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My Blog
Welcome to my blog!
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Couples story I wrote for my ex wife many years ago.....
Posted:Dec 30, 2021 5:17 am
Last Updated:May 24, 2024 4:19 am

We get a babysitter and decide to go out on the town for the
evening. We are just going to a bar at the beach to hang out, drink, and
listen to the music. We get there at around 10 pm and find ourselves a
little secluded corner to hide in. The music is loud and the place becomes
more and more crowded as people slowly file into the room. We are both
wearing shorts and at the time I am sitting on a bar stool with you standing
between my legs facing toward me. My arms are wrapped around your waist,
and we are looking into each other's eyes lovingly. We kiss slowly and
gently, each of us lost in another world as our tongues dance and play
together. You are gently swaying to the music, and we are both completely
relaxed as we hold each other. We are oblivious to what is going on around
us, we are very much in love. I look into your eyes and whisper I Love You,
you smile at me and you say the same back to me. We finally notice that
there is other people in the room when a couple standing behind you bumps
into you. We both look at them and notice they are kissing so intensely
that they almost look like they are having sex right there. You turn back
around and laugh, saying they should get a room. Well, the guy hears you
somehow and leans over to you. He whispers that they do have a room at one
of the nearby hotels and that they hadn't seen each other in a very long
time. They had some catching up to do. They were pretty close to us in the
corner, and from where I was standing it looked like they WERE having sex, I
was actually getting aroused by this. They moved to our left, and now we
didn't have to turn around to see them, so between our own kisses we watched
them have fun. The girl was wearing a short sun dress and the guy was
wearing shorts, we could both clearly see the bulge between his legs and
watched as the girl ran her hand up and down on his crotch. One of the
waitresses came over and broke them up because they were getting a little
too hot, of course the guy argued with her and said there wasn't anything
happening for her to be worried about. The waitress just walked away and
headed back to the bar to pick up another drink order. I get up and ask if
you want another beer, you look at your bottle and back at me, saying that
it looks like you do. I kiss you softly on the cheek and head off to the
bar, it is crowded and walking through all the people takes me a few
minutes. The line for drinks is pretty bad too and this delays me even
more, I decide to get you 2 beers since you drink them faster than me and I
got myself one. I take several more minutes walking through the crowd and
arrive back at your side finally.

I hand you your beers and say that you had better be thankful I even came
back because of how much trouble it was to get it. You smile and say you
will back later, nasty thoughts travel through my mind as we kiss
again. You introduce to the couple that was entertaining us earlier, you
had chatted it up with them since I left you all alone there. The guy's
name is Greg and the girl's name was Tina, they were here on vacation from
Ohio and enjoying every minute of their stay. Greg was a little taller than
me and in his late 30's, but he was well built and enjoyed running and
sports a lot, Tina was about a foot shorter than you and was also well
built, at least from what I could tell because she was also standing between
his legs just like you were with me. Greg had brown hair and Tina had sandy
blonde hair, not much off from mine. We stood there and talked about a lot
of stuff, we also made fun of the people in the bar, their dancing, and some
of the strange couples that had "hooked up" out on the dance floor. The
place was getting Extremely overcrowded, even our little corner was becoming
a crush zone, I looked at you and asked if you wanted to get out of here.
Tina answered up and said they had beer in their hotel room, she also
suggested we all go back there and just hang out and finish it off before
calling it a night. You and I accepted and we all began worming out way
through the crowd, it was amazing we didn't get lost from each other as the
crowd was almost impossible to walk through. We finally made it out the
door, and only waited a few minutes before Greg and Tina showed up. They
stopped in front of us and I said we are following you guys, Greg looked at
Tina and I guess we are ready then. We walked down the street a couple of
blocks and came to the Best Western. We let Greg and Tina know that this
was a very special place for us and we explained what we meant as we rode
the elevator up to the 4th floor. Room 405 was in front of us in no time,
and we were all laughing as Greg opened the door and we followed him in.
Tina immediately goes to the bathroom, saying that she is first. Greg hands
both of us a beer and sits down on one of the two beds in the room, opening
one of his own. Greg yells at Tina for her to hurry up, that other people
wanted to use the toilet. She came walking out of the bathroom a couple of
minutes later and you get up and run to the bathroom door. "I'm next!!",
you exclaim as you run in. Tina comes over to the bed and sits next to
Greg, who leans over and kisses her on the neck, she giggles and tells him
to stop and pushes him away. Greg tells me that she was being a tease, I
laugh and turn toward the bathroom as you come out. Greg and me take turns
using the bathroom and when I come out the three of you are all laughing and
stop suddenly when I enter the room. I assume you are talking about me and
ask what is up. You smile and say "nothing honey" and I come over to the
bed and sit beside you. When I sit down I notice that Tina's skirt has
ridden up quite a bit and I can see her blue silk panties underneath, you
also notice this but don't mention it at the time. We drink several more
beers and are all a little tipsy after about an hour, also our talk becomes
more sexual , encouraged by Greg who got us on the subject of porno's and
some of the wild ones that are out there.

