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A Bitten Bottom Lip  

DonDraper31 33M
0 posts
7/20/2022 8:01 am
A Bitten Bottom Lip

Its been a long day. He sits at his desk, typing through the last emails he needs to send. He's already poured himself a whiskey, a neat 18 year old scotch, on the rocks, he knows the time to unwind is almost here. The only light in the room in his desk lamp, it barely illuminates the office, its almost as if the corners of the office are lost in darkness, not even there. There is no light coming through the large windows, hes been at this all day, his suit feels worn in, but still hugs his athletic figure, the way only a good suit can. He pauses, looking up from his laptop, breathing a sigh and sipping his whiskey, running a hand through his auburn hair, that all too familiar need begins stirring in the back of his mind.

The large door to the office lays dormant for now. He knows she will come to him soon, she always does around this time, she does as she's told, in that way, she's obedient, willing, wanting his control. His mind is drifting now, lost in a need for release. He pauses; takes one look at his laptop and shuts the lid, the emails can wait. He moves from the desk with his whisky to the black leather chair in the corner. He gets the best view of the office from this seat. Its made of soft leather that has been well used, moulded to his body. He knows she will open the door in a matter of moments.

Her hand grips around the door handle and slowly turns it, knowing that on the other side of the door awaits her true craving, her need, her desires, Her heart is pounding, all she wants is to submit to him, her moistness throbbing between her legs already, unknowingly biting her bottom lip. She stops herself just before walking in, gather yourself she thinks, the pleasure will come soon. She opens the door and walks through.

As he sits down, whiskey in hand, he undoes the top button of his white shirt and loosens the grey silk tie, the door opens and she walks through. She's wearing a silk black dress that barely covers her arse, her bright red lips are a stark contrast to her pale face, like a drop of strawberry jam in a bowl of milk. Her dark brown hair, falling just below shoulder length, shines in the reflection of the light. Underneath the dress he can see the outline of lace panties. She's not wearing a bra and her ample breasts fill the silk dress with her nipples standing to attention. She's wearing black high heels that show her toned legs and and perfectly painted toenails,<b> blood </font></b>red of course, matching her fingernails.

His cock stirs beneath his trousers. His gaze penetrating her to her very core. Its intense and dramatic, the desk lamp barely lighting his face, he sips his whiskey. 'Sit' he commands and motions to the Black leather chair opposite him. He is in control here, this is his environment, his mind blocking out all else, other than his desire to have her. He steels his gaze, he knows what he wants in that moment and knows that her submission to his will, will give her the most pleasure.

At the words of his command 'Yes Sir' she replies and sits in the black leather chair, it is cold on her bare legs, she catches her breath, her eyes have not left his. She feels his passion, his desire, burning with a heat so fierce it could, and will, devour her. She places her hands on the arms of the chair, the anticipation spreading through her, goosebumps form on her arms, her panties already moist at the thought of what is to come. Her legs spread slightly, allowing him to see all of her body, which is to be used to his will, his control.. the thought makes her inhale sharply, her lips parting ever so slightly.

At the sight of her legs parting, he sips his whisky, his eyes still peering into her soul, he drinks her all in, savouring every detail of what is infant of him. His cock grows underneath his trousers, it takes all his discipline and self control not to take her here and now. He steadies himself, bringing his mind back to the task at hand. 'Use your hands to rub your pussy over your panties, Don't take your eyes off me, do you understand?' The control in his voice is strong, forthright and nothing other than a command, she will obey him.

'Yes Sir, I understand' She parts her legs further and takes her right hand beginning to feel the moistness of her panties, she gasps, struggling to maintain eye contact with him, she begins to rub over her already swollen clit, the desire washing over her, Pushing her feet into the ground, her hips slightly lift off from the chair, feeling her hand rub over her moist pussy. She makes sure she doesn't get too carried away, she wants to obey and submit to him fully. The pleasure begins to build as a slight gasp leaves her mouth. He hasn't moved, still gazing, unshakeable, she wants him, more than she wants anything right now.

