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First Translesbian Experience  

Casey_jt8 71T  
20 posts
2/18/2022 7:28 pm

Last Read:
5/19/2023 2:05 am

First Translesbian Experience

It back in 74, with cis female friends I knew that were Nursing Students, Sally and Brenda. I had fallen hard in love with Brenda from the first time we met in Biloxi, MS. Brenda and I had started dating about 6 months before the start of this project. I a slender and fit man, maybe 5 pounds soaking wet with a 36 chest, 30 inch waist and 36 inch hips. They told that they needed my assistance with a for an major term project for one of their nursing classes which started over a long holiday weekend, at the beginning of the semester They made it a appear all scientific with forms, bloodwork, and consent forms for this project.

I unaware they really had planned for me, to transform me into their plaything, feminize me, and introduce me to the pleasures of being their submissive pet, giving them orgasms repeatedly. They introduced me to Breast Feeding as Sally of lactating. She love me suckling her milk, as she breastfeed us, and suckling Brenda's nipples hoping that she would be lactating soon, too. Sally had a friend with a goat milking machine, which we started using on Brenda that weekend to aid in inducing her. Both Ladies had beautiful large aureoles and large nipples easy to latch on and suckle.

I given some medication that they charted every day after they received my bloodwork results. I surprised to learn all of the activities and kinks that both enjoyed that would soon become part of my training and submission. I learned about two weeks into this transition training that they had their professor proscribe me a low dose of estrogen. I remember there a lot of drinking the first couple of nights of this weekend. Brenda bathed me, and help me with pointers on shaving my both smooth and helped at times with sensitive areas of my body until I smooth to her touch, and then she showed me how to lotion my body after my bath. Brenda in of selecting my attire for the weekend, wig, bra, panties, garter belt, stockings, heels, dress, and makeup. I wish I still had those first images of me fully dressed.

I like putty in their hands. I loved dressing in bras, panties, sexy lingerie, wigs, and makeup, They had tapped into deep hidden desires, that we also discussed and taped our discussions on what I feeling each evening before we rested.

Brenda made love to me first, It felt strange as first, but the more I relaxed and let her take the lead, the more arousal we both became. There lots of kissing, hugging, and exploration. As I relaxed more a switch went off in my brain, and I became her translesbian lover. I open to anything she suggested at that point, I feeling sensations I had only read about in books, as i surrendered my body to her as loved and kissed almost every inch of me. I especially loved it when she kissing her way up my inner calves and thighs. My the time she reached my engorged clit I had a creamy present for her in my panties, that she reached into them as she lowered them and swallowed the prize of my cream. I remember when she lubed my ass, and then started inserted the vibrating anal beads. She slowly played with lube on my pussy with first one finger, then two massaging my ass. Then she introduced the anal beads that were larger with each bead that she move pass my anal sphincter, She is kissing and sucking on my nipples as she does moves the additional beads inside me I pass out for a moment as the last few beads enter me. Then Sally gives me a jolt as she uses the remote to activate the beads inside as they my prostrate.. As I am lying of the bed, Sally joins us and lowers her soaking wet pussy onto my face and rides me through her orgasms as I attempt to feed on her hot sweet nectar. Then Brenda mounts my engorged cock and rides me Cowboy sytle until we both cum hard as Brenda and Sally kiss and make out above me. I cum very hard from the anal beads in my ass into Brenda's tightening vagina as her vaginal walls work to milk the cream from me. I lick Sally clean, and then Brenda switches places with Sally so I can feast on her soaked vagina and our combined juices and lick her clean. As Sally and Brenda recovered they got on the bed above me and had me lube their asses and introduce a double head vibrating dildo into each one ass and then a larger double end dildo into each one's pussy. as they backed onto each one until they both were filled. Then I turned on the vibrators as they stroked each vibrator in and out of their openings. This went on for a while and Brenda said she my cock in her mouth to suck on. Which she did until I orgasmed into her mouth and she swallowed most of it before giving me a taste when we kissed. Then all orgasms happened both of them came at the same time. I removed the dildos and we all cuddled together and drifted off to sleep afterwards.