I had to go to the bathroom again, as I get up you take my arm and say that
you need a kiss, we French kiss and then I am off to relieve myself. I hear
you talking to Tina about something and all of a sudden the room gets quiet.
You and Tina were talking about Dicks and what you liked about them, all of
a sudden Greg stood up right in front of you and pulled his out. Tina asked
you what you thought and you couldn't say anything at all, it was such a
shock to you. When Greg turned around toward Tina, she took it in her hand
and stroked it a little, then she said she loved his "big pole" and licked
the pre-cum off the tip of his dick. Greg put it away and sat back down on
the bed, just in time for me to re-enter the room of course. I asked if I
had missed anything and Tina said that Greg had pulled out his dick and
showed it to you and that it was now my turn to do the same. I looked over
at you and you shook your head in confirmation, saying that it wasn't
expected and since he had pulled it out it was only fair for me to show mine
too. I looked at Greg and asked what we got in return and Tina said you
would give me a blowjob if I pulled it out for you. I look at you and you
have a big smile come across your face, and taking that as a yes I unbutton
my shorts and you lean forward to get a closer look. You look at Greg and
Tina who are watching very intently, awaiting my dick's emergence. I unzip
my shorts and reach into my underwear, grabbing hold of my limp noodle and
pulling it out into the open air. You look up into my eyes and just the
sight of your beautiful face causes me to start getting an erection, you
watch as it grows right in front of your eyes, almost as if you are
fascinated by how it works. Tina walks over to the bed and sits down beside
you, you look at her as if to ask what she is doing and she automatically
replies that she wants to get a better view of what is about to happen. You
look back up at me, take me in your hand, and run your tongue along the
underside of my hard cock causing it to jump at your touch. You get to the
tip and slowly ease it into your mouth, first the head and then about
halfway down the shaft. I feel like I am going to pass out because of how
nice this feels, and I get weak in the knees as you start milking me with
your tongue and mouth. With each stroke, a warm feeling moves through my
groin, and it feels as if you are pouring warm water on my balls. My eyes
are closed and I am enjoying your talented mouth and the feeling it is
causing to spread all over me. You tap me on my leg and I look down, you
then let my cock slip out of your mouth and you look over at Tina, who has
one leg up on the bed while she is sitting beside me with her hand between
her legs. I look down at her hand and then up to her face, she is staring
at what you are doing and finger fucking her pussy. She looks into your
eyes and smiles as you take me back into your mouth. This time, you suck
real hard on the head, making it more sensitive to your touch. I look down
at your beautiful face, so erotic with your mouth full of my cock, I want to
cum so bad I can't stand it. Now Greg gets up and walks over to where we
are, he drops to his knees next to you in the floor and pushes Tina's skirt
up. She spreads her legs for him and reaches down to pull her panties
aside, giving him free access to her VERY juicy pussy. Her pussy is
clean-shaven except for a little bunch of hair right at the top of her slit,
Greg wastes no time burying his face between her tan legs. Tina arches her
back as he starts licking her hot little clit, randomly letting his tongue
slip down to penetrate her every few seconds. You stop sucking me and stand
up, your shorts are easily undone by your soft hands and slipped down your
legs to the floor. I stare at your panties and notice a wet spot on the
crotch, indicating that you are turned on by what is happening. You push me
back on the bed and Crawl up my body, settling your crotch right above my
face. You lower yourself down and I place soft kisses on the crotch of your
panties, then I apply a little pressure with my mouth as I take in the
arousing smell of your snatch seeping through your panties. You reach down
and pull aside your panties, the sight of the glistening folds of your pussy
looks delicious, and I waste no time pulling you down onto my hungry mouth.
I part your folds with my tongue and ease it down your slit into your wet
hole, you take a deep breath as I do this, the feeling taking your breath

You are in heaven, my tongue is slipping in and out of your hot pussy,
sending warm sensations all over your body. You look over at our friends
beside us on the bed and watch Greg slip 2 fingers into Tina's juicy cunt.
He continues his attentions on her clit as he pumps in and out of her, she
is loving every second of it. I ease my tongue down a short distance and
spread your ass cheeks apart, a warm, wet sensation passes across your tight
little butthole as I tease it with my tongue. I then return to your tasty
pussy and re-insert my tongue into you once more. You feel my breath on
your clit as I fuck you with my tongue, at the same time you look over and
see that Tina is cumming. Her body is writhing on the bed as Greg continues
to lick her hot box, and it is almost as if she has stopped breathing as her
body shakes from her own earth shattering orgasm. I let my left hand rub
your stomach and I reach up under your shirt and lightly brush my hand over
your right nipple. This arouses you more and I soon begin to tease and
pinch it lightly causing it to stand erect and making it even more
sensitive. Look behind you and I have my stiff cock in my hand and I am
slowly stroking it, the tip is very wet from my pre-cum that is oozing out
of it. I taste your juices as they flow into my mouth, you are sweet and I
am trying to lap up every little drop. My tongue begins teasing your
engorged clit even more and your pussy lips are spread apart, it is very
clear that you are aroused and I am taking every opportunity to make your
body feel good. Every lick, every time I suck on your clit I am bringing
you closer and closer to cumming. Greg and Tina are watching you as you sit
on my face, my tongue probing every inch of your pussy as you come closer to
the edge. Tina gets up and comes over right next to you, she reaches under
your shirt, unfastens your bra, and slips it down away from your tits. Her
hand is warm as she begins to circle and tease your hard left nipple,
sending shock waves of pleasure straight to your pussy. I take my hand away
from your right breast and she pulls up your shirt to expose both of your
sensitive nips. I can see as she leans over and traces her tongue around
one of them, then finally taking it into her mouth and sucking on it. You
look down at her head and then down at me and we lock eyes, yours half
closed caused by the ecstasy that you are feeling. I am now very slowly
running my tongue up and down your slit, stopping at your clit to tease it
and then back down into your wet hole. Tina is actually biting your nipple
now, alternating between biting and teasing it with her tongue, chills cum
over you each time she bites. I am now ready to make you cum sweetie, I
concentrate all my attention on your swollen clit, licking and sucking it.
I take my finger and tease your tight ass, just easing the tip in so you can
feel attention to all of your sensitive areas. I gently move my finger
around as I flick my tongue across your clit, Tina continues sucking on your
nipple and is now teasing the other one with her fingers. Your orgasm cums
like a Mack truck hitting you, you convulse and let out a loud moan as I
continue attacking your clit with my mouth. Your cum tastes wonderful as it
flows out of you and into my hungry mouth, I enjoy every last drop of it and
feel your pussy muscles flexing with each successive wave. Tina kisses your
neck and then says "WOW, that looked like a lot of fun", you replied with a
breathless "yes" and braced yourself as you leaned forward on the bed, still
mounted atop my face. I still have my tongue in and around your delicious
pussy, taking care not to touch your oversensitive clit but still licking
everywhere else.

