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My Blog
Welcome to my blog!
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Posted:Feb 15, 2022 7:51 pm
Last Updated:Feb 20, 2022 9:29 pm

I DO NOT like rough sex, or hard and fast sex.
I do like to take my time to enjoy the journey, and make that journey last. Slow sensuous lovemaking is the best.
The biggest turn-on for me is seeing my partner fully engaged and really enjoying what we are doing.
I LOVE to perform cunnilingus, and to be peed on while I am licking you. I love you to sit on my face so that I can lick you all over for your pleasure.
I love you to kneel over my penis and slide your clitoris along my shaft for your pleasure and mine, and pee on it to keep it wet.
I love to watch my partner masturbate, and to masturbate with her. I also vey much like my partner to wear stockings or open crotch panty hose, and to dress in lingerie.
You MUST be comfortable and willing to communicate what turns you on, what turns you off etc. BEFORE we ever get near a bed. Unexpected surprises can ruin an experience easily.

I wrote this scenario so you could get some idea of what a session with me might be like. I hope it appeals

We are standing naked, me behind you. I move your hair to side, and lightly kiss the nape of your neck in several places, then move to your ear lobe, and caress it lightly with my tongue for several seconds. I move my hands down the sides of your neck, across the top of your shoulders and down your arms. I then lift your arms above your head and lightly kiss your fully exposed armpits, drinking in the sweet musky womanly odour, while my hands move down your arms and onto the sides of your breasts then ever so lightly move forward onto the top of your breasts, moving slowly and lightly on to your nipples, teasing them lightly with gentle strokes and rubs. They become erect and hard, so I rub slightly harder before moving my hands to cup the fullness of those breasts, taking the weight and gently lifting and massaging them.
I them move my hands onto your belly, stroking lightly all over it, and around onto your hips, feeling the womanly curves of your body, and move them around to the fullness of your buttocks, again feeling the curves and fullness while gently massaging them for some time, before moving around to the front, and running my fingers over your swollen mound, enjoying it's fullness and softness. 
You see to be quite aroused at this point, so we move over to the bed where you kneel on the edge with your knees quite far apart, and your arms out flat on the bed, thus fully exposing your beautiful roundness and your vulva and anus.
I run my hands down your back lightly, then back up, then zigzag them lightly around your back and buttocks, right into that warm moist void where they tease your vulva and labia lightly but purposefully. After a minute or so, I drop to my knees and my hot moist tongue takes over from my fingers, exploring inside your now thick swollen labia, down to the underside of your erect clitoris, gently stroking and probing it's fullness for several seconds before retracing it's steps back to your urethra, where it lingers on the opening, tracing the circle lightly, then to the vaginal entrance. It moves around the area for a while before probing deeper inside, tasting your wonderful musky juices. Your body pushes gently back against my tongue forcing it deeper inside you, so I probe further and tongue massage the area for your pleasure, which you seem to be enjoying, so I keep it for some time before slowly working upwards, all the while massaging the whole area, until it reaches that highly sensitive area of skin just below your anus. It lingers for some time, gently teasing that sensitive patch, around and around, then up for a quick circle of that soft sensitive circle of your anal opening. You pull ever so slightly away, for a second or , the push back onto my tongue, so I resume the teasing of the skin, and the surrounding area fo quite some time.
By now you seem highly aroused, so I lay on the bed on my back, with my penis reaching towards my belly button, ..... you mount me, facing me, your delicious breast dangling from your chest, and you place your labia either side of my penis, and begin to rub your clitoris back & forth along my shaft, slowly, with just enough pressure to produce exquisite pleasure to both of us. You continue this magnificent movement for some time, and I grab your hips to slow you then stop you. We both look down to see the seeping ejaculate from the end of my penis as I have my first mini orgasm. You scoop it with your index finger, and apply it to the inside fo your labia, then recommence that amazing experience for both of us, to be stopped a few minutes later for my second mini orgasm. Again you scoop it and apply it to your inner labia, and recommence the movement, this time I move so that you are just on the shaft, not quite reaching the head. This way you are able to rub yourself for much longer, with my interruption. After some time I sense your first light orgasm has come, your head rolls back and your mouth opens, the the heavy exhalation of warm breath signals your climax.
You then dismount me and remount me facing away from me, reposition yourself so that your pubic area is right above my face. You lower your hips and it is then in my mouth, so my tongue begins to explore your entire pubic area, around every crevice, deep inside your vagina, then teases your urethra once again before finding it's way to your anus for some more teasing of that super sensitive skin.
You them arch your back, positioning your clitoris right where it needs to be.
I begin to circle the area with my tongue, lightly at first, then work my way to that sensitive area on the underside of your clitoris. I stroke a harder here as it is not directly on the nub, and continue for a while, but you get impatient and curve your back to put the nub front & centre.
I get the message, and begin the journey to your full on orgasm.
Slowly circling the nub, never losing contact with it, I work it and knead it, taking the time to make it last. Over the minutes the pressure and speed are increased more & more, until I feel your climax is imminent. At this point I lick faster, harder and enlarge the area being licked. You begin to shake a , then a more, your stomach muscles heaving, then you push your whole pussy hard into my face, arch backwards and scream quietly as the intensity of your orgasm engulfs and overcomes your entire body, feeling like you are on fire, but no pain, just incredible pleasure, which last for what seems like a long time. You slump forward, exhausted, heaving deep breaths, then slowly the breathing slows, the blood drains from your throbbing head, and you begin to recover. During this time I am running my hands over your back and buttocks to comfort you.
After a few minutes you regain your composure, roll off me and onto your back.
I move close beside you, raise your right leg, and position myself with my penis fully buried inside you. I roll you slightly onto your left side, begin to stroke your belly and breasts, and slowly move in and out of you, gently massaging your vagina with my penis, which seems to comfort and pleasure you rather than arouse you again.
We are in no hurry, so I can enjoy the journey which I find more pleasurable than the destination, not to diminish entirely the enormous satisfaction and pleasure provided by the intense final orgasm and accompanying ejaculation.
When it eventually comes, we lay together and bask in the moment, both entirely satisfied, for the time being at least

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