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The Abduction.  

Bobobobo2626 62M  
10 posts
2/27/2022 5:14 am
The Abduction.

"You're kidding me, right?" Rick said.

We were sitting in a pub watching the game, and had turned back to out drinks over halftime. It has taken me a while to get up the courage to ask him this. "You want me to help snatch your own girlfriend?"

"I know it's weird," I replied, "But it's a fantasy Connie has had since forever, and she keeps on hinting that she want's it to happen. Hell, screw hinting, more like nagging."

"And what does this have to do with me?" Rick asked, although he already knew. Rick had an old Boogie Van that he had camperized, with an old futon that folded down into a twin bed, and small kitchenette with a propane stove, even a Porta-Potty disguised as a cabinet. The futon had an aluminum frame bolted right to the deck of the van, and was perfect for adding wrist and ankle restraints or whatever else you wanted.

"So you want me to lend you my van for a night. Is that it?"

"No actually," I replied with a grin. "I want you to help me abduct her."

"What?!"; he replied. "You're out of your mind!"

"Look. I can't snatch Connie and drive a getaway vehicle at the same time, and I don't want to let her know it's me. The fantasy of an actual kidnapping and forced strange cock has to be preserved or it will fall on its face."

"Snatching and forced strange cock?" Rick replied. "What the hell?"

"You're going to drive, while I fuck Connie in the back of the van, pretending to be someone she doesn't know" Rick sat back. "I'm going to hood her and tie her down," i continued, "and simulate her being sexually forced by a kidnapper." The skepticism on his face was obvious, but I could tell he was interested. He has always had the hots for my girlfriend and I knew the proposal turned him on a little. And it wasn't a REAL abduction, for god's sake. It was what Connie wanted. We only had to make it as realistic as possible. We returned to our drinks and the game, but as we parted he said simply, "I'm in." I knew he would be.

Back home Connie was watching CNC porn and getting horny. She had a real thing for , and as uncomfortable as it made me we simulated the R-word at least couple times a month, aside from our normal rough sex routine. I had spoken to her several times about safe words, but her attitude is that if you had safe words, it wasn't really non-consensual was it? She was fearless and very, very kinky. Added a layer of responsibility for me that I would have preferred not to have, but it was a turn-on manhandling her. Connie was five foot nothing and a hundred pounds soaking wet, but still had nice curves where they were needed, and she had a sex drive through the roof. She was the first girlfriend I had who could climax in any position just from penetration, although what woman doesn't like clit play?

I walked into the living room and flopped down of the sofa, and said "Sometime this week, or next." She looked at me puzzled and said "This week or next what?"

"What you've been asking for." But I didn't tell her when or what day. From the eager look on her face, I didn't have to.

About a week later Connie had a late shift at the restaurant, and I knew she'd be getting home around 11:00. That day I went over to Rick's place and did some prep on the futon. I attached web straps with can buckles to the corners of the bed for wrist and ankle restraint, and a tied a neck collar to the frame of the bed on one end. Rick and I planned exactly what we were going to do in advance so that no words need be spoken, and Connie could not recognize our voices. I had made a hood to go over her head out of a kind of nylon neck warmer that was easy to breathe through but blocked vision very well, and tested it out myself by wearing it while listening to a playlist for about half an hour, and had no problem. Rick and I waited in his van for Connie's car to come around the corner. When we saw it, we put our plan into action. I got out and waited behind a row of hedges that lined one side of the walkway to the apartment. They were about five feet tall and dense. Not a smart arrangement, security-wise. Peeking around the hedge corner I saw her, facing away from me, digging for her keys. The apartment did not have power lock or entry, so I struck.

I snuck up behind her, and before she could turn I slipped the hood over her head, clamping her mouth shut with my left hand and wrapping my right arm around her chest, pinning her arms and picking her right up off the ground. She got off one outraged "Hey!" and that was it. She was small. It was no problem. I carried her, kicking and trying to shout, across the lawn, where Rick was waiting by the sliding door of the van. I entered, forcing Connie face-down on the futon, while Rick ran around, got in, and started driving. A quick glance around confirmed that there was no one around and no witnesses. It had been all too easy. Our apartment was only a few blocks from the highway bypass, and multi-lane ring road right around the city, and once we got on it there would have been no way for Connie to alert anyone with her cries.

As Rick drove I got Connie restrained. It was no easy task. She fought and kicked until I got her down on her back, sitting on top of her with my full weight and pinning her arms to her sides beneath me. Of course after I removed my hand from her mouth she treated us to a steady stream of angry cries and invective. "Who the fuck are you guys?" and "This better be Gabe or there's going to be HUGE trouble!" and the like. I could have answered her but kept silent. I wanted her to be uncertain whether she had really been abducted by strangers or not, and you could hear a kernel of doubt in her voice. Eventually, using main force I managed to free one hand a a time, wrestle it into place, and lock it down, followed by the collar around her neck. Judging by the cursing she was breathing just fine. Still sitting on her and sliding down to her knees I was able to attach sturdy leather cuffs on her ankles and strap them down to the foot of the futon. I was able to slide off the bed, and after a brief struggle she gave up and lied sill. Shit, I was already tired from the fight.