You finally climb off of my face, sliding back down my body until you feel
my hard dick poking against your right ass cheek, almost like a door stop
keeping you from sliding down further. You reach down between your legs and
take hold of it, rubbing it up and down your wet slit and lubricating it
with your juices before putting it at the entrance to your little love
tunnel. I can feel the warm flesh spread around my cock as you slowly slide
down on it, bouncing a little each time you feel resistance to it going in.
You look over at Tina who is less than a foot from us on the bed, she is on
her stomach with a pillow under her waist. She reaches back and spreads her
ass cheeks apart, exposing her pussy and asshole to Greg who is standing
behind her with his dick in his hand. We both watch as Greg moves up and
places the head against her very wet pussy lips. He rubs his dick up and
down from her pussy to her little sphincter, and we can both see how wet she
is because he is spreading her juices across both openings. He then slips
the tip into her pussy from behind, stirring a small moan from her as he
slowly pushes into her hot pussy. You feel my dick twitch when he enters
her, and you look back down into my eyes once again. I ask you if you like
watching them, you smile and shake your head yes while I reach up and run my
fingers across both of your hard nipples. You slowly begin to raise and
lower yourself on my cock, I am impaling you with my stiff rod with each
downward thrust of your body. Your inner walls squeezing my cock as it
slides in and out of your wet snatch, building me up to what is going to be
a very powerful orgasm. You look away from me and watch Greg fuck Tina, his
dick is the same length as mine but thicker and it looks as if he is having
a problem keeping it hard for Tina's tight pussy. He says that he guesses
the alcohol is having an adverse effect on his little buddy, that is when
you look back down at me and with a devilish grin ask me what I would think
if you offered your assistance to get his now half limp dick back up to par.
I ask you what you have in mind and you just smile back at me and tell Greg
to come over and sit down on the bed next to us. Greg gets up and walks
over leaving Tina lying on the bed watching what is going on. Greg sits
down and you tell him to scoot back on the bed, I watch as you lower your
head to Greg's lap and take his dick into your mouth. I am shocked by what
you are doing, but it is also a turn on to see you sucking his dick and not
to mention the fact that I still have mine buried in your warm pussy.
Greg's dick is still covered in Tina's juices but you don't seem to mind as
you work on getting him hard again, I slowly pump my cock in and out of you
while still watching you suck him. His dick is hard in no time, and now you
are just enjoying the feel of 2 dicks filling your wet holes at the same
time. Tina comes over to us and places her hand on your back, she gently
caresses your soft skin while she watches you go down on Greg. After a few
more minutes, Tina asks you if she can break in and get some of that and you
raise your head and back away from his hard pole. Tina leans down and takes
him into her mouth and eases it all the way in, while she does this you are
still holding on to his balls, massaging them gently so as not to hurt him.
My dick is now easily working it's way in and out of your very wet pussy,
you look back down at me and ask if I would like a "full moon", I reply that
I would LOVE one. You slid up off my dick and it makes a loud wet popping
sound as it slips out of you and smacks back down onto my stomach. We kiss
before you crawl back down my body, our tongues dance together as if they
are making love as well. You break the kiss and turn yourself around facing
away from me, reaching down you take my dick in your hand and put it up
against your juicy pussy and slowly ease yourself down on it. I feel your
vaginal walls around my cock as I enter you once again, and you let out a
small sigh as you reach the base of my shaft, my whole length inside you.
Tina and Greg are now changing places with each other, Tina lays down on her
back with her legs spread and I watch as Greg's cock spreads her wet pussy
lips apart. Then the tip disappears into her and is followed by the rest of
his shaft soon after. Tina reaches over and begins to tease my nipple ring
while Greg fucks her, sending electric shocks straight to the head of my
dick and increasing the intensity I am feeling from you riding me. You stop
rocking on my dick when I begin to thrust into you, your pussy is very tight
in this position and I am already building up to an incredible orgasm but I
stop for a minute. You sit up, the feeling of my dick inside you is very
nice, we both wish I could stay inside you forever. I hear Greg begin to
grunt and the bed starts to bounce more rapidly, we both look over at them
and Greg had pulled his dick out of Tina and is shooting a steady stream of
cum up onto Tina's belly. Tina looks at us and smiles, then raises up and
kisses Greg deeply, I feel you flex your vaginal muscles around my dick and
look back up into your eyes, you wink at me and start to bounce up and down
on my hard pole. The sensation is awesome, I can feel my dick begin to
tingle as you ride me Tammy, but you stop when you sense that I am getting
close to cumming, you are driving me crazy. Greg sits down on the other bed
and watches you ride me. "That looks like a fun position" he says while you
slid up and down on me, you look at him and say that it is. I lick my
finger and put it against your little butthole, you slow down and almost
stop when you feel me touch you there. I carefully slip the tip of my
finger into your tight little sphincter, I can feel your muscles tighten
each time you slide back down on my hard cock, it turns me on to feel you
this way. My cock is so hard it feels like it is going to burst, and I am
so anxious to cum right now that it is almost uncontrollable. You finally
send me right over the edge, but this isn't the BIG final orgasm I have been
waiting for, it is a very little one that only deposits a little bit of my
hot cum into you. I reach down and grab hold of your hips to stop you for a
minute while I get my bearings back, you just enjoy the feeling of me inside
you for a little while. Tina gets up and walks around the bed in front of
you, as she does she uses her wadded up sun dress to clean Greg's cum off
and then throws it into the floor, you wonder what she has on her mind.
Tina comes closer to you, she leans over and whispers something into your
ear, as she does you stop sliding on my pole and just sit there for a minute
as she explains what she wants you to do. You agree to her request and then
lean back and brace yourself with your hands on either side of me on the
bed. You are still facing away from me, and my hard cock is still inside
you, this also gives Tina a pretty good view of my dick inside you. We
scoot back on the bed a little and you begin humping up and down once again,
Tina leans forward and takes one of your nipples into her mouth and sucks on
it hard, flicking her tongue across it as she does. This juices up your
pussy more, and you let out a deep breath as she does this. I slowly begin
to pump your slit with my dick, your pussy feels so good Tammy. Tina ends
her attention to your breast and runs her tongue down your stomach, stopping
briefly to tease your belly button and then continues down further. When
she arrives at your furry muff she notices that your pussy lips are spread
apart both from your arousal and my dick moving in and out of it. When she
brushes her tongue across your clit and then takes it into her mouth and
sucks hard it literally takes your breath away. I feel her hand start to
massage my balls and almost shoot my load right then and there but luckily I
am able to hold back. Tina starts licking and sucking on your fiery little
clit, it is the best oral stimulation you have ever experienced and you
already feel your orgasm building. When you reach your limit and begin to
cum you feel as though you are going to pass out, and the room gets smaller
as the black circle closes in. You regain your composure a little though
when I reach up and begin to massage your hard nipples, Tina is still
sucking on your clit as I slide my dick in and out with more urgency. I am
about to cum Tammy, I pull out of you and Tina takes hold of my dick, you
reach down and begin to stroke it with one of your hands. The first spurt
is powerful, my cum flies up and lands on your left breast. I shoot about 3
more times, each time less of a gusher than the last one. You lay down on
the bed beside me while I try to catch my breath, your pussy is still
tingling from the awesome orgasm Tina just gave you. I roll over and kiss
your shoulder, whispering "I Love You".

