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HOW I MET DONNA - part 4  

James_ADF 48M
0 posts
2/1/2022 1:57 am
HOW I MET DONNA - part 4

So, the cat was out of the bag, so to speak. Though I still don't know to this day how Karla found out. Did Katrina say something, and to how many people? The best way to deal about it was to not worry about it. If I ended up losing the job, then fuck them, besides, my brother-in-law was still having a hard time finding someone decent to replace me. If I didn't hate Sydney so much, I would have been back there, filling my pockets full of money and sleeping with some of my sister's friends. Divorced women hate their exes so much that all they require from you, apart from being younger than their ex-husbands, is to have half a brain. Even that they can do without if your cock happens to be a lot bigger than the ex. That there is a completely different story, so I'll save it for later.

Several days passed, I tried to figure out if any of the other girls knew from the way they acted or looked at me. Nothing, so maybe Karla was the only one who knew or I couldn't tell if Penny or Jim knew anything. Friday afternoon approached. I went into work a little earlier, not to see Katrina before work and talk to her, because that would have been a waste of time. Katrina never got to work early, in fact she would always arrive just as her shift would start. Being Friday, it was busy and we didn't get a break until it was seven o'clock. The extra girl we had working with us was Stephanie, her shift was finishing and she didn't leave for another fifteen minutes, because her boyfriend was late picking her up.

As soon as she left, Katrina wanted to talk about last Sunday. Seems I gave it to her good and proper, because she complained that she was sore for the next three days. I didn't try to hide my smirk, Though I wanted Katrina to talk in a softer voice. There were customers still in the store and some of the stares I got made me think that they could hear the conversation. As the customers where women, two in their mid/late twenties and an older woman in her forties, I wasn't too worried that they might have overheard Katrina complain about me fucking her so hard and so much that her pussy was sore for days.

I was nineteen, I didn't care if other women heard about how I was in bed (or in this case on the sofa cushions). Near the end of the shift, Katrina's car pulled up outside. It was her brother, he came by to see if Katrina could find another ride home because he wanted to go out with his mates. Katrina turned to me, I said; "sure, I'll drive you home." When I said drive, my mind went straight to picturing her naked, on all fours waiting for me to plunge in from behind. I didn't really hear what her brother had said, by the time I came back from the image of Katrina's red, puffy pussy lips waiting to be breached, he was back out and into the car about to drive off.

Any doubts I had of Katrina wanting me to actually drive her home to her house straight after work evaporated as she grabbed my cock through my trousers and gave it a nice squeeze as she took a pile of videos to return to the shelves. I watched her butt as she walked away. Unfortunately, she didn't have the curvy hips and rounded butt cheeks that turned me on. In fact, from behind, I could easily have mistaken Katrina for a fourteen year old boy. Hey, not that I looked at fourteen year old boys butts. I was just that from behind, if not for the skirt, I wouldn't know for sure that she was a female. From the front it was a completely different story. No fourteen year old boy would have tits like that. By the time she had gotten back to the counter, my cock was hard and at attention.

"Steady on there boy," she said looking down at my erection. "It's not happening here." I shook my head to get out of the daze I was in. Luckily her brother wasn't still here. I quickly looked around, good there were no customers around either. There were still twenty minutes to go before closing time. They went so slow. As soon as my butt hit the car seat, my cock started to get hard. I had to make sure I concentrated on my driving on the way to my brother's shop. I didn't want to get pulled over by a cop car. It would have been a bit awkward to explain to the officer about my arousal. "What would I have said to him if he asked, "excuse me sir, is that a sawn off shot gun in your pants, or are you just ready to fuck that young lady in the passenger seat?" Plus I didn't want them to go, (zip) "Could you please blow into this please sir."

The usual happened as soon as we were through the door, clothes started to get quickly removed, by the time we got to the sofa, Katrina was only in a pair of matching bra and panties. Light green tonight, mmm green, my favourite colour. I pushed her onto the sofa and then straight down onto my knees in front of her. I grabbed her knees and pushed them apart. As I moved my head down, the aroma of wet excited pussy filled my nostrils. I poked my tongue at her gash and sucked on the material of her knickers. It didn't take long before she arched her hips up, then pushed aside the material with one hand exposing that slit all shiny with juices flowing.