But I had succeeded in maintaining the illusion. I had gotten her where I wanted her with letting her know who she was with, or whether this was real or the pre-arranged deal.

I began caressing her body through her clothes, and after a few more token objections, Connie fell silent. I knew from her breathing that she was aroused. She was wearing her usual restaurant uniform, black slacks and vest and a button-from white blouse. I pulled up the blouse and ran my hands on the bare flesh underneath it, and at first contact she gave a low moan. I undid her vest and pulled up her blouse, and began kissing her torso, which flinched at every kiss. She had never done that before, and I took it as a good sign that she wasn't 100% certain what was happening or whether it was me. I undid the buttons on her blouse and exposed her upper body, caressing it everywhere. I saw that she had followed the agreement, wearing a front-opening brand I assumed she had on the quick-release panties with the clips on the sides. I undid the bra and leaned over her, taking a nipple in my mouth. I had told her to just start wearing them every day. As Connie began to moan (she was a screamer during sex) poor Rick turned up the music to try and drown the sounds of her arousal out.

I licked and sucked Connie's nipples for a long time. They were very sensitive and usually did not take much play before she wanted to get me in her, but I spun it out in order to create more doubt in her mind, doing something different from my usual. I grazed her nipples with my upper teeth a few times, something that I had definitely NEVER done before, and I heard her say "Gabe?" obviously starting to doubt. She was very hot, writhing in place, and as my hand slid down between her legs to grip her pubic mound she arched her back, a sure sign she wanted cock in her. As I kissed her belly I undid her pants and pulled down her zipper, sliding the middle finger of my right hand down between her legs. Yes, she was soaking wet already.

Abruptly, something about that bothered me. Connie didn't know for certain it was me, although she probably thought it was. But I wondered for a moment, is this how she would react if she was really grabbed and fucked by a stranger? The mental aspects of this play were not that easy to deal with. Never were, for me.

I shook it off, standing up and pulling her pants and panties down to her ankles. Feeling confident, I removed the cuff from one ankle and pulled the clothing off, moving it to the corner of the futon, and strapping it down. Then I did the same to the other ankle. Connie was more than co-operative. I knelt at the end of the futon, sliding my arms under her legs and forcing the knees apart, none too gently, with my shoulders, and began to eat her pussy. I was forceful, going against my usual habits, licking her clit and tonguing her pussy urgently, using different movements and patterns than my norm. I had read about the benefits of spelling the alphabet with your tongue on a clit, so that's what I did. Whatever I did it worked. Connie came very hard and very loud, and even Rick had a hard time concentrating on the drive. Connie was never a squirter but did lubricate a lot, and I could see her juices flowing down between her legs and over her anal rosebud, so after giving her a rest for a minute or two I began stroking her anus with the tip of a finger, lubricated by her own pussy juices. She began to moan again, so i began stroking her clit wth my right thumb as I finger-fucked her anally. In short order she had a second, also very loud, orgasm.

At this point I couldn't restrain myself any more, so I pulled off my pants and underwear, thrust her knees to the side with my thighs, and fucked her with hard strokes. She moaned continuously, louder as I thrust in, until she got close to orgasm. She went quiet, but she started fucking me back with thrusts of her pelvis, faster and harder, until I came. I could feel my cum spirting into her, and that set her off for her third orgasm.

I stood up, tapping Rick on the shoulder, and nodded. That was the signal to head for the apartment. He looked over his shoulder and nodded back, and I noticed that he was shifting uncomfortably in his seat. The poor guy was super aroused and had a very big erection, from what I could tell. I tapped him on the shoulder, indicating an off ramp, and he pulled off, looking puzzled. I mimed that I should drive, pointed at him, and pointed at Connie. His eyebrows raised, and he mouthed 'You sure?' I shrugged as if to say 'Why the hell not?' and pointed to Connie again. He pulled over on the off ramp, scrambled out of the drivers seat, and I took over driving, using the overpass to turn around and head for home. As I sat there I realized that he had angled the rear-view mirror to watch the action in the back, so I did too.

Rick pulled off his pants and shorts, and I could see that his cock was noticeably bigger than mine. I wondered if Connie would notice, and the question was answered in short order. Rick waste no time unfastening Connie's ankles and pushing her knees up toward her chest. He reared above her, and from my angle I could watch his big cock plunging in and out of her pussy. Connie got even noisier, saying "Oh. God. Oh. God. Oh. God." alternating between the two words each time his cock drove in. Her pussy was really being stretched like it never had before, and I found myself regretting my moment of generosity. Rick fucked her faster and faster, harder and harder, until Connie literally screamed in orgasm, writhing so hard she almost bucked Rick off. I saw him pause, tremble, and heard him groan as his cum shot into her, adding to mine.

The timing was perfect. As I pulled off the bypass into our neighbourhood, rick had cleaned up as best he could with a towel, and gotten Connie's clothes back on. As he took over the drivers seat, I unfastened Connie, leaving the hood on, and holding her by the wrists from behind, walked her back to the apartment door. She was none too steady on her feet. I let her go and dodged behind the hedge again. I watched her through a small gap in the hedge as she leaned her forehead against the wall for a few moments, then standing up fumbled for her keys and unlocked the door.

As she went through the door I heard her mumble. "Thank you. Oh my fucking god. Thank you."

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