Tina isn't finished though, and begs someone to make her cum again. I
whisper to you that it will be great to watch you eat her pussy, and that if
you didn't mind I would like to help you. You get a cute little mischievous
smile on your face and tell Tina to cum over and lay down on the bed with
her legs spread. She kisses Greg on the tip of his dick and almost runs
over to the bed, jumping in between us and rolling over on her back. You
look down between her legs and then at me, I smile and say that you won't
know until you try it. I then tell you to follow my lead and I get down in
the floor. Tina scoots down on the bed with her ass resting on the edge,
she lifts her left leg and places it over my shoulder, you then crawl down
into the floor and sit right beside me. Tina does the same to you with her
right leg, I can tell you are uncertain about all of this and I tell you
that if you don't want to then we will stop, I guess you just go for it
after that. You reach up with your hand and trace it down Tina's leg, when
you get to her pussy you gently take 2 fingers and rub them across her pussy
lips. Tina arches her back when she feels your soft touch, she is very
anxious for us to get started. You lean forward and start to place wet
kisses on her inner thigh, I do the same on her left leg as we both work our
way down towards her burning honey pot. As we move down, chills are giving
Tina goose bumps caused by out warm mouths against her soft skin. We get
down almost to her pussy and you stop for a moment, you turn your head
toward me and we kiss, this is a kiss that is like no other because of the
tension and passion that is transmitted between us. We break the kiss and
both go back to work on Tina, when we finally reach her pussy, her breathing
is very heavy and she is aching for some attention by now. I make first
contact with her sensitive clit, I can taste her cum from her previous
orgasm and I tease it with my tongue. I stop and look over at you, it is
now your turn, I softly whisper that you can stop at any time and you look
at me and smile. I watch as you lower your mouth to her swollen little
button, you swipe your tongue across it a couple of times before taking it
into your mouth and sucking on it, teasing it with your tongue as you do so.
You release your grip on her clit and she spreads her legs wide, I move down
and we both run our tongues back and forth on her clit, she is enjoying
every aspect of our attentions. Both of us lick her pussy, and you find
that her juices actually taste pleasant, whether it is your arousal or
something else you are enjoying giving her pleasure. You look down and
notice that I have my already fully erect cock in my hand and I am stroking
it slowly, the sight of you eating Tina is driving me crazy. Greg gets up
and finally comes over to the bed near us. He is standing there with his
dick in his hand and asks how he can get in on the action, I have a good
idea and I stand up while you continue to lick Tina's wonderful muff. I
tell Greg to move in behind you and he gets the idea almost immediately, he
maneuvers himself behind you and takes his hard cock in his hand. He licks
the palm of his hand and strokes his dick for a little lubrication then
grabs your hips and gently lifts you up on your knees.

