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The new girl pops her submission cherry.  

Bobobobo2626 62M  
11 posts
2/22/2022 3:55 pm
The new girl pops her submission cherry.

Sammie was getting nervous.

She stepped out of her car at the hotel where Gabe was staying. They were going to meet for dinner, then he was going to introduce her to the world of Submission. Sammie had met Gabe on a website. They had chatted for about a month, exchanging personal details and contact information, but let's face it, anyone can say anything about themselves texting. She had exchanged selfies, so she had some idea of what he looked like, but even selfies can be manipulated to present a false appearance.

Sammie really hoped this guy was as advertised. In her late twenties, she had not had a very fulfilling sex life. The lovers she had taken of her generation seemed disinterested and impatient, crawling onto her, satisfying their needs, and rolling off to sleep or back to their gaming. And the sex had all been routine, very vanilla, and uninspiring. She had not had much interest in it, and the orgasms that were not hard to come by were self-inflicted ones. She had seen Gabes profile on a website and read his blog. He wrote erotic fiction and had a real way with words, and you could tell by the details that he had really walked the walk. His stories fired her blood in a way she had never imagined she'd feel, and she had started the correspondence with him. They had chatted about the world of BDSM, and she had discovered that the idea of submitting to a man and putting herself in his power resonated somewhere deep inside her. In fact, the thought that she was going to meet a man she would submit to caused an ache in her groin. She hoped that his being twice her age would not put her off, and that maturity and experience would be benefits tonight.

When she stepped into the restaurant she spotted him immediately, and took a moment to look him over before he noticed she was there. What she saw was a relief. Gabe looked like a nice, average guy. He was shaven-headed, with a salt and pepper goatee, and he looked trim and fit. There were no tats, no spiked leather vest, no piercings or adornments, no motorcycle chaps. He was wearing a blazer and dress shirt, and looked un-scary and respectable. Even though you could see in his face that he was in has fifties, she found him quite attractive. She was relieved by that. Gabe looked and spotted her, waving and giving a cheery smile. As she walked to the table she got her first reminder of who he was and why they were there. As she approached his eyes ran and down her body, assessing her and watching her move, and the look on his face became lustful. Perhaps even predatory. Gabe obviously liked what he saw. Sammie found it exciting.

Gabe stood politely as Sammie approached, a display of manners that would never occur to men of her generation, and as she put out her hand out to shake his he took a step closer, took her by the wrist instead of shaking hands, puller her toward him and kissed her. Not passionately, but lingeringly, not just a peck on the cheek. In full view of the other patrons. He kept his hand on her wrist until she sat down, and the contact was like an electric shock through her body. She managed to stay composed, although she could already detect the first signs of moistness down below. They had a nice meal and conversation, with glasses of wine. Gabe was smart, funny, and engaging, and Sammie found a lot of her nervousness dispelled. When they were done Gabe signalled to the waiter and the bill, then smiled at her and said 'lets go to the room'. When they left the restaurant, which was in the hotel, he very subtly took her by the wrist again instead of holding hands. She felt dominated. She loved it. Her nipples showed the first signs of hardening.

As they walked toward his room Sammie could already feel her mind slipping into a foggy haze of lust. This was already a very different experience than what she had already head, anticipation instead of resignation. As the door to his room opened and she stepped through, her pussy was already aching with need and very wet, and he hadn't even touched her yet. Gabe led her straight to the side of the bed. She could see that he had prepared for her in advance. There was an armchair in the room with a round table beside it, and on the table were various toys, a set of soft cuffs with clips, a bottle of lube, a blindfold, and a whip with many soft rubber tails. At the corners of the mattress were thick straps with metal clips on the ends, all arranged to point into the centre of the bed. Sammie's breath caught at the sight. "Hotel beds are lousy for bondage," Gabe said. "You need a special setup you can run right under the mattress." He indicated the headboard, which was nothing more than a decorative piece of wood screwed into the wall. 'No anchor ," he chuckled.

Sammie stood there, uncertain, incapacitated by need. Gabe just took over.

He walked to Sammie and took her wrists, pushing them behind her and pulling her close. His mouth sought hers, and their tongues met another's eagerly. Sammie found herself softly moaning, already, as the fire from her mouth spread through her entire torso. She kissed Gabe hungrily, hardly noticing his left hand creep to grasp her hair, or his right hand move to grasp her throat, until suddenly her head was pulled firmly backward and his hand form a collar around her neck, squeezing slightly. He kissed and gently bit her exposed neck, and the feeling of vulnerability made her want to melt. After a time that was all too short, he put his hands on her shoulders and pushed her down to her knees. Stepping forward, he said in a commanding voice "You know what to do." Her hands fumbling, Sammie unclasped Gabe's pants and pulled down his underwear, exposing a semi-erect but rapidly hardening cock. She took it in her mouth. The natural smell of him intoxicated her like hard liquor. she placed her hands on his thighs, and her mouth went back and forth on him, taking his cock as deep as she could. She heard soft moans, and felt a thrill of satisfaction and accomplishment.

Gabe stepped back and sat in the armchair, leaving Sammie on her knees. She made as if to rise, and Gabe said sharply "No!" She sunk back onto her knees as he regarded her steadily. "Spread your knees," he said and she did so without thinking. She watched his eyes drink her in for a minute or , lingering on the crotch of her clothing as if studying or planning. His gaze on her crotch made her pussy pulse with need. "Stand ," he suddenly said. She did so. "Take off your clothing but leave your underwear on," he commanded. Sammie stripped slowly, imagining herself to be of those women who did it professionally and knew what they were doing. Gabe's eyebrows raised. "Well done," he said 'Good ." The praise brought warmth to her cheeks. Gabe regarded her steady for several minutes more, eyes lingering on her breasts and the crotch of her panties. His hard cock stood erect like a flagpole, and Sammie had the urge to throw herself forward and take it into her mouth, but she knew she dare not. As Gabe's gaze lingered on her panties she imagined he could already see the wet spot she could feel was forming.

