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JUST A Texas Aggie Gal's FANTASY  

3 posts
4/22/2022 8:29 pm
JUST A Texas Aggie Gal's FANTASY

How about this... for a Fantasy?
I am waiting at a stoplight. When a handsome stranger, pulls next to her car in a SUV. She looks at him from her Champagne colored Infinity G35.
Viewing him through mirrored sunglasses.
He flirts confidently.The light turns green.
She smiles back at him and stomps on the gas pedal.
Her G35 enters the toll road effortlessly.
His SUV struggles to catch to the potent -door sports car.
When he finally catches , he is rewarded with a stunning view.
Her well tanned<b> thighs </font></b>are exposed and he catches a glimpse of a satin Red Thong. Her golden tanned<b> thighs </font></b>glisten under the Sun light of this spring day.
The sky is a deep blue with a mere whisper of a cloud to be found.
He watches mesmerized as her Hand Reaches to her Crotch...massaging gently her Clitoris.
He strains to watch while they share
this lonely toll road during the middle of the day.
She turns her head towards him and gestures suggestively with her maroon colored lips and pink tongue an invitation that could be meant for his penis.
This continues for a while until she finally pulls off the road onto a strip mall parking lot.
He follows closely.
He turns into a vacant parking space next to her G35.
She looks at him non-nonchalantly through those mirrored
specs. He approaches and begins a feeble conversation.
She raises her hand to quite him.
He is befuddled. Her gestures and touching of her crotch,
is this a cruel joke? A cock tease?
He asks, almost pleadingly... What do you want?".
Looking away from him, she responds, "... a Hotel room... A nice ...a
King Size Bed, a vintage Champagne bottle accompanied by fresh strawberries.."
“Where?" He asks weakly.
"Downtown"; she responds. He fumbles for his
cell phone. She impatiently waves her hand that is grasping
a piece of paper...He finally takes it from her hand and
reads it. It is an employee discount to the downtown Raddison Hotel
on Town lake.
He calls and makes a reservation. She tells him to make sure that it is a King Size bed and that the room is away from the elevators on a top floor.
She locks her car and they drive south in complete and utter silence.
They walk into the lobby and she strolls into the hotel's bar.
He hesitantly moves to the check-in counter and deals with
the boring paper-work. Afterwards he walks into the bar and asks her if she would like a drink before they go . She slides her mirrored glasses down her aquiline nose and as he stares into her green eyes, she nods a decisive "NO" with her head.

She aggressively takes the card key from his hands and moves
through the lobby to the awaiting elevators. He rushes
to catch and punches the floor number as the elevator
doors close behind them. They ride in awkward silence.
Arriving at the room's door, she swipes the card key
and He catches the door handle opening it for her as she walks
through. Once inside the room, she speaks to him in a condescending tone after she notices that there is no Champagne or strawberries
awaiting them.
"Would you please... call room and order champagne and fresh
strawberries?" He does as he is told. She announces
that she is going to shower. He awaits patiently while she finishes.
Room has arrived and he has poured glasses of
bubbly. I walk out wrapped in a large white terry rob. I am
drying my hair with a towel. As you hand me my glass of Champagne
and a small plate of strawberries we hear a knock at the door.
You have a puzzled look on your face as you open the door and a bell hop is holding a big red box with a pink bow on it. You take the box when you hear it is for me.
I put down the glass of Champagne and take the over sized
box from you and walk back into the bathroom. I look over
my shoulder and tell you to make yourself comfortable while
I get ready... About an hour later I walk out dressed in a Purple Satin Bikini-Mesh Panty with a matching Purple Corset that is so tight it makes a round mound of flesh out of my ample tits. My nipples press tightly against the smooth satin material. You notice that the 3 inch high heel shoes match the purple outfit along
with purple fishnet stockings; that are held in place by
the attached garters. You stare in amazement as I move past you, moving my hips in an exaggerated side to side motion.

As I pass, you stand transfixed at the site of my scantily
clad Hot and Horny Body. I stroll slowly past you.You Notice that
the back of the Satin Purple Bikini Panty has a mesh covering that
exposes my buttocks in all their full glory.
You watch as my Ass swings like a pendulum as I approach the foot of the bed. You rush towards me and Kiss me passionately on the nape of my neck.
I turn around and our lips lock as we crash onto the bed. After a few moments you tug at my Panty, making it fly away onto the floor. You
bury your Tongue and Lips into my Pussy.