You stop licking Tina when you feel the head of Greg's dick slip into your
pussy, he slowly eases it into you and when he is all the way in begins to
pump in and out of you. I move in to take your place between Tina's legs,
slipping my tongue into the folds of her pussy. You reach up and push me
back, and then cover her pussy with your mouth, enjoying the taste of her as
you lick her clit. I sit back and watch you, my cock is rock hard as I
slowly stroke it to the hot scene before my eyes. Tina places her right
hand on the back of her head and pulls your face into her juice cunt and you
respond by sucking on her clit even harder. Greg starts to fuck you faster
now, you can feel the difference in size between my slim cock and his fat
one as he pounds into you. I move up onto the bed next to Tina, facing your
head still locked between her tan legs. Tina takes my cock in her hand and
starts to stroke it slowly, I am extremely turned on watching what you are
doing and seeing that you are enjoying it. Greg all of a sudden pulls his
dick out of your pussy and starts stroking his dick, he is about to cum all
over your ass Tammy. His first shot lands in the crack of your ass, he
leans forward and rubs his still spasming dick against your tight asshole,
you can feel his HOT cum hot your little anus and then he rubs it around
with the head of his dick. You don't stop eating Tina, her pussy is so warm
and the different sensation and excitement you are feeling is forcing you to
continue licking her. You reach up and insert your middle finger into her
now, she moans softly as you do and the takes a quick deep breath when you
attack her clit again. I sit up on my knees next to Tina, I am stroking my
cock while watching you. Tine reaches up and starts playing with my balls
as I watch you, it doesn't take much to put me over the edge and I cum
again, sending 3 big streams of cum onto Tina's tits and stomach. I sit
back on the bed and watch now, my dick still hard and wanting still more
attention. Tina is now right on the border line, she feels her pussy grow
first warm then feels a solid wave of ecstasy as her orgasm grips her whole
body in a massive rush of energy. You suck hard on her clit and stop
fingering her when you sense her cumming, she lets out a loud cry as she
cums, almost assuredly heard by whoever was in the adjoining rooms of the
hotel. You back up and leave her laying there on the bed, our eyes meet and
you crawl up on the bed and we kiss. I can taste Tina's pussy on your lips
when we kiss, and you reach down to take hold of my still hard dick.
You lay down on your back and say "c'mon honey, fuck me, I want you to fuck
me hard". I can tell that you are very much turned on and I crawl over
between your legs. I place the head of my cock at your hole and you reach
up and grab my waist. You pull me into you, literally, and I have no
problem slipping into your wet slit. I am inside you with one quick thrust,
you whisper in my ear for me to fuck you hard, you want to feel my cock as
deep inside you as I will go. I push it into you, and the more I pump you
the more excited you are becoming. I can tell you are going to cum if I
keep up my pumping and I don't slow down my pace at all. I can feel my
cockhead banging against your uterus with each thrust, this is a wonderful
feeling as I slide in and out of you Tammy. It doesn't take long for your
orgasm to hit you, and I feel your pussy muscles clench my dick tightly as
you cum. You whisper "OH GOD......OH GOD.......OH GOD" as I slow down the
rhythm of my cock pumping into you, your breath is quick and stops each time
I slide into you. I pull my cock out of you and sit on the bed beside you,
you ask what is wrong and I say that my arms have completely given out and I
am unable to hold myself up. You tell me to just lay back and you will
finish me up. You motion over to Tina to cum over and help you, both of you
end up on the floor between my legs. You take my still wet cock in your
hand and start licking on one side and Tina runs her wet mouth down the
other side, I am in pure heaven watching the two of you assaulting my rock
hard schlong. You take me into your mouth, sucking on the tip while Tina
sucks one of my balls into her mouth and rolls it around a little. She
backs off and you wrap your hand around my shaft, slowly and carefully you
start bobbing your head up and down on me, stroking me as you suck me. Your
warm mouth feels wonderful around my cock, and I love watching it sink in
between your lips. You back off still holding me in your hand, Tina moves
in and takes me into her mouth. You look up at me and smile as she sucks on
me, I am moving closer and closer to the point of no return. Tina backs off
again and then both of you move in to attack my rod, you on one side and
Tina on the other. You both run your mouths up and down my shaft, I feel
your tongue play around on the underside of my head as Tina cums back up and
joins you. I can't stand it anymore, I tell you that I am ready to cum and
the two of you back away from me. I reach down and stroke myself until the
pressure is unbearable, I shoot my load for the third time in the last
couple of hours, it puddles up on my stomach.

We all lay there on the 2 beds, pretty much exhausted from the night's
activities and in much need of a rest. Finally you get up and say that we
have to leave, I ease up off the bed and we put on our clothes, Greg and
Tina are still lying naked on the other bed wrapped up in each other's arms.
We exchange with our new friends and say good bye to them. As
soon as the door to their hotel room closes you and I kiss deeply, and you
tell me that you really had fun. One last little kiss and we headed to the
elevator, holding hands as we walked. We climbed into the truck and pulled
out of the parking lot, you mention that your pussy was sore from all the
attention you got. I let you know that you really wore me out, and that I
was a little raw, but it was still the most fun I had ever had with my
clothes off. We both laughed and you said "Wait until tomorrow night
honey". I looked at you and you just giggled. We got home after picking up
the baby from the sitter, we finally climbed into bed and you snuggled your
head into my shoulder. I tell you I Love You Tammy, you say I Love You Too
Sweetheart and we both quickly fall asleep. Each of us still thinking about
what had happened tonight.
Sexy fun
Posted:Nov 2, 2021 8:47 pm
Last Updated:May 24, 2024 4:19 am

