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Just a story I wrote  

Decorus6 57M  
0 posts
2/19/2022 2:15 pm
Just a story I wrote

So, we are on the couch, you on your side with your head in my lap. I am softly running my hand through your hair, and down your side to your hip. I am thinking, she is so lovely, so sweet, so soft. I am wondering if this will lead to a move to the bedroom.
Occasionally, my hand drifts down to the side of your breast. The back of my fingers softly stroking.
Eventually, my hand subtlety goes under your shirt and to your bra. My fingers slip between the bra and your skin; the skin that is constantly in contact with the pressure of your bra must be extra sensitive and in need of some massage.
It's a difficult maneuver, but I bend my head down and begin to kiss the side of your head, your ear and your neck.
We kiss, sometimes quick kisses all around the lips, sometimes mouths locked, tongues<b> dancing </font></b>together.
Still under your shirt, I release your bra and begin massaging your breasts.
My thumb circling a nipple, my hand gently squeezing and kneading.
I run my fingers along the crease at the underside of your breast.
Now your shirt is coming off over your head and your bra falls away.
My mouth moves to your breast. Gently suckling the nipple, the tongue swirling and my hands continuing to knead. Both breasts get attention. Sometimes my hands rub down your sides or are gently stroking the sensitive inside of your arm.
I have moved my hand down to your lower body, you're still wearing pants, but no matter, I'm rubbing through your clothes. Not as gentle now because I want you to feel through the fabric.
My palm rubs the front of your pubic mound, and your legs begin to spread. Now my palm is rubbing between your legs, it is warm and there is a hint of moisture.
My hand continues to rub, down the inside of your leg and down to the knee. Now my stiffened fingers run back the inside of your thigh.
Back to between your legs; it's warmer now and definitely wet.
I move and unclasp your pants. I slide the zipper down and my fingers begin to explore.
I get a finger down to your slit and begin to rub from front to back, not penetrating, not yet.
I find the button of your clit and softly, very softly touch and fondle it with the of my finger.
You lay back and I remove your pants and panties.
I lay you back, now my head is facing your pussy. My hands are rubbing your torso to your breasts and down again across your stomach and around your side. Hands exploring, I desire to touch every inch of your body. My mouth goes to the inside of your knee and leave soft kisses all the way the inside of your thigh.
Back down to the knee with just the of my tongue softly tracing my way.
My hands are under your butt now firmly squeezing and kneading. Now, my tongue is flickering lightly everywhere around your pussy. Not quite touching, yet. Your smell is so and enticing.
My tongue drifts across the lips of your pussy. and down the sides. Down to the area between your pussy and anus. Back , finding the exposed part of your clit but keeping in mind that the clitoris itself extends down both sides of your pussy beneath the skin.
I continue on, trying to stay attuned to your moves and noises. I know the clit is very difficult to properly manipulate so relying on your cues, I continue.
Slowly, almost imperceptibly your hips begin to rise causing your pussy to press harder into my face.
The movement of your hips is stronger now and your breathing is heavier with moans and mews.
I continue doing exactly what I'm doing.
You buck into my face, my nose at your clit and my tongue forced inside. My fingers are lightly teasing the anus.
You are so wet that my face is covered with your sweet juices. I am almost certain you have orgasmed. But won't let now.
Again, my mouth goes to work, kisses all over the pussy, my tongue over and back and softly swirling and flicking your clit. It is larger now and poking out a more as if to say, more, more.
Occasionally my fingers move inside the pussy, not much, just a change of pace. They reach in to find the rough patch toward the front and gently rubbing it. Here I am really trying to see how you respond, fingers are sometimes a brutish to be used inside so I listen and feel for your reaction.
I pull back and position my lower body between your legs, I position the head of my cock at your pussy and then slowly begin to press. You are so wet there is no resistance and I fully slide in. I hesitate there, enjoying your warmth and snugness. Then I begin to move, slowly at first trying to find our rhythm.
I am moving in and out now at a steady rhythm. I lean down and begin to kiss your lips, your cheeks your forehead. My hands are grasping your head, firmly running my fingers through your hair.
Now my arms are wrapped around you, and I pull you in close to me, making bodies as I continue to move in and out
I can feel myself approach a climax, so I slow. I pull out and release you from my clench and dive my face down to your pussy again.
I begin to ravish you with my mouth and tongue, I cannot hold back my excitement and am more vigorous and forceful now. Although always trying to really hear and feel you to know if I should slow it down.
You seem to be responding well so I continue, sucking, licking, kissing, flicking. On and on until the rise of your hips forces your pussy hard into my face.
You relax a moment and I move again to push my cock into your pussy. I'm moving a faster now and you are moving with me. I wrap you again and your legs are wrapped around me squeezing me, pulling me deeper into you. Your nails are moving and down my back.
Over and over again, in and out, not quite pounding but our fucking is powerful.
Again, I feel my climax well, but not yet, so I pull out and again drive my face into your pussy. You become like an animal as you push yourself into me. Your body is almost constantly in a state of supreme pleasure, and you've got your legs pulled up by your head to give my tongue and lips better access to your sweet pussy.
We are slick with sweat. Both breathing heavily and clenching each other. Finally, I drive my cock into your pussy again. This will have to be the time. We find our rhythm again and rock together as . My climax approaches and there is no holding back as I explode deep into your pussy.
Now, our rhythm slows, and we begin a long slow collapse into each other's arms. Our breathing slows and I look into your eyes, at this time I want to see into your soul.
My head falls onto your shoulder as my hands gently caress your body. I don't care what part of your body I caress; I just want to be touching you.
I don't know how much time passes but eventually I raise and roll you over on your stomach and begin to massage your back, your neck, your butt and the sides of your breasts. I look down on you and feel such a strong physical and emotional link. I look forward to the next time.

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