As she begins to play with herself, his cock now rock hard beneath his trousers, he continues to sip his whisky. He wants to savour this moment, enjoying the show, watching her submit to him, his will and his pleasure. He watches her hand move over her panties, he can see how wet they are, her arousal only heightening his. He sees her hips leave the chair, her feet forcing into the ground. A gasp leaves her lips, his senses heightened, the electricity in the air hangs like the aftermath of a thunderstorm. Its almost time for his hands upon her.

The pleasure is building now, her hips gyrate as she rubs faster over her pronounced clit. She wants him to see this, she wants to give him pleasure, to submit to him. She can't help herself, her other hand glides over her silk dress and across her breasts, her nipples fully erect. 'Oh, Sir' as she bites down on her bottom lip, hard. Her craving for his touch is growing, she wants him on her, touching her, controlling her, she is his, in all things. 'Sir please let me' Her words are desperate, her desire in full flow, in this moment all she can think about is him, his hands, his control. She needs him.

He watches her intently, his gaze still firmly fixed on her. He doesn't move, not yet, its not time.. first she must lose all control and submit to him fully. Hang on his word, his command. He see's her pleasure build, her fingers move faster over her clit, her hips move more intently. She bites down on her bottom lip hard, his cock twitches wildly, almost loosing all control and jumping on her there and then. He steels his resolve, not yet, soon. She's almost ready to feel her full wetness. In this moment he has total control, just with his words and his gaze. She is lost in him and he knows it..'Move your panties to the side, finger yourself, bring yourself to the edge and then ask my permission to cum'

She hears his words, his commands and obeys instantly. Moving her panties to the side and plunging two fingers into her hole, she cries out instantly 'Ahhh Yes' she cries as she begins working her fingers inside her dripping wet pussy. Her body a slave to his words, her pleasure building fast, she hooks her fingers and hits her G-Spot. Gasping instantly 'Oh Sir, Yes' Her thumb hits her clit, causing another shockwave to run through her body. Now her hips are moving against her hand, bucking against the pleasure, desperate for more. She can feel her climax coming, she knows it will move through her like a tidal wave, she wants it, the release the pleasure, but not without his permission, she knows she must obey.. Her fingers move hard inside her now, her other hand gripping the chair tightly, she wants it, to feel the pleasure, to give herself to him, it's all she wants.. 'Please Sir, Please, let me cum'

As he watches her succumb to her passion, he can see all else fades away other than her two fingers buried deep inside her throbbing pussy. Her hips pushing against her hand, gasping for more, her breath is fast and harsh, moans and whimpers escape her lips, she's getting close, he can see it in her eyes, still locked on his. Both of them staring so intensely that it would outshine a sun. He watches as her thumbs hits a clit and she visibly trembles from the pleasure.. in this moment she is his, a slave to his words, and he knows. She begs him to let her cum as she's thrusting her fingers inside her pussy.

'Cum for me, Now.'

His command is obeyed without question. She thrusts inside herself with her thumb pressed firmly against her pussy, her other hand pinching on her nipples hard. The first wave of the climax hits her hard. 'Oh god, Yes Sir, Yes, Ahh, Sir, Yes, I'm yours' the words are more like a whimper between breaths as she can't contain herself. The climax ravaging her body, washing over her as her pussy tightens around her fingers, she is in ecstasy, a slave to his command. The second wave hits her harder than the first 'Ahh Yes, enngghh, ah, Sir.. Yes' Her breathing is erratic, her hips buck against her hand.. feeling the pleasure flood over her.
The climax subsides as he commands her to taste herself, she obeys instantly removing her fingers and placing them between her bright red lips, she tastes herself, sweet and juicy.. Her gaze still fixed on him, feeling the pleasure pulse from her throbbing pussy.

He watches her with a piercing gaze throughout the whole climax, observing as the climax floods over her, moaning for him, needing him. His cock at this point is stood to attention, He will take her soon.. His mind firmly at the task ahead. She will be a slave to his touch, his pleasure will come from her pleasure, he will have her submit to him again and again. As her orgasm subsides he puts down his whisky glass, stares at her intently, piercing through to her soul. Four words leave his lips that make her eyes light up, her heart races and her pussy throbs

'We've only just begun'...

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