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DebbieHoliday-Gueid How to eat
A guide on how to eat pussy.
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DebbieHoliday-Guide How to eat pussy
Posted:May 19, 2022 11:51 am
Last Updated:May 20, 2022 3:00 pm
How Eat Pussy
Eating a pussy or cunnilingus is the practice of oral in the female genitals. (clitoris, vulva and vagina) Its a performance where one partner gives pleasure to the other and itself. The act of cunnilingus its about intimacy, and love. Not looking for the orgasm on the receiving partner but the exploration of their body and pleasure. A very intimate moment which is a very important part of any sexual and love act. Many factors of a relationship can determine if you bond with your partner or not, oral sex its one which is very important where if you do it correctly you can blow your partners mind. Here is everything you need to know to eat a pussy with confidence and mastery.

Everything You Need To Know About Performing Cunnilingus
How to eat puSsy
Lets start with the main factor about pussy eating: Foreplay. We dont simply rush into it and put our mouth directly on the clitoris. No! Why? Well, vaginas are like penises, because they need blood to get swollen and aroused. Like a penis, an unaroused vagina doesn’t feel the pleasure as an erected penis. A vagina needs be prepared and warmed. The clitoris becomes bigger and more noticeable, plus the entrance of the vagina gets lubricated. Remember Foreplay starts way before bed. I talk about foreplay in the first point here: Grow a stronger relationship.

Ideally, you want to start building sexual tension and attraction days before the encounter. So when your partner finally feels your mouth on their vagina, they release lots of dopamine. The more attraction they feel towards you, the more dopamine their brain releases. If done right, your mouth and tongue will also feel like heaven on earth because of dopamine. The pleasure also comes from estrogen and progesterone, which are sex hormones produced by our main sex organs, so the partner receiving will feel the most pleasure.

We start by teasing our partner with all our senses. Kissing their mouth very slowly without opening the mouth too much, kisses that gradually build into bigger ones. The goes for the tongue, we use after the lips already been playing for a while. We dont give everything at the start, we want surprise our partner. We start kissing their body, where they feel comfortable and relaxed. Always let them know how beautiful they are.

Kissing their neck, near the earlobes. Watching their reactions. Doing slowly. Imagining what we like. are many things you can do with your mouth. We can breathe, kiss, suck, lick, blow and touch We need all of this to create different sensations on the skin. We can kiss soft and hard, soft bites are great too. The goes with touching, we can grab them really hard or very lightly. We want to express all of our nasty thoughts without words. We can grab certain parts, like hands, arms, neck, etc. Even sliding one finger through their back can feel incredible.

Lets go to every different part of their body, instead of just focusing on their sensitive areas. Tease and build up desire. with their thoughts and emotions. We want them craving for more. Now that you already gone through every less obvious part, lets tease the vagina. Trace a path with kisses from their belly their vagina. We want avoid the clitoris for now. So we go out round. The inner thighs are one nice spot to gently caress. We can dedicate all the time in the world just to this place.

Remember that everyone has insecurities and wants to be desired. So we let them know how much we are enjoying this by moaning, making noises, compliments, being careful, whispering. The idea is that we use our imagination, which is our best tool in the love-making process.

Places of the body that are sensitive and help us build anticipation

1. Belly bottom.

2. Butt cheeks.

3. The lower back

4. The neck

5. Inner thighs

6. Ears

7. Tits and nipples

8. Shoulders

9. Behind the knees

. Wrist

Lets acknowledge that our goal isn t aiming for an orgasm. If all your partner wanted was an orgasm, they would do themselves. Some people orgasm by themselves in just minutes or even seconds. You want give your partner an amazing orgasm and most importantly you want them orgasm when you allow them . Pussy eating is about dominance and submission.

We want be able identify the different parts of the vulva, or at least get familiar with them. Sometimes we wont be able identify them right away, but don™t panic if you feel a lost. Every vagina is different. Although they all the of parts, they are located and sized differently. Explore! The more exploration we do, the more familiar with the vulva we get. Exploring a vulva is about feeling every part of it. Smelling, touching, watching, and tasting it, take your time and enjoy it. You will always your partners moans guide you. Oral is a thing you do together..

