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HOW I MET DONNA continued (part 2)  

James_ADF 48M
0 posts
1/24/2022 3:42 am
HOW I MET DONNA continued (part 2)

It's Saturday night and I've gone to wor Katrina is already there as she started an hour ago and will finish an hour before me. When I greeted her I handed her a brown paper bag. She opened it and looked inside before quickly closing it and putting it away into her bag. Penny also there and asked Katrina what I had given her. I heard Katrina tell her that it just a handkerchief that she had dropped last week and I had returned.

I smiled and grabbed some videos to return to the shelves. Well she sort of right, after all I did have my nose buried in her "handkerchief" before 'blowing'.
Penny's shift over and as she leaving, Alex turned up. The night went by pretty quietly and incident free, Katrina didn't really say much, so I didn't push it. I starting to think that she having second thoughts or regrets about what happened the week before. I just shrugged and didn't give a fuc

As her shift coming to an end, Katrina pulled me aside and asked if she could call me the next day. I gave her my phone number and she said she'd call around lunch time. True to her word she called and we arranged to meet at the park near my place. I arrived first, and Katrina arrived a few minutes late (which I would find out about her later, she always late).

We got out of our cars and walked in the park and sat down at the first bench we came to. I sat down first and Katrina straddled me and shoved her tongue down my throat. Okay, that answered my first question, about whether she having second thoughts about last wee It didn't take long before her hands were grabbing at my coc While she fumbling around trying to get my zipper down, I asked her if she enjoyed the birthday present I had given her, as I poked my tongue out a bit and licked my lips, implying about the cunnilingus. She looked me in the eyes and said how fantastic it . I quickly asked if it better at it than the last time that someone had licked her pussy.

She turned away, so I asked her again, adding that I wouldn't be mad if she said that it wasn't. She looked down at my cock, which was now stiff and poking out of my trousers. As she put both hands around it she coyly replied that it was the first time anyone had "kissed" her down there, and yes, it was fantastic. Question number two answered, I was now trying to stop her from ripping my clothes off. She then suggested that maybe we should go back to the Dive shop. I wanted to, but I knew my brother had a 'school' this weekend, and if he wasn't at the shop now, it wouldn't be too long before they returned.

That's when I decided to sneak her into my bedroom at home. It seemed easy enough. I could go in from the back, up the stairs and into my bedroom. As long as no one was out the back, and we were quiet enough, it was easy to get to my room without my<b> parents </font></b>noticing. Sure enough, the Gods were smiling down on me. Not only did we make it down the lane, but our German Shepard was in the house, so he didn't bar Normally he would bark at anyone he didn't recognize once they came through the gate. We went up the stairs and I unlocked the door and we were safely inside.
Katrina wearing a tight pair of jeans, a T-shirt and blouse with sandals. I had on a pair of trousers, a T-shirt and slip on shoes. Once we were in the room, it a race to see who could get their gear off first. It wasn't really a race, I was down to my jocks before Katrina could get those tight jeans past her curvy butt. I stood there watching her disrobe. Eventually she was down to her bra and panties. This time she was wearing a dark burgundy coloured set. Once again I motioned her to remove my jocks. Rather than just yanking them down, Katrina got down on her knees in front of me and slowly pulled them down. She didn't have to 'guess' if I was aroused, my erection left no doubt about that.

I stepped out of my underwear and Katrina grabbed my stiff cock with both her hands. My knob was only a few inches from her face. Did I dare to hope that she would thrust it into her mouth? Suddenly she bent her head forward, my heart started pounding, causing my erect cock to throb. Katrina stopped moving her head forward merely millimeters away. I was about to swear, but then she moved forward and kissed my cock on the slit. Pre-cum oozed out and coated her lips. She pulled her head back and I could see a string of liquid extend from her lips to the tip of my coc She moved back a bit more and the liquid string broke.
She looked up at me as she licked her lips. There didn't seem to be any revulsion about the taste. She kept licking her lips and then moved her head back down and started licking more pre-cum that oozing out. She licking more and more before I got her to stand back up. It didn't take long for me to remove her panties; she unclasped her bra, because I useless at undoing them. I lay down on the bed and motioned her to get on top. As she about to get on the bed, I told her to turn around, into the classic '69' position. She on her hands and knees above me. I moved my head up and kissed her vagina. The smell of her pussy exhilarating; I closed my lips on her labia lips and sucked hard. My tongue extended as deep as it could go into her gash.

