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The beginning  

FunBiGentleman 61M
0 posts
9/11/2021 11:17 pm
The beginning

One of my exs was a huge exhibitionist and loved playing in public. She was definitely a bit of a slut and loved it when I showed her off. We used fuck everywhere. In the car in broad daylight when there were people around us and there was a lot of traffic In parks, campgrounds with people around. She had made a comment once while we were fooling around in a parking lot at the beach when she noticed a lone pickup parked across the lot about him being parked there while he was stroking his cock. As time went on I noticed that every now and then she would say something about strangers watching and masturbating and I realized that she really got turned on at the thought of strangers jerking off while she exposed herself. I'd always talk her about what a little slut she was and ask her if it turned knowing someone might be watching and stroking their cocks and it would drive her crazy. I started getting really turned on by it too and I started taking her places where I knew we would attract an audience. I would pick out revealing outfits for her when we would go out and there were always guys and even girls that would stare at her and look her and down and it was obvious they wanted fuck her. We kept pushing the boundaries more and more and unbeknownst her I found a place that had a reputation for being a kind of hook spot in a park and I took her there. We both loved being outdoors having fun under somewhat risque circumstances so she didn't suspect anything was out of the ordinary and we followed the trail into an area that was a little bit off the beaten path and I started playing with her and teasing her a little bit and talking to her about getting caught. I'd bought her a really short pink plaid schoolgirl skirt with a little white top that you could see though if the sun was right and she wasn't wearing any panties or a bra, She didn't know it, but I had brought some rope with me and I made her reach out to her sides with both hands and I tied each wrist to a tree so she couldn't put them down and then I told her to spread her legs apart and I tied each one of them to the trees so there was no way she could do anything but turn her head around and try to look around. I started spanking her and talking to her about what a little slut she was and telling her that I knew she wanted to have a group of guys masturbating while they watched and that I knew she wanted them all to cum on her and I knew the idea was driving her crazy because she was trying to squeeze her legs together. We'd passed couple of guys on the trail as we walking in and both of them had really looked her over as we walked past and I was teasing her about them coming back and I knew she was excited at the thought of it but I could tell she was a little nervous as well by the way she was looking around, What she didn't know that I did was that both of the guys we had passed on the trail had actually turned around and followed us and had been watching us for awhile. I was spanking her the entire time and her ass was getting really red and she was starting to wiggle around. I walked around in front of her and as I did I looked over her shoulder directly at the two guys who were watching us so they both immediately realized that I knew they were there. I slid my hand under her skirt and slipped one of my fingers inside her and started teasing her pussy. I can actually still hear the moan she let out and feel the way she started trying to push herself down onto my hand. She was soaking wet to the point of where she was actually dripping and I leaned in close to her and whispered in her ear what a dirty little cum slut was. All the while I was whispering in her ear and she was grinding against my hand. I was staring directly at the two guys who were watching us and then I whispered to her and told her to turn and look over her left shoulder and she immediately saw the two guys standing there staring at her. I wasn't sure how she was going to react when she saw them watching but she immediately let out a loud moan and started trying to grind down hard against my hand. When I saw her reaction I started fucking her harder with my fingers and she started grinding down on them trying as hard as she could. I was watching her reaction and had one eye on the two guys that were watching us and I guess when they realized both of us knew they were there they took it as a cue that it was ok to come in closer to us and watch. At some point I removed her skirt and her top and she was completely naked and still tied to the trees with her arms stretched out to her sides and her legs spread wide apart completely exposed and I had 4 fingers inside her and she was trying so hard to fuck my hand. Looking back on it and remembering that day I really don't think I had any idea how much of an impact it was going to have on our relationship.