We plan for a good afternoon of fun so I come over. I pull in the parking spot near your condo and walk up the door and ring the buzzer. You buzz me in and stand in your doorway with a nice big smile on your face. I follow you into your living room and I walk over behind you and I reach up to your shoulders, I begin to rub and your tense muscles in your shoulders and you stand enjoying my attention. I lean forward and kiss you on the neck, gently but lingering for a moment, you can feel my breath on the back of your neck. I move my hands down your back and then I drop my knees. I spin you around and push you down on the couch then I push your legs apart and stare at the crotch of your . I can't resist so I lower my head and bury my face between your legs. I can smell the scent of your already moist pussy through the fabric. You laugh and ask what I am doing and I reply that if I am bothering you I will stop. You reply to me that isn't a problem at all and I lower my head again and begin kiss and rub my face against your crotch. Every time I rub across the fabric of your sweats sends chills all over your body. Now I reach up and pull your sweats down and off then I just stare at your panty covered pussy almost mesmerized. I bury my face in your panties now causing your juices begin flow. I can feel the moisture beginning make a wet spot on your panties. I extend my tongue and lick across the wet spot, slightly tasting your juices.

You are becoming more and more excited with every passing second. I stand up and pull my pants off and my shirt. You can see the bulge in my underwear and the
pre-cum wet spot that has formed. You sit up and pull my underwear down quickly, freeing my stiff pole right in front of your face. You immediately take me in your
mouth and begin slide in as far as you can take . Then you back out and start rhythmically bobbing your head up and down on my cock. The wonderful feeling of me inside your mouth almost has me in a trance. I am almost the point of cumming and filling your mouth with my juices but I stop and back away from you, pulling out of your mouth before my orgasm hits me. I bend down and kiss your lips then my tongue enters your mouth. as we kiss I reach down with my left hand and pull your wet panties aside. With my right hand I take my stiff prick and place it at the entrance to your warm love tunnel. OMG! I move forward slightly and ease the of my dick into you. Slowly I pump in and out until I am completely inside of you. Your tight pussy feels like heaven as I pump in and out of you. now I ask you a very sexy question. "Will you let me cum in your mouth?" You into my eyes and say yes as I begin to pump in and out of you harder and faster. "I am going to cum in your mouth Babe" I whisper you as I slowly your wet pussy. The feeling is beginning cause your excitement build and within a few seconds your body is overtaken by a wave of warmth and an intense sensation in your very juicy pussy.

I can feel my orgasm building now. I pump your pussy harder and faster as the tingling sensation reaches it's peak. I immediately pull out of you and stand up offering my prick you. You take me in your hand and slip me into your mouth. is almost instantaneous as I shoot my first load into your mouth. You moan softly as I fill your mouth with cum. You swallow every drop eagerly as I become very sensitive. I pull out of your mouth and pull you up me. We lock in a passionate kiss as my heartbeat goes back normal. We sit on the couch holding hands and recovering from our fun.
Date night
Posted:Oct 20, 2021 7:37 am
Last Updated:May 24, 2024 4:19 am