The next day introduced me double-ended vibrators, strapon dildos, as both Brenda and Sally took turns pegging me, as they stretched my pussy, no longer a virgin any more. They had their way with me around the clock pleasuring them, as they pleasured in making fully allowing me to express my femininity. They said they needed to stretch my pussy to be able to accept thicker dildos. Their also instruction time in how to apply makeup, how to walk in heels, in shorter steps and one foot in front of the other to permit the proper sway in my hips to turn the guys on. We dressing fully, from vibrating anal plugs, panties, thigh high stockings, garters, corsets, dresses for Dinner. After Dinner, we resumed with more feminization training and being my initial transition journey over the long weekend. My the end of the extended holiday weekend I in heaven, as my suppressed Gender Dysphonia from my early years of crossdressing in panties, and stockings relaxed for the weekend as my desire to fully express my femininity had been released and we gather regularly to further my feminine transition education and begin my transition journey feeding into my hunger to satisfy them, be as feminine as I could when we were together and start wearing panties and undergarments whenever possible.

As my education progressed, the estrogen started softening my skin, and fat re-distributed itself to my hips and budding breasts. AS I became more passible we began going on outings and even went on shopping trips to New Orleans, fully dressed. I scared at first, but they assured me, I ready and off we went. Brenda would always ask the sales clerk, how lovely I looked. The clerks would make such a fuss over me, as we shopped. Then after we finished shopping for additional lingerie, bouses or shirts Brenda and Sally would share with the clerk that I their transgender project. The female clerks, would then said, Casey, I you and your girlfriends to come back when I am on, and after work maybe we get together and have some fun as i know some some interesting places you may enjoy. or we could go back to the shop and try on some gowns for one of the special balls held during the year that you may like.

We would meet with Sally occasionally in the middle of the week, as Brenda and I had moved in with each other within the month to accelerate my transition training and journey, as our passion and lust for each other grown rapidly for all our interactions with each other. Brenda had tossed out all of my underwear, except for a couple of pair and some jeans and polos for possible emergency situations. She replaced them with satin panties, bras, camisoles, garter belts, and thigh high stockings. Brenda in of my makeup and wigs along with ensuring that my body shaved smooth and stayed that way.

Every weekend the three of us would further my feminization education, how to improve my mannerisms, deportment, and voice training, as we continued on my transition. Continuing to improve my feminine walk feminine in 4-6 inches heels, with much shorter steps, one foot in front of the other to give me the sway needed in my hips as I walked in whatever Brenda had selected for me to wear that day. We continued to additional clothing wigs and toys with each session. This lasted for about a year, when they graduated and Sally married.

Brenda and I continued my transition training and education until she accepted a position as a OB Nurse in another state, too far away to meet. I so wanted Brenda to take me with her as her lover and assist me in complete my transition, but that did not happen, although I so wish it had. We tried the long distance relationship thing but it not the same and after an additional months, Brenda ended the relationship.

Casey_jt8 71T  
115 posts
2/22/2022 8:45 pm

It is so hard to find cis female partners that will accept my need for expressing Casey fully, and her feminine need to fully embrace this side of me. I welcome that this is my life right now, I have to life accept where I am on this journey, it is expensive recovering from another extensive purge happened due to a recent major health scare. that I am recovering from. But I do desire another cis female that supports those who are seeking to re-establish their transition journey or a Transwoman or Transwomen in the community to assistance me to reestablish this journey.

_jd_guy 63M
63 posts
2/19/2022 7:25 pm

very interested story indeed

Shiy_1956 68T  
35 posts
2/19/2022 1:45 pm

I think you were very lucky to find two ladies that showed you the way.

Casey_jt8 replies on 5/5/2023 10:18 pm:
Yes, it was and I am looking for a cis-female or transwoman that will accept me, be supportive, encourage me, and loving me again.

ericasatin 69T
529 posts
2/19/2022 12:16 pm

You're so lucky to have had something like that once in your lifetime. Must have been an amazing weekend.

Casey_jt8 replies on 4/17/2023 8:05 am:
Dear, it actually on mostly on weekends, especially holiday weekends, and their breaks from school. It was a special time and they both were most of time very loving in my feminine transition education, and our relationship together. Oh to find a couple of cis-female or transwomen to further my transition training and journey with would be a god wink.

MrSears1960 63M

2/19/2022 5:35 am

Very interesting story

spunkycumfun 63M/69F
41171 posts
2/19/2022 4:01 am

Thanks for sharing your experience. It was a very interesting read.

dream2please 63M

2/19/2022 3:44 am

Happy for you, wish it happened to me too.

Casey_jt8 71T  
115 posts
2/18/2022 7:29 pm

I do hope you enjoy and will leave your comments as I so desire to know what you think and feel about this experience that I shared.

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