Gabe beckoned with his hand. Sammie walked forward until she was standing between his knees. He had not even begun pleasuring her and she felt weak with desire. After a long period under his inspection, which Sammie suspected he lengthened just to impose his will, he at last reached up, circling her hard nipples through the bra with the index fingers of his hands. The electric sensation made her knees weak for a moment and they buckled slightly. Sammie had to haul herself back upright. Gabe leaned forward until his face touched her lower belly, and he inhaled deeply. She knew he could smell her arousal. "Delicious," he said, and slid finger between her legs, sliding it back and forth across her crotch from anus to clit, outside the panties. Sammie gasped, then had to fight to stay upright as her hips involuntarily began to grind against his finger. "Take off your bra and panties," he commanded, sitting back. She unclipped her bra and tossed it to the side, and slid her panties down. Gabe smiled when he saw the wet spot. "Now feed me your nipples," he commanded. Sammie leaned forward, putting her palms on the back of the air chair and Gabe reaching up, caressing her breasts with his hands, guiding first one nipple then the other into his mouth as her breasts hung suspended over him. He licked and nibbled them, and sucked them hard. Sammie felt them swell to a size they had never been, protruding well into Gabe's mouth as he nursed. Sammie lurched as Gabe's right hand drifted down between her legs and his finger began to stroke her clit. She began to moan, and her knees began to get weak again.

Gabe pushed her back a few steps and stood . He took Sammie by the wrist and led her to the bed, pushing her on it. "Kneel," he told her, "knees apart. Put your head on the bed." Sammie went onto her hands and knees, then dropped down with her ass in the air. She could hear Gabe move to the table, and there was rustling. Suddenly, she felt him take a wrist and fasten a leather cuff on it. He did the same on the other side. Then, taking a large carabiner, he clipped her wrists together and pulled them out in front of her as far as she could reach, putting her the the position of submission. She was near the foot of the bed, her feet just hanging over it, and she heard Gabe walk behind her and pause. She could not see, looking down at the bedspread, but her pussy pulsed at the thought of him back there and what he could do. Gabe began to glide his fingertips in gentle caresses, all over her calves and thighs, hips and ass, for long minutes. Sammie had never had anyone caress her so long. Eventually his fingertips slid over the sides of her pussy, and one hand sliding gently back and forth over her anal rosebud. Sammie could almost cum just from that.

Suddenly an electric shock ran through her. Gabe had leaned forward and licked her pussy in a long even stroke. She gasped and moaned, and Gabe continued to pleasure her, licking her pussy while stroking her anus, until she was mere seconds from orgasm. Sammie had a hard time believing it. No-one had ever worked to bring her to orgasm like this. Her body began to quiver and spasm and she could not keep still. Gabe wrapped his left arm around her<b> thighs </font></b>from behind, and his finger took over on her clit as his tongue moved to her ass. She was so close. Suddenly his tongue entered her ass, and it pushed her over the edge. Her body clenched and spasmed, and her legs straightened involuntarily, as waves of pleasure washed over her. Gabe's strong arm kept her in place with his tongue in her ass and his finger on her clit, which he vibrated gently from time to time giving her aftershocks of pleasure. Nothing she had ever done for herself felt like this.

It was by far the most intense orgasm she had ever had.

Gabe let her collapse on the bed, caressing her body as she lay there. It was the most incredible feeling. After a few minutes of pampering, Gabe snapped "On your knees." He grasped her bound wrists in his right hand and hauled her back , bring them , over and behind her head. She was sitting on the corner of the bed with her feet hanging over the edge and her left knee near the edge, and he was standing beside her on the floor. "Knees apart!" he commended, shoving them until they were spread and she was exposed. Gabe put his left hand on her throat, just tight enough for her to feel vulnerable and apprehensive, and his mouth descended on hers. She let it fall open, and was content to simply feel his tongue ravaging hers. His left hand slipped down from her throat and began squeezing and rolling her nipples, and they became hard again. Incredibly, after such a good orgasm, the ache between her legs began to grow again , and got worse as Gabes' hand slid down her tummy. He began to stroke her clit, and within minutes her body was writhing again, and she was moaning into his mouth. She was trembling and quaking, and when Gabe pulled his mouth back from hers and said 'You may cum if you wish," It was like a signal for her to climax. Pleasure coursed through her, starting at her clit where he had not stopped stroking, and radiating through her belly and the tops of her<b> thighs. </font></b>She gave a long, loud 'Ooooohhhh' as her belly spasmed, and she would have fallen over again had Gabe not been holding her .

Suddenly a look of fierce need appeared on Gabes' face and he pushed her over onto her side and then onto her back. His hands slid under her shoulders, both hands pulling her arms and behind her, griping both of her wrists, and Sammie felt his legs spreading hers with a strength she could not has resisted had she wanted to. As it was, she felt almost boneless with desire. He laid down on her and she suddenly felt his cock enter her, thrusting hard. Gabe had lost his patience, and he simply fucked her with powerful strokes until she felt him stiffen. He groaned, and she could feel the pulsing of his cock as his cum spurted inside her. His orgasm set her off again, and she climaxed as well with him still thrusting hard. She writhed as the sensation became almost too intense and the thrusting went on and on, but of course there was nothing she could do about it, and she discovered that she loved THAT too.

After a few minutes rest, Gabe sat , kneeling at her feet. "There," he said. "You never had any sexual problem, you just needed to submit."

Hearing it, Sammie realized that it was true, and a tremendous feeling of peace and content spread through her.

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