The other hand went to the back of my head and pulled me closer to the promised land. She moaned as my tongue penetrated her lips and quivered as I pressed my tongue up against her clit. I loved when that happened, I felt all powerful when she shuddered as my tongue flicked across her slippery wet clitoris. I don't know how many times I've thank the Lord for blessing me with a great tongue and a huge cock. Too bad I didn't use my God given gifts to become a "Man-whole". I could be raking in the money for lying in bed all day. As I tongued Katrina closer and closer to her first orgasm, I pondered on how things were going to proceed afterwards. Would she do the right thing and suck my cock tonight? Or was I going to have to pound this juicy pussy into submission again. Tonight I was going to fuck her so hard and so long, that it would take a week before she would be able to walk straight again.

Even if she only put an inch or two into her mouth and sucked on it for a minute or two. I wasn't asking for my balls to hit her chin. I really didn't want to grab her head and just fuck her face, just like I saw in those porn movies. I wanted to, but I didn't like that. If the girl was going to put it in her mouth, why humiliate her by grabbing her head and fucking her mouth. I shuddered in disgust just as Katrina reached her climax. I greedily sucked on her clit and tried not to let any of her fluids escape. I didn't succeed, as I felt her juices rolling down my cheeks. Not even her trying to shove my head into her womb managed to stem the flow.

A few seconds later, Katrina pushed me away, placing a hand over her gash and closing her legs. She was still self conscious of me seeing her with her legs wide open, all vulnerable. Just as long as she wasn't shy about letting the eye of my penis see her spread pussy as it pushed it's way down her tunnel. I got up and went over to where I had discarded my trousers and took out a three pack of condoms from the pocket. I returned, ripping open one wrapper and said, "gowing to use all three tonight." To my surprise, she just bit her bottom lip, as if to say 'challenge accepted.'

I let her sit on the sofa and I crouched down until my cock was up against her clit. I pushed forward a little and my cock pressed up hard against her button. It must have hurt her a little as her right hand shot down and only just<b> touched </font></b>my cock as it then found her slit and plunged into her. I was a good six inches inside her before I stopped pushing forward. She gasped out aloud. I looked at her and offered a meek apology as I slowly began to insert the remaining length. I felt my balls up against her, she was trying not to move until she got accustomed to its length and girth. I felt sorry for her, and then remembered about her not putting it in her mouth, and that's when I pushed forward even further.

Naturally it didn't go in any further, I only managed to slide her butt further back on the cushion. She moaned out louder and I pulled out. I motioned her to lay down and I jumped in behind her. With my cock in hand, I pushed up against her butt. My cock slipped between her cheeks and for a split second my knob was knocking on her tight sphincter. She immediately began to protest, but I lowered my aim and entered her slippery wet pussy. She let out a sigh, as I inched my cock deeper into her. I felt her relax her muscles and my cock was once again buried deep. I paused for a few seconds and then withdrew a few inches before slamming it back into the hilt. The slapping sound it made only urged me on. Katrina was moaning, groaning and grunting every time I thrust forward. Maybe after tonight she'd need a wheelchair to get around in.

I kept the pace and intensity up for several minutes as Katrina quickly approached her orgasm. I wasn't too experienced with women, so I had no way of knowing if she was 'faking' an orgasm just so I could stop. It only occurred to me a little afterwards as she rushed off to the bathroom. Several minutes later, she returned only to see my cock still hard and rampant. It was now aching, aching for my own orgasm. I stood up, Katrina was about to say something but I simply ignored her and put my arms around her thighs and lifted her up into the air. She squealed and I told her to guide my cock into her pussy, unless she wanted me to stick it in her butt. Her hand shot down between her legs, grabbed my cock and guided it straight into her hot hole. I eased her slowly down onto my cock.

Slowly, because I didn't really know how this worked. First time for me too in this position. I don't know why women scoff at guys watching porno movies. Where the fuck did they think guys got most of their moves and techniques from. Certainly not from any Corn Flakes packet, besides, everyone knew you only got little toys from inside them, and some fuck-wit drivers would also somehow find a driver's license in there too. Tonight, Katrina was going to experience all the different moves I learnt from watching movies like; "Debbie does dishes."

This was followed by 'Doggie-style', followed by 'Cowgirl' and then 'Reverse Cowgirl' - it might have been the other way around, as I wasn't sure which way was the 'reverse'. I only changed positions after Katrina's pussy tightened around my cock signifying another orgasm. Next I was on the sofa, I had her head and neck on the floor and her legs in the air. In nearly all the porn movies, the guys would bury their cocks into the girl's butt. I thought about it, I mean she was virtually like a rag doll. I hesitated, but decided against it, I needed her to 'invite' me in. So, like a frustrated vampire, I guided my throbbing cock towards her pussy.