First of all, be confident. Everything you do, do enjoying yourself and your partner. Dont be afraid touch the vagina, wont break. Babies come from them, so don t get scared. Always be gentle but firm. YouÃlll know when you need be rough. Always start gently and build up from . You can kiss anything you want If you know where the clitoris is, you can start by teasing it at first and slowly eat it out. is a side near the clitoris where your partner will prefer to be licked or stimulated, or they may like it on the hood above . If you go directly the clitoris it may be too strong at the start.

Give kisses the clitoris. You can kiss near it and breathe on top of it. Lick it up and down, side to side. Making circles with your lips and tongue. You can shape your tongue to be pointy and hard, or very soft. You ll prefer to shape it softly at the start and go gently. You can make some sounds, especially when she makes them too. Also, loud music helps you feel more comfortable with it. Humming and vibrating your mouth will give your partner more pleasure. Just dont make it too awkward.

You can suck, lick and kiss the lips of the vagina. The insides too. Make sure your partner is a clean person. A quick shower just before oral it s an excellent way to prevent awkward moments. Hygiene is the most important factor about . some people will a stronger odor or taste, and some may be less notorious. Be patient, you just need get used their lovely scent.

The ABC is a technique that consists of making shapes with the letters of the alphabet. You can repeat all the forms twice, and add some random letters too. You can send her different messages with the words you form. You can do this in the clitoris or the whole vagina.

Slowly sucking the clitoris is one way to raise blood circulation. If you can, suck it softly and lick it at the time, your partner is going love . This is a strong sensation for your partner. When licking the clitoris to make them orgasm, you want to repeat the motion over and over again. Stronger and faster every time. Don™t forget the faster and harder, the more lubricated should be. Your saliva is the perfect lubricant, just dont forget brush your teeth before and after , also, regularly.

Dont forget about your fingers. You can gently slide your index finger below her urethra. Up and down, while you are slowly licking her clitoris. You can suck the entrance of the vagina too. If you insert your tongue, your partner may like it or not. You can also lick in the zone between her pussy entrance and her anus, this is a very sensitive part. For more pleasure, you can ask her press the muscles that are while you lick .

is a big chance that your partner will feel more pleasure receiving oral with their legs straightened. But, you ll feel more comfortable with their legs wide open. are many things you can do that suit an oral perfectly, like gracing their butt, fingering (Here is a tutorial on fingering), grabbing and caressing their boobs or nipples, holding hands, and even grabbing their neck

and cold sensations can be an interesting factor as well as many other variants. Heat can be performed with an herb tea, placing it in a safe way so you don t burn yourself or your partner. Take a sip, embrace the heat, and slowly lick your partner. Cold can be used with a ice block. may be better perform cold sensations by making fast and hard movements. Also, are the famous Black Halls, they are extremely satisfying.

is no time limit for oral oral . Dont exhaust yourself until your jaw hurts and you feel tired and numb. Penetration is always if you need a break. You can stop and just kiss, talk and be naughty for a while. Signs may tell you that you should move to something different, or not stop what you are doing, so always close attention. Listening carefully is essential understand the desired pace your partner may be craving at that moment.

Being dominant and submissive is key great . Sometimes you may feel your partner is grabbing you by the head and pushing your face into their pussy. Enjoy , but remember breathe and communicate. Sometimes you may be forcing your partner into a very submissive position. You can take a break to spank or be spanked too. Making the other person feel dominant or submissive can change the dynamics of everything. Try some bondage items, they can spice your oral a lot. Performing oral in a public place can be so exciting and fun too.
If its one of your first times performing oral . Dont rush into the sixty-nine position. You want to close attention while you give oral. The 69 position usually distracts you from performing.

is very logical so use your head. are endless possibilities, so exercise your imagination. You can wash your hands and mouth after performing oral .
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