We are going out on a date, it has been a while since we took some time
for each other so we make plans to go to the out to supper and a movie. We
arrange for a baby sitter and decide on what movie we are going to see. We
make a compromise and instead of seeing a blood and gore movie or a
tearjerker we go see a comedy. The restaurant we decide on is a pretty nice
one so we get dressed up to go. You wear a nice skirt and blouse and myself
wearing a polo shirt and khaki pants. Since this IS a date we are both
feeling a frisky and mess around a bit while getting ready for the
night. I suggest we take a shower together and you of course, agree that
only if I behave myself so we can get ready in a hurry. We undress and
climb into the shower, we take turns watching one another wash and pretty
much ignore the fact that we are so close to each other, naked, and both a
horny so we can get out of the house and on our date. However, I
finish before you do and of course I am now standing in the shower watching
you wash off. I take the bar of soap and wash off your back, paying close
attention to your butt as I do so. Doing this is causing me to get hard but
I try to ignore what is happening down there and keep washing you off.
Finally I can't take it anymore and start to rub up and down the shaft of my
completely erect coc I am just watching you, and since your back is to me
you don't notice what is happening behind your bac When you do turn
around you are surprised to see what I am doing and lean forward to kiss my
lips, this causes a large rush of adrenaline to go through my body and my
erection to become almost painful. You remind me that we needed to finish
getting ready so I put a frown on my face and lowered my head like I
had just been scalded. You stopped the shower and turned off the water,
reached for 2 towels and handed one to me while you began to dry off.
After drying off we both step into the bedroom and continue getting ready,
you starting to put on your panties and me slipping on my underwear. I
still have a raging hard-on so I decide what the hell and walk over behind
you and wrap my arms around your waist and gently kiss you on the back of
your nec Chills go up and down your spine as I press my lips to your soft
skin and my swollen dick presses against your butt chee I slowly kiss
down you back until I get to your panties waistband. You are wearing thongs
so I continue my way down and kiss the exposed flesh of your right cheek,
alternately licking and kissing your skin as I go. I ask you to bend and
put your hands on the dresser, you look back at me and unconvincingly say I
need to stop so we can finish getting ready. I just look up with an evil
grin on my face and say "relax, we have a time". You place
your hands on the dresser and bend over a , I can see the mound of
your pussy outlined against your panties, but I am not really interested in
that part of your body at this moment. I take both of my hands and run them
along the backs of your legs and up into the crack of your sexy ass, taking
my thumb and slipping it under your panties I pull the thong aside. I see
your cute butt hole and now I see the folds of your pussy lips being
pulled aside by the thong. I run my tongue along the underside of your butt
cheek, slowly inching my way down into the crevice where your rosebud
hides. My warm tongue finds it's mark and glides over your butt hole,
sending a chill up your back and almost instantly causing your juices to
flow, I now apply more pressure with my tongue, the sensation is
exhilarating as I hungrily lick your tight ass. A warm feeling engulfs your
body as I continue my attentions there and your excitement builds more and
more. I ask you to lay down on the bed and you eagerly do so, anticipating
what is going to happen next. You spread your legs and reveal your half
panty covered pussy to me, the folds are open and I can see just how juicy I
have made you. The image of you is right out of an X-rated magazine, just
the sight of you turns me on more. I reach up and put my fingers under the
waistband of your thong, I easily slip it down over your hips and ease them
off of your wonderful legs. I ask you to finger yourself for a minute, and
you oblige me of course, reaching down with your left hand and running your
finger up and down your slit before easing it into your warm hole. I
watch as you work your finger in and out, bringing it up to your clit and
teasing it a before easing it back in. You then insert another
finger and work both of them in and out, watching me as you do. I am
sitting in the floor still, I am rubbing my cock through my underwear
causing a large precum spot to form. I lean forward and kiss your inner
thigh, as I do this you remove your fingers from your pussy and nudge them
against my lips. You taste so wonderful, both sweet and tangy as I lick all
of your juices off your fingers. All I now is to taste your wet pussy
more. I move my head closer to your crotch and soon dip my tongue into your
juicy pussy, causing a shockwave to travel through your body. My
tongue goes in as deep as I can get it, then I lick my way up to your
wanting clit. I take it into my mouth and suck on it a , flittering
my tongue across it and teasing it with each touch. I reach up and push
your legs back, exposing your ass to me once again. I run my tongue from
your clit all the way down to your ass, applying pressure as I go. Driving
you crazy with each lick and causing you to me even more. Your butt
hole is wet now, I take my middle finger and tease it a . I gently
push and pump it into your ass while still sucking on your pussy, it isn't
long now, you will cum hard soon. I start paying more attention to your
clit now, devouring it like I haven't eaten in days. My finger is now up to
the first knuckle in your ass, the sensation of me slowly pumping your ass
and eating your sweet pussy is too much. Your orgasm builds and builds
until it comes over you and covers your body almost like a blanket, making
you convulse and reward me with your tasty cum as it flows from your pussy.
I can feel your rectal muscles contract around my finger as you cum,
rewarding me with the sensation that I have accomplished what I set out to
do. I stand up and look into your eyes, as I climb on top of you our eyes
never leave each others. Our lips meet and you can taste your own juices on
my lips as we kiss, you are still breathing hard and your excitement is
slowly subsiding. My cock is rock hard and actually semi painful, just
aching to get inside you or to even be touched by you..
I climb off the bed and look at you with a funny grin, I say we need to
finish getting ready and you wonder if I am going to get off but you don't
ask me. I walk over and get out another pair of underwear and change while
you still lay on the bed and recover. You finally get up and we both finish
getting ready, occasionally kissing or fondling each other as we go about
our individual tasks so we can leave. You look absolutely stunning in your
dress and I tell you so as we finally walk out the door. I make a comment
that it your fault we were running late this time and snicker a .
You reply with "oh, you just wait mister". We drive down to the oceanfront
and go to Raven's for supper. We order and while we are waiting enjoy a
nice cold beer, you look completely gorgeous in the dim light of the
restaurant, some other thoughts pop into my head giving me some wicked
ideas. I lean forward and motion for you to come closer for a kiss, our
lips meet and the feeling is heavenly. Our food comes to the table and we
begin eating, the food is really good and we vow to eat there more often. I
lean over and whisper to you that I your panties. You give me a funny
look and ask what I meant, I reply that I you to pull off your panties
right there in the restaurant and hand them to me. You of course tell me
that you can't do that because someone might see, then you start to look
around the room almost as if someone might know what we are talking about.
I look around and notice that there are only 2 other tables occupied besides
ours and tell you that no one will even notice what you are doing unless
you stand up and jerk them down because the other 2 tables are across from
you and there is a tablecloth covering you up. We sit there for a
while and just look at each other, A big grin on my face as I wonder if you
are going to do it or not. You look me in the eye, smile and say "ok
Buster" and ease your skirt up under the table. You grab your panties and
easily slip them off, balling them up in your hand and holding them out for
me to take. I put my hand on yours and take them from you, I to bring
them up to my nose and smell them but decide it is too risky and just place
them in my pocket for the time being. You are wondering what I have on my
mind as we continue eating and chatting about nothing really important, just
enjoying our time together. We finish eating and I leave the laying
on the table. As you are getting up the waitress comes over to you and
whispers in your ear that you should get your panties back from me, and that
a good pair is hard to come by. She then tells you to have fun and walks
away. You are in shock, you didn't know anyone watching or could even
see what you were doing. I didn't hear the conversation, you rushed out of
the restaurant, I wondered what up so I followed you out quickly and
asked why in such a hurry? You told me what had just happened and that you
were very embarrassed, I just giggled and said let's go to the truck honey.
You seemed mad at me, I couldn't gage how you were taking it but it did seem
that you were mad. We drove to the movies and you kept saying you couldn't
believe what had happened. We took time to have a nice kiss before we got
out of the truck and walked into the Mall holding hands. You seemed to be
getting over the incident at Ravens and a more at ease with it, I
glad about that. We bought our tickets and went into the theatre, there
were some other people already in there but not many (about ), they were
scattered around the room chatting among themselves waiting for the
previews. We sat down on one of the middle rows and continued talking about
what had happened at Ravens, you were more embarrassed than pissed, and you
still didn't think it funny. I told you I had a purpose behind my
madness and for you to be patient. You said you wanted your panties back
and of course I refused and you tried to take them out of my pocket. You
couldn't get to them and gave up without much of a fight. The previews
started and I took your hand and held onto it in your lap. There were a
couple of good ones coming out soon and we said we would have to go and see
them when they did. The movie started and we moved closer together and
kissed softly as we got into MOVIE MODE.