By now her labia lips were well and truly red and swollen. Her body glistened with sweat and pussy juices. The room smelt of sex and I again about to plunge into her when she asked me to stop. She maneuvered her body and got up and sat down next to me. "Can we rest for a while?" She asked. I was about to complain, I felt her hands grab my cock and start stroking it. Slow at first, but after some moaning and a bit of hip thrusting from me, she started stroking faster. She ended up on her knees in front of me, using both hands, she stroked my aching stiff cock back and forth. I was nearing release, and I could sense that she was getting tired or bored, so I urged her on, yelling I was nearly there. It only took another dozen strokes as I felt my 'swimmers' rushing upwards. I pushed away her hands and grabbed my shaft with my left hand while the right hand quickly removed the condom.

A river on white, hot liquid cum erupted forth, first hitting her on her forehead. As her head rocked back, the next gusher splashed against her upper lip, if she hadn't opened her mouth in surprise, maybe none of it would have shot down her throat. As the third spurt gushed out, I aimed it down at her breasts. Well, I did have to make it look like an 'accident.' Katrina coughed and spluttered, every attempt she made to get my cum out of her mouth only ended up in her swallowing more of it. I wanted to tell her to lean her head down and spit it out, but I thought that this was a lesson she needed to learn herself. All I could say was to repeat the word 'sorry' and try to sound sincere.

Katrina stood up and I led her to the bathroom to wipe my goo off her face. After she cleaned up, she looked at me, " you did that on purpose," she said, trying to look angry. I protested, and added, "if I did it on purpose, don't you think that all of it would have gone in your mouth?" She bought it. Later, as we sat cuddling on the sofa, she confessed that it actually tasted a lot better than she expected. I wanted to say something, but I just sat there and took the 'win' graciously.

The following Monday, I had to work because they needed Kikki to help with the organization of reading all the resumes of applicants for the advertisement of a new staff member. The ad had been in Saturday's paper and by Monday morning there were over fifty applications. Katrina came past the shop on Monday night and asked if her friend, her 'best' friend could put in an application. I told her if her friend could get her resume into the store before ten tomorrow, they would look at it. Katrina rang her friend from the store and everything was arranged. When I was in the back making a coffee, Katrina came and tried to put in a few good words for her friend by playing with my cock through my trousers. I quickly checked to see that Penny was still at the counter. As much as I wanted her to play with my cock, the only way I could foresee this ending was with Penny walking in to see Katrina on her knees with my cock halfway down her throat. Something told me that Penny wasn't going to get on her knees as well and join in, no matter how hard I imagined it.

Feeling 'fucked' about spurning Katrina's advances, I drank my coffee while pressed up against the counter. I couldn't get the image of Katrina on her knees and Penny walking in on us. Though, why Penny was naked didn't even phase me, in fact we were all naked and now Penny was gobbling on my cock. I shuddered, and hoped I didn't have to move away from the counter for a while. I now seemed to look closer at Penny's butt as she walked away from the counter. All I could think of was, would my cock be past her belly button if I rammed it all the way inside her. The image of Big Bill cocking a double barrel shotgun quickly got those thoughts out of my head - well at least one of them.

I had left a note for Maria, telling her that a girl named Donna (fanfare and trumpets please, finally, half a million words later, and our 'heroine' gets her first mention), was going to drop in her resume. I wrote down that it would be a big favour to me and that I'd owe her 'big', I think I said she could ask for anything and I wouldn't refuse. Yes, I virtually said that I'd fuck her if she wanted me to, but I think I used a few hundred words to say it. When I got in that afternoon, Maria looked at me and said, " I understand why you wanted me to accept Donna's resume. Just how good a friend is she?"

I, being totally clueless and not even having seen Donna (I mean it's not that Katrina was going to have a picture of Donna in her purse). Anyway, I told her anytime, anything, all she had to do was ask, I told her. "Careful what you wish for" she said back. I just stood there thinking 'What The Fuck' was that all about. Thinking about it now, I can't believe just how dumb I was back then. If I had been a little piglet, the mother sow would have eaten me while I still had afterbirth still on me. I'm in my late forties now, nothing has changed, I'm still as thick as two bits of wood.

Leaving it there. Hey, I did mention Donna, get off my back. Hey, to a lot of my 'friends', get that image out of your heads.

It's February now, so I think Donna should make her first appearance, batting those gorgeous eyelids by, umm about October...



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