She let out a sigh, then a moan and repositioned herself so that her crotch lowered onto my face. Her cunt smothering my face. I loved it, I wanted to lick and suck her pussy so much that her head would cave in. She squirmed, moaned louder and just kept thrusting her pussy harder onto my face. I enjoyed giving her pleasure, and then it dawned on me. This supposed to be a "69". She wasn't sucking my coc I wasn't going to settle for a "68" again (where I lick her out and she owes me one). I pushed her pussy off my face and said; "Hey, you're supposed to join in too."
With that she pushed her head down and started kissing and licking the underside of my shaft. She got to the balls and then put the right one into her mouth and started sucking. She also flicked her tongue over the testicle before moving over and doing the same to the left one. To encourage her, I moaned and told how fantastic it felt, before returning to tongue probing her pussy. I found her clitoris and concentrated on that for a while. Sadly though, her efforts didn't amount to much more than wet kissing my shaft before she exploded in her own powerful orgasm. For a while she thrust her hips down so hard that I couldn't breathe. I sucked and licked so hard trying to get air into my body that she thought I was trying to make her cum again. Finally the pleasure was too much for her that she lifted her cunt off my face.

I took several large mouthfuls of air. Fuck I thought, imagining the paramedics having to use the 'jaws of life' to ply my dead listless face off her vagina. There we lay, both breathing heavy but for totally different reasons. She turned around and brought her head next to mine. We kissed and she abruptly pulled away as her tongue entered my mouth and she tasted her own juices on my tongue. She tried to act 'cool', and to save her blushes, I quickly straddled her and shoved my rock hard cock between her breasts. Well if she wasn't going to 'blow me', then I was going to tit fuck her and give her a 'pearl necklace'. Maybe, just maybe, actually aim a bit higher and get some cum onto her face and even in her mouth.
I was there, swaying backwards and forth, my wet slippery cock (from all the pre-cum) lubricated her cleavage. I pumped harder and faster, until I blurted out that I was going to cum. Katrina lifted her head, so as to see, and also stopped pushing her breasts together. This made my cock pop out from deep within her breasts and sure enough, I came so hard that I blew a rope of cum up to her chin and it cascaded over onto her face. I was too busy thrusting forward to move my cock away before another creamy white torrent of sperm gushed forward, arching up and over onto her face. I could barely hide my smile when I saw some of it enter her open mouth.

After my orgasm was over, I apologetically tried to wipe some cum off her face, but all I could do was accidentally scoop more into her mouth. I grabbed her panties to help her clean her face. She coughed and spluttered, but I wasn't too sympathetic. I would have been fine with her not taking any of it into her mouth, but at least she could have at least just put the knob in her mouth and sucked on it a . She seemed to like the taste of my pre-cum, so it hard to fathom why just easing an inch into her mouth so repulsive. It wasn't as if I told her to shove the whole thing down her throat.

Anyway, she had stopped spluttering and my cock was rock hard again. I leaned over a grabbed a condom from the night table drawer. I looked at her and asked her if she was ready for me to fuck her. Well, I didn't say it like that; I just asked if she was ready to have sex. She bit her bottom lip and I quickly added that; "there's no hurry, if you're not ready, then we won't do it." I bent my head down to kiss her, making sure that there was no cum on her lips.

Fuck, I've gone into so much detail that I'm going to have to leave it here. Looks like I'll have to let you know about meeting Donna in the next instalment.



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