That whole day somehow seems just a little surreal and parts of it kind of blur together but at some point I untied her and almost immediately she dropped to her knees and unzipped me and started sucking my cock and to be honest there is no other way to describe it other than at that moment, as she described it later, she was nothing more than a cum slut. She'd always loved being watched and I loved watching her. I had watched her masturbate for me and watched her masturbate while we were driving down the highway and I used to drive beside trucks that could look down into the car and watch while she masturbated. I knew she loved it. I was well aware of the fact that she was very much an exhibitionist, but this was definitely something different. As strange as it might seem, she also didn't like cum on her face or in her mouth either, she liked cum on her. Anywhere but her face and mouth which is something that I was well aware of when I was about to cum I stepped back and started stroking my cock and she kind of leaned back a little and pushed her chest out and there was no mistaking the fact that she wanted me to cum on her and I could tell by the way she was looking up at me and immediately looking at the guys who were watching and stroking their cocks that she wanted them to cum on her too and I guess I must have nodded at them to signal it was alright because they both stepped in close to her and started jerking their cocks harder. I couldn't take my eyes off of her and she never stopped watching them jerk off and it wasn't long before one started cumming on her and then the other. Both of them immediately zipped up and left right afterwards and left there alone to kind of soak soak in the moment together. I think both of us were looking at each other, I think to some degree trying to gauge each other's reaction, both of us a little bit surprised about what had just happened, but also aware of the fact that both of us were really turned on by it as well. I couldn't take my eyes off of her standing there completely naked with cum all over her chest, watching it drip down her body. It was obvious to me that she had loved what had just happened. It was written all over her face and there was no mistaking it. The fact that her hand was between her legs and she was playing with her clit while she looked at me made that perfectly clear.

We definitely had a really good relationship and I loved her free spirit and the fact that she was adventurous and fun. We'd gone to adult bookstores together while she was dressed in very revealing and sexy outfits. Super short<b> skirts </font></b>and high heels and stockings and she never had panties on. We walked into a packed diner on Long Island one evening and I swear this is the truth, the entire place went pretty much dead silent and just about everyone in the place turned around and looked at her. It was crazy on some levels to see peoples reactions. There were always men looking at her, like I stated before, I really don't think they could help it. Another thing I had noticed early on in our relationship when we were out shopping or doing something together, was that sometimes I would catch her staring at men's crotches. It wasn't all the time, but often enough that I picked up on it and started watching for it and when I noticed her doing I would also discreetly take a look as well to see what it was that had grabbed her attention and it wasn't long before it was almost always a guy with tight jeans who had a noticeable bulge. We always had a great time together no matter what we were up to, good or bad, lol. I loved seeing her smile and knowing she was happy and having fun and that she felt safe enough when she was with me to be herself. She knew exactly how I felt about her and was definitely very much aware of the way I felt about her and I had no doubt she felt the way about . So seeing her standing there that day in the woods, completely naked and exposed with her hand buried between her legs covered with cum and a slightly mischievous grin her face put a smile my face well. I think I said something the effect of "Well, we better get going" and I started bend down and pick her skirt and blouse and just I did she stepped closer and looked directly into my eyes and with what I can really only describe what sounded like half guttural moan and half whisper I heard her say something that sounded like "We aren't finished yet". I think I must have a little bit of a confused look on my face I looked at her standing there smiling at , when she just kind of looked down at of the cum her chest and then looked back at and looked directly into my eyes again something that I couldn't believe I actually heard right and I actually asked her to repeat it. I looked at her and realized I heard right the first time. I'm pretty sure I repeated every word she had said in my head as I looked at her. "We aren't finished yet, you still need clean this mess ." I can still hear what she said today clearly I heard it the second time she said it that day in the woods. I knew exactly what she meant and I knew she actually meant what she said. I said earlier, she didn't like cum her face or in mouth. So I often used cum her somewhere, and she had always looked at me and down at my cum her and given that little nod. And I had never hesitated when she did, I always immediately and without thinking about it bent down and cleaned it . I still remember the feeling I felt that day. I'm sure I turned completely red I blushed and I know everything got warm of the sudden. I don't think I even responded, I just stood there staring at her and she did it again, she nodded down and pointed at her chest and looked back at . I'm still really sure why I did it, but I didn't hesitate any longer I leaned down and started licking her clean. I knew she was still masturbating while I was licking the cum of two strange men off of my girlfriend. I could feel it when she started cum and I continued clean every single drop of cum, I suddenly realized that my life had just changed forever. It wasn't very long before I knew that I was right.

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