. I could feel you getting wetter and wetter, as you opened up by my very thick coc I kept my thrusts deep and slow, lingering, loving the feel of your intense warmth. I loved the feeling of you writhing, moaning under me. As I held your arms down, you were pinned, helpless, lost in your own delight. We moved in perfect harmony both moving towards that intense release we both desired. I thrusted deeper and faster. I watched your fleshy breasts bounce with each thrust as I teased your hard nipples with my fingers. Your eyes were closed, moaning feeling your body, so consumed, lost in utter estsacy. I moved one hand down and teased your clit, this more than you could stand as I took you over that edge again. Your body shuddered, you screamed "OH My GOD.... Fuc... YES... Yes...Arhhhh" your pussy muscles convulsed around me, your fingers grasped my flesh involuntary, in absolute wild in animalistic carnal lust. As you had an all consuming wild burning orgasm, after orgasm, your juices flowed, as your pussy opened up around me, until I could hold back no longer. My cock throbbed, my complete body shivered as I fucked you wildly, lustfully, my cock burned agonizingly, deep within you, my balls could feel the long held back rush of juices boiling their way to explode, as your beautiful hot wet pussy sucked them from me. The explosion hit me with huge incredible fiece intensity. A pure intense esctasy, as I have never felt before, racing completely throughout my tingling body. "ARHHhhh.....Yessss..Ohh!!!Fuc....Ohhhhh...." Hard and fast, I thrust, wildly, in sheer utter, wild animaliatic estacy, harder, holding your arse tightly as I could, trying to fill you with every drop of cum I had. As your hot wet pussy sucked every drop from me. You would not release me, your fingers pushing into my flesh, as you fucked me back, cuming with me, in your own intense sheer estsacy, I gasped for air. I dropped absolutely spent on top of you, before rolling to the side. Our arms reached for each other as we kissed tenderly, as we recouped, completely spent, languishing in that wonderful drowsy feeling of post orgasm. We continued to layed in each other’s arms, kissing, caressing for some time before reality set in. We both grudgingly decided we had better get dressed. We continued talking, as we showered and dressed. Hand in hand, I walked you, escorting across to your car. After a long deep kiss we parted. On the drive home, I thought about what happened, my cock hardened, with that wonderful thought going through my mind. I would have loved to go back to feel that beautiful intimacy with you again and again, and what a truly hot sexy woman you are, a very special woman indeed. I now knew we will remain lovers, and share that special intimate connection when we got the chance. That night, laying in my bed, I as I falling to sleep, I dreamt about the next wild rendezvous, when we would meet again, it couldn't come soon enough.

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