Your probing tongue lashes at me, and it feels so good I Cry out loudly:
“ Yesss... OH Yeah! ..FUCK !!! Yeah !!...
Fuck Yeaaah oooOOOhhh..."

After a few minutes you ask me if I will be the "9" in a "69" oral
coupling. I agree!

I take you into my mouth and let the saliva drip down your
ample shaft. I use my tongue like a paint brush covering
all sides of your Penis. This is not pleasurable but it provides a functional purpose since it allows my lips to glide over a thin coat of liquid
so I can easily Deep Throat you while you continue the unrelenting tongue assault of my Pussy lips and Clitoris. After a while you hear my strained breathing while I still hold your throbbing Cock in my mouth.

My nostrils are flaring and trying hopelessly to suck enough
air into my lungs as I CUM so so Very Hard.
The sound emanating from our room is the Penis muffled
moans of me experiencing an earth shattering
and Thunderous
Orgasm. You Can Hear... " Hmmm....UUUUmmmhh....
Ohhhhhh.... AAAaaaah...UUUmmmhhhhh...Hmmmhhhh".
All these sounds completely drowned out by your NOW steel hard Love-Pole.
I fall to side since my knees have become rubbery and
I continue to suck on your cock while I lay on my side and you continue
your unending stimulation of my body by Playing with my
Anus with your Index finger.
All of sudden you ask me to stop. I don't understand...
Why?... I can taste your Pre-Cum and it is Strong and Salty.
You quickly stack the over-sized
pillows to make a small hill. You order Me to lay face down
over the pillows. I comply, still groggy from the Orgasm,
and plop myself over this make shift hill.
My tits are now flopping over the top of this pillow mountain.
And I don't care. I am wearing
the Purple Corset and stockings... and my ASS is completely
exposed. You have me exactly as
you want me.... Face Down and Ass !!!!
Suddenly I feel the strong presence of your Cock's
head rubbing gently on my still sensitive and swollen Pussy Lips.
I am glad you are moving gently because I still feel the effects
of Cumming Hard on your Face.
However, being a man of Lustful needs you can't contain yourself any longer... and…
you push forward like a Steel Pile Driver.
Your Cock Pushes my Pusssy Lips aside and I YELL...
“Oh My !!!!" You begin a slow but
decisive pumping of my Vagina. Abruptly You Pick Up the pace and I feel your Cock sliding Deeper into ME...
This is not A Fucking!!!
You shake me back and forth
like a Rag Doll sliding me furiously over your meat stick.... while I yell out from time to time...
Oh Fuck....Oh Fuck….Fuck"
I Finally give up and Scream Out the highest complement
I can give You .....
" OOOOHHHH ... "Your Name Here", Your
COCK is Fucking My Pussssy Soo Goood!!!"
This drives your LUST and Enlarged
COCK TO Give Me LONGER AND DEEPER Thrusts into my Steamy
Love Hole!!! As you punctuate your
Long Fucking Strokes with a Sustained Peak that you Hold
at the Top of the Movement.
(Much like an Enraged Bull Goring a Victim with His Massive HORN.)
Each time you Impale my Pussssy with your Diamond Hard Cock's
Head and Burning Love Shaft you Punctuate the Stroke with
a SWIFT ASS-SLAP !!! ... "Ahhhh....Oooohhhhh..UUUmmmhhhh..."
I moan like The Dirty and Filthy Cum-Slut I AM.
YOU Are Taming my Nasty, Lustful, Dripping Wet-Cunt-Hole with each Stroke.

As YOU finally explode you Yell Out "I'M CUMMING!!!"
AND YOU Do So on My Ass-Crack !!!
I reach back and wipe a puddle of Sperm from the small of my back onto
my Finger as the rest of your Sticky CUM Runs down the Crack of my ASS.
I savor each drop of your Manly Spunk as I swallow hungrily every
last droplet.
I then turn and Suck Our Fuck Juices Off Your Cock. I suck your Cock Clean... And WE fall back..
into a Sexually Induced deep Sleep..... We both are smiling.
What Do Y'ALL Think?

Just your average Texas Gal...
Blowjob Queen ….Susan J. S.


xDude456 62M
31391 posts
4/22/2022 11:00 pm

Mmmmm a very enticing story, would love to see more

Hook'Em Horns

Go_Down_Cowboy_2 62M
1009 posts
4/24/2022 12:25 am

WOW...all I can say is...WOW! Love you Tejas Gals!!!

JuicyAltoonaCock 56M
8 posts
4/24/2022 11:59 pm

Looking for a good tip sucker, that you doll baby?

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