After about 30 minutes the movie wasn't as good as I had thought it would be
so I started for something else to entertain myself with, namely
your bare thigh. I began caressing your soft skin, and watching the movie
at the same time so I didn't know just how far I going up your leg. All
of a sudden I felt your pubic hair brush against my hand and you jump at
about the same time. I looked down and noticed that your skirt up
pretty high, but in the dim lights no one could see. You placed your hand
on my y wrist to keep me from going any further, I leaned over and whispered
in your ear that I would keep you covered so no one else would see us and
you slowly removed your hand from my wrist. We get back to watching the
movie, my hand is now gently brushing through your pubic hair, causing you
to become slightly aroused. I do this for a few minutes, easing my hand
into position for a more bold move on my part. I adjust my position in my
seat and slip my finger into the folds of your now moist pussy, you are wet,
and actually adjust your leg so I can get a better position. We continue
watching the movie, taking short glances at each other every time there is
a bright part in the movie. We don't notice that if anyone were to turn
around and look at us they would get an eye full. I am easily moving my
finger in and out of you now, you are getting excited thinking about the
possibility of getting caught. As the movie comes to an end, I pull my hand
from between your legs and a plopping sound attests to how wet you
are. I bring my finger up to my lips and remove your sex from it by sucking
it in like a big baby. On our way out you say you heed to stop and pee so a
pit stop it is. You come out of the bathroom a short time later and we kiss
each other passionately before leaving the theatre. When we get to the
truck you tell me that I am in trouble and reach down to my crotch and rub
my half-hard dic As we pull out of the parking lot you are unzipping my
pants and pulling out my dick, the things that are on your mind are
definitely dangerous to my driving. You lean over and we kiss, then your
head drops into my lap and you run your tongue around the head and then take
me full into your mouth. The sensation of your warm mouth on my dick is
overwhelming and it is hard to concentrate on the road with you going down
on me. You lick and suck the me, the texture of your tongue and the
enthusiasm of your actions were about to bring me over the edge. I
still turned on from earlier in the evening and my body had been longing to
get into one of your warm holes all night, I had just prolonged it as much
as I could. There almost no stopping it now, I wanted you so bad and it
would feel so good to cum at that moment. I asked you to slow down or you
would have a very big mess on your hands, literally. You stop and sit back
up in the seat, you still leave your hand on my hard cock and slowly stroke
it up and down, just enough to keep me excited and not let me cum all over

We pull into the driveway and walk up to the door of the house. I am still
very hard from your attentions and can't wait to get inside the house and
you too. We stumble through the door and work our way up the stairs, I ask
you if you want your panties back and you turn around to ask me if I wanted
to give them back to you. I am still walking up the stairs and practically
run you over, we both fall on the stairs and begin kissing almost instantly.
I pull your skirt up and quickly bury my face into your wetness, you are
soaking wet and I am rewarded with a deliciously generous amount of your
juices. You taste wonderful as I stick my tongue deep into your pussy and
wiggle it around before I go back to your clit. We are both on fire now,
our bodies both yearning for each other as we work our way back up the
stairs and into the bedroom. We hurriedly undress and move to the bed,
there is no time for foreplay, that has went on throughout the night. Now
we are down to some serious business. You grab my cock and start pumping it
in your hand as I devour your sweet tits, teasing and licking them with my
tongue. I suck on one of your nipples hard, sending a shock through your
body. You can't wait to get me inside you now, you push me down on the bed
and climb on top of me. My rigid cock it at the entrance to your pussy and
slips in easily as you sit down on it. Your inner walls are so warm and
wet, I almost cum right then but slow you down before I do. Your rocking
motions are slow now, I want to feel every inch of your pussy sliding up and
down on me. I suck each breast like it is a sucker, squeezing one nipple
with my fingers and sucking on the other one with my mouth. You start
making long strokes up and down on my dick, getting more excited with each
bounce. I begin to cum, but it is only a orgasm, not quite the big
one I can't wait to give you. Your body becomes hot, and you start to sweat
as your orgasm approaches. We lock into a frenzy of deep French kissing as
you cum, slowing down your bounces on my cock to enjoy the sensation. I
begin to cum hard too, I feel the cum coming up my shaft and into your womb.
I almost pass out because of the magnitude of my orgasm, filling you with
cum until it begins to run out of your pussy onto my balls and down on the
bed. You feel every spurt inside of you as I cum, we are both now
exhausted, almost unable to move.

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